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The No.1 Irish tech news podcast since 2006. A new podcast every Friday keeps you up-to-date-on all things tech or get hourly updates and daily newsletters from our website at TechCentral.ie

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The No.1 Irish tech news podcast since 2006. A new podcast every Friday keeps you up-to-date-on all things tech or get hourly updates and daily newsletters from our website at TechCentral.ie

    924: Open Source Diva

    924: Open Source Diva

    Our special guest is Danese Cooper, a keynote speaker at this year's Code for Ethics event on July 1st. Win your way into this sold-out event at Trinity College by emailing info@mediateam.ie with the subject line 'Code for Ethics'. Simple!

    As well as chatting with Danese about inner-sourcing, her role in the Irish Covid app and how she became known as the open-source ‘diva’, we mourn the demise of MS IE, hear of Elon Musks' latest exploits and ponder who the next person on the moon will be.
    Related links: CodeforEthics.org

    • 36 min
    923: Google AI is Human

    923: Google AI is Human

    Could Googles AI be so advanced it is as human as future computers we see in sci-fi movies? Interesting comments from an Google insider who is blowing the whistle.  

    We also hear how companies are using the cloud now and in the future with Robert Byrne fro PwC.

    • 26 min
    922: Apple Latest Toys

    922: Apple Latest Toys

    Apple announced so many things at WWDC this week, we look at the biggest and best which made an impression and some surprising things that didn’t!

    We also chat with Rozenn Dahyot from the Adapt Centre about digital versions of the towns we live in now.  For more on their work in this area see www.adaptcentre.ie

    • 32 min
    921: Data Power

    921: Data Power

    In the news this week, Sheryl Sandberg resigns after destroying democracy with Facebook, Elon Musk is in trouble after telling employees to get in the house or get up the yard and we ask are virtual kids such a bad idea?

    We also focus on Irish data-centres, their huge power requirements and what do to about it with Marc Garner, VP Secure Power Division at Schneider Electric.

    Schneider Electric www.se.com/ie

    • 39 min
    920: Data Warning

    920: Data Warning

    Three shocking stories this week on how authorities and companies use data on you without your knowledge or consent.
    For instance, ever give Twitter or a similar company your phone number? You might regret it when you hear who they have shared your data with. Also, the Gardai are trying some new tech which even the Americans are trying to stamp out.

    Finally, we enjoy a fascinating chat about how neuro-science makes you notice ads even when you don’t want to. Get the inside track from Future Proof Media MD Sean Higgins

    More Info: futureproofmedia.ie

    • 28 min
    919: New Tech Old Tech

    919: New Tech Old Tech

    Find out about brilliant simple ways to give old hardware a brand new 2022 lease of life. We also hear about two Irish brothers behind one of the world’s most popular OS which replicates Windows/Mac OS and we catch a glimpse of what’s coming for Zoom direct from the advisor to their CIO Magnus Falk
    Links Mentioned: 

    • 28 min

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4.5 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings




Amiga Ireland ,

Excellent podcast

Great to have a local source on such a globalized industry. This is the best tech podcast in Ireland and competes very well with those from USA & Britain.

osx ipad ,

(apple podcast app) Keep it up

Well it looks like apple listened to you Dusty, they have (finally) made a designated app specifically for podcats and although still a little bit rough (radio/stations function doesn't really work just yet) it is fab. Maybe mention it in next podcast as an alternate to iTunes.
this is a terrific podcast- I much enjoy the banter between dusty and neil as well as catching up on all the tech gossip. Please continue to make these excellent and very enjoyeable podcasts. P.S I don't mind the slightly biased nature of this podcast but please don't be so quick to dismiss the glory of Apple

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