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Aisling is a Holistic Nutrition Coach and Richie Ros is a singer/songwriter from Ireland. This weekly podcast will share with you our journey as we navigate our life together

The Aisling And Richie Podcast Aisling Fitzgibbon and Richie Ros

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Aisling is a Holistic Nutrition Coach and Richie Ros is a singer/songwriter from Ireland. This weekly podcast will share with you our journey as we navigate our life together

    How you view disease creates your reality

    How you view disease creates your reality

    Today I’m joined by Richie Ros the other side of this podcast who was missing in action as he was on tour in Europe and I did the Moving from Fear to Trust series with amazing people from all around the world.

    So now the Ros is back we’re going to be publishing our podcast together every second week and the other week I’ll publish the Moving From Fear To Trust interviews.

    On today’s episode you’ll hear about:

    Richie’s return from his Odyssey tour all over Europe.

    How the coronavirus is impacting us in this time.

    Pasteur Vs Bechamp, how this view of disease creates your reality. For further reading: Click here

    What we love about our relationship and how we help each other to grow and evolve.

    Now we’d love to hear from you on your biggest takeaway from today’s episode in the comments below!


    Aisling & Richie xo

    Birthing the new paradigm now

    Birthing the new paradigm now

    Today on the Moving From Fear To Trust podcast series I’m joined by Louise Smart who has been energy consulting for over 25 years. Her clinical and corporate experience includes: consulting at the Stress Management Unit at London Bridge Hospital; presenting wellness programs for Central Law Training Ltd; lecturing and consulting at Grayshott Spa UK in Energy Clearing and her trademark EMOTIONAL DETOX (top listed as the "fast track to healing" in Harper’s Bazaar) and running a central London practice .

    In 2013,  Louise moved to Cornwall to live and work in the heart of nature right by the sea. She literally took a massive step back from life as it had been, and found her way back to herself, her soul. Louise taught herself to paint, to express her love of colour and she came alive. This took lot of energy clearing and transformation to free herself from from the dense conditioning and programming that inhibits so many  of us who are waking up to our sovereignty and soul power.

    Louise discovered how to navigate internally and deconstruct her blocks and how to teach her clients to do this for themselves and set themselves free.

    On today’s episode you’ll learn:

    How vulnerability is a gateway to your self sovereignty

    Time is an illusion and a new way of relating to this tool

    The power of energy healing and emotional detox to align yourself with your true self

    Louise’s tips on Moving From Fear to trust which is most important now than ever, so you can have trust to allow yourself let go of the old programmes and do the inner work necessary to create the reality you want.

    Would love to hear your insights on this episode in the comments below!


    Aisling xo

    Connect with Louise:

    www.emotional-detox.com/energypackages and facebook www.facebook.com/LouiseSmart

    Coming home to yourself

    Coming home to yourself

    I’m so honoured to be joined today by special guest Ciara Young who’s a dear friend of mine and has been instrumental in my journey of moving from fear to trust.

    Ciara’s been on a spiritual journey her whole life, and known since early childhood that I was here for something very different to what the world around me was telling her.

    Ciara’s spiritual journey path properly at age 4 after her first major initiation, which led her on a 20+ year journey of trials and tribulations, through intense familial trauma, and ultimately into the realisation that her purpose in life would involve healing myself and then teaching others how to become free as well.

    The healing journey led Ciara to starting her own business 8 years ago, and she now works with spiritual beings from all over the world helping them to uncover who they really are and step out of the shadows of their own self-suppression so that they can shine fully in the world. Ciara’s now writing a book about her experience and has really only just begun on all that she’s here to bring forth!

    Ciara’s advice on moving from fear to trust:

    When you’re in a challenging situation ask life the Question you need help with and listen to the answers you get.

    This cosmic evolutionary process is in motion and you can’t stop the raging river so the best thing to do is to get into alignment with it.

    It’s time for a full awakening from the dream of separation to enter this wonderous reality where anything is possible.

    Now’s the time to heal the age old trauma, major relationships where most of your karma is accrued and your relationship with life so you can have freedom from the dreams of the past. Which is why so much of your stuff is flushing up to the surface so it can be released.

    Healing density from the emotional, mental and spiritual body all starts in the physical body. Find ways to release density using plant based foods and incorporate energy healing practices like acupuncture, yoga, pilates and any movement that feels good to you to practice as part of your lifestyle.

    If you can do one thing consistently have a practice of coming home to yourself. Surrender and relax into this moment to stay in sync with what’s happening.

    Now I’d love to hear from you. What was your biggest insight from today’s episode with Ciara?

    Love & trust,

    Aisling xo

    Connect with Ciara www.theblazingheartfoundation.com

    FB: Ciara Young - The Blazing Heart Foundation

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    Do the scary thing

    Do the scary thing

    I’m so excited to be publishing this episode I recorded with Kim Konsten of Ruwa Coaching. At the time of recording Kim was still in her full time job as a marketer in Linkedin based in Dublin. This week Kim has taken the leap from her corporate job to become a full time digital nomad travelling the world with her partner as she builds her online business. I’m super inspired by Kim and I’m sure you’ll get a great insight from her to help you on your path.

    As a spiritual self-empowerment coach, Kim helps people get clear on their purpose and what they’re truly meant to do here on earth. As a result of that that they’re able to make decisions in their careers and lives that lead them forward to a more aligned, abundant, easy and happy life.

    What’s helpful to move from fear to trust?

    Meditation to centre, journalling, unfiltered writing of what’s coming up, let emotions out and burn it.

    Angel cards for direction for the day.

    Tapping into your higher self to make choices

    Coaching - having outside support that challenges, pushes and supports you.

    Be courageous and get out there with who you are. Find the right voice and language that’s a mix of business and spirituality.

    Do the scary thing and most of the time find out that it’s not scary it’s exciting. If you stay in your comfort zone, your energetics stay the same.

    Stepping out changes your frequency and brings new opportunities into your life. Take one step at a time and it snowballs into the next thing. Remember to take a deep breathe and enjoy being you.

    What’s the biggest insight from this week’s episode? Let me know in the comments!


    Aisling xo

    Connect with Kim: www.ruwacoaching.com

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    Have faith and just do it

    Have faith and just do it

    Alex Stearn is a social media strategist , best selling author and Founder of MY PA Planner, a business and life planner and journal for entrepreneurs. I was blessed to end up sitting next to Alex at a meet up before Marie Forleo’s event for Everything is Figureoutable book launch last October in London. Like always you meet who you’re meant to meet and I immediately hit it off with Alex who understood the grief of losing my Mum as she lost her two parents only 3 weeks apart.

    Alex has a lovely upbeat energy and clarity on having faith and getting your work done that I can’t wait to share with you as we enter 2020. I don’t know about you but the start of the New Year always has me in a panic of overwhelm so I’m grateful for this important reminded to create time to schedule and plan your projects as you can only do one thing at a time.

    What helps Alex move from fear to trust?

    A strong faith and listening to the Universe. Alex is committed to keep showing up to the process. The huge learning curve of self publishing best selling books gave her confidence.

    Alex is multi passionate and felt she was lacking in an organisational tool so she created her own and launched on kickstarter in 2018 and was fully sold out in early December 2019 the demand was so high for this life changing tool.

    What I’ve learned from MY PA Planner is the essential skill of time blocking in your business and career. Scheduling your work tasks like you do an appointment is a game changer in terms of actually getting stuff done. You can only do one thing at a time so having a proper planning system in place is a must if you want to reach the next level in your work and bring your dreams to life. As Marie Forleo says “If it’s not scheduled it’s not real”.

    How can you simplify your life in 2020?

    Map out your projects at the start of the month and plot out your tasks in a day, week and month. Personally I prefer to chunk my projects into 3 month slots and see overall how that fits into the 12 months of the year. The My PA Planner gives you all the prompts you need for this.

    Alex says that fear is the most awful feeling but when you’ve got it planned out and you just do ahead and do it, trusting you’re going to be able to do it and you’ll figure it out.

    Alex lost both of her parents and the fear of that happening always makes it worse. But when it happened she got through it. After their passing she feels she’ll meet them again, that their in another dimension and she’s has had a connection since they passed.

    Alex changed since going through that grief, it put things into perspective, grounds you and gives you a reality check.

    Intentions for 2020?

    Building her brand with My PA planner and giving out valuable content. You can connect with Alex to stay tuned with her great advice for starting 2020 strong.

    Alex advise for you to move from fear to trust

    Self doubt, don’t go there. Be your own best friend and talk to yourself as you would your best friend. Be guarded about who you mix with so you don’t let negativity in.

    You may not have all your cards but everything is possible and you can learn how to do it.

    Everyone has a gift to share with the world, don’t let your self doubt squash that.

    Remember everything is possible, believe in yourself and trust yourself.

    What’s your biggest takeaway from today’s episode? Let me know about any tips that are going to help you with your New Year intentions in the comments below!

    Love and Happy New Year,

    Aisling xo

    Connect with Alex: https://www.mypaplanner.com

    Download a free My PA planner PDF here: click link




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    How to become intentional with your time

    How to become intentional with your time

    In today’s episode of the Moving From Fear to Trust series I’m joined by the beautiful Grace Blacksea of Quench Collective. I connected with Grace on Instagram after she commented on one of my posts about my upcoming book that she’d love to read it. I checked out her page straight away and immediately knew I wanted to interview her for this series. My instinct was right on point and we had the most wonderful conversation that I’m so grateful to share with you today.

    I found so many similarities in Grace’s story that I’m sure you’ll resonated with as well.

    After twelve years in the event industry Grace’s life came to an abrupt halt. She felt like she had hit a wall going 90 mph – her body was unable to process the extreme stress she had put it under for so long. Grace was left with debilitating anxiety, depression and physical ailments that lead to her exit from the corporate world.

    In 2015, Grace started rebuilding her life – she gained her energy back, focused on her health and started implementing new practices to create a more mindful routine. In doing so, QUENCH was born, a digital community for female entrepreneurs specializing in productivity, accountability, and self-care.

    As a systems specialist and wellness coach, Grace teaches hundreds of women how to build better systems in the business that help them banish burn out, work smarter not harder and put themselves first.

    On moving from fear to trust Grace said that she made a pact that fear no longer lives here anymore. Life is such a gift and we are given the opportunity everyday to make it what we want it to be.

    Taking fear out of the equation helps you break down a barrier to have whatever you want. Look fear in the face and ask yourself what if?

    Instead of asking yourself what’s the worst that could happen, ask yourself what’s the best that could happen?

    Make a decision to play a bigger game in your life. You can’t let fear have a say in your decisions.

    You were put here for a reason and the world needs what you have. Share your gifts with the world and fear cannot be apart of your journey, even if it’s present.

    Grace has given you a gift to help you make decisions with your time, both personally and professionally. It’s a simple guide you can use as you plan the next 3 months of 2020 and a great practice to return to each quarter of the year to keep on track with how you’re spending your time and energy. Your time is precious and it’s time to become even more intentionally with how you use it as you enter this new decade.

    Click here to download Grace’s gift for you.

    Now I’d love to hear from you any insights that came up from listening to this episode. Share in the comments below.

    Love & intentional time,

    Aisling xo

    Connect with Grace: www.quench-collective.com

    Follow on Grace on IG: www.instagram.com/quench.collective/

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4.0 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Maria O'Driscoll ,

A real pleasure to chat to Aisling about Conscious Activism

It was a real pleasure to chat to Aisling FitzGibbon again recently about being a conscious activist in Ireland. Here's a verse from a poem I wrote inspired by Aisling and those out on the radical fringe who take on issues like water fluoridation.

You call them conspiracy theorist
and thus with your fear twist
fact into fiction
and men of conviction
into nutjobs, whackos, basketcases
turning brave faces into faceless
mobs, yobs, fellas with no jobs
in this smear campaign,
and this shock that you feign
muddying the waters
that I’m wading through
up to me neck in the wreck
age of the Age of Aquarius
with my service to humanity
sneered called insanity
blacklisted and shifted,
overturned and twisted
sidelined and maligned
contracted and confined
By the smear campaign .....

SdP, 2019

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