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Beloved, welcome to The Amanda Sophia Podcast, a carefully curated space to support you as you awaken to joy, embrace your greatest self, and create a life of balance you love.

Grab a cuppa and join Feng Shui Master and Priestess, Amanda Sophia as she interviews fellow spiritual thought leaders. and practitioners. Learn how to implement Feng Shui best practices, and ancient spiritual teachings from The Celtic Wheel to manifest a life of abundance, health, and inner healing. Each episode offers tangible tips you can implement in your everyday life to honor your highest self, be of service to others, grow your business as a lightworker, and embrace the present moment.

Tune in, Beloveds. You are welcome here.
Are you ready to live your most fulfilled life, beloveds?

The Amanda Sophia Podcast Amanda Sophia: Feng Shui Master & Celtic Priestess

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Beloved, welcome to The Amanda Sophia Podcast, a carefully curated space to support you as you awaken to joy, embrace your greatest self, and create a life of balance you love.

Grab a cuppa and join Feng Shui Master and Priestess, Amanda Sophia as she interviews fellow spiritual thought leaders. and practitioners. Learn how to implement Feng Shui best practices, and ancient spiritual teachings from The Celtic Wheel to manifest a life of abundance, health, and inner healing. Each episode offers tangible tips you can implement in your everyday life to honor your highest self, be of service to others, grow your business as a lightworker, and embrace the present moment.

Tune in, Beloveds. You are welcome here.
Are you ready to live your most fulfilled life, beloveds?

    The Art of Intentional Design and Creating a Supportive Home with Dr. Jaime Rabin

    The Art of Intentional Design and Creating a Supportive Home with Dr. Jaime Rabin

    Join me as I speak with my friend of over 15 years, Dr. Jaime Rabin, as we dive into the transformative world of intentional design and creating a supportive home through Feng Shui in Jaime's second appearance on the podcast.
    Our first podcast together, “Leadership, an Act of Service with Jaime Rabin”, is not only a beautiful podcast, but I highly recommend listening to it to witness the profound growth that we’ve both experienced.
    However, today we had a beautiful conversation about how Jaime has incorporated beautiful practices to help others intentionally cultivate their homes to be supportive. 
    Having delved into the realms of Chinese medicine and earned her title as a Doctor of Acupuncture, Jaime studied my course Feng Shui Master Certification through the International Feng Shui School over five years ago, describing it as the "missing piece" in her holistic healing journey. In this episode, she unveils the profound grounding impact Feng Shui has had on her life, particularly in giving her perspective on how to blend her other holistic practices.
    Tune into this episode to learn about the concept of Feng Shui as more than just a decorative practice; it's a powerful tool to understand the energy in your home and, more importantly, how to empower yourself to make transformative changes and unleash your Soul’s expression. Learn how your home can serve as a signature of your true self and discover Jaime's journey in balancing her home and finding solace in its intentional design. 
    This conversation speaks to the heart of expanding one's consciousness and learning how to up-level your home, life, and business. Jaime shares vital insights on incorporating Intentional Feng Shui in her business, emphasizing the importance of intentional choices in every aspect of your living space. Discover how this approach invites harmony and reflection, creating a sanctuary that aligns with your true self.
    In this insightful episode, Jaime generously imparts her top three tips for incorporating positive change into your life. Don't miss out on the wisdom shared that can truly transform the way you approach your living spaces. Tune in now for a captivating discussion on intentional design, consciousness expansion, and the transformative power of Feng Shui.
    Dr. Jaime Rabin
    Dr. Jaime Rabin is a well-being expert, with extensive knowledge and experience in Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, and other wisdom traditions. She has spent decades translating her expertise into life-changing wellness spaces, curriculum, products, and retreat experiences that promote personal transformation and healing. Dr. Rabin is wholly dedicated to helping individuals cultivate their inner radiance and express their true selves through the Illuminista Method, a powerful healing system of self-inquiry and self-expression that she has developed.
    Although not one to place too much importance on titles, Dr. Rabin holds several professional ones that reflect her diverse expertise in the well-being industry. She is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, a certified Feng Shui practitioner, a certified meditation instructor, a certified Ayurvedic lifestyle instructor, and an accomplished C-suite executive and well-being consultant. In addition to these formal titles, Dr. Rabin also considers herself an aesthetic alchemist, conscious leader, and magical realist. As the founder of Illuminista Living, her intentional design business, she is committed to helping others discover their inner luminosity and express themselves creatively through their environment. To learn more about Dr. Rabin and the Illuminista Method, please visit www.illuministaliving.com .
    Website: www.illuministaliving.com 
    Instagram (Jaime Rabin): @alifeofmagic
    Instagram (Illuminista Living): @illuminista_living

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    What are the different types of Feng Shui?

    What are the different types of Feng Shui?

    Join us in this foundational episode as we delve into the fascinating realm of Feng Shui, unraveling the mysteries behind the different types of Feng Shui and how Feng Shui is more than just numbers or organization of furniture.
    I’ll be answering fundamental questions like "What is Feng Shui?" and exploring how this ancient art can breathe new life into your living spaces. We'll also dive into the different types of Feng Shui that exist, each with its unique approach to balancing our connection with nature and enhancing our environment.
    In this episode you can expect to start understanding the power of sacred spaces, and how we can craft them through Feng Shui. You deserve a home that acts as a personal sanctuary where you can find solace and rejuvenation amidst life's hustle and bustle.
    Have you wondered about mountain energy and the significance of your power position? I'll shed light on these essential elements of Feng Shui, helping you understand their impact on your daily life.
    Feng Shui isn't a one-size-fits-all practice; there are various "Schools" of Feng Shui. In this episode, we'll demystify Form Feng Shui, Classical Feng Shui (traditional Feng Shui), Intentional Feng Shui, and Black Set Feng Shui. By the end, you'll have a clear picture of what distinguishes these schools and how they can shape your surroundings. While these schools may seem unique, we'll also explore their commonalities and shared principles. Understanding these parallels can deepen your grasp of Feng Shui's essence.
    Learn about our unique approach at the International Feng Shui School and how our practices can empower you to create harmony in your home and advance in your career. I’ll discuss the holistic blend of Feng Shui that I teach in my Feng Shui Your Life and Feng Shui Master courses. 
    If you've ever been intrigued by Feng Shui or puzzled by the diversity of practices out there, this episode will be your guide to navigating the rich tapestry of this ancient art. Tune in and discover how Feng Shui can help you transform your living spaces and your life! 🌟

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    Designing Serenity: Foster a Fusion of Feng Shui and Holistic Practices

    Designing Serenity: Foster a Fusion of Feng Shui and Holistic Practices

    In this episode, join me as I interview my soul sister and friend, Siobhan Wilcox. Our paths crossed over two decades ago. Now, years later, we can discuss the holistic practices we use to foster a fusion of Feng Shui and design a space of serenity in our environments.

    We met two decades ago, the interesting thing is we are both from Ireland but left to go to the States to find something more. Siobhan shares her unique experience of curiosity in the environment, nature, and her experience as an alumnus of the Feng Shui Master Certification Course. 
    From childhood curiosity to adulthood exploration, Siobhan's relationship with Feng Shui has evolved in remarkable ways. Initially seeking something more, she discovered the multifaceted nature of Feng Shui and looked for more. Eventually, when she started seeing my work, she recognized it as a captivating blend of mathematics, astrology, metaphysics, and design, rather than intimidating numbers on a sheet. Which, is why a lot of people can be tempted to fear the process. But Siobhan stuck through it, and together we made beautiful memories! 
    Grab a cuppa, and tune in to this episode where Siobhan and I discuss the art of space clearing, sharing anecdotes from our own client interactions and personal lives. Learn how she navigates the delicate dance of clearing energies and learn some of the practices that she uses to stay grounded, present and rejuvenated. 
    Drawing from her learning curve in the Online Geomancy & Land Healing certification, Siobhan sheds light on how she seamlessly integrates these ancient practices into her present life, bringing a new layer of intention and balance to her surroundings.
    Discover the transformative power of Feng Shui and holistic practices as Siobhan guides us through the art of creating supportive environments. Tune in to this episode and embark on a journey to cultivate harmony and vitality in your own spaces.

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    Feng Shui Expert Panel: How to Activate Wealth & Abundance

    Feng Shui Expert Panel: How to Activate Wealth & Abundance

    In this episode, our Expert Panel unravels the mysteries for you on how to activate Wealth & Abundance with Feng Shui and set your home & life up for success.
    Join me in this enlightening episode as we welcome four incredible Feng Shui Goddesses: Elke Fingleton, Fionnuala O’Callaghan, Marie-Christine Matos, and Paula Nielsen. These experts are illuminating the world through their teachings, consultations, and innovative approaches to Feng Shui in the modern day. Each with their own unique take on Feng Shui. 
    In this back-to-basics discussion, we'll guide you in cultivating harmony within your home, whether you're a seasoned expert or a curious beginner. Get ready to thrive as we delve into the transformative power of decluttering and energetically freeing up space in your living environment. Discover the significance of your front door and learn how repairing broken items can bring positive changes to your life.
    We'll explore various areas of the home with Feng Shui and offer practical tips to enhance the energy in different areas of your home. Remember, abundance isn't solely about wealth—it encompasses happiness, health, joy, wisdom, and more.
    Tune in to our expert’s valuable insights on preparing your home for sale, unlocking its full potential to attract the best outcomes and abundance on the property.
    Throughout the episode, each of our esteemed Feng Shui Goddesses will share their personal experiences with Feng Shui from their studies all the way to their experiences with clients, illustrating how it can positively influence your life, ushering in abundance, wealth, and overall wellness. Don't miss this enlightening journey toward transforming your living space and aligning yourself with prosperity and fulfillment.

    If this episode ignites a spark inside you, I invite you to sign up for my FREE Feng Shui Mini course which will give you a little taste of what the Feng Shui Master Certification has to offer. 
    This is what my students say about the Feng Shui Master Certification:
    Watch Testimonial - Paula Nielsen

    Watch Testimonial - Dr. Amy Thornton Lac.
    Watch Testimonial - Joanna O' Kane
    Fionnuala O’Callaghan
    My true passion is helping others. I am fortunate to have found Feng Shui and the wonderful  FS community who have supported me on my journey in Feng Shui over the past ten years.
    I have transformed my life and have helped others with changing and improving their lives using the Ancient art and science of Feng Shui.  This has been a magical time for me,, setting up my home to support my endeavors, seeing my relationships, our abundance and flow soar,  and connecting with clients and helping them do the same, has been incredibly rewarding.
    I am always excited to share my wisdom with anyone eager to listen.
    Website: www.artofserenity.ie
    Facebook: Fionnuala O’Callaghan Feng Shui
    Marie-Christine Matos 
    I am a 
    Professional Coach, adhering to the professional code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) 
    Holistic practitioner specializing in Classical & Intentional Feng Shui, Flower & Vibrational Essences, and Ancestral Healing/Family Constellations 
    My philosophy as a practitioner is based on a Heart-centered approach to support one’s journey of transformation. 
    I hold a safe, trusting, and confidential space as you walk the spiral of transformation. This path will have clear meadows, forests where not much can be seen but where much is to be discovered, and oceans showing the vastness of what is possible. It may also contain obstacles hiding some unconscious limiting beliefs, values, or patterns. I believe you have the tools to support this journey.
    A bit about me personally: 
    Born and raised in France by Portuguese parents, I have been living in Ireland for 18 years. I live with my partner Jim and our dog Yoda.
    I hold a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering degree and have been working in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech

    • 1 hr 22 min
    What is Geopathic Stress & How Does it Affect Us with Alex Stark

    What is Geopathic Stress & How Does it Affect Us with Alex Stark

    Join us for a captivating yet informative episode about what Geopathic stress is and how it affects us with special guest Alex Stark, a renowned Geomancer, Shaman, Feng Shui Expert, and Architect. 
    In short, Geopathic stress refers to disturbances in the earth's energies that can significantly impact our lives. In this episode, we explore what Geopathic Stress is, how it affects us, and the potential remedies it offers.
    Geopathic stress manifests in ways similar to high forms of stress experienced by our bodies, leading to illnesses or imbalances. From sleeplessness and infertility to cancers, headaches, and larger mechanical failures in construction, the negative effects of Geopathic stress are far-reaching, but not impossible to remedy, heal, and cure. The magical component to land healing is that as we heal the land, it heals us in return. 
    In this episode, we explore how Geopathic stress can influence the behavior of animals and attract or repel certain behaviors, how humans react to it, and how it can affect us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We explore these themes more in our Online Geomancy & Land Healing Certification course, where you can gain practical insights into areas with geopathic stress, implement effective remedies, and utilize dowsing techniques to identify these problem areas. Ultimately, we provide actionable practices on transforming environments to foster support and well-being.
    By becoming a skilled geomancer and equipping yourself with the knowledge to remedy geopathic stress, you'll be able to assist clients struggling with infertility, aid farmers in improving livestock and harvests, and provide valuable support to families experiencing conflicts and challenges among many more benefits. 
    Don't miss this episode as we unravel the mysteries of Geopathic Stress and uncover the transformative power of Geomancy. Tune in to expand your understanding of this field and learn how you can make a positive impact on the well-being of individuals, communities, the collective consciousness, and the environment at large.
    We would like to gift you with our FREE Geomancy mini-course, where you can build a foundational knowledge of Geomancy and Land Healing, get a taste of our teaching style, and more importantly, start implementing these transformative healing practices in your own life.

    Join our in-person Land healing events for 2023 and 2024 here, and continue to grow with like-minded individuals who want to heal, rediscover and reconnect with Mother Earth.
    Alex has spent years studying how the Earth connects and communicates with us. He shares deep knowledge about the differences in the land when it is in its natural and healthy state with those that have gone through trauma and pain. He also gives us wisdom on what impacts can be made to the land and how it makes a difference to the people living on it. We uncover interesting knowledge and get to know the land on which we live more. 
    Alex Stark is an internationally recognized European Geomancer, Feng Shui master, Architect, Oriental Astrologer, and Native American Earth Healer. As such, he advises on issues of design and placement for built environments and issues on personal transformation. 
    Alex is a recipient of a Ford Foundation Scholarship for Cross-Cultural Studies and was named Scholar of the House by Yale University. He’s been a consultant to the United Nations Development Program in Public Health and Regional Planning.
    WEBSITE: www.alexstark.com/

    • 27 min
    Feng Shui Expert Panel on Health & Wellness

    Feng Shui Expert Panel on Health & Wellness

    Join me for an enlightening episode featuring our very first Feng Shui expert panel, where we will discuss how Feng Shui can improve overall health and wellness in your home and life!
    In this episode, I will be discussing the application of Feng Shui in our everyday lives with four renowned experts: Fiona Finn, Bernadette Hurley, Katherine McMahon, and Joanna O'Kane.
    Each expert began their journey in Feng Shui through training, but they have since expanded their knowledge and experiences in their own unique ways. As alumni of the International Feng Shui School, it is remarkable to witness how they have grown and developed their own practices over time.
    If you desire a home that provides greater support for you and your family, if you often feel stressed, fatigued, or lack energy in your home, or if you struggle with maintaining good health and overall well-being, this episode is for you.
    These incredible experts will share tips and tricks on how to make small shifts in your home and life, transforming your environment to improve health and wellness. They will also share personal stories that highlight the mental and physical impact of our surroundings, such as the significance of maintaining a clear center in your home for your well-being.
    In Feng Shui, your home is divided into nine different areas, each representing different parts of your body. By understanding which areas correspond to specific body parts and how to remedy any destructive cycles, you can enhance your health and well-being.
    Prepare to uncover the transformative power of Feng Shui as our expert panel, as these Feng Shui Goddesses share their personal experiences and insights on how this ancient practice can enhance health and wellness within your home. They will reveal invaluable tips and tricks for creating harmonious environments and optimizing energy flow, ultimately elevating the well-being of your living space.
    Discover how this ancient art can inspire mindfulness, reduce stress, and cultivate positive energy, allowing you to thrive in all aspects of your existence.
    Join us now and take the first step towards creating a harmonious and supportive environment for yourself and your loved ones.
    Katherine, as a spiritual being, seeks to explore, learn, heal, and love through the energy of the Universe. She has received training as a Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ facilitator and coach, a reflexologist, a shamanic healer, a Feng Shui consultant, and an Access Bars facilitator.
    Katherine enjoys working with individuals and assisting them in achieving a more content and healthier lifestyle. Her true passion lies in aiding individuals in healing emotionally, spiritually, and physically, as well as promoting balance and harmony within their environment.
    Katherine’s various roles, such as being a mother, sister, daughter, friend, and animal lover, are all embraced with enthusiasm and passion.
    My website is www.healinghearths.com 
    Email: info@healinghearths.com 
    Bernadette and I work together teaching Feng Shui online - Feng Shui with B & K
    Our email is: fengshuibk1@gmail.com
    Bernadette O’Driscoll Hurley is a seasoned practitioner with experience in shamanism, land & house clearing Fengshui, Parnic healing, and Kundalini therapy. Her spiritual journey began as a child but deepened when she was granted access to divine healing energy by the heavenly Goddess Qan yin during an unintentional trance, deep in a cave in western China. Since then she has devoted herself to helping others heal and grow on their own paths. 
    She comes from a long line of formidable women, learning ancient Celtic wisdom from her maternal grandmother who was a powerful herbalist, rebel, teacher, and healer. As a shamanic & Fengshui practitioner, Bernadette draws upon ancient wisdom and intuitive guidance to facilitate deep healing and transformation. She works with clients to identify and release energetic blockages, connect with their inner power and

    • 1 hr 5 min

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4 Ratings

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