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A contemporary drama in a rural setting.

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A contemporary drama in a rural setting.



    Writers, Adrian Flynn & Keri Davies
    Director, Kim Greengrass
    Editor, Jeremy Howe

    David Archer ..... Timothy Bentinck
    Josh Archer ..... Angus Imrie
    Harrison Burns ..... James Cartwright
    Tracy Horrobin ..... Susie Riddell

    • 13 min


    Josh has some decisions to make. Who to vote for in the cricket captaincy battle? Tracy’s great fun, and Harrison might be well organised and up for picking him for the team, but his style is boring and predictable. Josh knows who his dad would favour. At least the discussion had got them off the topic of the forage harvester. As he drills linseed, Josh wonders whether he should consider getting the spraying certificates Brian’s recommending. He’ll get more work from Adam; his dad thinks it’s a no brainer. But does he really want to be known just as an agricultural contractor. The lure of ‘rural entrepreneur’ could be a little stronger. This could be the best time to start a business…
    Tracy’s canvassing like crazy right up to the closure of the captaincy vote. Her killer blow is that she’s secured team sponsorship from Vince Casey. All he wants in return is his logo on the kit. Hopeful of persuading several of the team, her last call, to Chris Carter, proves one too far, and he pledges his support for Harrison.
    Harrison discovers Tracy’s hardline campaign tactics from Jolene. He ups his game and makes some calls. But it’s to no avail, and he loses by one vote. Probably his mum in law Jolene. Ah well. Tracy doesn’t know what she’s let herself in for. He raises a glass to her, wishing her luck. She’s going to need it.

    • 13 min


    Tracy’s making a video – Brad reckons she should call it a vlog, but she doesn’t want to look a prat does she? Not when she’s delivering the first of ‘Tracy’s team talks’. Congratulating herself on her part in Emma and Ed’s reunion, Tracy feels it’s this sort of straight talking that the cricket team needs at its helm. They need to be practising in their gardens and discussing tactics until they can play together again. And nice guys don’t get you to the top of the league. They need her as their captain, not Harrison. She launches her campaign manifesto.
    Harrison reads it with horror. It’s clearly a cut and paste job, and full of well used quotes, but Tracy’s getting some good responses to her campaign. Five members are supporting her nomination. He needs to do something. Tracy’s a gutsy player but she’s not skipper material. He begins work on a statement of his own, but has trouble striking the right tone. Eventually he’s happy with his work, and posts his counter attack.

    • 12 min


    David’s at the top of Lakey Hill, clearing his head. As he looks down on Ambridge he observes how life in the village has changed in recent times. Brookfield’s new business with their barn venue has gone on hold. Both Kirsty and Philip’s engagement party and Stephanie Casey’s wedding have been postponed. While a lot of things have changed, the larks and the ewes still provide their bucolic backdrop. He tries not to stress about getting the silage in; the forage harvester broke while Josh was driving it. He compares his relationship with Josh to that between him and his own dad, Phil. David finds Josh the hardest of his three kids to read – Pip’s getting on and keeping busy on the farm, Ben’s keen to get to university and is never much bother. But Josh… just as he gets your hopes up, he lets you down again. More prosaically, David agonises over tonight’s lasagne.

    While he collects a good haul of eggs from his hens, Josh puts his side of the argument. Josh is adamant the forage harvester’s malfunction wasn’t his fault. It just went kaput while he was driving it. He appreciates how his parents dealt with his arrest but he feels like they treat him differently from Pip and Ben. He can see family links with both of their names but none with his own, Joshua Matthew. Josh is emboldened after an offer of more work from Adam. He can’t wait to tell his dad – though he saves this news for now. He’s just happy someone has confidence in him.

    David vows to keep battling on, and see if he can get anywhere with his son this week.

    • 12 min


    Writer, Liz John
    Directors, Kim Greengrass & Peter Leslie Wild
    Editor, Jeremy Howe

    Pip Archer ….. Daisy Badger
    Jolene Archer ….. Buffy Davis
    Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde
    Harrison Burns ….. James Cartwright
    Susan Carter ….. Charlotte Martin
    Ed Grundy ….. Barry Farrimond
    Emma Grundy ….. Emerald O’Hanrahan
    Eddie Grundy ….. Trevor Harrison
    Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell
    Adam Macy ….. Andrew Wincott
    Kirsty Miller ….. Annabelle Dowler
    Philip Moss ….. Andy Hockley
    Gavin Moss ….. Gareth Pierce
    Johnny Phillips ….. Tom Gibbons
    Lynda Snell ….. Carole Boyd
    Robert Snell ….. Graham Blockey
    Leonie Snell ….. Jasmine Hyde
    Roy Tucker ….. Ian Pepperell

    • 13 min


    Ed meets Robert in Borchester – Robert’s collecting Lynda’s medication Ed’s looking forward to shearing season and Jazzer is fully on board now.

    Leonie rings Robert after hearing he’ll be opening then B&B again. She thinks it’s too much work for him as well as looking after Lynda but Robert won’t be persuaded otherwise. Leonie then speaks to Lynda about taking on B&B guests and insists that she comes to help them. She’ll also bring Mungo who is desperate to see Lynda.

    Eddie keeps Ed busy with errands all day to keep him away from Grange Farm. When Ed returns, he’s shocked to see a mobile home in the yard. Thinking it’s travellers he marches over to order them to leave. To his surprise, Emma opens the door. Emma explains this is was what the money from the joint account was for. She’s realised they don’t need a fancy house, just a home of their own. When Emma asks Ed if he will live there too, he agrees. They’ll be a proper family again and they say “I love you” to each other.

    • 12 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
79 Ratings

79 Ratings

Jthelastman ,

Very disappointed with the new story line

Not happy with story line with Philip no lead in when all the other ones were done so well.
It like you thought ah we need something else another big issue let us just throw this in slave labour why......... hove you done is soooo badly rethinking my desire to listen to it and I have been for over 30 years

Roobarband custard ,


Podcasts are amazing.....so happy to be able to listen to this great classic even whilst away in Greece.

Bridghid ,

Emigrant returns to Ambridge

It's like meeting an old friend - you just pick up where you left off

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