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A Global weekly show interviewing authors to inspire, educate and inform the business world and the curious. Presented by the author of "Undisruptable", this Global show speaks of something greater beyond innovation, disruption and technology. It speaks to the human need to learn: how to adapt to and love a changing world. It embraces the spirit of constant change, of staying receptive, of always learning.

The Innovation Show The Innovation Show

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A Global weekly show interviewing authors to inspire, educate and inform the business world and the curious. Presented by the author of "Undisruptable", this Global show speaks of something greater beyond innovation, disruption and technology. It speaks to the human need to learn: how to adapt to and love a changing world. It embraces the spirit of constant change, of staying receptive, of always learning.

    The Power of Collective Intelligence with Simon Hill

    The Power of Collective Intelligence with Simon Hill

    The Power of Collective Intelligence with Simon Hill
    Harnessing Global Creativity for Innovation: A Wazoku Story
    This episode examines the power of collective intelligence and open innovation, focusing on Wazoku, a company that facilitates innovation through technology. The discussion highlights a story where an individual from India solved a carbonated drink company's bubble manipulation challenge, exemplifying global problem-solving capabilities. Simon Hill, Wazoku's CEO, elaborates on the importance of embracing external ideas, utilising software for innovation efficiency, and fostering a culture that supports innovation. Emphasising the potential of AI and crowdsourcing, the narrative showcases examples where unexpected solutions emerged from non-obvious sources, including a violinist providing a solution for a potato chip company. The episode underscores the significance of asking the right questions, timing for ideas, and structuring organisations to tap into external creativity effectively.
    00:00 The Spark of Innovation: A Global Call for Ideas
    00:56 The Power of Crowdsourcing in Innovation
    01:30 Introducing Simon Hill: Innovator and Corporate Explorer
    02:09 Exploring the Nuts and Bolts of Challenge-Driven Innovation
    02:56 The Role of AI and Technology in Shaping Innovation
    08:19 The Human Element: Culture, Mindset, and Organisational Change
    12:57 Harnessing External Ideas: The Case of Manish and Beyond
    16:19 The Future of Work and Innovation: A Circular Ecosystem
    23:56 Real-World Success Stories: From Violinists to Potato Chips
    26:45 Wazoku: Envisioning a World of Collective Intelligence
    Find Wazoku at www.Wazoku.com

    • 28 min
    The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 3 with Rita McGrath

    The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 3 with Rita McGrath

    In this extensive session with Rita McGrath, Aiden explores the timeless insights of McGrath's book on embodying an entrepreneurial mindset in businesses. McGrath emphasises the importance of continuous innovation, exploiting new opportunities, and building new competencies to stay competitive. The conversation covers key concepts like the significance of key ratios, creating new competence, understanding consumption chains, and the necessity of political savvy within corporate innovation. McGrath also introduces practical tools and frameworks for evaluating opportunities, managing resources, and adapting execution strategies. The dialogue includes examples like Amazon's innovation in delivery systems and Procter & Gamble's ventures, illustrating the application of these concepts in real-world scenarios. McGrath provides advice on overcoming common challenges in innovation, such as attracting the first few customers and navigating corporate politics effectively.
    00:00 Welcome & Introduction to Timeless Business Frameworks
    00:36 Exploring the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation
    02:03 Key Ratios: The Secret to Competitive Advantage
    06:15 Stratification Mapping: Unveiling Business Asymmetries
    08:39 The Art of Championing Innovation Within Corporations
    15:16 Navigating Corporate Politics for Innovation Success
    23:13 Asset Parsimony: Thriving with Limited Resources
    25:40 Real Options Reasoning vs. Net Present Value
    31:24 Exploring the Ecosystem of Options
    31:56 The Future of Remote Work Technologies
    32:31 Investing in Positioning Options
    33:51 Scouting and Stepping Stones: Navigating Uncertainty
    35:09 Leveraging RFID Technology: A Case Study
    38:05 Resource Allocation and Organisational Structures
    42:17 Competitive Insulation and the Direct-to-Consumer Boom
    46:22 Adaptive Execution and Discovery Driven Growth
    54:22 Understanding Customer Consumption Chains
    58:20 Concluding Remarks and Additional Resources
    Find Rita: www.RitaMcGrath.com

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    The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 2 with Rita McGrath

    The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 2 with Rita McGrath

    In part 2 of The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Rita McGrath, discusses the concept of the entrepreneurial mindset and the power of consumption chain analysis for businesses seeking to differentiate and innovate. 
    Rita illustrates how understanding each step of a customer's journey, from need identification to product disposal, can unveil numerous opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage. 
    She shares insightful examples ranging from grocery shopping to the historical battle between Betamax and VHS, highlighting the importance of aligning each step of the consumption chain to customer needs and preferences. 
    She also touches on the significance of resegmenting markets and reconfiguring industries to capture new opportunities, using examples from automobile insurance and manufacturing. 
    The episode offers a deep dive into how companies can apply these concepts to drive growth, challenge assumptions, and transform their competitive landscapes.
    00:00 Welcome & Recap of Part One
    00:30 Diving Deeper into Consumption Chain Analysis
    01:12 Exploring Customer Choices and Consumption Chains
    02:30 The Importance of Understanding the Customer Journey
    05:41 Learning from Failure and the Power of Networks
    08:53 Innovative Case Studies: Progressive Insurance and Beyond
    13:18 Resegmenting Markets for Competitive Advantage
    19:05 Reconfiguring Markets: Evolutionary to Revolutionary Changes
    23:52 The Five Whys Technique and Citibank's Strategic Move
    30:10 Closing Thoughts and Where to Find More
    Find Rita: www.RitaMcGrath.com
    Find Valize: www.
    Find Aidan McCullen for Keynote talks on Innovation, Transformation and Change: www.AidanMcCullen.Com
    More on the Innovation Show: www.TheInnovationShow.IO

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    The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 1 with Rita McGrath

    The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part 1 with Rita McGrath

    Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Mindset for Innovation and Growth
    This script delves into a conversation with Rita McGrath, author of 'The Entrepreneurial Mindset,' exploring principles for thriving in rapidly changing environments. McGrath shares her personal journey from industry to academia, emphasizing the importance of understanding practical business applications. The script covers themes such as the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset in recognizing and acting on business opportunities, detailed methodologies for product differentiation, and strategies for business model innovation. McGrath discusses her work on attribute mapping and quizzing as tools for identifying customer needs and creating blockbuster products. The narrative extends to strategic management under uncertainty, leveraging insights from evolutionary economics, and the challenge of disruptive innovation. The script concludes with McGrath highlighting software solutions, like Sparc Hub, designed to facilitate the operationalization of these concepts within organizations.
    00:00 Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Mindset: A Guide to Innovation
    01:15 From Political Campaigns to Digital Transformation: Rita McGrath's Journey
    08:10 The Evolution of Strategic Management and the Birth of Disruptive Innovation
    14:42 Embracing the Entrepreneurial Mindset for Future Success
    18:22 Crafting the Entrepreneurial Frame: Setting the Stage for Innovation
    31:57 Exploring Autonomous Technology in Military Operations
    32:40 The Future of Autonomy: Removing Humans from the Equation
    33:21 Redefining Transportation and Ownership in an Autonomous World
    33:38 Opportunity Inventory: Identifying What's Ready for Innovation
    33:58 The Human Factor in Innovation and Transformation Efforts
    34:25 Designing Blockbuster Products and Services
    34:50 Attribute Mapping: Aligning Offerings with Customer Needs
    35:38 Understanding Customer Behavior Beyond Demographics
    37:08 The Power of Non-Negotiables, Discriminators, and Exciters in Product Design
    38:29 The Evolution of Product Features: From Exciters to Non-Negotiables
    45:41 Staying Ahead of High-Impact Trends and Competitive Changes
    50:54 Quizzing Methodology: Uncovering New Opportunities for Differentiation
    54:33 Closing Remarks and Where to Find More Information
    Find Rita: https://www.ritamcgrath.com
    Find Valize: https://www.valize.com

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    Transforming Ideas into Action with Stuart Laws

    Transforming Ideas into Action with Stuart Laws

    Innovating Within the Military: Challenge-Driven Innovation and Connected Intelligence
    This episode of the Corporate Explorer, recorded in London during the launch of the Corporate Explorer field book and powered by Wazoku, features Stuart Laws from the UK's Defense Innovation Unit. The discussion explores how challenge-driven innovation has transformed problem-solving within the military, moving away from a traditional idea-generation model to one that actively involves business units in framing their issues for more scoped and implementable solutions. Laws highlights the shift towards a more inclusive innovation approach, engaging employees, suppliers, startups, universities, and leveraging Wazoku's connected collective intelligence of over 700,000 global problem solvers. The episode also delves into the human aspects of innovation, including the creation of stakeholder personas to better understand and influence decision-makers, and the serendipitous discovery of solutions through cross-sector collaboration and challenge-driven initiatives. Laws shares insights on the necessity of a collaborative mindset in innovation, bringing public and private sectors together for impactful outcomes. The successes of this approach are exemplified in real-world applications, such as providing 5G coverage in hard-to-reach areas through a partnership between Defence, BT, and academic contributions.
    00:00 Welcome to the Corporate Explorer: Innovating with Wazoku
    00:43 Introducing Stuart Laws: Innovating in the Military
    01:41 The Power of Challenge-Driven Innovation
    04:12 Cross-Sector Innovation: Bridging Industries for Better Solutions
    09:14 Marketing Personas: A Game-Changer for Innovation
    12:55 Finding Solutions in Unexpected Places: The BT Story
    15:13 Wrapping Up: The Future of Innovation with Wazoku
    Find Stuart here: https://ideashadowcoaching.com

    • 16 min
    From Postage to Paradigm Shift with Michael J. Critelli

    From Postage to Paradigm Shift with Michael J. Critelli

    Navigating Change and Reinvention: A Conversation with Michael J. Critelli
    In this in-depth conversation, former CEO and Chairman of Pitney Bowes, Michael J. Critelli, shares insights on leading a company through periods of significant change and market disruption. Starting with a historical overview of Pitney Bowes’ evolution from a mail processing business to embracing global markets and adjacent market opportunities, Critelli discusses strategic thinking, the importance of innovation, and the necessity of constantly adapting business strategies. He highlights the challenges of competing with government and quasi-government entities, the importance of exiting markets strategically, and the need to centralize operations to stay competitive. The conversation also touches on the value of salespeople as 'human sensors' in identifying opportunities, the importance of R&D investment, understanding customer-driven value, and the role of leadership in navigating change. Critelli’s journey offers valuable lessons on staying relevant in evolving markets and the continuous rebalancing of organizational focus and resources.
    00:00 Opening Remarks and Introduction to Today's Episode
    01:55 The Evolution of Pitney Bowes: Adapting to Change
    03:43 Insights and Strategies from Michael J. Critelli
    07:40 Reframing Competition and Embracing New Opportunities
    12:45 Navigating the Complexities of Global Postal Services
    20:35 The Art of Entering and Exiting Markets Strategically
    36:43 Cultural Transformation and Organizational Change
    45:25 Final Thoughts and Where to Find More
    Find Mike here: https://www.mikecritelli.com

    • 46 min

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4.9 out of 5
94 Ratings

94 Ratings

AmyC252 ,

Excellent Content!

Aidan is a very inspiring and engaging individual. I enjoy listening to some of his podcasts in my spare time.

Suzie B43 ,

Best of its kind

Every guest Aidan has on is someone I want to spend time with. For anyone involved in change or innovation, or just anyone emotionally invested in what they do, I would highly recommend the Innovation Show. It’s got me reading more, writing more, thinking more and stressing less.

bernie brod ,

Innovation show

Excellent podcast. Very informative

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