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A Global weekly show interviewing authors to inspire, educate and inform the business world and the curious. Presented by the author of "Undisruptable", this Global show speaks of something greater beyond innovation, disruption and technology. It speaks to the human need to learn: how to adapt to and love a changing world. It embraces the spirit of constant change, of staying receptive, of always learning.

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A Global weekly show interviewing authors to inspire, educate and inform the business world and the curious. Presented by the author of "Undisruptable", this Global show speaks of something greater beyond innovation, disruption and technology. It speaks to the human need to learn: how to adapt to and love a changing world. It embraces the spirit of constant change, of staying receptive, of always learning.

    Teresa Amabile - The Progress Principle

    Teresa Amabile - The Progress Principle

    Teresa Amabile - The Progress Principle
    The Progress Principle: How Small Wins Boost Motivation and Happiness at Work
    In the latest episode, Aidan McCullen welcomes Teresa Amabile, author of 'The Progress Principle,' to delve into her extensive research on motivation and emotions in the workplace. 
    Amabile's study of nearly 12,000 diary entries from workers in seven companies reveals that making even small progress in meaningful work is crucial for positive emotions and high motivation. 
    The conversation touches on key concepts like the role of clear goals, autonomy, sufficient resources, and the importance of supportive interpersonal events in fostering a productive work environment. The script also previews Amabile's upcoming book, 'Retiring: Creating a Life That Works for You,' which explores the challenges and experiences of transitioning into retirement.
    00:00 Unlocking Motivation: The Power of Progress
    01:34 Welcome Teresa Amabile: Exploring The Progress Principle
    02:52 From Work Progress to Retirement: A New Research Journey
    09:43 The Progress Principle: Small Wins, Big Impact
    10:56 Managers, Take Note: The Surprising Truth About Motivation
    17:27 Catalysts and Nourishers: The Keys to Sustained Progress
    29:25 Real-World Impact: Stories from the Research
    41:30 The Inner Work-Life Effect: A Deep Dive into Research Findings
    50:50 A Call to Action for Leaders and Individuals
    51:24 Closing Thoughts and Future Works
    Find Teresa here: https://www.hbs.edu/faculty/Pages/profile.aspx?facId=6409
    The Progress Principle here: https://www.progressprinciple.com
    Tags: Aidan McCullen, Teresa Amabile, The Progress Principle, Inner Work Life, Creativity at Work, Employee Motivation, Small Wins, Positive Emotions, Innovation Management, Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Workplace Psychology, Career Development, Retirement Planning, Work-Life Balance, Leadership Skills, Management Strategies, Team Building, Productivity, , Organizational Behavior

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    Howard Gardner: The Synthesizing Mind

    Howard Gardner: The Synthesizing Mind

    Howard Gardner: The Synthesizing Mind
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    In this episode of the Innovation Show, Howard Gardner, renowned for his theory of multiple intelligences, discusses his memoir 'A Synthesizing Mind,' recounting his life's intellectual journey. 
    Gardner talks about his career, his passion for understanding intelligence, his work on 'good work,' and how modern innovations like large language models impact his theories. 
    He shares personal anecdotes, the importance of synthesizing information, and his thoughts on education and ethics in the 21st century. Join us for a truly memorable episode as we delve deep into Gardner's mind and explore the essence of a synthesizer.
    We talk innovation, creativity, ethics, goodness, education and life itself.
    00:00 Unveiling the Synthesizing Mind of Howard Gardner
    01:56 Exploring the Essence of the Synthesizing Mind
    06:20 The Role of Synthesizers in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    14:36 Good Work: The Triple Helix of Excellence, Engagement, and Ethics
    17:55 Navigating the Complexities of Good Work and Ethical Dilemmas
    20:47 The Impact of Multiple Intelligences on Innovation
    33:22 Exploring Musical Intelligence and Personal Reflections
    33:46 The Impact and Legacy of 'Frames of Mind'
    34:38 The Journey of Synthesizing Knowledge
    35:56 Upcoming Publications: The Essential Howard Gardner
    36:47 Reflections on Life, Learning, and Legacy
    38:31 Navigating the Digital Age: Challenges and Strategies
    44:17 The Misuse of Multiple Intelligences Theory
    46:08 Ethical Considerations in Public Speaking and Publishing
    47:22 The Importance of Good Work and Ethical Values
    48:29 Revisiting Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in the Modern Era
    01:01:29 Personal Experiences Shaping Educational Perspectives
    01:05:24 The Essence of Continuous Learning and Good Work
    Find Howard here:
    The Good Project:
    Project Zero:
    In 2024, Teachers College Press is issuing two volumes: The Essential Howard Gardner on Education (spring); The Essential Howard Gardner on Mind (fall). Covering work from several decades, each volume contains over two dozen articles, along with my autobiographical notes and up-to-date comments on the background, motivation, and impact of these publications.
    For those interested in path-breaking work in education, psychology, and related fields, these books are indeed  Essential Reading.
    Blurbs for Education volume: 
    "A fascinating look at educational issues by one of our nation's finest and most creative academics. This is vintage Howard!"
    ―David C. Berliner, Regents Professor Emeritus, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University
    "For more than 40 years, Dr. Howard Gardner has been one of―if not the―most influential scholar on the American educational system. It is thrilling to see a single volume that brings together Gardner's research and writings on educational institutions ranging from pre-K through the university. Readers who know Gardner best for his work on multiple intelligences theory will benefit tremendously from this exposure to his thinking on topics such as what it means to do good work, the purpose of a liberal arts education, and the role of social media in contemporary young people's development."
    ―Scott Seider, associate professor of applied developmental and educational psychology, Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Boston College
    "The Essential Howard Gardner on Education offers a crisp distillation of Gardner's lasting contributions to our understanding of teaching and learning in a complex, ever-changing world. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to Gardner's work, this masterfully crafted narrative provides an accessible ove

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    George Glackin - Value Flows and Design Criteria Maps

    George Glackin - Value Flows and Design Criteria Maps

    This episode delves into the challenges corporate explorers face when introducing new business opportunities, emphasising the importance of crafting compelling value propositions. Featuring guest George Glackin, co-author of a chapter on value flows and design criteria maps, the discussion highlights these tools as essential for developing products or services that truly delight customers. Through the Swiffer Wet Jet case study, the effectiveness of these methodologies in real-world application is explored. Additionally, the episode covers the importance of overcoming the 'curse of expertise' and fostering diverse team collaboration to achieve innovation success. Sponsored by Wazoku, the episode advocates for connected collective intelligence in driving sustainable innovation ecosystems.
    00:00 Introduction to Corporate Explorers and Value Propositions
    00:43 Sponsor Spotlight: Wazoku's Role in Innovation
    01:29 Guest Introduction: George Glackin on Value Flows and Design Criteria Maps
    01:41 The Genesis of Value Flows and Design Criteria Maps
    03:26 The Curse of Expertise and Its Impact
    05:05 Exploring the Value Flow with a Practical Example
    05:57 Deep Dive into Design Criteria Maps
    09:07 Applying the Framework: The Swiffer Wet Jet Case Study
    13:17 Breaking Down Silos for Successful Product Development
    15:34 The Importance of Validation and Scaling in Innovation
    17:07 Closing Remarks and Contact Information
    Go to the book website – www.thecorporateexplorer.com/contact and complete the contact form requesting the corrected version of chapter 5 and chapter 10.
    Also see here for chapter 5:

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    Navigating Misinformation with Empathy: Misbelief with Dan Ariely

    Navigating Misinformation with Empathy: Misbelief with Dan Ariely

    Dan Ariely 
    Navigating Misinformation with Empathy: Misbelief with Dan Ariely
    This episode features Dan Ariely, author of 'Misbelief, what makes rational people believe irrational things', focusing on the psychology behind misinformation and belief in conspiracy theories. 
    Ariely discusses how stress, personality traits, and social dynamics contribute to the spread of false beliefs, emphasising the importance of resilience and trust in combating misinformation. 
    He shares personal experiences, including being targeted by disinformation, and highlights his role in the NBC show 'The Irrational' that combines social science with solving crimes. The conversation touches on various psychological concepts, the impact of cognitive biases, and the role of social context in shaping beliefs. 
    Ariely proposes empathy and understanding over conflict in addressing belief in misinformation and discusses the broader implications of trust erosion in society.
    00:00 Unraveling the Web of Misinformation
    01:12 Welcome Dan Ariely: Exploring Misbelief
    02:15 The Making of 'The Irrational': A TV Show Inspired by Real Science
    06:13 Embracing Imperfections: The Philosophy of Kintsugi
    12:22 The Personal Impact of Misinformation on Dan Ariely
    18:39 The Psychological Journey into Misbelief
    22:08 Navigating the Flood of Misinformation in the Digital Age
    26:42 The Role of Stress in Cultivating Misbeliefs
    33:49 Challenging Cognitive Biases and Misbeliefs
    40:01 Navigating Societal Divides: The Abortion Debate
    40:59 The Power of Uncertainty in Dialogue
    41:25 Innovation and the 'Us vs. Them' Mentality
    42:33 Exploring the Dunning-Kruger Effect
    47:15 The Role of Memory in Shaping Beliefs
    49:02 Personality Traits and Susceptibility to Misbelief
    52:07 Social Dynamics: Ostracism and Its Effects
    01:01:38 Understanding Cognitive Dissonance
    01:07:13 The Importance of Resilience and Trust
    01:15:52 Concluding Thoughts on Misbelief and Social Change
    Dan Ariely, Behavioral Economics, Misbelief, Misinformation, Social Media, Conspiracy Theories, Political Affiliation, Psychology, Fake News, Empathy, Cognitive Bias, Trust in Society, Resilience, Stress and Misbelief, Cognitive Dissonance, Shibboleth, Secure Attachment, Dunning-Kruger Effect, Innovation, Identity and Belief, AI and Misinformation
    Find Dan at www.DanAriely.com

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    Unpacking Mindfulness and Positive Psychology with Ellen Langer

    Unpacking Mindfulness and Positive Psychology with Ellen Langer

    Unpacking Mindfulness and Positive Psychology with Ellen Langer
    This podcast episode features Ellen Langer, known as the mother of mindfulness and positive psychology, discussing her latest book 'The Mindful Body' and its comprehensive insights into achieving chronic health through mindfulness. Langer covers a variety of topics, from the pitfalls of social comparison to the power of positive framing and the immense control people have over their health and happiness through mindful practices. Through anecdotes and empirical studies, she illustrates how changing perceptions and embracing variability can alleviate chronic illnesses, transform education, and enhance daily living. The discussion also touches on the psychological effects of labels, the importance of mindfulness in caregiving, and the transformative potential of mindful learning in both personal and professional contexts. Langer emphasizes the choice available in interpretations of our experiences and encourages a mindful approach to life's challenges to add more life to our years.
    00:00 Welcome to the Mindful Body: An Introduction
    00:44 The Pitfalls of Social Comparison
    03:54 Embracing Imperfection and Mindfulness
    05:22 Rethinking Regrets and Embracing Life's Uncertainties
    07:29 The Power of Perspective: Learning from Loss
    13:12 Understanding Emotions and Behavior
    16:46 Mindful Learning and the Value of Mistakes
    23:30 Challenging Conventional Wisdom on Health and Vision
    27:20 Exploring the Power of Mindfulness in Managing Chronic Illness
    28:03 The Transformative Effects of Mindfulness on Health
    29:56 The Pygmalion Effect: Expectations Shaping Reality
    30:59 Harnessing Placebo Effects and Mindful Healing
    36:39 Mindful Contagion: Enhancing Well-being in Social Interactions
    41:42 Mindfulness and Memory: Challenging Age-Related Stereotypes
    48:17 Mindfulness in Practice: From Healthcare to Everyday Life
    51:41 Embracing Mindfulness for Personal and Organizational Change
    Find Ellen and her books. https://www.ellenlanger.me

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    Venture Building from Idea to Scale with Michael Nichols

    Venture Building from Idea to Scale with Michael Nichols

    In this episode of the Corporate Explorer series by Wazoku, we delve into the concept of customer-first practices and their impact on bridging the maturity gap in corporate innovation. Michael Nichols, coauthor of the Corporate Explorer Field Book and Director of Corporate Ventures for MANN + HUMMEL, shares insights on the challenges of inside-out innovation within corporations, emphasizing the importance of validating business models beyond core business practices. He discusses the common pitfalls of corporates mistaking invention for innovation, the crucial role of customer problem identification, and the necessity of developing a repeatable business model. Nichols also outlines the steps towards achieving business model maturity, highlighting the importance of problem-solving, scalability, and customer need. This episode sheds light on the systemic issues facing corporate innovation and offers guidelines for successfully navigating and leveraging customer-first methodologies to ensure sustainable growth and innovation within large organizations.
    00:00 Unpacking the Essence of Customer-First in Corporate Innovation
    01:11 Introducing Michael Nichols: A Deep Dive into Corporate Ventures
    02:04 The Intricacies of Inside-Out Innovation Explained
    03:59 The Challenges of Corporate Innovation and the Funding Dilemma
    07:11 Navigating the Innovation Cycle: From Ideation to Market Validation
    11:36 Addressing the Corporate Innovation Gap: Strategies and Solutions
    25:56 Exploring Business Model Maturity: Key Indicators for Success
    35:55 Final Thoughts and Where to Connect
     Find Michael here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-guy-nichols/

    • 37 min

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4.9 out of 5
94 Ratings

94 Ratings

AmyC252 ,

Excellent Content!

Aidan is a very inspiring and engaging individual. I enjoy listening to some of his podcasts in my spare time.

Suzie B43 ,

Best of its kind

Every guest Aidan has on is someone I want to spend time with. For anyone involved in change or innovation, or just anyone emotionally invested in what they do, I would highly recommend the Innovation Show. It’s got me reading more, writing more, thinking more and stressing less.

bernie brod ,

Innovation show

Excellent podcast. Very informative

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