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Welcome to Under The Motherhood Podcast! This is a podcast for, by, and about mothers, discussing all that is involved in producing and raising small humans! Coffees and cakes will accompany us as we leave no topic uncovered.

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Welcome to Under The Motherhood Podcast! This is a podcast for, by, and about mothers, discussing all that is involved in producing and raising small humans! Coffees and cakes will accompany us as we leave no topic uncovered.

    35. For Max

    35. For Max

    October is Infant Loss Awareness Month.

    This week we are delighted to have a guest with us, Anne Marie Gillooley, whose son Max was stillborn in 2015. She is a mother of three to Max, his brother Flynn and their little Bump who is due to make their appearance in a matter of weeks.

    Anne Marie talks to us about Max, his life and death, and her experience of going through something that many people can't even bring themselves to think about.  We talk about what are the right or wrong things to say - or not say - to someone going through such grief, and the impact that experience has on subsequent pregnancies.

    We are so grateful to Anne Marie for taking the time to come and share her story.

    For Max.

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    Until next time!
    Jen & Joanne

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    34. Who Goes To a Forest in Longford?

    34. Who Goes To a Forest in Longford?

    We're back! After more than a year, Jen and Joanne are back for more, coming from Center Parcs AKA a forest in Longford!

    We chat about lockdown life, things starting to get back to normal and more!

    We hope you enjoy it, let us know!

    Jen & Joanne (and guest edited by Andy!)

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    • 32 min
    33. Mama, Where Do Babies Hatch From?

    33. Mama, Where Do Babies Hatch From?

    This week we're back for a meet up in our car with a cup of tea and some chocolate to record episode thirty three where we navigate through some of the questions inquisitive little minds want to know about - and how stupid they make you feel when they ask things like 'How do spiders not fall off the walls?' !

    We also chat about Playdate Etiquette - if there is such a thing! As always the time flies by with the chats and laughs, pull up a chair, throw on the headphones and stick the kettle on and join us for some more navigation through the fun of motherhood.

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    Until next week - stay safe!

    Jen & Joanne

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    32. Reunited! The Lockdown Lowdown

    32. Reunited! The Lockdown Lowdown

    We are BACK! At long last, we slowly emerge from lockdown life, slightly dazed and confused! We finally had our lovely reunion, even if it was in a car park with our mics perched in our handbags each clutching our trusty coffee cups in the other hand.

    It was great to finally press 'record' again, and off we went, wondering what just happened but ultimately realising that we managed some pretty epic parenting through a very weird situation nobody saw coming.

    We hope everyone stayed safe and well - we missed our little corner of the internet but hopefully the worst is over and normal chaotic service can resume!

    As always, thanks for listening! 

    Until next week - although we doubt any of us will ever take that assumption for granted ever again!

    Stay safe!

    Jen & Joanne

    • 48 min
    31. Who Pissed 2020 Off?!

    31. Who Pissed 2020 Off?!

    As we all find ourselves in extraordinary times, we meet up in Kilashee on a Friday night, one day after the government announced closures of schools and colleges.

    We chat about the strange times we're in and how we are coping with it, the worry and anxiety it creates, and how we can do our best to stay focused and calm, to help each other as much as possible.

    Join us for a cuppa and a chat, as we wonder, just WHO pissed off 2020 and can we have 2019 back please??!

    Hopefully we will be back soon, safe and healthy for episode 32 but in the meantime, stay safe, be kind and together we can get through Covid-19

    Jen & Joanne

    • 49 min
    30. Tricky People

    30. Tricky People

    Episode 30 is here!
    This week we decided to share our best tips around child safety, from teaching them our phone numbers, to best tips for when a child might disappear in a split second as has happened to us all at one time or another.Have you thought about these things, and how to best prepare your children without scaring them in the process? From how using the phrase 'tricky people' might be a better way to describe someone they don't know rather than a 'stranger'... to teaching kids how to access the emergency call option on your mobile, and more in between.

    Join us for a coffee and some chats, and let us know what you think? Have you got any good tips to share with us? We would love to hear from you!

    • 49 min

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5.0 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Jj1234568891011121314 ,

Love it

I always look forward to listening, love this podcast & don’t you dare make it shorter!😁

roxanne_r ,


Really enjoy listening to this podcast , feel like I’m sitting with friends and can relate to the chats the girls have! Looking forward to the next episode each week 😊

Beanie O ,

Honest & Funny❤️❤️❤️

I’m 2 episodes in and I’m hooked! Love the easy banter and relaxed atmosphere. Feels like I’m in the room with you. Well done ladies, keep them coming!

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