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A Movie Podcast about Two Guys Who Used to Work at a Video Store

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A Movie Podcast about Two Guys Who Used to Work at a Video Store

    Ep. 12 - Blow the Man Down + What We Watched in Quarantine

    Ep. 12 - Blow the Man Down + What We Watched in Quarantine

    On this episode, we have another weekly addition of “What Movies Got Postponed This Week”. We also talk about South by Southwest streaming on Amazon Prime this month, and a variety of movies to watch on various streaming platforms. If you’re running out of movies to watch, this is a GREAT episode for you!

    “What Movies Got Postponed This Week” (Artemis Fowl Moved to Disney+) - 00:02:08.
    Train to Busan: Peninsula Trailer #1 - 00:09:00.
    SXSW Moved to Amazon Prime - 00:12:08.
    Blow the Man Down -

    • 1 hr 54 min
    Ep. 11 - Tiger King (Welcome to the Jungle)

    Ep. 11 - Tiger King (Welcome to the Jungle)

    On this week’s episode, we are talking about one of the year’s most talked about tv shows, Tiger King. Are you Team Joe Exotic or Team Carol Baskin? We also break down the age old question: What is a Quibi? Finally, we talk about Tarkovsky (again), Tammy and the T-Rex, and Odorama!
    What is a Quibi? - 00:07:45

    Tiger King (Welcome to the Jungle) - 00:17:00

    Tarkovsky Watchthrough (Solaris & The Mirror) - 00:37:30

    Polyester - 00:44:45

    Tammy and the T-Rex - 00:49:55

    Do the Right Thing - 00:58

    • 1 hr 4 min
    The Platform (via Netflix)

    The Platform (via Netflix)

    On this week’s show, we’ve got everything you could ever want. Corona Virus news, a Netflix movie (since all the theaters are closed because of the Corona Virus), and Alex talks about the movie that if we just paid a little bit more attention to when it came out, we might not be in as big of trouble with this pesky Corona Virus, Contagion!

    Movie Theaters Shut Down, Studios to Release Movies on Streaming -  00:03:20.

    The Platform - 00:19:56.

    Andrei Rublev - 00:29:45.

    Contagion - 00:35:38.

    • 40 min
    Ep. 9 - The Hunt

    Ep. 9 - The Hunt

    This week on the show, we talk about the Corona Virus’s effect on the movie industry, how that effects the upcoming film slate, and how it could effect the movie going experience. We also talk about The Hunt,Tarkovsky, I am not Okay With This, and Shame.
    The Corona Virus’s effect on the film industry - 00:00:23.
    Pixar’s Soul Trailer - 00:15:40
    The Hunt - 00:21:00
    The Steamroller and the Violin - 00:36:31 
    Ivan’s Childhood - 00:38:56
    I am Not Okay With This - 00:43:57
    Bergman’s Shame - 00:

    • 53 min
    Ep. 8 - Onward/ The Way Back

    Ep. 8 - Onward/ The Way Back

    We’ve got a double header this week as we have the fatastical Pixar film, Onward, going head to head with the meta-drama starring Ben Affleck, The Way Back! We also talk about the Coronavirus’s wake on the film industry, including, most recently SXSW, and a few trailers for new movies coming out!

    Coronavirus entertainment delays - 00:00:20

    Greyhound - 00:06:16

    Connected - 00:12:01

    The Platform - 00:17:37

    Onward - 00:22:05

    The Way Back/Warrior - 00:38:25

    To Die For - 00:55:17

    • 1 hr 7 min
    Ep. 7 - The Invisible Man

    Ep. 7 - The Invisible Man

    Hello everyone! This week, we saw the Dark Universe’s newest installment of “The Inv….. Wait, Hold on. They cancelled it? The whole thing? No more Tom Cruise running away from dust? Okay, okay… This week, we saw the standalone Universal Monster Movie: “The Invisible Man”! Make sure to like and rate our podcast anywhere you listen! Thanks!
    One Bob In, Another Bob Out: A Disney Channel Original Movie - 00:01:47.
    “Logan” Director, James Mangold Taking Over for Indiana Jones and the Journey to Undo the Aliens -  00:10:26.
    The “ “ Man - 00:22:43.
    Sling Blade: This Movie is How Old? -00:41:24.
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Politics, amirite? Also, This Movie is HOW old? - 00:53:00.
    Thanks for listening!
    Intro Song: "Hotshot" by Scott Holmes

    • 1 hr 2 min

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