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all about yoga, health, and mindfulness

    9: Different types of yoga explained

    9: Different types of yoga explained

    Have you ever looked at a yoga class schedule and wondered what all these different types of yoga are? I have spent the last months trying out as many different studios and teachers and styles of yoga as I can to put together this episode in which I will explain to you the most popular styles, what they are like and which might be the one you like most!

    Let me know which one is your favorite and come to my website yogabynicole.com or my instagram @nicimvs

    So much love and Namaste :-)

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    8: Healthy habits

    8: Healthy habits

    After a little Christmas break, I am back with a new episode all around healthy habits! I find it super hard to stick to new habits, but I found that when I know exactly what they are good for, it becomes much easier! That's why I'll be telling you not only what the different healthy things are that I started doing, but what their exact benefits are! Let's make 2020 a healthy one :-)

    The meditation I mentioned: 

    21 Day Abundance Challenge by Deepak Chopra (you can find it on YouTube)

    I'd love to hear what healthy habits you are doing in your life, so please send me a message on instagram @nicimvs, or on my website www.yogabynicole.com

    Lots of love and happy new year,


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    7: Over-exercising and following your passion: Interview with Lexi Ryman

    7: Over-exercising and following your passion: Interview with Lexi Ryman

    This episode is another beautiful interview that I’m so excited to share with you!

    I am talking with Lexi, who founded her yoga studio „Wild Thing“ in Cape Town together with her best friend Dominique. In this interview she tells us about various topics like how she figured out what to do in life and how she became a yoga teacher. Lexi also shares super openly and honestly about the topic of over-exercising and obsessing about external appearance, which is a topic I feel like so strongly present in today’s life. I loved the conversation we had and could take so so many valuable things away from it, which is why I am so happy to share it with you here! I hope it does the same to you, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or Lexi, you can find her on Instagram @lexiryman.

    Things Lexi mentioned:

    Brain app: Peak

    Instagram accounts: 

    For journaling: @self.practice

    For inspiration:




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    6: Things I do for self-awareness

    6: Things I do for self-awareness

    This is my last episode from Cape Town! I've spent the past 6 months here and I can’t believe how fast they passed by!!! 🙈 In these last months I’ve been thinking a lot about how I live my life without really realizing what’s happening and also without really knowing what it is that I want to do in life. I’m sharing some more about that in this episode with you and what really helped me lately to become much more self aware and present and just getting out of that feeling of being lost and back to myself. It’s another very personal one, and I hope you’ll enjoy it and share your thoughts with me!

    Come visit my website yogabynicole.com or my instagram @nicimvs

    I'd love to hear from you! Thank you so much for listening, sending you love from Cape Town!

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    5: Self-love meditation

    5: Self-love meditation

    This episode is a special one!

    It's my first guided meditation and it's intended to help you recognize and nurture the love you already have for yourself. It's not intended to calm your mind or free you from thoughts, but rather help you discover the bountiful love that already lies within you =)

    I developed this meditation during my first yoga teacher training in India (which was a very special and transformational time for me). This meditation definitely helped me find and strengthen the love I have for myself. That being said, it takes constant work for me to stay connected to my true self.

    I find meditation as the best possible thing I can do to nourish my self-love. Therefore I really have to encourage you to do the same with this meditation or any other self-love meditation. 

    I hope you enjoy my first guided meditation and I thank you so so much for listening to it!

    Please share your thoughts and let me know if you'd like to hear similar meditations in the future :-)

    So much love from me to you, Namaste

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    4: Meditation and self care: Interview with Dominique Vieira

    4: Meditation and self care: Interview with Dominique Vieira

    My very first podcast interview with the lovely Dominique Vieira!!

    Dom has founded her own yoga studio "Wild Thing" in Cape Town, and in this episode she not only shares a lot about the founding story, but also gives valuable tips for meditation and self care and so much more. Follow her on instagram @domandreayoga

    Instagram channel we talked about: the.holistic.psychologist

    I hope you'll enjoy this interview, let me know about your thoughts on my website yogabynicole.com or my instagram @nicimvs

    Lots of love!!

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