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Free podcast on EU policies in the digital era - made in Brussels

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Free podcast on EU policies in the digital era - made in Brussels

    NPEU009 – eID and EU research projects

    NPEU009 – eID and EU research projects

    In 2012, the European Commission launched the proposal of the eID to harmonise electronic identification systems in Europe. The intruduction of new passports with biometric data draw even more attention on the use of eID. What all this means and possible dangers for privacy explains Jan Schallaböck, expert on identification of the indepentend data protection authority of Schleswig Holstein (Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein, ULD)
    Furthermore we had the chance to speak with Jan about reserach projects in the EU. The FP7, the Seventh Framework Programme of the EU, funded lots of criticised projects like INDECT or ADABTS. The question is: Shall we fund projects like this with taxpayers money or shall we, for instance, fund standardisation projetcs to implement privacy by desgin?

    Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein (ULD): https://www.datenschutzzentrum.de
    European Commission: Electronic identification, signatures and trust services: Questions and Answers
    Lawrence Lessig: Code is Law (youtube)
    Wikipedia: TAFTA – Transatlantic Free Trade Area
    Podcast with Ralf Bendrath: NPEU007 – Lobbyists, privacy, activists and memes
    Bruce Schneier: Identifying People from Mobile Phone Location Data

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    NPEU008 – Syria, Hacktivism and Leaks

    NPEU008 – Syria, Hacktivism and Leaks

    Last week, KheOps was in town which gave us the possibility to chat about Telecomix and hacktivism in general. We looked back at the events during #OpSyria in 2011. We talked about the BlueCoat Systems Leak and how Telecomix derouted traffic in Syrian networks, the current situation over there and what hacktivists and activists can do next.
    Among other projects, KheOps is involved in Telecomix Syria, FAImaison, the Hackerspace Tunesia and has helped setting up the World Neighborhood which is building a free network, helping people who are exposed to the censorship of their state and providing a toolset for activists.

    KheOps https://id.ceops.eu/kheops
    Blog https://words.ceops.eu/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/kheops2713
    Telecomix: http://telecomix.org
    World NeighborHood http://web.wnh.me
    Syria Videos: http://syria-videos.ceops.eu
    Reflets.info:#OpSyria: When the Internet does not let citizens down http://reflets.info/opsyria-when-the-internet-does-not-let-citizens-down

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    NPEU007 – Lobbyists, privacy, activists and memes

    NPEU007 – Lobbyists, privacy, activists and memes

    Why is the data protection reform becoming so hot right now? We talk to Ralf Bendrath, policy advisor to MEP Jan Albrecht in the European Parliament, about the new privacy laws for Europe and the most aggressive lobbying ever witnessed in Brussels.
    Last week’s launch of the portal lobbyplag.eu showed that many Parliamentarians “copied & pasted” demands from documents supplied by industry lobbyists, such as Amazon, ebay, Apple, Banking Federations and the American Chamber of Commerce.
    We chatted about the data protection proposals, the role of lobbyists – from both sides, NGO and industry. We discussed the role of activists and what people can do for strong data protection rules for the next decades. How do you call a Parliamentarian? What needs to be in an email? … And, of course, we were talking about cool memes as well.

    Twitter: @bendrath
    Ralf Bendrath http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~bendrath/ – Blog: http://bendrath.blogspot.be/
    The Telegraph: EU Privacy regulations subject to ‘unprecedented lobbying’
    The Independent: Lobbyists demands were copied into law
    Commodore 64 http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodore_64
    Albrecht report (pdf)
    Proposal by the EU Commission (pdf)
    Hashtag on Twitter: #EUDataP
    Lobbyplag.eu: http://lobbyplag.eu
    Privacy Campaign: privacycampaign.eu
    Memes: http://privacymemes.tumblr.com

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    NPEU006 Eleanor Saitta

    NPEU006 Eleanor Saitta

    Last weekend, we attended the FOSDEM conference in Brussels, which is one of the most important meetings for European hackers. This was the perfect occasion to have a chat with Eleanor Saitta – “a hacker, designer, artist, writer, and barbarian”.  According to her website, she is nomadic, living mostly in airports and occasionally in New York, London, Stockholm, and Berlin and can be found at http://dymaxion.org and on Twitter as @dymaxion.
    We were talking about systems (social and technical) and how they fail, (liquid) democracy, the protocoletariat, the Briar project, Geeks without Bounds and travelling…

    Eleanor Saitta- Dymaxion.org: http://dymaxion.org/me.html – on twitter: https://twitter.com/Dymaxion
    Ella’s and Smari’s talk at 29c3: Long live the protocoletariat! (mp4)
    Open Internet Tools Project (OpenITP): http://openitp.org/
    Icelandic Modern Media Initiative: https://immi.is/
    Briar project: http://briarproject.net/ and http://briar.sourceforge.net/ – Support and flattr it https://flattr.com/thing/592836/Briar-A-Secure-News-and-Discussion-System
    Geeks Without Bounds http://gwob.org/
    NPEU002 Islands of Resilience: http://www.net-politics.eu/2012/11/npeu002-islands-of-resilience/

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    NPEU0005 – CPDP Report

    NPEU0005 – CPDP Report

    Happy Privacy Day! For this episode, we went to the CPDP conference and had the chance to grab some exciting interview partners for you. The CPDP – Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference – is one of the most important and interesting conferences on data protection and privacy of the year. This year, the 6th edition of the conference took place, as always, in the heart of Europe. According to the organiser’s website, the:
    CPDP is a non profit platform originally founded in 2007 by research groups from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Université de Namur and Tilburg University. From the start CPDP wanted to be more than just an academic platform. The mission is to gather all relevant stakeholders in an atmosphere of independence and mutual respect.
    We talked to:

    Paul de Hert, main organiser and driving force behind the CPDP, law professor at the VUB;
    Eric King, head of research at Privacy International about the Global Surveillance Monitor and export controls, FinFisher and the German government,
    Wendy Seltzer, World Wide Web Consortium staff member, founder and developer of the Chilling Effects Clearinghouse, research fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet, and speaker on the panel “ablancing fund rights and online copright enforcemet”
    Janneke Sloetjes, Bits of Freedom, about the data protection reform and massive US lobbying
    Andreas Krisch, EDRi president and speaker at the CPDP, about the Data Protection Directive in the law enforcement sector.

    And since today is also the international data privacy day, we recommend to sign the Brussels Privacy Declaration: brusselsdeclaration.net
    1. Paul de Hert: http://www.ies.be/llm/staff/pdehert
    CPDP: http://www.cpdpconferences.org/
    CPDP programme: http://www.cpdpconferences.org/CPDP2013.html#top
    2. Eric King: https://www.privacyinternational.org/people/eric-king
    privacyinernational: https://www.privacyinternational.org/
    global surveillance monitor: https://www.privacyinternational.org/projects/global-surveillance-monitor
    FinFisher: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FinFisher
    European Parliament Resolution on export controls: http://www.edri.org/edrigram/number10.24/export-controls-digital-weapons
    Wassenaar Arragement: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wassenaar_Arrangement
    German government bought FinFisher (german): https://netzpolitik.org/2013/geheimes-dokument-bundeskriminalamt-kauft-international-bekannten-staatstrojaner-finfisherfinspy-von-gamma/
    3. Wendy Seltzer: http://wendy.seltzer.org/
    W3C: http://www.w3.org/
    Berkman Center for Internet and Society @ Havard University: http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/
    Chilling Effects: chillingeffects.org
    4. Janneke Sloetjes, Bits of Freedom: https://www.bof.nl/
    Press release: civil rights organizations criticize European privacy proposals: https://www.bof.nl/2013/01/09/press-release-civil-rights-organisations-criticise-european-privacyproposals/
    Report by MEP Jan Albrecht on the general data protection regulation (.pdf): http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meetdocs/2009_2014/documents/libe/pr/922/922387/922387en.pdf
    5. Andreas Krisch;  President of EDRi: edri.org
    Data protection directive for the law enforcement sector: (.pdf) http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meetdocs/2009_2014/documents/com/com_com%282012%290010_/com_com%282012%290010_en.pdf
    Portal for the Directive policingprivacy.eu: policingprivacy.eu
    Portal for the Regulation protectmydata.eu: http://protectmydata.eu/

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    NPEU000 Meta

    NPEU000 Meta

    It`s us! For this last episode before the end of the year, we didn’t only want to produce meta info about us but also provide you with a review of the biggest wins and fails of 2012. We are talking about the podcast project, Brussels, us and recent developments related to EU politics in the digital environment.
    In the middle of the year, we had the epic ACTA win after a long fight. But many other important issues were on the agenda of EU policy makers this year, such as the data protection reform package, the use of passenger name record (PNR) data, the evaluation of the data retention directive, security research projects like Indect, the Clean IT project, the digital agenda, including copyright reform, rules for net neutrality… in short, this is a review of the wins and fails of 2012 with an outlook for the coming year(s).

    If you want to learn more about us and net politics in the EU you shouldn`t miss this episode. We hope you’ll enjoy this one and the project itself and if so, please do not hesitate to flattr us. If you have any comments on how we can improve the recordings or if you want to learn more about specific issues please let us know. We are still noobs and we really look forward to your feedback.
    Kee and Al
    P.S. Have a great new year!

    Booklet: How the EU works (pdf) http://www.edri.org/files/2012EDRiPapers/activist_guide_to_the_EU.pdf
    EDRi: Goobye ACTA http://www.edri.org/edrigram/number10.13/good-bye-acta
    Video of the ACTA hearing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXqD0DWXtLg
    Results of the ACTA vote http://www.votewatch.eu/en/anti-counterfeiting-trade-agreement-between-the-eu-and-its-member-states-australia-canada-japan-the–2.html
    European Parliament ACTA vote pic http://www.flickr.com/photos/greensefa/7500459962/
    European Data Protection reform proposal, Regulation (pdf) http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/document/review2012/com_2012_11_en.pdf
    EDRi analysis of the Regulation and what to improve http://protectmydata.eu/
    Boingboing on CleanIT: http://boingboing.net/2012/09/25/eu-working-group-produces-the.html
    EDRi leaks CleanIT document: http://www.edri.org/cleanIT
    European Commission FP7 security projects http://cordis.europa.eu/projects/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.search&TXT=&FRM=1&STP=10&SIC=&PGA=FP7-SECURITY&CCY=&PCY=&SRC=&LNG=en&REF=
    INDECT website: http://www.indect-project.eu/
    INDECT commercials: http://www.youtube.com/user/INDECTproject
    Book: Alter EU – Bursting the Brussels Bubble http://www.alter-eu.org/book/bursting-the-brussels-bubble
    NeoConOpticon Report: The EU security-industrial complex http://neoconopticon.wordpress.com/read-the-report/
    Detecter Project http://www.detecter.eu/
    Project Pact http://www.projectpact.eu/
    Net neutrality: Neelie Kroes on Champagne service http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF3428zcfDY
    Digitale Gesellschaft: Vodafail remixer (DE) http://vodafail.digitalegesellschaft.de/
    MEP in’t Veld, rapporteur of the EU-US PNR Agreement, speeches: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHzmbNHQWck and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBRKwezodVg
    EU Commissioner Malmström on the EU-PNR Directive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcU91d3SRFI
    Press release by the EU Commission on a copyright reform http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_MEMO-12-950_en.htm?locale=en
    Public Consultation by the EU Commission on IPRED, Answering Guide for citizens by MEP Andersdotter http://ameliaandersdotter.eu/2012/12/17/commission-ipred-consultation-answering-guide-citizens-w-copyrights/

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