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Podcast by ⠀ ⠀ Vova † Julev

    Telavivusession #25 - Guest Mix By MÁYO (iykyk_music)

    Telavivusession #25 - Guest Mix By MÁYO (iykyk_music)

    Hey, There! Welcome to the new November show of TelAvivusession.
    Here, as always, we have an overview of good music!
    And in this show we have a super duper young talent from Tel Aviv Maor Elkedem aka MÁYO

    Maor not long ago presented his first EP "Taut Bamana" https://soundcloud.com/mayomaor/sets/taut-bamana and is already available on all platforms and you can also grab the tracks on his Bandcamp: https://mayo89.bandcamp.com/releases

    ''I Wanted to start a project that is influenced by the sounds I heard growing up combined with the music I listen to nowadays, bringing together the past to meet the future of music and sound.'' - Maor Mayo

    Now Maor makes a YouTube channel with cool formats, podcasts, live concerts or a DJ-sets like a B2B concept with friends! I also took part in this and I really liked it! Keep touch with us on Instagram and Facebook for more!

    about: https://www.instagram.com/iykyk_music

    InstaMayo: https://www.instagram.com/maor.mayo
    FaceMayo: https://www.facebook.com/mayo.maor
    SoundMayo: https://soundcloud.com/mayomaor

    001. Rodion - Medusa (Alien Alien Caribbean Dub)
    002. Running Hot - Ishq Awalla Kar Gaya Chalan (Running Hot Edit)
    003. Los del Río - Macarena (Ricardo Ruben Edit)
    004. Motel77 - Three On The Floor (Original Mix)
    005. Volcan La Pété - Bronze (Shubostar Remix)
    006. O’Cardio - Battle Stars (Secret Mix)
    007. Mayo - Spacewipe (Original Mix)
    008. Balam - Noches Salvajes (Bufi remix)
    009. Enea Pascal - Golden Bocia (Original Mix)
    010. Colossio - Amazonia (Original Mix)
    011. Ulises Arrieta - Androide (Velax Remix)
    012. XLR - I Hate The Breakdown (Original Mix)
    013. Kezokichi, Colossio - Molotov (Original Mix)

    Glad to represent for you my last EP ''Battle Stars'' on Emerald & Doreen Records:

    Also don't be shy to follow my Instagram and Facebook:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vovajulev
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ocardion
    Bandcamp for more: https://ocardio.bandcamp.com

    Stay safe, please!

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    Telavivusession #24 - Guest Mix By MAN2.0

    Telavivusession #24 - Guest Mix By MAN2.0

    Shaloom! It’s O’Cardio and you listening to new episode of Telavivusession #24
    Two first tracks was my last works and for sure is it will be available as ‘’free download’’, so if you like it, you can get it from my page!
    This EP have special guest, my big Soundcloud-friend from London - Mark Bailey also knows like MAN 2.0 in the second part! Check it out!

    Mark Bailey aka MAN2.0 has been splicing together sounds longer than he can remember, as a teen he graced the microphones of some terrible covers bands as well as DJing some of the most hedonistic house parties that Hayes Town had to offer, while by day working at the local record store. After throwing away his guitars and buying an appregiator his music gained a bit of attention from the Ransom Note and was taken under the wing of Tronik Youth. From the age of 18 he regularly attended Fabric and the now defunct End nightclub and Turnmills immersing himself in London’s club scene. With forthcoming releases on Nein and Night Noise, he gets the opportunity to attempt to emulate the sounds of his heroes Laurent Garnier, Darren Emerson, Ivan Smagghe, Andrew Weatherall and Justin Robertson.

    Tracklist O'Cardio:
    001. https://soundcloud.com/vovajulev/ocardio-fancy-dolphin-original-mix
    002. https://soundcloud.com/vovajulev/ocardio-fancy-pereferia-original-mix

    003. Middle Sky Boom & Eliezer - Yamam (Arthur Johnson Desert Eagle Version)
    004. Pye Corner Audio - Weather the Storm (Original Mix)
    005. Niv Ast - Hyperball Superball (Original Mix)
    006. Neil Landstrumm - Sahara (Original Mix)
    007. Guyd - Magnetic (Original Mix)
    008. Motel77 - Three On The Floor (Sascha Funke Remix)
    009. Fabio Me Llaman Soltero - Morena, Moreno (Mijo Remix)
    010. Get a Room! feat. C.A.R. - The Other Day (Original Mix)
    011. Etcha - Operation Oskar Panizza (Marvin & Guy Remix)

    SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/man2point0
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MAN2.0music
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/man2pointzero

    Follow us for more! Oh, and don't forget leave some comment and like!
    Stay safe - stay healthy.
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ocardion

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    Telavivusession #23 - Guest Mix By TypeIV

    Telavivusession #23 - Guest Mix By TypeIV

    It’s O’Cardio and you listening to new episode of Telavivusession #23, and the second part of the show you can heard my big bro from Madrid- Type IV, enjoy!

    - Pedro Moitinho also knows like TypeIV from Lisbon and living in Madrid for the past 20 years. More active during the early 00’s with more regular gigs then today. Highly influenced by The Hague scene from that time and owing a big debt and respect to the man I-F and his online CBS radio.
    Disco, brasilian music and Synth all the way.
    Also a practitioner of witchcraft and approaching djing from a shamanistic perspective.

    Also just listened to a small piece of my track "Cosmic Coins" on Emerald & Doreen Records soon

    Tracklist O'Cardio:
    001. Rina, Benji, Megaphonim - Ani Cham (Original Mix)
    002. Disco Suicida - Disconnected & Kitschy Kitsch ( INCLAN REMIX )
    003. goosethegooses - Der Kaufmann Und Der Papagei II (Original Mix)
    004. Middle Sky Boom; Eliezer - Omar Goran (Original Mix)
    005. Bufi - Concrete and Jungle (Original Mix)
    006. Roliva - Credus (Technobeton Remix)
    007. O’Cardio - Cosmic Coins (Original Mix)
    008. Theus Mago - Piu Mosso (Original Mix)
    009. Kinsuby - No Fool feat Demetrius (Original Mix)
    010. Apiento - The Orange Place (Original Mix)
    011. Arthur Johnson - Time Laps (Original Mix)

    Tracklist TypeIV:
    001. PBR Streetgang - Late Night Party (Man Power Remix)
    002. Soft Metal - Mystic Trip To Al-Dzazir (Original Mix)
    003. Carrot Green - Kin Sharuba (Original Mix)
    004. Claudio Coccoluto - The Horse Running (Original Mix)
    005. Salto Honduras - Betonada (Original Mix)
    006. Cyence - Automatik (Original Mix)
    007. Inconsciente Colectivo - Byte Massacre (Original Mix)
    008. Omri Smadar - Kivun (Original Mix)
    009. Alejandro Molinari - Kann Dich Heilen (Nahuel Remix)
    010. Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Rai - The Butki Have Eyes (Original Mix)
    011. Mordisco - Odissi (Original Mix)
    012. Roe Deers - Oh! (Original Mix)

    SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/typeiv-581821431

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    Stay safe - stay healthy.
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ocardion

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    Telavivusession #22 - Guest Mix By Simon Spencer

    Telavivusession #22 - Guest Mix By Simon Spencer

    The summer we’ve been waiting for has finally come! Hope all will be fine pretty soon and the virus will be gone so we could enjoy our life, vacations and parties.
    Anyway music can be enjoyed at any time, and in the second hour of Telavivusession #022 we have Simon Spencer as a guest. I really dig his music and I bet you’ll feel the same once you hear him playing, Simon Dj'ed since 1989 after being influenced by the balearic scene and dj's like Andrew Weatherall, Steve Proctor (early Rampling, Oakenfold, Trevor Fung)
    Ran techno nights Fetish, Psychosis and house nights Sensation, Politics of dancing, Purex and Dj mainly in the UK and Scandinavia.

    Tracklist O'Cardio:
    001. Pilgrims Of The Mind - Chase (Original Mix)
    002. Magnit - Evening Bells (Slow Mix)
    003. Ethimm - Echos in the Distance (Original Mix)
    004. Neon - Le Macho Du Mambo (ROTCIV Re-Edit)
    005. Mike Sacchetti ft. Ivan De La Rouch - John Grenades (Original Mix)
    006. Cornelius Doctor - Mama Gets High (Original Mix)
    007. ROTCIV - Moleggio (Original Mix)
    008. Mogambo - Matum राजा (Original Mix)
    009. Die Jungle - Mambo (Original Mix)
    010. Kalipo, Local Suicide - Dominator (Bufi Remix)
    011. Red Axes - They Game (Original Mix)
    012. N-Gynn - Disco Boulette (Original Mix)
    013. Anoraak ft. Sarah Maison - Gang (The Populists Remix)
    014. Manfredas ft. Fantastic Twins - Gimme Pizza (Original Mix)

    Simon Spencer:
    SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dj-simon-spencer
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simonspencespencer

    Follow us for more! Oh, and don't forget leave some comment and like!
    Stay safe - stay healthy.
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ocardion

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    Telavivusession #21 - Guest Mix By K-Effect

    Telavivusession #21 - Guest Mix By K-Effect

    Hey what’s up guys? O’Cardio here again and welcome to another episode of Telavivusession #21!
    This time we have a special guest mix by David Martin, also know as K-Effect! David is amazing DJ and producer from Spain! Works with more 30 labels and a lot of artists all over the world.

    He is one of the few that has accomplished to have his own and particular sound, forged by hard work and a lot of effort at the studio, knowing what he wants and showing that at each one of his sets and tracks. Full of charism, passion, and quality, he is able to surprise the most demanding ears of the actual musical scene.

    Tracklist O'Cardio:
    001. Roza Terenzi & DJ Zozi - World Off (Original Mix)
    002. Modular Project & Eleonora - Vivid Poison (Autarkic Remix)
    003. Megaphonim - Yoga For Beginners (Original Mix)
    004. Aurum Miles - Don't Touch My Synths (Kuunde Doesn't Sleep Remix)
    005. Frank Agrario - Medicine Man (Original Mix)
    006. RedNoize - Panopticon (Original Mix)
    007. Keita Sano - Not Too Late (Original Mix)
    008. Mindbender - Perpetual (Disco Not Disco Mix)
    009. Braulio Renteria - Venus (Original Mix)
    010. Dave Aju - Glendale Blvd Boogie (Original Mix)
    011. Zakmina - Viral News (Original Mix)
    012. Daniel Monaco & Ma Spaventi - Sunray (Original Mix)

    Mr. K-Effect:
    WebSite: http://keffectmusik.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/K.EffectMusik/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k_effect_musik/
    SoundCloud: @keffectmusik

    Comments blow! >.
    More cool music coming soon! Stay with me & TAKE CARE

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ocardion

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    Telavivusession #20 - Guest Mix By Lusca & Lankaster

    Telavivusession #20 - Guest Mix By Lusca & Lankaster

    Hey guys! I hope you well! O’Cardio and TelAvivusession #20 here with you!
    I just wanna say about new concept of the show! So from now on, there will be interesting guests, DJs, producers and just cool people! Oh in this episode in the second hour you will hear a super cool mix from Lusca and his mate Lankaster!

    Lusca is from Mexico, started out as Los Fugazzi in 2015, later came up with lusca beginnings of 2018. Released music on several labels, such as nein, controlla, golden soul records, doom records. Partner in the newcoming label, Innisfallen Records. Partnership with Montessori and Andrem AKA FLXXX.

    In this sessions Lusca invites Lankaster.

    Lankaster is young and talented DJ who has just begun his career, spends his free time in the studio and tries to combine sounds for new tracks! Do not worry with a friend like Lusсa, he will not be lost!

    Tracklist O'Cardio:
    001. Armonics - Nuovi Orizzonti (Original Mix)
    002. Arvin Fajar - In the Shadows (Original Mix)
    003. Ement - Ement & Voi Lu - 2015 (Original Mix)
    004. Barney - Dabud (Band of Misfits edit)
    005. Field of Dreams Rebuild (Deconstructed Mix)
    006. Megaphonim - Passion Lé Session (Original Mix)
    007. Dionigi - Noia (Original Mix)
    008. Wolfstream - Ritual Of Nothing (Original Mix)
    009. Yonkers 88 - 85 86 87 88 (Original Mix)
    010. ID UA - Confusion (Original Mix)
    011. Kolago Kult - Sangoma (Tyu Remix)
    012. Zakmina - Caroline (Original Mix)
    013. Hanzo & Yaman - Supergeil (Original Mix)

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/mxlusca
    RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/lusca
    SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/luscamx

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/Lankaster-1170398303109093/
    SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/lankastermx

    Comments blow! >.
    More cool music coming soon! Stay with me & TAKE CARE

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ocardion

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