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A podcast about Agile and Project Management

Agile and Project Management - DrunkenPM Radio Dave Prior, Agile Trainer, Consultant and Project Manager

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A podcast about Agile and Project Management

    Tips For Engaging Big Consulting to Help You Prepare For Transformation w/ George Schlitz

    Tips For Engaging Big Consulting to Help You Prepare For Transformation w/ George Schlitz

    In preparation for transforming the organization to Agile (or implementing some other significant organizational change), many companies will engage a third party to first assess how they are currently working, what the change would entail, and then they make recommendations on how to go about it. This can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. Once the recommendation on how to implement the change is delivered, it is often up to a separate outside company to come in and actually implement the change.

    George Schlitz is someone who has spent a lot of time leading those implementation efforts. Along the way, he’s learned a lot about what a company can do to set itself up for success when they engage with the third party figuring out the “how” and also what a company can do to set itself up for the opposite of success. If you are working in an organization that has engaged a big consulting company to help you figure out the “how”, there is stuff in this interview that will be helpful. And if you work for people who are considering bringing in one of those big companies to help you figure out the “how”, it might be a good idea to ask them to check this out as well.

    Contacting George
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gschlitz/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/gschlitz
    Email: george.schlitz@gmail.com

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    Prokanban with Colleen Johnson

    Prokanban with Colleen Johnson

    In this episode of the podcast Colleen Johnson, CEO of ProKanban joins me to talk all about ProKanban. During the interview we cover how this new organization came about, the ProKanban Guide, the community they have been fostering, and ProKanban Certification.

    If you aren’t familiar with Kanban, it is another approach to getting work done that fits under the Agile umbrella. It can look like Scrum, but it solves a different problem set and focuses on different aspects of the work. The ProKanban team has put together the ProKanban Guide explaining how it all works. They’ve also been developing a strong online community, training classes, and they’ve begun offering a certification called ProKanban I. In the interview, Colleen and I explore some of the differences between Scrum and Kanban, the ProKanban Guide, their course offering, why they created the certification, and why, in the already crowded field of Agile certifications, this one merits serious consideration.

    To download a copy of the ProKanban Guide: https://prokanban.org/the-kanban-guide/

    To learn more about ProKanban and ProKanban Certification:

    To learn more about Women in Agile:

    To learn more about Scatterspoke and how it can help you with Retrospectives:

    Contacting Colleen
    Twitter https://twitter.com/scrumhive
    Email: colleen@prokanban.org

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    Knowing How to Measure Progress in Agile Transformation w/ Ross Beurmann

    Knowing How to Measure Progress in Agile Transformation w/ Ross Beurmann

    When your organization is getting started with Agile Transformation, one of the more challenging questions is how to track progress. For organizations that are accustomed to measuring things, it is easy to get lost in the swamp of distracting metrics that are interesting, but not particularly helpful, as opposed to ones that provide your organization with the information it needs to make choices about how to become more efficient and deliver more value.

    In this episode of the podcast, Ross Beurmann is back and we explore the idea of what to measure when you get started with Agile Transformation, how to measure it, and how critical it is to make sure that the things you are measuring actually provide you with the information you need to make informed choices. We also discuss the impact that measuring the wrong things can have on your ability to create lasting organizational change and offer tips on how to protect against that.

    Contacting Ross
    • Web: http://rossbeurmann.com/
    • LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rossbeurmann/
    • Email: ross96h@yahoo.com

    (Ross has joined me on a few other podcasts. If you’d like to check them out you can find them here: soundcloud.com/search?q=ross%20beurmann)

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    Disciplined Agile Certifications at PMI with Scott Ambler

    Disciplined Agile Certifications at PMI with Scott Ambler

    This week my guest is Scott Ambler. Scott is the Vice President and Chief Scientist of Disciplined Agile at the Project Management Institute. He’s is also the co-founder of Disciplined Agile (DA), the creator of the Agile Modeling method and Agile Data methods, and he is the author of a number of books that focus on software development and Agile. (See links below.)

    In this episode of the podcast, Scott and I discuss how PMI’s efforts in support of Agile have evolved since August 2019 when PMI acquired Disciplined Agile and Alan Shalloway’s FLEX. We also discuss how the PMBOK is evolving, and we dig into the Project Management Institute’s new Agile certification programs: what they focus on, who they are aimed at, and how they are different from the other Agile certifications.

    PMI’s Agile Certifications: https://www.pmi.org/certifications/agile-certifications
    PMI Speaker Request: https://www.pmi.org/about/press-media/speaking-engagements
    Agile Modeling method: http://agilemodeling.com
    Agile Data methods: http://agiledata.org
    Scott’s books: http://www.ambysoft.com/books/

    Contacting Scott
    Disciplined Agile Blog: https://www.projectmanagement.com/blogs/611075/Disciplined-Agile
    Personal Website: http://www.ambysoft.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/scottwambler
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sambler/

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    Flipping Options to Change Behavior w Braden Cundiff

    Flipping Options to Change Behavior w Braden Cundiff

    Changing behavior is never easy. Whether you are talking about changing a habit at an individual level, or organizationally, there is going to be a struggle and it is easy to get lost in the language of loss…

    I won’t eat dessert tonight.
    We won’t over-commit this Sprint.

    Committing yourself to introduce a new behavior that is a change from your normal habits can be even more daunting because it not only demands you stop doing what you’ve been doing, but you have a new thing you have to do at the same time.

    I will get up early and exercise before work.
    We will break down all our work into increments that can be delivered in 3 days or less.

    Change is demanding.

    Braden Cundiff has developed a set of practices designed to FLIP the way we approach change and create a greater opportunity for a successful and sustained change. This approach involves reframing how we look at change and creating a scenario where it is easier to say Yes to the change than it is to say No.

    In this episode of the podcast, Braden explains his Flip model for creating change, why it works, how it works, what the model is based on, and how you can get started using it.

    Read Flip: Architectonics of Project to Products https://leanpub.com/flip

    Contacting Braden
    LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/3ck7t93

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    Driving Change When You Don't Have Agency w Sinikka Waugh

    Driving Change When You Don't Have Agency w Sinikka Waugh

    How do I create change in my organization when I don’t have the authority to make it happen?

    Whether you are trying to kick off an Agile Transformation or introduce some other type of change that will impact your organization beyond your team and/or pay grade, creating change when you don’t feel empowered to do so is not an easy thing.

    My colleague Jeff Howey and I frequently get questions around this topic in the classes we teach so we invited Sinnika Waugh to join us and share some ideas about ways to initiate change when your inner voice, (or the org chart), is telling you that ain’t your gig.

    Sinikka Waugh is the Founder of Your Clear Next Step, an organization that provides training, coaching, and support to organizations and individuals with the ultimate goal of offering people a better workday so that when that day is over they are better prepared to truly show up and co-create a better experience at home and in their communities. She is also a PMP and the former VP of Marketing and Communications for the Central Iowa PMI Chapter.

    In this episode of the podcast, Sinikka joins Jeff Howey and me to help address the question of “How do I create change when I lack agency?”

    Contacting Sinikka
    Web: https://www.yourclearnextstep.com
    Even Better Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/4pQoHG1EfT8mqExSIOOmXb
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sinikkawaugh/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/yourclrnxtstep

    Contacting Jeff
    Email: Jeff.howey@leadingagile.com
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffhowey/

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