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Expert speak from the world of PR and Communication

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Expert speak from the world of PR and Communication

    S3 Ep12 : The Eternal PR Triangle – Client, Agency and Media

    S3 Ep12 : The Eternal PR Triangle – Client, Agency and Media

    The Eternal PR Triangle – Client, Agency and Media . This is a triangle that is often the point of almost all discussions in any PR meet up. We obsess, stress and are almost possessed with trying to bring a suitable balance to this triangle. An equilateral is preferred. Yet to manage this against a backdrop of an everchanging PR landscape is not an easy feat. Much like the elusive omega particle this is rare and requires almost near perfect conditions. And even If it is achieved, to stabilize it is another feat.

    Yet, we try. Everyday. Today we have with us Praveen Singh, Founder of StrategyVerse Consulting who will speak to us about this elusive triangle and help all three parties arrive at a common consensus of working together in a more cohesive manner and achieving the equilateral status.

    Praveen runs a successful communications agency that's helping clients connect with their target audience by keeping things strategic yet simple. Armed with 17-years of experience in journalism, corporate communications and public relations, he leverages his diverse experience to identify challenges in communications with a very unique lens.

    Hit play and know more about how you can find a balance and start creating one for the entire industry as well.

    Season 3 Episode 12

    • 20 min
    S3 Ep11 : 5 Communication Mistakes to Avoid

    S3 Ep11 : 5 Communication Mistakes to Avoid

    In PR we rely on effective communication at all ends of the spectrum to earn our bread and butter yet there are more than a few slips that happen along the way. Some we catch in time, others we really don’t. And it's fine because it's humanly impossible to be perfect all the time. Else we would all be robots. However, what if we had a list of communication mistakes to avoid. Would that not be a list you would want? In this episode of All About PR we speak to Neha Mishra who will talk to us about 5 Communication Mistakes to Avoid’ and help us  understand the nuances of effective communication and mistakes to avoid from a PR lens

    Neha Mishra brings an experience of more than a decade in the field of Corporate Communication & Marketing within FMCG & Hospitality industry. The turning point in her life came 5 years back when an entrepreneurial bug bit her (thanks to the company of young budding entrepreneurs she is surrounded with), she ventured into the field of Competency Development by coaching, mentoring & training organizations and individuals under her brand Neha Talks & Epinomi Consulting.  Later on, she also created an open stage platform called as "The Mic Talks" where people can express themselves openly and improve their self-confidence & communication capabilities.  Neha strongly believes that only when you see value in yourself is when you can command the respect you deserve. As a woman, she is proud of the softer & emotional nuances that she brings to the table.

    Hit play and know more about how the finer nuances of effective communication.

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    S3 Ep10 : Legacy Media Makes The Digital Switch

    S3 Ep10 : Legacy Media Makes The Digital Switch

    While we have all spoken endlessly about the growth of digital and new mediums, have you noticed how legacy media has innovated in this space? Some wonderful innovations that merge their decades of experience and clarity of news. In this episode of All About PR, we speak to leaders from the sector who will gaze with us into the crystal ball and share with us what the future holds for legacy media along with the innovations that have caught the audience's attention. Radhika Bhirani and Anil Thomas join us for a candid conversation on how legacy media is riding this wave. 

    Radhika Bhirani is currently the Head of Content at HealthShots, a digital health and wellness platform for women, powered by Hindustan Times. With an experience of 14 years in the media world, she began her journey with news agency Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) where she grew on to lead the Cinema and Lifestyle vertical. Her credentials also include a stint with HT City, after which she turned to freelancing for magazines and international news agencies. Her step into the world of health and digital is a new challenge up her sleeve.

    Anil Thomas is currently working as a Senior Anchor cum Correspondent at DD NEWS. He has worked with a wide variety of news channels in his 21 years of TV journalism experience.  He specializes in sports, politics, and economy and has covered  5 Cricket World Cups,  5 Olympics and 5 Asian Games as he traveled across the globe to cover sports live for the national broadcaster. His experience as a core team member of two national TV channel launch teams has given him insight into the business from the inside out. 

    Hit play and keep abreast with the changes in legacy media. 

    Season 3 Episode 10

    • 22 min
    S3 Ep9 : Role of PR in the Boardroom

    S3 Ep9 : Role of PR in the Boardroom

    Communication is counted as one of the key skills across all good leaders. In this episode of All About PR we have with us Author G S Rattan who has published his first book - 10 Steps to the Boardroom after spending several decades in the corporate world who will talk to us about why PR & communication are key elements in one's rise to the top. 

    An experienced leader with vast experience in steering techno-commercial functions in world-class engineering companies, G.S. Rattan continued to teach after retirement. The Punjab Engineering College (Chandigarh) graduate is now on a sabbatical as he pens down his first book and starts a new journey at the age of seventy-two with renewed enthusiasm. It is Day 1 again. With an overall experience of fifty years, he earned the moniker of 'creative strategist' from his peers. As a longstanding member of the Tata Family, he had the opportunity to work and learn from industry leaders, like Dr J.J. Irani and Mr B. Muthuraman, who inspired him to be more, achieve more and do more. During his thirty-one-year tenure with the Tata Family, the departments under his care won several awards and appreciation of all seniors. A company man through and through, he rose through the ranks to head the company with the unanimous support of his colleagues and seniors.

    Hit play and know more about his journey to the top and how his communication skills and PR played a key role in it. 

    Season 3 Episode 9

    • 12 min
    S3 Ep8 : Transitioning Mediums

    S3 Ep8 : Transitioning Mediums

    Transitioning Mediums is not an easy feat. Whether it is from digital to print to digital or PR to journalism and vice versa. Each medium brings with it its own set of challenges and opportunities. In this episode of All About PR, Priyanka Nair, Assistant Editor, Storyboard, Network18 joins us to talk about these transitioning mediums and their rapid evolution along with how and when you should traverse through each.

    She brings the conversation alive with her own experiences across each medium and profession. 

    Priyanka has over a decade of experience in the media industry. She spent over 7 years with the Economic Times’ Brand Equity, India’s oldest publication for the adland and marketing community where she was a part of the founding editorial team that developed the digital extension for the product. Three years ago, she moved to the print side of the business and was the lead writer for the supplement.

    She is currently with Network18 Group and joins them as an Assistant Editor, for Storyboard, where she will be setting up a new age news platform in the A&M space.

    Hit play and know more about her journey across various media as she helps you understand the nuances of each medium from a PR lens.

    Season 3 Episode 8

    • 32 min
    S3 Ep7 : Measurement in PR

    S3 Ep7 : Measurement in PR

    T.H.E Conversation to have! This was and is always a bone of contention between clients and agencies. Several discussions, seminars, and conferences later we are yet to arrive at a common ROI evaluation method that a majority of the industry agrees upon. We all agree that AVE is not the way. But then what is? With the rapid evolution that took place since 2020, PR has taken on more job roles leading to a pressing requirement for a more comprehensive method of evaluation of work put in by PR & Corporate Communication team. In this podcast, we speak to Siddhartha Mukherjee who speaks to us about ' PR Measurement' and how you can start creating your own evaluation method that works for you. 

    Siddhartha brings 23 years of holistic work experience within the Brand Communications industry. During this tenure, he wore three ‘Thinking Hats’ as the Business Head of India’s Neutral & Holistic Brand Measurement & Analytics service within a global research behemoth, a Corporate Communications Head and a Communication Consultancy Professional. All three experiences have prepared him for his current role as founder of Brand Balance - India’s first & neutral Brand Reputation ERP Management Consultancy for the C-suite where he helps clients balance their communication Efforts, Resources & Processes (ERP) to optimize brand scores.  

    Hit play and know more about how you can start educating your team and clients on how to evaluate and measure PR impact.

    Season 3 Episode 7

    • 32 min

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