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    Episode 21: Enda Lynch Head of Enterprise, Munster Rugby

    Episode 21: Enda Lynch Head of Enterprise, Munster Rugby

    A little while ago I had an interest in parts marketing, working with a couple of GAA teams. In the course of that work, I met with Enda Lynch who at the time was Head of Sponsorship at 02, when they were lead sponsor at IRFU as well as having naming rights at The Point / 02 music venue in Dublin.

    Shortly after, Enda moved to Thomond Park, home of Munster Rugby, working with one of the leading names in club rugby, nationally and internationally.

    In this podcast we get insights from both sides of the sponsorship wall - the brand investing big in sport and entertainment and as a leading sporting property in search for commercial partnerships.

    A consulate professional and a go-to on sports marketing, Enda makes for a very interesting guest and delivers some sound advice for those people interested in sport and sponsorship.

    Thanks for listening.


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    Episode 20 Enda McNulty

    Episode 20 Enda McNulty

    Much is made of the comparison between high performance sport and high performance sales - way too many sports books to mention that offer some excellent examples of people performing at the highest levels and the lessons those teams and managers can offer business.

    It's an honour to have Enda McNulty guest on the show as someone who achieved sporting success at the highest level with Armagh winning the 2002 All Ireland and 7 Ulster titles in a career spanning 15 years or so.

    Following on from his on-field success, Enda created McNulty Performance a consultancy specialising in moulding and crafting high performance teams and individuals in both sport and business - working with the IRFU, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn to name but a few of a roster of clients the envy of any consultancy practice.

    In this episode he shares some valuable insights into the world of high performance - the importance of getting the right culture set up in your team.

    He's very smart, knowledgeable and has some particularly valuable insights into what makes a winning team.

    A very enjoyable episode to record for me and I hope you get the same enjoyment listening to it.

    For more information on Enda and his business McNulty Performance visit www.mcnultyperformance.com

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    Episode 19: Declan Coyle and the Green Platform

    Episode 19: Declan Coyle and the Green Platform

    Delighted to have Declan Coyle on this weeks podcast. Declan is a leadership, development and transformational coach who has worked with some of the most successful teams in GAA as well as helping out John Calipari of the University of Kentucky in 2012 on their way to a championship victory.
    This podcast moves from left to right, north to south and up and down - I was thinking about taking an edit to parts of it but that might take away from Declan's flow.

    The Green Platform methodology, was founded by Declan and is designed to help you identify and implement more positive choices in your personal, business or sporting life.

    I got to find out the difference between emotions and feelings and to recognise that there is a split second between that 'feeling' and your 'reaction' wherein you can make better life choices.

    It's not easy, but it works.

    I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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    Episode 18: How to create a thriving culture with Hugh Gilmore

    Episode 18: How to create a thriving culture with Hugh Gilmore

    I really enjoyed recording this podcast with Hugh Gilmore, a sports psychologist working with the British Weightlifting and athletic teams.

    I first crossed paths with Hugh 7-8 years ago whilst we were both offering different levels of support to the Queens University Sigerson team.

    On a recent podcast I heard Hugh talk about the comparisons with sport and business in terms of creating culture and a high performance environment. In this episode we cover a lot of territory - the difference in culture and traditions to the theory of motivational interviewing.

    Hugh talks about how he helped to create a thriving culture in British weightlifting and gives some first class insights into his area of expertise.

    He has his own podcast 'Eight % Mental' and runs workshops occasionally on these very subjects.

    He was incredibly generous with his time - we spent 4 hours chatting, most of which could have made it onto the podcast and definitely hope to get him back on before the year is out.

    I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording.

    Hugh is on Insta 'HughJohnGilmore' and Twitter @HughJGilmore



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    Episode 17 Paul Creighton AES Global

    Episode 17 Paul Creighton AES Global

    In episode 17 of the Shift Control Podcast I speak with Paul Creighton, CEO of AES Global - a company specialising in home security systems, operating across 28 countries globally.

    It was an enjoyable podcast on a number of levels - Paul gives great insight into his business and how he has been able to manifest a clear goal - a from "bedroom to boardroom" journey - emotional intelligence, resilience and how he has been able to help support local businesses survive the recent pandemic.

    For more information on Paul and AES Global click here https://www.aesglobalonline.com

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    Episode 16 : Kevin Young, Inmynd, discusses Compassionate Inquiry

    Episode 16 : Kevin Young, Inmynd, discusses Compassionate Inquiry

    Changing culture in an organisation doesn’t happen over-night.

    Attitudes and behaviours within an organisation are deep rooted and change takes time.

    Being adaptive, flexible and innovative are ‘ticket to entry’ behaviours for most organisations these days – brand values need to be reflected in individual and collective behaviours. Sounds straight forward yet there is often a clash between the desire for innovation and change and the prevailing culture.

    Capacity for change varies from individual to individual yet everyone wants to feel that their work is at the very least valued.

    In this episode of the Shift Control Podcast, I talk to Kevin Young from Inmynd an organisation dedicated to personal and corporate transformational change.

    I have known Kevin for a few years and I am delighted to get him onto the podcast and this episode should make interesting listening for those business leaders who are considering or are on the cusp of cultural change within their organisation.

    It will also make great listening for those people who are going through a period of transition and feel impeded by fear and anxiety.

    Kevin is very experienced in the world of high performance sales, working for a global telecoms business, has been self-employed and is currently a counsellor and therapist of the psychotherapeutic method of Compassionate Inquiry developed by Dr Gabor Maté.

    There are some incredibly powerful messages across a wide range of subjects from the conscious and unconscious within the individual to the change of culture within organisations.



    Kevin can be reached via his website www.in-mynd.com as well as Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/kevin-young-in-mynd/detail/recent-activity/
    and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/youinmynd/

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