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Deep house.

    Deep Saessions 29 Guestmix by Dj Sia

    Deep Saessions 29 Guestmix by Dj Sia

    He is not new to the show, this is the third presentation from my homeboy Dj Sia who showcases his talent through the love of this genre. it comes in packed with some heavy machinery of AfroTech for atleast one hour. He also has a series of mixes titled THE UNTOLD STORIES where you explore his love for the movement. Find the tracklist below

    1. Outcome - Occasum
    2. Anton Dhouran - Osmekha
    3. Aaaron - Cosmic Soul
    4. Ancient Deep - NewMan (Dj Mreja & Neuvikal Soule Deep Existence Dub)
    5. Kosmas - Ay Ay Ay
    6. Afrozone - Five Moons
    7. Da Capo - Orion's Belt
    8. Giorgia Angiuli - A Perfect Day In Turlum (Sobek Remix)
    9. Cuneyt Cilingiroglui - Salome (Rancido & Soulroots Remix)
    10. Majnoon feat Farzin R Onur Nazim - Sarzanesh (Everything Counts Remix)
    11. 84 Avenue & Ortal Malka - Al Amanecer
    12. Dorian Craft - Pleia

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Deep Saessions 29 by Sae

    Deep Saessions 29 by Sae

    That time has again, this time we feature more than 90% percent of local music made by local producers. one of my favourite tracks is produced by my homeboy whom i actually played Basketball with way back in High School, do forgive me as there are minor glitches in between but sure case you will enjoy the mix. find the trakclist below

    1. Last Nubian - Crying On Jet Skis [Moment Cinetique]
    2. Thap Soul - Hey Mr C (Original Mix) [Broadcite Productions]

    3. Sipho Ngubane ft Holi - Agape Love (Tuckz Ancestral Mix) [Soulful Sentiments Records]

    4. ##### (unreleased)
    5. ##### (unreleased)

    6. Nutty Nys - POISE [thenyshouse]

    7. Lastborn & Dustinho - Antidote (Original Mix) [Ultra Tone Records]

    8. T-Deep & Dustinho - Wait For You (Dub Mix)

    9. Souldynamic ft Adeola Shyllon - Revival (Souldynamic Go Deep Mix) [Purple Music Inc.]

    10. Tahir Jones - The Yahweh Currency (Original Mix) [LW Recordings]

    11. The Rhythm Sessions ft Nancy G - One Step (SculpturedMusic Remix) [AMFlow Records]

    12. Artwork & Brazo Wa Afrika - Afrikan Sax (Artwork b2b Remix) [Pasqua Records]

    13. Keedphonik - T.J.C (Original Mix) [Rearl Ltd]

    • 1 hr 28 min
    X Saessions II

    X Saessions II

    The second edition of my X series packed with tunes I have been jamming to the past few weeks. Once in a while, I serve this. The track list is part of the artwork, do enjoy.

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Deep Saessions 28 by Mike Newman (Hungary, Europe)

    Deep Saessions 28 by Mike Newman (Hungary, Europe)

    Check out this wonderful mix made by Mike. Stay In Your House, Stay safe. Be sanitized by soulful and some Nu-Disco house. I had just stepped in at Eyadini, Umlazi in Durban for the Monday Therapy sessions. In the afternoons where everybody is enjoying the sunny days of the township after a heavy weekend of the VDJ, it’s good food, good drinks, good people and of course soulful house music. The Dj dropped “Don’t Play With My...”, I stopped everything and the song just played in my heart. That was N.W.N in the song. Up to this day, the same song shares a special place in my playlists. Now and Forever.

    I hope you guys enjoy this guestmix because I also did.

    • 55 min
    Deep Saessions 28 by Sae

    Deep Saessions 28 by Sae

    My fellow Saessionists, it gives me so much joy presenting to you this soulful house music tape I specifically prepared for your soul. If it’s been hurt it will find joy, if it’s joyful then it will be even more joyful. I took time and collected 19 songs that I enjoy in my private space and so I thought it’ll be even better to share with you in a form a mixtape. Hopefully sooner I’ll be able to host a live mix of the same songs through my Facebook page The Deep Saessions. As we are going through times as the human race, I just want to say to you that “Hold On, Be Strong”. This too, shall pass and the sun will shine again. Do stay home and be very safe. A guest mix will be presented by Mike Newman also known as N.W.N based out of Hungary, he brings out smooth sounds also, most as I’ve listened to it, is his production. Amazing songs indeed.

    Also, do check out my Traxsource chart of this episode should you like to purchase the songs in the tape to support the artists, it is titled Deep Saessions 28. I had so much fun recording this mix and I hope you have so much more in listening to it.

    Yours In Deep, Sae

    • 1 hr 59 min
    Deep Saessions 027 // Guestmix by Bozza-La

    Deep Saessions 027 // Guestmix by Bozza-La

    La-Musiq Entertainment General Bozza-La dishes out smooth sounds in this 1 hour mix, come chill with boss and let the sounds take you on a melodic journey as he explores the deep lands. First time I heard his set, was attending an event CSM in Witbank. So you know Sunday afternoons rhyme better with some chilled deep house music and that is when he played “Hotmood - Dance To The Music” that was accompanied by one of my favorite tracks “Cleanfield - When You Return”, I knew then that he is not here to play games. Lost track of him as we couldn’t meet after the set, so I got him through a mutual friend who shared a link to a mix he’s just made for his podcast La Music Movement. I recommend that you listen to this soulful shandis by my brother Bozza-La. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    • 1 hr

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