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GNC Week in Review Podcast powered by Geek News Central is a weekly tech news podcast with a full wrapup of the news in tech.

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GNC Week in Review Podcast powered by Geek News Central is a weekly tech news podcast with a full wrapup of the news in tech.

    T-Mobile explanation of it’s outage #062

    T-Mobile explanation of it’s outage #062

    This week, T-Mobile explains it’s outage  Verizon flexes with a 5G laptop, and AT&T announces layoffs.

    Show Notes:

    T-Mobile's outage

    Lenovo Flex 5G

    AT&T is laying off thousands of workers

    Amazon's AI-powered distance assistants

    Disney Plus in July

    Hulu in July

    Qubi in talks to stream on Roku and Amazon

    Kim Kardashian West signs deal with Spotify

    Best 5G plan

    How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

    Your dog could be a video game character\

    Comcast's public Wi-Fi hotspots will remain free for the rest of 2020

    Best Android games

    How to add emergency information to your Android phone


    • 1 hr 13 min
    Sony PS5 #061

    Sony PS5 #061

    This week, Sony unveils its PS5, Samsung may launch an 8TB hard drive and Verizon launches 5G in Detroit.

    Show Notes:

    Samsung 8TB SSD

    Verizon 5G in Detroit

    Best shows on Apple TV

    How to manage your apps on a Chromebook

    Apple customer sues Apple for $1 trillion dollars

    The best free apps for video calling

    Apple's virtual WWDC

    Sony PS5

    Uber and Lyft drivers are now employees in California

    How to clean and disinfect your Android phone

    • 19 min
    CES 2021 is going to happen in Las Vegas #060

    CES 2021 is going to happen in Las Vegas #060

    This week, CES 2021 is going to happen in Las Vegas, Google faces a lawsuit and Apple's latest update brings audio to it's Apple News plus.

    Show Notes:

    CES 2021

    Google faces a $5 billion lawsuit

    Apple News Plus Audio

    HBO Max won't eat up AT&T data plans

    What's new on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu

    People rarely changed their passwords

    Best Android phones

    How to make your social media accounts private

    How to disable share location

    How to check your laptop's battery health

    New Pixel features 

    How to use your Android phones pro or manual camera mode

    • 1 hr 9 min
    HBO Max launches #059

    HBO Max launches #059

    This week, HBO Max has launched, will there be an upcoming launch on the next Motorola Razr and will there be a launch of the iPhone 12 in November?

    Show Notes:

    iPhone 12 launch?

    HBO Max

    Motorola Razr

    Gartner forecasts worldwide device shipments

    Sony may reveal its PS5 games

    Gmail quick settings 

    Google launches accessibility updates

    Best ways to personalize your Android phone

    How do you improve your phone's Wi-Fi

    Best noise-canceling headphones

    Android Auto

    TMNT Pinball

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    Amazon drops Jet #058

    Amazon drops Jet #058

    This week, Amazon is launching its own game, Walmart is dropping its Jet and AT&T is dropping its 5G evolution.

    Also this week, Scott Ertz from Plughitzlive is coming on to the podcast as a co-host.

    Show Notes:

    Amazon is making its own game 

    Walmart drops Jet.com

    YouTube wants you to go to bed

    Home Chef had a data breach

    Lyft partners with RAINN

    AT&T drops 5G Evolution

    Facebook will reopen offices at 25%

    Walmart's new tablet

    Tesla drops lawsuit

    Take 2 4Q

    Scrutiny on Uber GrubHub deal

    Walmart's new tablet

    Tesla drops its lawsuit

    COVID-19 robocalls

    How to get refunds on PC games

    Best Playstation 4 accessories 

    Best Chromebooks

    Which Macbook is right for you?

    Where to buy refurbished Macbooks

    OnePlus will disable "X-Ray" 

    Microsoft Solitare turns 30

    • 1 hr 13 min
    Facebook soars in Q1 #057

    Facebook soars in Q1 #057

    This week, Facebook made billions, Amazon settles for millions and Automatic shuts down.

    Show Notes:

    Facebook Q1

    Amazon settles with workers

    Automatic shuts down

    Best family tablets

    Phones under $200.00

    Free trials for streaming services

    1/2 of Americans don't wear pants


    • 11 min

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