Gravitas WINS Radio Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

Guransh Singh Sidana ,


It was very knowledgeable podcast. Must listen

Bahri Sunil ,

Very Crisp and beautiful Explanation…

Three important mantras to success are planning, well execution and discipline and financial planning is not different from that.

Raman657 ,


Very well articulated Rishi. Indians start thinking about retirement planning only when 2-3 years are left to retire. If one can foresee the importance of retirement planning at a young age there will be ample amount for not just retirement expenses but for the enjoyment of retired life too.

Singh BS ,

Very impressive

Very relevant questions and very pointed replies by Mr Rishi. Useful conversation.

Fun Aah Nnn ,

Wealth of knowledge with such insightful conversations!

Best time you will ever spend for learning about entrepreneurship, business, career growth, technology and much more…

Sahaya Arputharaj ,

Gravitas Wins E25 / very engaging

Never realised that a pod cast can be so simple and can have so much to contribute to a inquisitive mind. Awesome and an interactive sessions with people who make a difference in the smallest possible ways. One definite thought I picked up from E25, from Emmy is interacting with a person using 2 down and 1 across. A transparent and honest way of connecting to a person with empathy. Looking forward to many more!

Shikhil Sharma ,

Such insightful and valuable conversations

Gravitas WINS is a storehouse of knowledge. Joseph’s ability to extract valuable insights from guests is amazing. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve the quality of their life!

Anuj Magazine ,

Different and Relatable

One of the distinct aspects of the Joseph’s podcast is that it features everyday human beings and highlights their quest for excellence in their chosen fields. It is different and relatable at the same time, a combination very few podcasts have been able to nail. Joseph is curious in his approach and keeps audience interest upfront while communicating with the guests. Look forward to more such inspiring content.

Ritika Bhatia singh ,

Gravitas Wins… and How :-)

In my world, Gravitas does not only win - but makes you win!

I have known JJ closely for some years now, and the simplicity of his thought process is mind-blowing !!! A voracious reader, he knows the art of converting information to knowledge… and he makes it all look so simple.

Endearing with a fantastic sense of humour, JJ’s perspectives are original, unique and very refreshing.

Huge fan :-)

Rishabhgarg77 ,

Podcast that helps to win in the game of life

Gravitas wins radio is one of my favorite podcasts. Joseph has got the knack of fetching maximum insights from the other person in the conversation. He doesn’t leave anything on the table and went a really deep dive into the why and how of things.

He doesn’t only cover the work-related aspect of life but also touches upon other things which matter a lot in life.