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A no fluff podcast for men ready to find love and be in a powerful relationship with a fantastic woman. What works and what you need to do to get there.

Men's Modern Dating Secrets Christopher Harders

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A no fluff podcast for men ready to find love and be in a powerful relationship with a fantastic woman. What works and what you need to do to get there.

    A Special Invitation for You

    A Special Invitation for You

    Behind the scenes of men’s modern getting secrets, I have been working on the next stage of dating education.

    What’s going to be the difference for men (and women) who are ready to exit the dating life with their right person?

    After talking to many men and women, I have decided to create the Conscious Singles Network FREE group.

    In this group, you will get live trainings, a supportive community, and access to resources I’ve created to help you navigate dating life authentically and easily.

    Listen to this episode for more.

    When you’re ready feel free to go to:


    To your success!


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    Why winter is the BEST time to find the ONE!

    Why winter is the BEST time to find the ONE!

    Winter is hands down the best time to meet someone who will become your partner.

    As people decide to go more inside and spend less time out and about socializing, there is a unique opportunity to meet the perfect person for you.

    Chris explains the psychology behind this and the solution to the most common mistake guys meet when they meet a woman this time of year.

    If you would like to work with Chris, send him an email at cdharders@gmail.com

    To your success!

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    The #1 Asset to Mastering Your Dating Life

    The #1 Asset to Mastering Your Dating Life

    If you have this, your dating success is inevitable.


    If you want to get there even faster, email me: cdharders@gmail.com.  

    You'll get an honest objective assessment of where you're at and if it makes sense to work with me to streamline the journey.

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    Ep 15. What dating system works?

    Ep 15. What dating system works?

    It is super common for me to have men ask what is that correct dating system.

    And I understand why they are asking that. There is no shortage of advice and opinions out there…

    Unfortunately, much of the advice is conflicting… And even more of it is flat out wrong.

    In this episode, I discuss the foundations and fundamental principles that go into understanding the dating process.

    We start by discussing that you can begin with the end in mind.

    And you can do this for every step of the dating process, but most specifically…

    Where do you actually want your dating to end up?

    And based on the goal for your dating life, you can backwards engineer how to get there.

    When you take a look at the key milestones that go into dating or building a relationship with someone, a lot of the what-to-do questions take care of themselves or end up not being too important.

    Many elements of dating and what to do exist on a continuum or spectrum…

    While there might be one preferred or recommend an option, there are many possibilities that you can choose from where you might mess up or be imperfect, but you will still be progressing things forward.

    In someways, this can be a benefit because you’re putting unintentional stressors on the dating process, which allow you to see whether your relationship will have the potential of going the distance when real stressors are inevitably put on it later on.

    Hope you enjoy this final episode before the new year.

    And if you want to have a conversation with me to get your dating life in order, go to https://chrishardersdatingcoach.com/chat

    Happy end of the year

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    Ep 14. Finding Quality Dating Advice

    Ep 14. Finding Quality Dating Advice

    In this episode, I cover exactly what to ask your self when you are determining what advice to listen to with dating.

    More than anywhere else, it can be frustrating to sort through what is true and what is not when it comes to dating.

    The dating advice industry is filled with bad advice and some people who just look at you with dollar signs in their eyes...

    It’s unfortunate because I’ve seen it firsthand…

    And it can be easy to avoid these people that aren’t going to help you get where you want by getting real with yourself and asking yourself questions like…

    “Does this sound too good to be true?“

    “Do I agree with this person’s worldview?“

    “Is what they are offering me what I truly want?“

    “Does this person/product have actual expertise and experience?“

    And others that I cover in this episode…

    Dating can be a lot simpler than what most people want, and I hope this episode puts you on your way to finding that for yourself...

    If you would like to have a call with me, go to https://www.chrishardersdatingcoach.com/chat

    We will discuss where you are at, where you want to go, and a possible plan for getting you there.

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    Ep 13. 3 Steps to Becoming More Social from Scratch

    Ep 13. 3 Steps to Becoming More Social from Scratch

    How you can systematically make your life more social and start meeting women and making connections in your city/town.
    These principles and practical advice will guide you.

    Other episode referenced: Flirt Like a Pro ;-)
    Book a call with Chris: https://www.chrishardersdatingcoach.com/chat

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