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Mobodexter, headquartered in Redmond, WA., helps its client build efficient and effective IoT solutions with its Edge Intelligence solutions for Enterprises.


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Mobodexter, headquartered in Redmond, WA., helps its client build efficient and effective IoT solutions with its Edge Intelligence solutions for Enterprises.

    Cloud Services Opportunity – Prime Time for Cloud Service Players

    Cloud Services Opportunity – Prime Time for Cloud Service Players

    Chandramouli Srinivasan

    Cloud Services – I was talking to an analyst about cloud services business opportunity for SMB Players like MoboDexter. A few key points emerged that were really interesting and concurred with our understanding as MoboDexter’s Cloud Services Offering is already into this space and working with players like Harman Connected Services. Sharing the key points from this discussion here.

    Cloud platforms

    * Five big players are offering Cloud platforms – IAAS, PAAS & SAAS: Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Microsoft Azure, VmWare vCloud Air & IBM SoftLayer

    * HpyerScale players like AWS, GCP & Azure have taken a massive advantage in building leadership and closing gaps between themselves

    * AWS & Azure are the clear leaders of Cloud platforms that offer flexibility between IAAS, PAAS & SAAS

    * There is a huge opportunity for new players to play as Cloud Brokers to implement Clouds in a specific way to match end client’s requirements

    IT Spending on Cloud Deployments set to grow

    * Total spending on public cloud services estimated to be $318 Billion by 2019 at 15.6% CAGR

    * As enterprises look to reduce the complexity of owning and operating a traditional IT datacenter, the need and demand for IaaS as a segment of a cloud offering will continue to grow at a rate of 26.6% CAGR, with annual growth rates of 31.9% in 2015 and 38.4% in 2016

    * Cloud usage is generally shifting towards enterprises willing to implement public clouds

    * Cloud adoption continues at a rapid pace. While some organizations are still figuring out where the cloud really fits in their overall IT strategy, most organizations — approximately 58% — are well down the path of using cloud services to support some aspect of their business


    * Most SMB organizations will work with third-party partners as their primary source of cloud and cloud related services

    * Develop and deliver a creative payment options to help SMB clients address their funding challenges and attain their aspirational cloud adoption plans

    * Target SMB organizations with a focused approach based on their preferences for either public or private cloud


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    JAR:Load – Cloud Based Web Load Testing Software

    JAR:Load – Cloud Based Web Load Testing Software

    Chandramouli Srinivasan

    I am Happy to announce that MoboDexter Inc. has signed a partnership agreement with JAR Technologies, U.K. to sell their Cloud Based Loading Testing solution called JAR:Load. As part of this agreement, MoboDexter has secured an exclusive pricing deal that can be leveraged by any prospect who wants to purchase JAR: Load through MoboDexter. I want to talk about the reason why I felt this is a compelling tool in the market in comparison to its competitor products.

    JAR:Load – Stand Out Features

    * JAR: Load is the only enterprise load testing product, delivered from the cloud, that uses real web browsers to simulate load. If you run ANY type of JavaScript (jQuery, GWT, AngularJS, Ember, etc.) on your web-site then you can’t rely on “other” load testers who just record HTTP transactions – they will miss all your dynamic AJAX operations!

    * JAR: Load provides you with the tools to fully understand your load and functional testing. In addition to all the tools you would expect you can compare any metric from any previous test, calculate trends and provide reports.

    * JAR: Load can be deployed for multiple Geo-locations at the same time, allowing load to be geographically distributed. We also fully support load generation from behind the firewall, just install our virtual machine images.

    * We have employed our WAN emulation technology to allow you to simulate users on mobile (3G, 4G), home and office connections. Easily split your load into groups, and assign percentages to each test.

    * In addition to getting the results you need, we allow you to compare any metric from a previous runs to understand how your changes or improvements have improved the user experience.

    One Tool to Test Them All

    * Load Test: Simulate an almost unlimited amount of load with real browsers (giving true load through the execution of your target’s JavaScript and AJAX).

    * Functional Test: Ensure your web site actually works, not just the back-end. Check for breakages in the UI, ensure JavaScript features work and guarantee in-depth operation.

    * Up-Time: With 24/7 monitoring JAR:Load will both test that your web system is up and running but critically that it is functionally working too.

    * Back-End Stress: Simulate back-end loading through HTTP stress and response testing, with extensive server-side monitoring.

    * Response Time: Instantly understand responsiveness of your website and track it over time.

    Analysis: Extensive analysis through charts, graphs, comparisons, transaction and deep dive virtual user information.

    Key Benefits


    Realistic Testing, Realistic Results

    * Simulate real user scenarios with easy to use Lua scripting.

    * Choose from multiple data centers worldwide to simulate best in class Geo-locations, or combine with the integration of WAN emulation technology, to accurately model true user behavior from different parts of the world.

    * Use metric and historic test comparison analyse results instantly to make recommendations and implement key changes for rapid development.

    * Run multiple scenarios in parallel, different users will use your website in a different way.

    * Mix multiple load generator types to test your website functionality from the user perspective whilst heavily loading your service to make sure nothing buckles under the pressure.

    * Monitor your servers via New Relic and view the monitoring information alongside test results to quickly pinpoint trouble areas in your deployment.


    Cost Effective Testing, Maximum R.O.I

    * JAR: Load offers an on demand purchasing option pay only for the number of virtual users you require.

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    Healthcare Transformation through IOT

    Healthcare Transformation through IOT

    Kavitha Gopalan

    IOT is revolutionizing various industries and we cannot ignore the huge transformation it can bring to the health care industry. IOT combined with the analytics and cloud can provide unprecedented capabilities in healthcare – virtual healthcare, predictive diagnostics, preventive care and targeted care to name a few. It can help in improving effectiveness and quality of patient care at the same time help the healthcare organizations to improve efficiency and improve their financial and administrative performance.

    IDC predicts that virtual care, made possible by the Internet of Things and big data, will become routine by 2018, improving healthcare quality and efficiency. Some of the ways in which IOT is changing healthcare industry are covered here.

    Improved patient Care

    The possibilities of using IOT in improving the quality and effectiveness of patient care is tremendous. IOT enabled remote monitoring machines can help the physicians to monitor real time patients vitals , analyze and suggest action for diseases. This data along with the data collected through electronic medical records, other diagnostic information gathered through imaging equipment, and other device enhances the decision-making powers of professionals and enables patients to take a more active role in managing their personal health. Mobile apps are designed to help patient manage common illness and sometime even critical ones through interaction with their doctor.

    Similarly real time data synched to cloud provide flexibility to healthcare professionals to track the patient progress and paves way for diagnostics and virtual care.

    Wearable play a big role in preventive healthcare providing way to track the vitals , fitness level and suggest improvement for lifestyle and well being.

    Wearable are also helping in illness management, example is a smart glass which monitors the glucose level in the tears.

    More sophisticated wearable and tracking device are helping the healthcare professionals to manage their patient efficiently . For example a doctor can monitor the patient status on a regular basis without visiting his bed and track his recovery at same time and adjust the drug levels to be administered.

    Drug management

    The expense of creating and managing drugs is one of the biggest issues facing the healthcare industry today. Adding sensor to medication containers help to monitor the drug usage of the patient it can alert the patient to administer the drug in timely manner and at the same time can place order when it senses its going to be over. In 2012, the FDA approved a sensor pill that monitors data in the body to make sure medication is taken properly. IOT also helps in drug management in the hospital and healthcare facility where it can help in monitoring and alerting depleting critical drugs and help in avoiding critical downtime.

    Improve operational efficiency

    IOT can be beneficial to the healthcare organizations in multitude of ways and improve their operational efficiency from managing equipment’s , inventory and improving customer satisfaction. With connected devices hospital can better manage track their asset and manage them effectively.

    A faulty device with location tracking service and can send message to the service personal immediately and action can be taken. This prevents downtime which can be costly in a healthcare environment. This can be extended to locate other assets like infusion pumps, wheelchairs, defibrillators, scales etc. that may be needed for treating patients in the hospital. Similarly this can be applied to drug management and ensure drugs are available when it is needed and where it is needed.

    Remote health care capability offered by the benefits of IOT can be cost saving for both patients and healthcare organization alike. IOT can help improve the patient experience in hospital ,

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    IOT and Big Data – A proof of real Excitement in the B2B space

    IOT and Big Data – A proof of real Excitement in the B2B space

    Chandramouli Srinivasan

    IOT and Big Data: I got to meet my clients, prospective clients, and partners in India this December 2015 and had an opportunity to have an engaged discussion with them.

    Since many of our clients/prospective clients are in service delivery space, the discussion topics ranged from

    1) Challenges facing the businesses in IOT & Big Data area.

    2) The expectation of higher Business Value creation and higher ROI.

    3) Proposal for better service delivery ownership models.

    A few topics were around specific forward-looking capabilities

    1) IOT – End-to-End solution capability (Devices to Cloud to Analytics)

    2) Analytics – Fine tuning for a particular need

    3) Mobility – Challenges in developing Cross-platform applications

    Interestingly one of our largest partner with whom we are building our IOT solution voiced their perspective around

    1) Creating a custom solution for a specific need like a Power Grid or commercial buildings or Health care solutions

    2) Leveraging their cloud and analytics capability for delivering an end-to-end platform to the market


    There is a significant buzz around a couple of things like the Internet of Things & Analytics – Big Data and our clients/partners are really feeling excited about working with us in these spaces in 2016.

    I am happy to see that our pipeline is robust as we head into the new year 2016 and I am looking forward to fascinating times ahead for us at MoboDexter!!!

    I am much thankful to all our clients and partners for this beautiful & candid discussions. I look forward to incorporating their perspectives into our execution in the new year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016 to all!!!

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    Make your Home as Smart and secure Home with this Smart Home gadgets

    Make your Home as Smart and secure Home with this Smart Home gadgets

    Kavitha Gopalan


    Its a one Brand for SmartHome IoT products for customers in all over USA and India. MoboMy emerges as a brand to get SmartHome products in every household. MoboMy stands on Delivering the secure smart home.

    One can build a smarthome solution with a combination of our products. Install the door bell at the entrance door then install our LED bulbs – MyBulb in all bulb holders at home then connect all home appliances to MySocket. You can now start controlling everything from a Smartphone from Entry to Power in your house.

    We will shortly launch Secure Smart Home Gateway. This will give you ability to secure all end points & provide AI based automated control of all end points connected to the gateway.

    MoboMy – MyBulb

    * MoboMy MyBulb is a smart, energy efficient LED light bulb with built-in WiFI that allows the bulb to be controlled from anywhere through the smartphone and other mobile devices.

    * The MyBulb LED Smart Bulb can bring life to your home with a wide variety of color palette of over 16 million colors

    * MyBulb has several pre-programmed modes that allow picking the right color for the perfect moment.

    * MyBulb can change color based on rhythm from music or recreate a color from a scene in a photo

    * My Bulb also has a timer function that allows to schedule On/Off of the bulb to save power. MyBulb can also be controlled through voice

    * The Installation of Mybulb is simple and easy. The app for Mybulb is free and is available in Android and iPhone versions. The App gives the control of the bulb to your hand, you can change color, brightness, modes

    * Compatible with iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad Mini (Note For iPads please disable iPad only search filter in App Store).

    Price Range:

    IN: Rs. 1,399.00 – Rs. 4,499.00

    US: $24.99 – $84.99

    MoboMy – My Door Bell

    * With MoboMy MyDoorBell we provide new approach to home security. You can watch who is at your entrance and answer your doorbell from anywhere through your Mobile Phone

    * MyDoorBell has built in WiFi that allows you to manage your door from your Mobile phone

    * MyDoorBell allows you to unlock the door from your mobile phone

    * MyDoorBell allows you to remotely do the video talking

    * The High Definition Camera in the bell gives you a clear view of who is at the entrance

    * The built in motion detector which can send alerts once it detects motion keeping your home safe

    * Easy Installation with plug and Play support

    * Free Mobile app with support for both Android and iOS Phones

    Price Range:

    IN: Rs. 11,999.99 – Rs. 12,999.99

    US: $185.99 – $200.99

    MoboMy – MySocket

    My Socket – WiFi Controlled Smart socket that can be used to Power ON/OF any connected device from Smartphone application from MoboMy.

    * Forgot to turn off appliances – You can use Smartphone to turn OFF/ON appliances

    * Control water heater – You can turn ON water heater on your way Home

    * Health Smart Water Dispenser – You can set the timer to turn OFF water dispenser based on the time required to heat water

    * Double protection & safety – LAN Device password + Remote account verification

    * Timing control – Multiple sets of timing, plan your life, Save power & energy bills

    Price Range:

    IN: Rs. 3,499.00

    US: $42.99

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    How to Secure Your internet of Things at Home?

    How to Secure Your internet of Things at Home?

    Chandramouli Srinivasan

    Why You Need to Secure the Internet of Things?

    The hottest new trend on the Internet isn’t a new social network or app. It’s things. Dubbed “The Internet of Things” it refers to any object you can connect to with the Internet. These “things” include an array of devices and even systems. The Internet of Things promises to connect more devices than ever before. The Internet of Things can make your home more secure with a security system, but it can also open you up to identity theft and other cybercrimes. Any time you get a new piece of technology on the Internet of Things, you’re taking new chances with your online security.

    There are a number of ways that criminals can leverage the Internet of Things to infiltrate your home. Skilled hackers could use your home’s power signature to figure out the best time for a burglary. If your car gets hacked, you could have identity thieves spying on everywhere you go and everything that you do. Webcams have been hacked on laptops, allowing criminals access to your most intimate moments. Even if there’s no property crimes or violent crimes committed, you don’t want to be violated in this way.

    How to Secure Your Home in the Age of the Internet of Things?

    Operational aspects of internet of things can be secured using the following techniques

    * Secure your home wireless network. Remember that almost all of these devices will run off of your wireless network. Hence secure the connection the home router. Use WPA2 type security configuration in the router and make the WPA2 stronger. Using VPN & Encryption are additional layers of security. However, this needs sophisticated knowledge to setup and operate.

    * Use several emails. If, for example, you have an email for your connected pill bottle, and another for your connected car, you’re not as vulnerable as someone who has all of their information associated with one account linked across several devices.

    * Always update the firmware on your connected devices. This is as important as updating the operating system and Internet security suite on your computer and mobile devices. When hackers start to attack the Internet of Things, they’re almost always going to use known exploits to do it, the kind that are patched when firmware updates.

    * Remember that your main laptop computer is part of your overall connection to the Internet of Things. So make sure to update your operating system and Internet security suite, as well as all the apps on your laptop.

    In addition to this basics of security needs to be adhered at all times to prevent any hacks into any system that’s connected to internet.

    * Secure Passwords: The keys to our digital kingdom, passwords should be closely protected. A lot of the times, that’s all a cybercriminal needs to gain access to your account.

    * Malware: Malware, malware, malware! You hear that term everywhere, however, it can mean so many different things. Malware is more of an umbrella term used for any kind of malicious software on the Internet landscape- from annoying adware to devastating ransomware.

    * Privacy: If this isn’t an issue for you, it should be. A lot of people take the stance of “I don’t do anything wrong, therefore I have nothing to hide.” however that is largely misinterpreted. You have everything to hide.

    * Data Breaches: Data breaches are why we should care about our privacy. Scammers and criminals target companies in order to obtain as much data as possible about an individual, which in turn helps them commit identity theft or collect a hefty sum on the black market for the data.

    * Safe Computing: A lot of the threats today you can combat yourself, just armed with a little bit of knowledge. Internet security software is an essential piece of the cyber security pie, however, it can’t protect you form every single threat out there.

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