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RareErth Podcast explores work, creativity and entrepreneurship. Over the years we’ve all found ourselves asking that question, “What am I passionate enough about to take risks for?” RareErth podcast is a collection of insights and conversations with some of those who have heeded their creative spirit or entrepreneurial calling.
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RareErth Podcast Manoj Radhakrishna

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RareErth Podcast explores work, creativity and entrepreneurship. Over the years we’ve all found ourselves asking that question, “What am I passionate enough about to take risks for?” RareErth podcast is a collection of insights and conversations with some of those who have heeded their creative spirit or entrepreneurial calling.
Learn more at https://www.rareerth.com

    Debunking Quack Science-Pranav Radhakrishnan

    Debunking Quack Science-Pranav Radhakrishnan

    Pranav Radhankrishnan is a Youtube content creator known for his science based educational videos. I had the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss his background, his process for creating content debunking myths, and how it feels to be involved in the debate on scientific topics.

    Pranav was fascinated by science at a young age. He remembers reading an encyclopedia when he was only six years old. Pranav says that his channel, Science is Dope, was created because he noticed that there weren't any Indian channels that dealt with simplifying scientific, mathematical, or other pseudoscientific concepts.

    In this episode, we talk about:

    The difference between Evidence based thinking and Intuition based thinking.
    Why Evidence is important in drawing conclusions, and How intuition can also be a valuable tool.
    Points out that correlation does not necessarily mean causation and that many factors should be taken into account.
    Over time, How Pranav learned to adapt his manner of speech in order to debunk some myths and eliminate any misperceptions about himself..
    Debunks some Pseudoscience Buzz words like Vibration, Quantum, Frequency, Dimension.
    Explains Survivorship bias in terms of Law of Attraction.

    Pranav shares the books he's most enjoyed reading, as well as some people who inspire him. He talks about some beliefs he had and how those have changed over time. We finish with a quick round of rapid fire questions.

    Pranav concludes this conversation by sharing one practical advice: “Think Rationally.”

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    Author, Entrepreneur & Activist- Aamina Azhar

    Author, Entrepreneur & Activist- Aamina Azhar

    I have a very special guest in this episode: Aamina Azhar. She is one of the youngest people I've ever had on the show; she's a published author and co-author of four books. She is also the founder of Sweet Retreat Cakery. Additionally, she is a very well-known member of Bangalore Student Community and Safe Space Project. All of this while studying Journalism and English Literature in Mount Carmel College. She has even appeared in Swadhyay Publications - listed in the top 50 poets.

    Aamina’s love of reading began at age nine, when she was already writing her own poems. At fifteen she published her first book. Writing is a form of expression for her, but Aamina makes sure to unplug from time to time, where you’ll find her baking some delicious-looking treats.

    In this episode we talk about

    What sparked her love of writing, and how her parents influenced her passion for literature.
    How the best things in life don't come planned and that spontaneity works for her when it comes to writing.
    Her Experience and the story behind publishing her very first book.
    How has baking aided her in her journey to become an entrepreneur.
    How being a rebel since a young age has helped her break all the stereotypes surrounding her culture.
    How she is learning to deal with Imposter Syndrome.
    The Safe Space Project and the other political and social causes she has been a part of.

    She talks about the achievement she's most proud of, and why. Shares  the books that have had an impact on her and offers advice that she has found to be helpful. We finish our conversation with a fun rapid-fire round of questions .

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    Show Notes can be found here

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    Kenny DeGiglio- Why You Better Believe In Bitcoin Before It's Too Late

    Kenny DeGiglio- Why You Better Believe In Bitcoin Before It's Too Late

    In this episode I sit down with Kenny DeGiglio, the Director of Education at Pomp's Crypto Academy. I had the pleasure of speaking with Kenny at the Crypto Academy Course earlier this year, and we wanted to share a bit of it with you. Kenny joined us from Pennsylvania and we talked all things Blockchain, Bitcoin, and why everyone should be spending time educating themselves on this revolutionary technology.

    Being a rather disagreeable personality from a young age, Kenny had a lot of learnings (and failures) to understand what he was most passionate about. And that passion turned out to be Bitcoin. He shares how his skeptical personality led him in making decisions that changed his life.

    Key points in this episode:

    His journey towards Bitcoin, how he got started and why he is passionate about it.
    Simplifies some of the common terms used by people in the Crypto World - Hash rate, Public and Private Keys, Nodes, Blocks, Bitcoin Mining, Blockchain and Digital Signatures.
    How the first Bitcoins were mined and who published the original Bitcoin whitepaper.
    The innovation of the digital currency Bitcoin.
    Describes how Bitcoin has allowed for a truly censorship-resistant digital currency. He explains how it resolves the double-spending problem, is seizure resistant, and like gold it's a barrier asset that can be exchanged with anyone anywhere in the world—and instantly at that!
    How thinking from First Principles can help hone your skills and expertise in the right direction.
    Debugs the commonly misunderstood concepts about Bitcoin.
    How Printing Money is a challenge for a country’s Economy.
    How Money Fringing causes Price Inflation and how Price Inflation is essentially another form of Taxation.

    Kenny shares some of the best pieces of advice he has received, as well as some books that have had the biggest impact on his thinking. We delve into these topics before finishing with a fun Rapid Fire session!

    For show notes, click here

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    A Student Of The Cosmos-Sitara Srinivasan

    A Student Of The Cosmos-Sitara Srinivasan

    In this episode of the RareErth podcast, I'm speaking with Sitara Srinivasan. She is the founder at Naxxatra Sciences and an independent researcher and educator. Sitara is also the youngest guest we've had on the show so far. As a child, she was curious about topics such as the origins of the cosmos and how life arose on Earth. She had a strong interest in science and philosophy, and at first she was only interested in astronomy because it fulfilled a kind of curiosity within her that she couldn't explain. In time, she found herself drawn to the intricacies of the subject. Key points in this episode: At 22, how she developed a sense of vision for what she wanted and started Naxxatra.  How she began by reaching out and building a community that shared the same passion. The many setbacks she has endured in fulfilling her dream of creating a company and the vision to create 100’s of scientists through the brand that she runs independently. How as a child, she knew that Science was her way to make the world a better place and reach her own goals. Why Science is fueled by curiosity. And how it's a vehicle that can take us to a place where we can discover the mysteries of life. How to ask questions daily, some will be purely challenging and others will help you reach a new understanding. How debates can have lasting effects on your mindset. There are many different ways to enrich your life if you keep asking the right kinds of questions about them. She elaborates the variables in Newton's Second Law and explains the equation in a concise, simplified manner. How pseudoscience is a problem in our society and how it can be avoided by questioning everything we hear, no matter how popular it is. One could ask questions and open up a world of endless possibilities. How to get work done as an entrepreneur with lot of priorities. What can we do to encourage children to be critical and rational thinkers instead of just absorbing knowledge. The study of astronomy & the many different job opportunities. How Generalists will do better than Specialists in near future. Explains the Butterfly Effect and the Non Linear Dynamics and Chaos Theory. She discusses what success means to her and shares some of the books she's enjoyed. We end the interview with a round of Rapid Fire Questions. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did. Show Notes can be found here.

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    The Contrarian Entrepreneur - Arun Benty

    The Contrarian Entrepreneur - Arun Benty

    My guest this episode is Arun Benty, Co-founder and Head of Business Development at Fandefi (a platform to create and sell utility NFTs.) He is also a Co-founder and Director of Business Development at Trellisys and Co-founder and Head of Business Development at Papertrell.

    Arun, being a contrarian, sought opportunities in college that were not typical for his age group. While starting out, he ran a small magazine with a few friends, learning the basics of advertising sales. Soon he was earning money and had his mom to thank for being his first business partner. Arun tells us about how he learned to overcome the early confusion of his career choices and began a quest for visionary ideas in software development. In addition to his existing businesses, Arun actively develops business-based solutions for the artists community through Fandefi.

    This episode covers a lot of ground, including Arun's childhood, his early work years, his passion for technology and his philosophy towards life and entrepreneurship.

    Below are the highlights of this episode:

    How he started his first company "Trellisys" 22 years ago and what services the company provides for its customers.
    Why he believes entrepreneurship is a team sport.
    NFTs and how it’s the latest emerging trend in blockchain technology.
    About Fandefi: a crowdfunding application that lets innovators sell their artworks where the artists can gain directly from non-fungible tokens (NFTs.)
    How Digital Platforms are becoming a very important aspect of everyday life.
    How social media platforms and private companies use principles from human-machine interaction to maximize the user's experience.
    How technology is disrupting society.
    Explores the concept of Asymmetric Returns and explains how non-fungible tokens and crypto will be reshaping the future of investing.

    Arun says that every person can hone their ability to look at both sides of an argument, because it’s a skill that will always serve them well. He also mentions books that have shaped his thinking over the years and some of his favourite pieces of work from various genres. We conclude our time together with a lighthearted round of rapid fire questions.

    I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. If you're interested in learning more about what we spoke about, click here for the show notes.

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    A Life of No Excuses-Swetha Devaraj

    A Life of No Excuses-Swetha Devaraj

    My guest this episode is Swetha Devaraj, a Vascular Radiologist, a certified Animal-Flow Master Instructor, co-founder of Sweaty Ninjas and a passionate Fitness Coach. She shares how she juggled multiple roles to create a work life that integrates her passion for health and fitness with her medical career. Swetha says no matter what career you choose or switch between, one thing is certain: you'll have to work hard at it, and you'll have to bring a lot of sustainability and passion to your work. In this episode we discuss: Things the Fitness Industry doesn't want you to know. The importance of doing proper research before choosing a trainer. Why setting goals, staying motivated, and not burning out is important. How sleep, movement, and nature often go overlooked when it comes to taking care of oneself. How empathy is a valuable quality when you're working with clients. Debunks some popular myths about the benefits of weightlifting for women. How to listen to your body, and what kind of food is best for it. How anxiety has impacted her life and how does she cope with it. In Swetha’s life, the joy of being part of Mysore has been a major positive force. The city imbues her with pride and joy, which she makes evident in her Instagram bio. She has a reputation for being a prankster with her loved ones, something that keeps her from taking herself too seriously. Her idea of success is making a positive contribution to people's lives, whether it's one person or thousands. She also mentions a few of the podcasts she likes to listen to and the documentaries that helped her shift to a meat-free diet. We conclude this conversation with a fun round of rapid-fire questions. We hope you will enjoy this conversation with Swetha as much as we did. Click here for all the show notes.

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4.8 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

anuj k h ,

Something to cling on as special possession

It’s amazing to listen to such amazing stories which is inspiring from so much different perspectives and areas. It’s a bit addictive to listen on to.

Nice discussion which is more than interview style and looking towards life in another angle..

It’s one of my best podcasts that I come across till now..

Sunkar acha lagta hai and aur sunne ka man karta hai..

Raj KJ ,

Amazingly Rare...

Very rare personalities, very rare interview style... this is the place to find this rare combo... kudos guys... truly amazing and truly rare.. continue the great work.. 👍👍👍👍👍

the.treble.rebel.chic ,

RarE Experience :)

Wow! Both the episodes are amazing... What a great start 👍 Listening to these RarE individuals, teaches you a lot and I'm sure to experience an entire different outlook to life. No doubt the questions put forward are so good that they start making you think. These episodes are sure to keep you hooked until the end :) the RarE and best Podcast subscription I must say 😛

Can't wait for many more RarE episodes that are coming soon 👏

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