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Jeb Blount is the bestselling author of 15 of the most definitive books ever written for the sales profession. He believes that Sales Professionals are the Elite Athletes of the Business World. On the Sales Gravy podcast Jeb teaches you how to open more doors, close bigger deals, and rock your commission check.

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Jeb Blount is the bestselling author of 15 of the most definitive books ever written for the sales profession. He believes that Sales Professionals are the Elite Athletes of the Business World. On the Sales Gravy podcast Jeb teaches you how to open more doors, close bigger deals, and rock your commission check.

    Why You Need to Love Your Sales Team

    Why You Need to Love Your Sales Team

    In today's world there are few barriers to career change. Top sales talent can walk out of your door to another career opportunity at any time. This puts more pressure on sales leaders than ever before to foster a sales culture and team environment that compels people to stay.

    On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount (People Follow You) sits down with Helen Fanucci author of the brand new book, Love Your Team, to discuss what sales leaders must do to retain talent build and stronger teams through human connection.

    In this wide ranging discussion on modern sales leadership you'll learn:

    The language of sales coaching

    Why sales leadership is personal

    What you really get paid for as a sales leader

    Tactics for 1-2-1 meetings

    How to approach turn-around situations

    How to prepare for a future sales leadership role

    What to do when you meet your team for the first time

    And much more . . .

    In her new book, Helen writes that the hybrid work revolution has made sales management the most pivotal role in the innovation economy. Pivotal means that your team's performance rest squarely on your shoulders. To be successful you must be adept at both implementing and executing a system of sales management AND winning the hearts of your sellers.

    Hiring the right salespeople is a huge challenge for sales leaders. This is why we developed the Sales Managers Ultimate Interview Guide. This FREE 25 page guide walks you through a step-by-step process for hiring your next sales superstar: https://salesgravy.com/ultimate-sales-interview-guide/

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    The Work Compression Model & Trading Productivity for Time

    The Work Compression Model & Trading Productivity for Time

    They say you can't make more time. On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, I challenge you to consider how you can make more time through improvements in sales productivity and reinventing the way that you work.

    I want you to take a moment and think back to the early days of the pandemic. You were likely working at home because everything was locked down. 

    Then fast forward a couple of months to the summer of 2020. Sales teams were hitting all time records. Many individual sales professionals were selling more and earning more than ever before. 

    The secret to their success? They were suddenly more productive.

    Sellers were getting more done, in less time, with better outcomes because all of the distractions that typically took them away from high impact sales activities were gone. 

    The Three Choices

    Each moment of your sales day you make one of three choices about time. You can do:

    Trivial things like watch cat videos. 

    Important things like entering data into the CRM or responding to e-mail.

    Impactful things that generate revenue growth.

    The most impactful thing you can do is put new opportunities into the pipeline and then advance those opportunities through the pipeline. If you're an account manager, you make an impact by expanding and retaining your accounts. 

    Impact = Productivity

    The equation for productivity is: Efficiency + Effectiveness = Productivity

    Simply put, the key to productivity is getting more done, in less time, with better outcomes. That's how you win in sales. It is also the key to making more time in your life for the things that really matter.

    Time Leakers

    I'm always shocked by just how much time sales professionals waste.  For example, a recent study demonstrated that salespeople leak two to three hours each day from distractions - little things like looking down at their phone when it buzzes, beeps, or the screen lights up. 

    At one point in my career, I was the number one sales professional in my company with a high six-figure income to show for it. I was able to accomplish this by working hard for about 10 hours a week because I allowed no leakage of time. I sold more more, in less time than my peers who wasted an extraordinary amount of time on superfluous activities. This afforded me time to invest with my family and in other pursuits. 

    If you take an honest look at your own day, you're likely leaking time everywhere.

    When I'm working with sales professionals on productivity improvement initiatives, I'll often break their day apart into blocks and demonstrate how they can get their normal eight to ten hours of work accomplished in five to six hours through time blocking, attention control, and work compression. 

    Veterans who have a good handle on their territories and pipeline, can do their job in about four hours a day once they learn how to compress work into short sprints. 

    Trade Productivity For More Time

    One of the big things that we learned during the pandemic is the importance of making more quality time in our lives for family, friends, and ourselves. 

    Yet, now that the pandemic has ended, the workplace is quickly snapping back from the days of work from home productivity to trading time for money. In other words, the boss or the company dictates an "8 hour day" or "5 day work week" and therefore we expand our work into those constructs regardless of how long it actually takes to get the work done. 

    In sales, at least in field sales, you have much more autonomy with how you manage your time than most employees. Because of this, you have the unique luxury to break free from the time for money handcuffs and begin trading productivity for more time.

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    Prepare for the Economic Storm

    Prepare for the Economic Storm

    Economic winter is coming. Storm clouds are brewing. And with it is going to be a recession. On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount discusses why you need to prepare right now for the economic storm.

    This Time Will Be Different

    This recession will be different than anything we've recently experienced because we'll also be dealing with inflation. There will be the potential for the long slog of stagflation in some some economies. 

    We are still going to have some supply chain issues and interest rates are going to be crazy. If you need to borrow money, it will be painful.

    There will be poverty and hunger. People who can't afford the cost of energy will be shivering in the cold. In the midst of this economic downturn and disruption we'll be dealing with war and the potential for a nuclear confrontation. 

    All you need to do is look at your news feed and it's frightening.

    Get Right With Reality

    If you are a sales professional, the big question is what should you do to prepare for the storm right now? 

    Helping you to prepare is one of the key reasons I wrote my new book Selling In A Crisis.

    Sales professionals are always on the leading edge of the economy. We are going to get hit hardest by the economic storm and we're the ones that are going lead the world out of this mess. 

    The most important thing you can do is to be right now. Focus on what you can control in the present.  You've got to get right with reality and reality is, winter is coming. 

    This Ain't Easy Street

    It is not going to be easy. A few months ago your phone's ringing off the hook today. Today, nobody is going to call you.

    Therefore, you are going to need to start hunting to find the money that's still moving. And there's always money moving. But it's going to be a tough grind to find it. 

    Look around. Half the people that you work with right now won't be here when we get to the end of this economic downturn. They won't be willing to step up to the plate and do the hard work.  

    This ain't easy street. That's why you have to get right with reality. Right now and prepare to work harder.  Start With Right Now Actions

    What can you do right now to:

    get your mindset right?

    get connected to reality?

    let go of your need to find Easy Street?

    protect your income, family and career?

    invest in yourself?

    improve your sales skills?

    Rather than worrying, focus on the three things you can control. Your actions, reactions, and mindset.  

    In Selling In A Crisis Jeb gives you 55 easy to consume tips, techniques, and tactics that are time-tested and proven to help you stay on top when everything and everyone else is down.

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    Selling in Volatile Times

    Selling in Volatile Times

    Recession. Inflation. Stagflation. Stockmarket Free Fall. Energy Crisis. Supply Chain Crisis. Political Divisiveness.War.

    We are living and selling in a time of deep volatility. It is more challenging to close business, objections are harsher, and qualified buyers are becoming more scarce.

    On this special episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount delivers a powerful message about what it takes to outsell this crisis. You'll learn why it pays to think like a squirrel, why rainmakers are already digging for ponies, and why you need to get right with reality and put your swimsuit on.

    Right now you have to be better than you ever were before, get back to the fundamental and basics, and stay out of buckets with crabs. In this podcast you'll learn the truth about winning and selling in a crisis.

    In Selling In A Crisis Jeb gives you 55 easy to consume tips, techniques, and tactics that are time-tested and proven to help you stay on top when everything and everyone else is down. Read the first three chapters, FREE.

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    The Art of Productivity Featuring Jennifer Smith

    The Art of Productivity Featuring Jennifer Smith

    On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount and Jennifer Smith, CEO of Scribe, give you tips and tactics for working smarter, dealing with repetitive tasks that slow you down, and getting more done in less time with better outcomes.

    You must protect your prime selling time at all costs. Time is your most precious resource. You cannot make more, add more, or find more. Do not allow it to be diluted by non-sales activities. 

    Time is the great equalizer. Every person on earth has exactly 24 hours each day. No more. The choices you make about how you invest your time, directly correlates to the sales outcomes you deliver. 

    Only 6 to 8 hours each day are available for sales activities, that is, prospecting, advancing pipeline opportunities, and closing. Your daily mission is to squeeze as much selling out of these Golden Hours as possible. Sales professionals who protect their prime selling time–the Golden Hours–will get ahead, stay ahead, and win while others lose. 

    Your most pressing challenge is keeping non-sales activities from interfering with your Golden Hours. This includes interruptions from customers who use you their Chief Problem Solver. When you make it easier for customers to help themselves, you'll get more time back in your sales day for selling. Jennifer Smith is on a mission to help you protect your Golden Hours. 

    Try SCRIBE for free at: https://scribe.how/salesgravy with Promo Code - SALESGRAVY

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    How to Get Meetings With Hard to Reach Prospects

    How to Get Meetings With Hard to Reach Prospects

    Ever wondered how you can get the attention of that elusive prospect you've been chasing? You know the one. The big fish that is your ticket to President's club a huge commission check.

    You know how to sell - that's your job, after all - but getting CEOs and other VIPs to call you back is the tricky part. So what if that impossible-to-reach person weren't so impossible to reach after all?

    Hall of fame-nominated marketer and Wall Street Journal cartoonist Stu Heinecke discovered that he could get past traditional gatekeepers and reach those elusive executives by thinking outside the box and using personalized approaches that he calls "contact campaigns".

    On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Fanatical Prospecting author Jeb Blount and Stu discuss creative ways to get meetings with anyone. You'll learn that the secret is about being creative, thinking out of the box, demonstrating authenticity and sincerity, and having a little fun along the way.

    Get more meeting with effective Prospecting Sequences. Download our free how to guide here: https://salesgravy.com/seven-steps-prospecting-sequence-guide/

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