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Smash Fiction is a debate-style comedy podcast in which a rotating cast of nerds argue on behalf of their chosen fictional characters. Only one can win!

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Smash Fiction is a debate-style comedy podcast in which a rotating cast of nerds argue on behalf of their chosen fictional characters. Only one can win!

    March 2019 Bonus Content - What's the Name of that Sword Again?

    March 2019 Bonus Content - What's the Name of that Sword Again?

    This episode originally aired as the Patreon bonus episode for March 2019. The original description follows:
    So here’s a fun opening story…  The first thing I recorded for this song was the bass line.  I then picked up my sax to play in order to figure out what key I had played the bass line in.  Well, I actually couldn’t figure it out.  No note or scale was matching up with what I had played, it sounded terrible!  Of course, I then realized, I HADN’T TUNED MY BASS.  I turned on the tuner and lo and behold, I was 20 cents flat.  That’s enough to be its own unique note.  I had already written the entire bass line and promptly forgot how to play it.  My fix was to literally tune all my instruments to 20 cents flat!  It somehow worked and my sax was matching up.  Unfortunately, I had picked an extremely difficult key for an Eb instrument (which is what an alto sax is).  It ended up being in the key of B, which has 5 sharps for the sax.  Plus I was adding additional accidentals (other sharps and flats) to give the song a jazzy feel.  Ok, that’s enough music theory.
    This was quite a challenging song to write.  I’ve played tons of jazz music in my lifetime but have actually never wrote/recorded a song.  Instruments included are alto sax, guitar, bass, drums, and my lovely voice.  This would essentially be a small combo jazz group.  Some combos have three “horns” (i.e. trumpet, sax, clarinet, etc.) so this is definitely a small one.  Jazz groups always have a bass, usually drums, and then some type of “comping” instrument (i.e. guitar or piano, one or the other, not usually both).  Guitar or piano generally provide chords for the horn to play off of but as you can hear, at some points I just followed the vocal line with the guitar, giving it almost a rock type feel.  Jazz is the progenitor of most modern music so I thought it was fitting.  Here I am talking about music theory again, sorry!
    Onto the actual League content of the song, I tried to make this a string of consciousness for Dante remembering the League’s various exploits.  There really is no rhyme or reason to the song and I tried to make it seem like scattered thoughts.  Of course, the song revolves around the events that Dante thought were cool (Corolla frames) or annoying (like Lace being a better distraction than him in the fight against Cthulhu).  As I was listening to episodes, I came across a line that absolutely made me laugh: Luna asking if we were very likely or mostly likely to die.  I had to incorporate it as it could have easily been a Dante type question.  Then, there is the title…  Shout out to my friend Evan Staves for this title immediately popping up in his head and helping me get my groove started.  That made me just have to comment on the fact that yeah, I forget my swords and guns exist.  Ultimately, Dante is happy to be involved with the League and loves the new friends he has made.
    What’s the Name of That Sword Again?
    Welcome to the Castle Club
    Name’s Dante
    Drummer, hit it
    I’m gonna tell you about some of my friends
    They’re called the League
    And it’s gonna be their stories
    Actually, it’s mostly gonna be about me
    Feels like just yesterday, I joined the League
    It’s been a fun time, with no reason or rhyme
    Except I kinda lost my arm
    This is the only job where I wonder
    If I’m very likely or mostly likely to die
    Sometimes people ask me to use my sword, but I don’t!
    Luckily we’ve beat a bunch of Phyrexia
    I don’t really use my swords or my guns much
    But I do remember the Corolla
    It was a good car…frame
    Once, we stopped Dracula
    Because I stole his cool ass cape
    And everyone else got there too late
    They were still clapping at my performance at that play
    Dante saves the day!  Yes I did.  Without my swords and gu

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    Extraordinary League - February 2019 Bonus Episode

    Extraordinary League - February 2019 Bonus Episode

    This episode originally aired as the Patreon bonus episode for February 2019. The original description follows:
    Man oh man, I never know what sort of team we'll end up with when we do these bonus episodes, but the $5+ Patrons never fail to make some really interesting choices.
    As usual, I didn't decide on the central concept of this episode until I saw what characters everyone was going to be playing. In this case, I wanted to give our stealth- and social-centric characters plenty of opportunities to be sneaky and manipulative, so I came up with a scenario that would lead them away from taking a forceful and direct route, at least at first.
    Most of the PCs were pretty straightforward to design. The ones that gave me issues were Austin Powers and Esmé Squalor.
    In the case of Austin Powers, I felt like it was important to give him abilities beyond just being a James Bond clone--I eventually came up with the Mojo mechanic, which allowed him to weaponize his catchphrase.
    In the case of Esmé, both Claire and I wanted to make sure that she could at least handle herself in combat. Claire eventually came up with the idea of giving her a clothing-based weapon from another setting--we tossed a number of ideas back and forth before settling on the Dresspheres from Final Fantasy X-2. It felt very appropriate to essentially tie her combat abilities to being able to change clothes rapidly.
    This was a fun episode to record and I hope it's a fun episode to listen to!

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    December 2018 Bonus Episode: When Video Games Don’t Suck

    December 2018 Bonus Episode: When Video Games Don’t Suck

    This episode originally aired as the Patreon bonus episode for December 2018. The original description follows:
    Those of you $5+ patrons who get our monthly bonus content poll must have been surprised when Miles gave you a list of media he liked... and one of them was a video game! That's right, Miles is (briefly) putting aside his role as everyone's favorite curmudgeon to gush about the 2004 computer role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. He's joined by Dan, who has played the game, and Kit, who has not, and the three hosts have fun chatting about the video game, the tabletop RPG, and the wonderful, terrible World of Darkness as a whole.
    There are some light spoilers for Bloodlines in this episode, but if you're interested in playing the game, our discussion should hopefully only whet your appetite for a genuinely great, if not perfect, cult classic of a game. Let us know what you think!

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    September 2018 Bonus Content - "Our League Family"

    September 2018 Bonus Content - "Our League Family"

    This episode originally aired as the Patreon bonus episode for September 2018. The original description follows:
    Thank you to everyone for allowing me to finally use one of my two ukuleles and a harmonica in an actual meaningful context. This song truly is a tribute to my fellow podcasters in how much I enjoy playing League with them and how interesting it can be solving problems with characters who approach things very differently. This song is also a great way for me to ask for Kit's forgiveness regarding a certain episode (listen to Surprise Party 3, you'll understand).
    In terms of instrumentation chosen, you are listening to a ukulele, a standard size harmonica, a palm-muted electric bass, a Jamaican hand drum, my vocals, and Kit's lovely Stitch statements. It is me playing everything except Kit's voice. I used my condenser microphone for everything except the bass, which I just plugged straight into my audio interface. Just so you know, I was using pots and pans for percussion at first but it sounded so loud and ridiculous, I had to take it out.
    Did you know
    What family means in Hawaiian?
    Well I didn't know
    Until Stitch came along
    Ohana means family
    Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten
    And then this motley crew
    Went and stepped on through
    To become ohana
    How would we have known
    That Stitch doesn't like whipped cream
    That Luna just wanted to have a pet
    'Cause she's sick of you a******s
    That Mordin clearly likes to watch the world burn
    Incinerate it all
    That Nico really likes to read that one weird book
    That Dante probably doesn't know what ohana means
    Hint, it's family
    And you know what
    Just like a real family
    We certainly have some problems
    Dante cares too much about his muscles
    And Nico has some homicidal urges
    Mordin sometimes wishes he could stay in his lab
    And Stitch has an issue with, SHINY... LET ME EAT IT
    And Luna is, wait, yeah I don't have anything for this one
    One big League family
    That everyone can see!
    Saving the universe
    One world at a time
    If we weren't together we wouldn't be ohana

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    5th Anniversary Supercut

    5th Anniversary Supercut

    Didn't feel right, not putting out a supercut of the last stretch of episodes on August 1st. Happy anniversary!

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    Extraordinary League - July 2018 Bonus Episode

    Extraordinary League - July 2018 Bonus Episode

    This episode originally aired as the Patreon bonus episode for July 2018. The original description follows:
    So I'd been wanting to do something a bit different with this month's bonus League episode and eventually settled on doing a plot a la the movie The Hangover, in which a group of people wake up, discover that they've lost all memory of the night before, and have to retrace their steps in order to figure out what happened.
    And then I got the results of the $5 Patreon poll and saw the characters that you wanted the hosts to play. Skeletor? Janet from The Good Place? Freaking Optimus Prime?! How was I supposed to do a memory loss plot with characters like that?
    This was probably the single most difficult session of League I've ever had to write, but in the end I found it very fulfilling and tons of fun to do. I hope that you all do too. Thanks for your support!
    Additional music this episode is "Noise Attack" and "Exhilarate" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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