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A weekly interview series with thriving entrepreneurs hosted by: Kristy Oustalet. The Start-Up Speakeasy is a video podcast filled with advice and actionable tips for start-up business owners from experienced small business owners.

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Start-Up Speakeasy Kristy Oustalet

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A weekly interview series with thriving entrepreneurs hosted by: Kristy Oustalet. The Start-Up Speakeasy is a video podcast filled with advice and actionable tips for start-up business owners from experienced small business owners.

Episodes can be found at:

    Sabotaging Business Growth + Money Mindset

    Sabotaging Business Growth + Money Mindset

    Why is it that every time you start to make headway in your business, you suddenly feel like you have to change everything? 

    How does pricing our products and services stump us every single time? 

    What is holding you back from hiring much needed help in your biz?

    These are just a few instances are insanely common ways that entrepreneurs (and especially creative types) sabotage business and your ability to make money.

    Can you relate?  Listen in.  Denise shares a great perspective on why this conundrum sneaks up and what you can do to put money blocks back in their place.

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    Show Notes: http://kristyoustalet.com/53 

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    Turning Biz Mistakes Into Success Stories

    Turning Biz Mistakes Into Success Stories

    When you're a solopreneur or even when you have a small team, business mistakes that you make can feel devastating.  I'm sure you've beaten yourself up over what now seems to be a minor hiccup in the scheme of things… we've all been there.

    Matthew Turner has a new spin on making mistakes, he believes that by making mistakes you're able to uncover your best work and greatest ideas.  In fact, its not only his perspective, he interviewed 163 entrepreneurs (including me) to get their two cents on turning mistakes into success stories.  

    Tune into this episode to hear what he learned + the book he's currently crowd publishing on his findings… this is so interesting, y'all.

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    Cutting Clients to Gain Business… We're Talking Target Market

    Cutting Clients to Gain Business… We're Talking Target Market

    Show Notes:  http://kristyoustalet.com/51

    If you’ve ever buried your nose in a few business books, you know that you’re ‘supposed’ to pinpoint your target market and narrow in on who is a perfect fit for your work. But, its WAY more common to go through the motions and really only scratch the surface while the point is to dig deep.

    So, if you’re like me, and vaguely consider your true target market while rushing between projects and posts- I think Sarah has some info that will make you reconsider...

    In this episode, we dive into the steps she took to uncover the subtle correlations between her all-time favorite clients, and how you can too. She also lays out some killer insight on her next steps which she credits as the difference between falling flat in narrowing things down and blowing it out the water.

    SPOILER ALERT: by taking the leap into truly serving her target market she experienced:

    Her projects are based around exactly what she wants to be working on, which makes her career way more fulfilling because she’s happier and doing her best work, her clients are excited about her work

    she raised her prices + booked more clients + and is making more money


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    #050 Grow Your Biz + Stay Sane (Automation Hacks)

    #050 Grow Your Biz + Stay Sane (Automation Hacks)

    Just when you think you're going to implode because your spreading yourself too thin and on the verge of a business overwhelm meltdown... in walks Maya Gaddie and suddenly things seem a bit more simple and sanity washes over your stressed out brain.

    Maya somehow always has the perfect solution to take you from overwhelm to business automation. Phew!

    In this episode, Maya dives into:
    - the five tech must-haves you need to get a solid biz foundation
    - automation hacks to get take your business to the next level
    - software suggestions to bring instant solutions for common biz headaches


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    #049 The Entrepreneur Time-Warp

    #049 The Entrepreneur Time-Warp

    We all have time restraints on our business.  Maybe for you its your kids, or your 9-5, or even client one-on-one work gets in the way.  No matter what it is that trips you up, it’s important to use time wisely and not to get caught up in excuses.

    We all know that launching and growing a business takes a huge investment of time and energy, so here are 4 time saving tricks that I use everyday to carve out time for worthwhile projects.


    Turn off notifications + eliminate distractions from others

    Something happened when I started getting busier… it suddenly felt like everything got really noisy and dings, chimes, unwanted emails and notifications were always interrupting what I was working on.

    By eliminating these nagging distractions, it enabled me to keep focus on the projects that really matter to me and my business.  To keep up with my favorite blogs, I moved most of them out of email and into Flipboard.  This is an app that lets you keep up with blogs and media by creating your own electronic newspaper.  I also subscribed to podcasts that I regularly listen to on Stitcher and youtube channels that I watch so that the latest show is ready when I am.


    Create time limitations + block your own distractions
    According to Parkinsons’s Law, “work expands to fill the time available for its completion” so sometimes creating an artificial deadline can produce the same quality of work in a shorter amount of time.  

    I love artificial deadlines, especially when it comes to tasks and projects that can drag on.  Try this:  limit yourself to 30 minute bursts to make things happen distraction-free.  Close down Facebook, don't check emails and set a timer for 100% focus on one task.


    Batch like tasks
    When I first started working independently, I struggled with always feeling busy and strangely not having much accomplished to show for it.  I heard about this simple concept of batching tasks and this concept is so simple yet completely turned around my workflow.

    Batching similar tasks together in chunks will decrease the amount time you waste transitioning between projects and increase your productivity.  Let’s face it, multitasking is a waste of time and can exhaust and sneaks away time that should be spent on doing more productive things.


    If there is something you find valuable to work on but you just can’t find the time to work on it, maybe its time to reevaluate and tweak your idea into a more simplified version.  I challenge you to find something that you can simplify, focus and rethink your approach.

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    #048 Squarespace vs. Wordpress. Which One Is The Best Fit For Your Biz?

    #048 Squarespace vs. Wordpress. Which One Is The Best Fit For Your Biz?

    Show notes found at: http://kristyoustalet.com/48


    Wordpress has been known as the one and only platform to build a professional website to build your business, but Squarespace has made a ton of improvements and have positioned themselves as true competitor in the space.


    Everyone has their opinion on which is best, but the real question is which is best for you and your growing business.  Let’s dive into the pros + cons in each to help you make the best decision.


    Customer Support:

    Squarespace: is a paid platform that will answer questions and troubleshoot via email or live chat 24/7.  A Squarespace site generally costs $10/mo.


    Wordpress: because the platform is free, it does not include support.  For this reason, its important to choose themes that have good support forums and some even have how-to videos.  Googling for answers can also be helpful.


    Nat Note: Headway + Genesis themes have great support forums for WP.

    Learning Curve/Dashboard:

    Squarespace: has a drag and drop builder which is easier for beginners to jump into quickly, but with less options.  Website updates are done automatically.


    Wordpress: has a little bit more of a learning curve because it is more robust and has much more possibilities and more flexible.  Updates are done manually.


    Squarespace: Creating an online shop in SS is possible, but the store can only process cards via Stripe.  This creates a huge limitation on international sellers as Stripe only processes payments within the US.  Also, you cannot customize the check-out process.


    Wordpress: can use multiple payment gateways to sell unlimited items virtually and internationally.

    Bells & Whistles:

    Squarespace: doesn’t let beginners get caught up in all the bells and whistles and can create a clean streamlined site.  You have 19 responsive semi-customizable themes.


    Wordpress: you have the ability to use plug-ins which are essentially website apps to end endless functionality.  The look depends a lot of the theme to choose from.  You have thousands of themes to choose from

    Nat’s WP Theme Choosing Tips:

    pick one that you like the look of out of the box if you’re a beginner

    read the reviews from other users

    see how responsive the support forum is

    look for a theme that has been updated recently

    Three premium themes for complete customization: Headway, Thesis, and Genesis

    Theme Forest has thousands of WP themes to choose from


    Which one works best for you?  Let me know what aspects of a site works best for you in the comments below.


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    All show notes can be found at http://kristyoustalet.com/48


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