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Adam Forkner presents various thoughts music poems jokes beats drifts clouds and guests. A muddled purple hue. Fake zen anti-pod jokes and sound collage. Short format. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/adamforkner/support


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Adam Forkner presents various thoughts music poems jokes beats drifts clouds and guests. A muddled purple hue. Fake zen anti-pod jokes and sound collage. Short format. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/adamforkner/support

    silent hands

    silent hands

    BONUS MICROPOD - ambient piano and cloud study


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    • 4 min


    mixtape of original tracks, beats, exercises and experiments, mid-may to early june, 2020:

    track 1 - "box of rain WET version" - i found stems for classic dead tune on american beauty and slowed it down, pitch-corrected the lead vocals, added lots of wet fx,   

    track 2 - "already a distraction" - shiny high def resonator and filter staccato chord blasts like the cool kids are into mixed with strange breakbeat chops,    

    track 3 - "wandering bodyguard" - samples of that viral "south east asian man who sings numbers in a soulful r&b style" from tiktok/youtube inna drifted cloud of organ drummachine beat and bellow style,   

    track 4 - "bordering on blah" angular guitar, strange DMX drum machine beat in odd time cycle, big ambient swell, obtuse fuzz solo. overly complicated and therefore short,   

    track 5 - "won wet wednesday" - a drifty samba dream on a murky cloud, strange wisps,   

    tracks 6 thru 10 recent rap instrumentals:   

    track 6 - "dark truth" - darker brooding break beat that was intended to be like golden age PE/ jungle brothers study, but probably ended up sounding like DJ shadow, lol,   

    track 7 - "red sauce" -  neptunes/timbaland/missy inspired beat,      

    track 8 - "why ballin" - early 2000s Juelz Santana / diplomats new york new jersey fitted hat and puffy winter coat type beat,   

    track 9 - "bamboo sheets" - early 2000s cam'ron, early kanye pitched r&b sample type beat,   

    track 10 - "pompous kings" - early 2000s NYC style swizz beats / Jadakiss pompous new york mc telling you why he's the best type beat, 


    track 11 - "warm water feeling" - nice laconic emotionally vague flower,  

    track 12 - "organbeat may20th" - wandering lounge foliage with early eno/fripp backwards snake guitar noodles.

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    • 26 min
    floating spring distraction elements

    floating spring distraction elements

    seven new wordless songs

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    • 15 min
    rain piano, bird piano, clouds

    rain piano, bird piano, clouds

    there is a piano in my neighborhood
    left out
    first time i stopped to record it
    streets quiet but the birds very loud
    the next time i came, it was after heavy rain
    the wood mechanics inside swollen and stuck together
    there was a rain piano and a bird piano
    they were the same piano
    here are some rain pianos and bird pianos with an appetizer of clouds:
    00:00 - CITY RHYTHM
    04:05 - Wushy
    10:45 - rain piano 1
    26:12 - shallow pool of bird piano
    27:50 - sleep dark bird piano
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    • 34 min
    Ornamental Cotton Sour

    Ornamental Cotton Sour

    A meandering collection of creative outpouring from today. 

    Its been about a week since my last attempt at music creation. Everything has been weird lately, plus it was my 44th birthday last friday. 

    Today I finally forced myself back into the process of creation in my studio.

    I started by making some rather dry and crackly dissonant guitar textures
    which i then scanned through a print of what I had created and resampled bits and refrains in various ways, creating chords, odd textures, unexpected combinations.
    drums, synths & guitars were added to some of the sketches,
    which turned into various iterations on an invisible theme. 

    then i made some more micro songs. I got back into a groove of sorts.

    I hope your weird world is well,
    that you continue to create,
    that you enjoy these micro-songs
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    • 8 min


    I recently watched the Miles Davis documentary put together by PBS and available on netflix, among other sources. It re-ignited my life-long hero worship of Miles, reminded me why I chose to learn the trumpet as a kid, reminded me how much of an influence he has been on the core values of artistic expression I still aspire to in my own very small way. Although it was the In A Silent Way/Bitches Brew era Miles that forever changed the way I think about music when I was a teen, in my mid-life it has been his late-period, final burst of creative energy which fascinates me.

    One reason I keep coming back to Miles' late 80s energy is the outfits. The outfits are amazing. Another reason is that he seemed more open to talking about his process, somehow more humble and open while shrouded in garish 80s plumage. But underneath, above, around and beyond all of these things is the music - a fascinating approach to the modern synthesized sounds of the times, It might be so much projection onto the past, but he seemed unafraid to embrace the strange near-tepid mauve MIDI tones of the day and still come up with something subtle, elusive and sublime. And his paintings... reflecting a sort of afro-funk post modernism and a sense of a return to a willfully playful naïveté . Under all of the pressure to live up to the caricature of the intense, dangerous and adventurous auteur... humbled by health problems..bursting out of a depression that lasted years....he becomes playfully funky, bemused and inspired by his new context.

    Its an inspiring display of renewal and a return to the joy of growth into the unknown.

    The music I made for this episode today probably isn't directly related to Miles Davis'  80s period or, more specifically the 15 minute version of Human Nature live in Paris that I have watched a million times over the last couple of years, nor would I ever claim to even attempt to reach anywhere near his heights of genius...

    regardless, I hope you enjoy!


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    • 11 min

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