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A podcast about playing online the game Diplomacy and its variants. Kaner and Amby discuss the latest developments and game news at WebDiplomacy, vDiplomacy, PlayDiplomacy, backstabbr and more.

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A podcast about playing online the game Diplomacy and its variants. Kaner and Amby discuss the latest developments and game news at WebDiplomacy, vDiplomacy, PlayDiplomacy, backstabbr and more.

    Interview with David E. Cohen

    Interview with David E. Cohen

    The guys interview renown Diplomacy variant creator David E. Cohen before they test out an alliance for the ages: The Juggernaut.
    Up front info
    The show notes are going to be released in two lots; this initial high level overview and then the normal proper show notes a day or so later. Why?
    Well to put it mildly this episode has been a bitch to edit and pull together.
    A few warnings:
    We had all sorts of troubles getting the recording to work at our end for the interview with David E. Cohen. Kaner came up with a solution which while it recorded, the audio quality is not at the usual levels. Apologies, but I've been trying to get it to sound better but can't do much better than as it is
    Half way through recording the episode in the pub, the recorder cut out. We missed a heap of audio and then had to go back and try recreating it half way through the Juggernaut game. Its come together all right. It ain't perfect but as the farmer said in the film Babe, "That'll do pig. That'll do."
    This episode is a whopper. It is the longest episode we've recorded so far at over THREE HOURS. So be warned!
    What's on the show?
    For starters we interview David E. Cohen, creator of the popular variants Known World 901, Western World 901, Maharaja, Spice Islands, Mandate of Heaven, Dawn of the Enlightenment and much more - see his variant website for a lot more detail. David also mentions towards the end of the interview about his latest variant he's developing: Unconstitutional.
    There's probably some around the grounds stuff, no doubt noting how badly Amby has been playing
    The guys then record the start of a live game against the bots where they test an "unbreakable alliance" to see if the Juggernaut - the famous Russia-Turkish alliance - is all its cracked up to be.
    Come back in a day or two and the full show notes should be here.
    Venue: Saccharomyces, Brisbane
    Drinks of choice:
    Kaner:  Drinks to be added when show notes are updated
    Amby: Drinks to be added when show notes are updated
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    Thanks as always to Dr Dan aka "The General" for his rockin' intro tune.

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    Under the never-ending clickity-clack of the train line, the guys catch up in a brewery for a little Diplomacy chat... and the odd drink or two!
    The guys introduce the show, the venue and their drinks (0 mins 10 secs)
    They talk about surfing, waterskiing and serenity (2 mins 45 secs)
    Around the grounds
    They flag there may be a bit of train noise in the background as they're near a rail line. Kaner asks Amby how his games are going. Amby talks about the Big Hitters game (5 mins 20 secs)
    Amby discusses his offer to GM a Winning game for players in the Winning thread (7 mins 15 secs)
    Amby goes onto discuss how badly he's doing in the Cloak and Dagger series, being played on a Modern Europe map (10 mins)
    He then discusses his (surprise surprise) elimination from the Media Wars game and how the other players are going (12 mins)
    Kaner in Quarantine
    Amby thinks he stuffed up the recording (he didn't) before giving a drinks update (16 mins)
    Kaner discusses the impact of his workplace being shutdown due to Covid-19 (18 mins 15 secs)
    Amby explains why the podcast was delayed a week due to the changes Kaner needed to accommodate into at work (25 mins)
    They talk about the Patreon episode they recorded while he was in quarantine. They discuss their alliance game against the bots at webDip (25 mins 45 secs)
    Around the grounds (part 2) and Diplomacy chat
    Kaner gives an update on his "Where's Kaner" Europa Renovation games and the troubles of internet loading issues when orders are due (30 mins 15 secs)
    Amby touches on his Atlantic Colonies game (32 mins 45 secs)
    He goes onto mention one of the games he's trying to get started: Italian Stallions using the Machiavelli map, the first Diplomacy map Amby ever played on (35 mins 15 secs)
    They talk about old military/political strategy books and whether that'd help gameplay eg Machiavelli's "The Prince", von Clausewitz's "On War", Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" and the Roman general Frontinus' "Strategemata" (37 mins 30 secs)
    Amby discusses Aristotle's "Modes of Persuasion" in the devices of rhetoric: ethos, pathos and logos (40 mins 15 secs)
    Kaner raises a Reddit post about strategy for multiple people playing together as a single country and how to approach things (44 mins 30 secs)
    Amby thinks a bonus WDC day of tournament players doing this group game would be awesome (55 mins)
    Kaner gives credit to the teacher/professor for creating such a game scenario. Amby touches on the playDip forum thread for teachers (56 mins 30 secs)
    They touch on their upcoming interview. The guys give an apology/clarification about their comments about the Conspiracy app and its recognition of variant creators (58 mins 45 secs)
    Amby brings up Kaner's United States of Panhandle t-shirt which was originally posted on Reddit. They go onto discuss the r/MapPorn thread including where in the United States you can own a kangaroo. They go onto more American/Australian crossovers with emus (1 hr 2 mins)
    They mention their next interviewee is David E. Cohen (1 hr 8 mins)
    The guys give another shout-out for their Patreon bonus episodes. Amby reflects on Kaner's value add to the podcast before they wrap up (1 hr 9 mins)
    Venue: Stone & Wood Brewery, Brisbane
    Drinks of choice:
    Kaner:  Stone Rock porter and West Coast Extra IPA from Stone & Wood
    Amby:  Cloud Catcher Pale Ale, West Coast Extra IPA and Stone Rock porter from Stone & Wood
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    Thanks as always to Dr Dan aka "The General" for his rockin' intro tune.

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    Interview with Harry Turtledove

    Interview with Harry Turtledove

    The guys interview renown alternate history author Harry Turtledove about his love of the game Diplomacy, Amby laments his Liberty Cup gameplay, more Media Wars chat and a Declaration of War experiment.
    Interview with Harry Turtledove
    The guys introduce the show to new listeners as they may be Harry Turtledove fans. Harry is a renown alternate history author (0 mins 10 secs)
    Amby and Kaner give a super quick crash course on what the game Diplomacy is all about (1 min 45 secs)
    The interview starts with the guys welcoming Harry to the show and ask how he got into writing alternate history (3 mins)
    Kaner asks about one of the characters in Harry's Supervolcano trilogy playing Diplomacy with his friends, and what his experience is with the game Diplomacy (8 mins)
    Amby asks about Harry's thoughts on taking the role of different players. Harry discusses the perspectives you take in the game and how that compares in novel writing looking through the lens of other players (12 mins)
    Harry discusses how he still plays the game when he can. They discuss the different between D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) and Diplomacy (15 mins)
    Kaner asks if Harry has a favorite country to play on the Diplomacy board (17 mins 30 secs)
    Kaner enquires about whether Harry's played any Diplomacy tournaments (20 mins 45 secs)
    They touch on online and app play due to limitations caused by Covid-19 (23 mins)
    Amby asks what would happen if Harry took a manuscript to a publisher in 2014 where the storyline reflects the current 2020 situation, what would be his publisher's take (24 mins)
    Amby asks what happens next in such a story (25 mins)
    They ask about Harry's perspective on Diplomacy variants (26 mins 30 secs)
    Harry introduces a new book he's co-authored coming out in September 2020, "And the Last Trump Shall Sound" with James Morrow and Cat Rambo (28 mins 40 secs)
    He discusses a baseball card simulation game he also likes playing (31 mins 50 secs)
    Amby asks about the process Harry follows in producing novels and where he gets his story inspirations from (34 mins 20 secs)
    Harry provides his pitch to his readers about the game Diplomacy (40 mins)
    They guys wrap up the interview (42 mins)
    Other books by Harry that the guys recommend: WorldWar series (Kaner) and The Guns of the South (Amby)
    For Harry fans (post interview)
    Amby asks Kaner whether he thought he'd ever interview Harry. Kaner talks about his first book of Harry's that he read  (42 mins 30 secs)
    They let readers of Harry know where you can play the game Diplomacy if they're intrigued (43 mins 20 secs):
    vDiplomacy (for variants)
    Plus there are many face-to-face clubs which are now doing many games online

    Diplomacy chat
    The guys get onto the "normal" part of the show with where they are and their drinks (46 mins)
    They let Harry Turtledove fans know how the show format works. They celebrate the podcast now entering its 4th year and 75th episode (48 mins 30 secs)
    Once Bitten, Twice Die - Amby's Liberty Cup experience
    Kaner asks Amby about his game involvement in Philadelphia's Liberty Cup. Amby was just in Round 2 and gives a hat tip to Advait based just up the road in Singapore who was going hard core for the tournament (49 mins 30 secs)
    Amby explains he drew Germany and how two other players in his Boston Massacre game - MaxVax and Jason Mastbaum - were also in this game  (53 mins 20 secs)
    Amby discusses his opening and why things didn't work out as he'd planned (55 mins 20 secs)

    Amby explains why a happy balance is needed between being too Carebear and going full on (1 hr 1 mins)
    Kaner has a bit of a robot moment, Amby has a helpful suggestion on whether any Diplomacy players are connected in the university space to make this happen (1 hr 2 mins 15 secs)
    Kaner says he'll look into it, but makes no promises [sounds like a Diplomacy player right folks?] (1

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    Diplomacy grab bag

    Diplomacy grab bag

    The guys grab some beers and discuss a bunch of Diplomacy stuff including the Diplomacy Broadcast Network, Amby's Media Wars game and losing streak. We play "Where's Kaner?" and get back to some good old Diplomacy chat.
    Diplomacy news
    The guys discuss their beers, the venue and playing some face-to-face Diplomacy there in the future. Amby suggests a game on 9 August [Note: due to a flare up in Corona again, we've put that plan on ice] (0 mins 10 secs)
    Kaner discusses being in stitches after watching the Diplomacy Broadcast Network's first Deadline monthly news. They talk about getting some of the people from DBN on the podcast (7 mins 40 secs)
    They have a Covid update at their end before going back to discuss Deadline news again, with Kaner's idea of it having reporters (11 mins 15 secs)
    Media Wars
    After some new beers Amby starts discussing his Media Wars game (18 mins 45 secs)
    The players are all involved in producing online media content, and the players are (21 mins):
    Amby from the Diplomacy Games podcast
    Brother Bored from the Brother Board blog
    Zach Moore from the Diplomacy Broadcast Network
    CaptainMeme from DiploStrats
    Jeff Hayman, a regular contributor from the Diplomacy Briefing
    Gohornsgo from The Diplomats
    Legendary Tactics from Legendary Tactics

    Amby accidentally outs himself as playing Turkey before pointing players to the game on Backstabbr (23 mins)
    Amby's losing streak
    Kaner gives his advice to Amby on what he should be doing (26 mins 45 secs)
    Amby reflects on the "Kick Me" sign on his back, discussing his Another Herd Needs Culling game (28 mins 20 secs)
    Kaner gives Amby some helpful rankings advice before paradoxically having a rant about rankings, before going back to more advice for Amby (34 mins)
    Where's Kaner?
    Kaner can't understand why he's still alive in some games. He calls for a Where's Kaner? challenge for listeners to guess which country he is (43 mins 15 secs)
    In game one he's a land based power. He's gone from being small, to large and is back to small again. Who is he? (44 mins 30 secs)

    In game two he's being attacked by all sides, but somehow is still alive. Who is he? (46 mins 15 secs)

    Finally in game three after constant unending assault by players, Kaner has fought back and is doing well. He's relatively central but exposed. Who is he? (47 mins 30 secs)

    More Diplomacy chat
    Kaner tells a story before going on another robot tangent and how they help the future of Diplomacy gameplay. Amby brings him back to reality. But if you want to sponsor the show to buy robots let us know! (49 mins 30 secs)
    Amby tries to get Kaner to sign up for the Liberty Cup (56 mins 20 secs)
    They get more beers. Kaner starts discussing the podcast channel on Nexus (57 mins 30 secs)
    Kaner discusses how he got his arse kicked in the Vietnam War variant he played on Diplicity. Amby asks how Kaner's Twenty Twenty game on the app is going (1 hour 1 mins 45 secs)
    The guys start wrapping up and encourage listeners to let another player know about the show (1 hr 9 mins)
    They let listeners know instead of waiting two weeks for the show, you can here us weekly by signing up to their Patreon feed for just $2 a month (1 hr 10 mins)
    Venue: Netherworld, Brisbane
    Drinks of choice:
    Kaner:  Fantastic IPA,  Karma Oatmeal stout and Liquid Amber Red Ale from Newstead Brewery
    Just a reminder you can support the show by giving it 5 stars on iTunes or Stitcher. And don't forget if you want to help improve the audio equipment... or get the guys more drunk, you can also donate at Patreon, plus you get extra podcast episodes!
    Lastly, don't forget to subscribe so you get the latest Diplomacy Games episodes straight to your phone.
    Thanks as always to Dr Dan aka "The General" for his rockin' intro tune.
    Amby: Hop Sauce Pale ale and Fantastic IPA

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    Play by play interview with Zach Moore

    Play by play interview with Zach Moore

    The guys interview Zach Moore for a play-by-play breakdown of his Boston Massacre game with Amby. They discuss some games they're in, Kaner's Squirrel Diplomacy variant idea and an unusual England-France alliance.
    The guys discuss their beers, including an earlier cheeky pint by Kaner. Plus more boom box guy discussion and Australian money (0 mins 10 secs)
    Interview with Zach Moore
    Amby gives some context about the interview, which is a play by play discussion with Zach Moore about a Boston Massacre game they were both in (6 mins 30 secs)
    Amby welcomes Zach to the show. Amby played as France and Zach as Austria. They discuss the lack of collaboration between them (8 mins 20 secs)
    Amby talks about the Western Triple he got in (11 mins 20 secs)
    He asks Zach about his thoughts on Russia and Turkey's opening, Amby reflects on how this caused Italy and Austria to stick together and how the Western Triple solidified (13 mins)

    Zach reflects on the mistake he made with Russia in discussions with John Jameson (17 mins)
    Amby asks Zach whether the eastern side of the board had worked out the Western Triple. Zach discusses the moves in Fall 1902 (19 mins)

    They discuss how in Spring 1903 a counter alliance in the east at last starts kicking goals. Amby talks about his conversations with Turkey (Jason Mastbaum) and the difficulty of getting a hold of him (21 mins 15 secs)
    Amby talks about his first bit of paranoia in Spring 1903 about England with his commitment in the Med, they move onto Fall 1903 and possible confusion around the moves of England and Germany. They talk about the first counter attack from the east  (24 mins)
    Amby asks Zach about the Turkish move to Rumania (27 mins)

    Amby talks about his efforts to divide up Italy with Turkey. He asks Zach about his experience playing with Jason (29 mins 20 secs)
    Zach discusses an attempted stab with Turkey against Russia. They also discuss the Turkey-Austria plan against Italy (31 mins)

    They discuss Amby preventing Zach making ground against Germany by moving into Burgundy so he could support hold Munich while also planning for any English stab (34 mins 20 secs)
    Zach asks about why didn't Amby start coordinating with Italy against Turkey's Ionian fleet (36 mins 20 secs)
    Amby reflects on his paranoia when England built a fleet in London (38 mins 45 secs)
    They discuss Zach's efforts to sweet talk Amby in Fall 1905. Amby discusses where he saw the game going and why he considered stabbing England (40 mins 30 secs)
    They go onto talk about England's stab on Germany and his counter to Amby, while Zach hands Venice to Turkey. Amby asks whether anyone in the east knew in advance of the stab by England (42 mins 20 secs)

    Things move along further into 1906 with some builds from England that Amby thought were threatening although nothing came of it (44 mins 30 secs)
    And by Fall 1907 Italy was eliminated, England was kicked out of Moscow and Germany and France were behind Austria's lines (48 mins)

    Come spring 1907 everyone started reaching the point where the game could go in a very different way, or alternatively draw. Zach talks about whether there was time to continue playing with the hard ending time approaching. The game ended a draw at this stage (50 mins 30 secs)

    Amby explains one problem he was having was all his verbal Discord commu

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    Interview with Martin Bruse, Diplicity app creator

    Interview with Martin Bruse, Diplicity app creator

    Kaner & Amby interview Martin Bruse, creator of the Android Duplicity app. A bit of Diplomacy chat and an update on Amby's variant development plans. And who is that boom box guy?
    The guys discuss their beers, the ban on dancing and everything else being totally open now there's practically no Coronavirus in Queensland (0 mins 10 secs)
    Kaner & Amby are recording two episodes back to back in different locations 3 15
    Interview with Martin Bruse, creator of the Diplicity app
    They begin to introduce their interview guest, Martin Bruse, the Android app developer of Diplicity (3 mins 45 secs)
    The interview starts with Martin telling the backstory of creating Droidippy and how his plan evolved into Diplicity (5 mins)
    Kaner discusses how easy it was to download and use for his Android app. He asks Martin how  Diplicity can also be used for iOS, computers etc. However your push notifications are done as email if not using the Android app (9 mins 30 secs)
    Amby asks about the migration of players from Droidippy to Diplicity (12 mins 30 secs)
    They discuss why Martin developed the app and what he likes about Diplomacy. Martin, Amby and Kaner go onto discuss AI (16 mins)
    Kaner asks about the beautiful nature of the maps on Diplicity, he goes onto discuss where some of the variant maps came from eg Twenty Twenty and Vietnam War (22 mins 40 secs)
    Kaner asks about the games engine and its hard limit on two types of units (armies and fleets), he asks whether a 3rd type of unit could be created in Diplicity's code (27 mins 45 secs)
    Amby asks about Martin's plans to get the word out about the app. Martin gives a hat tip to Joren Bredman who helped Martin with the UX (32 mins 45 secs)
    Martin discusses investigation work into an iOS version of the app and the "funding model" for Diplicity (34 mins)
    Amby asks Martin about why he moved from Sweden to Switzerland, they talk about the Swedish Diplomacy community (37 mins 20 secs)
    Kaner asks about whether Diplicity has a similar sandbox function as Backstabbr (41 mins)
    Amby asks about Martin's views on how Diplicity is different to Conspiracy as an Android app. Martin also discusses the Tribute rating system used in Diplicity and scaring players off from the game if its not really for them (44 mins 30 secs)
    Amby asks where people need to go for Diplicity. Martin points to the Diplicity website or go to your favorite Android app store and search for Diplicity (51 mins 25 secs)
    The guys wrap up the interview (52 mins 20 secs)
    Amby asks Kaner about his experience so far with Diplicity. Kaner gives his one criticism of the game: a lack of shading in non-SC "owned" territories (52 mins 45 secs)
    Kaner is playing an anonymous gunboat Vietnam War game and is about to join a Chaos and a Twenty Twenty games that are forming (56 mins 30 secs)
    Kaner goes onto discuss the Diplicity Discord forum (1 hr 0 mins)
    Diplomacy chat
    The guys talk about all the extra creative Diplomacy channels and offerings (1 hr 3 mins)
    Amby discusses getting face to face games going again in Brisbane now Coronavirus restrictions are pretty much gone. Kaner talks about getting shit faced playing Diplomacy in a pub in Thailand (1 hr 5 mins)
    They talk about whether WDC 2020 is still going to happen. Kaner discusses Americans who can't understand him and flat whites (1 hr 8 mins 45 secs)
    Kaner taunts Amby about his competitive nature in the Winning thread at vDip (1 hr 12 mins 45 secs)
    Amby's variant development
    Amby mentions tobi has shown some interest (when time permits) to help with some of the coding aspects of his planned variants (1 hr 15 mins)
    Amby discusses what elements Kaner recommended for the Black Death may in fact be possible according to tobi (1 hr 16 mins 30 secs)
    The guys return to chat about Martin's inteview and the ability to have 3 or more unit types (more than armies and fleets) (1 hr 18 mins 30 secs)
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