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Podcast by Tyler Williams

    Ep. 17 - Financial Expert Kurt Brown "What Should I Do With The Money?"

    Ep. 17 - Financial Expert Kurt Brown "What Should I Do With The Money?"

    Kurt Brown is a financial expert with 25 years of experience. He runs a firm of financial planners and strategists that specialize in building wealth. In this interview, Kurt answers the following:

    - What do you do with the money?
    - Do you build a safety reserve or pay off debt first?
    - When is the time right to invest?
    - What plans and strategies should you avoid?
    - How do you actually retire and live off of the interest of your investments?

    *and much more.

    Kurt makes it simple to begin a plan with compounding financial results.


    • 1h
    Ryan Sheckler "Be Where Your Feet Are"

    Ryan Sheckler "Be Where Your Feet Are"

    Ryan Sheckler is everything you'd expect, and a whole lot of things you wouldn't. He has a bank of stories, experience, and notoriety that one would suspect comes with being one of the best, and most well-known, skateboarders in the world. What you may not expect, is the deep sense of self awareness, clear purpose, and intentional personal development effort that's uniquely prepared him for the next major milestone in his life, the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo Japan.

    In this Episode
    - Finding Your Purpose
    - How to Train Your Brain
    - Asking Yourself "That Question"
    - How to Develop Confidence
    - The Power of Routine

    • 48 min
    Hamish Brewer, The Relentless Principal

    Hamish Brewer, The Relentless Principal

    There isn't another school principal in the world like Hamish Brewer. In this episode, Ty and Jordan Williams talk to the tattooed, skateboarding, New Zealander principal who is flipping the education system on its head and impacting the lives of students in an incredible way.

    In this Episode:
    - How to get buy-in
    - Why failure is good: What risks to take
    - Buzzing the tower: Pulling inspiration from anywhere
    - Finding your purpose and reaching your people

    • 48 min

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