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"Making It Count" with Julie Hyde is a podcast dedicated to business owners and leaders to inspire you to make it count for your leadership, team, culture, clients and you. Join Julie Hyde as she taps into the experience of some remarkable people who have built successful businesses, learnt from mistakes, navigated challenges and who just get out there and make a difference."

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"Making It Count" with Julie Hyde is a podcast dedicated to business owners and leaders to inspire you to make it count for your leadership, team, culture, clients and you. Join Julie Hyde as she taps into the experience of some remarkable people who have built successful businesses, learnt from mistakes, navigated challenges and who just get out there and make a difference."

    Sarah Gale - Wearing Your Worth

    Sarah Gale - Wearing Your Worth

    I am joined by the dynamic Sarah Gale.

    Former Project Runway Australia judge, senior retail executive and veteran of the Fashion industry, Sarah has worked with some of our most prominent and largest fashion retailers over the last four decades, including Portmans, Sportsgirl, Coles Myer, Witchery, The Just Group and Forever New. She was also Vice President and a chief strategist in the start-up of The Iconic.

    An accredited Coach and advocate for women's empowerment and authenticity, Sarah runs her own consultancy and coaching business with a focus on authentic leadership.

    She is also the Founder of Wearing Your Worth®, a revolutionary wardrobe program exploring our psychological relationship with our clothes. The program is designed specifically to connect women with their authenticity, from the inside out.

    Sarah uses the wardrobe to help us discover the parts of us that we have renounced over the years out of fear of acceptance or self-condemnation, and invites us to reclaim our own unique style to celebrate and show up in our most powerful, confident and authentic self!

    A mother of two, Sarah is passionate about living an authentic life and continually honing her willingness to live transparently with love, courage and vulnerability. She shares from her heart and enjoys inspiring others to live a mindful life.

    I really loved this chat with Sarah as we tapped into her broad range of experience and you really get a sense of how passionate Sarah is about what she does and how courage and authenticity have played a huge role in her leadership and entrepreneurial success.

    We chat about:

    • The challenges of being an early adopter and innovator
    • The benefits of the Wearing your Worth program and how it differs to a stylist's offering
    • Sarah's advice for leaders today
    • How she juggled single parenting and demanding careers


    Wearing Your Worth
    Sarah Gale

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    Catherine Duncan - Giving Others a Voice

    Catherine Duncan - Giving Others a Voice

    Joining me today is Catherine Duncan.

    With more than 25 years of experience in management roles, Catherine's collaborative approach, and her wide-ranging experience across industries, nationalities and networks means she is well equipped to create an environment of support, learning and growth for both her people and her clients.

    As Director and GM at Matthews Steer Accountants & Advisers, she believes that leaders today need to be proactively relevant, reflective and resilient to be able to flex to the future demands of both our people and our clients.

    This podcast is full of leadership wisdom shared by a true and authentic leader. Catherine is really passionate about people and is curious to get to know them and how they tick which is key to her success.

    We chat about:

    • The power of giving others a voice
    • Leading a multi-generational workforce
    • The shift of power in business that leaders need to embrace
    • Why leaders must have critical conversations early.

    You'll pick up very quickly that Catherine is Scottish which makes this listen even more interesting with her gorgeous accent.

    You'll get a lot of value from this podcast - enjoy!

    Catherine Duncan
    Matthews Steer

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    Empowering Wellness - Yasmin Darwish

    Empowering Wellness - Yasmin Darwish

    Yasmin, is a former corporate success turned Kinesiologist and employee wellness enthusiast who brings along 15 years' worth of corporate experience working for some big organisations who now run's her own successful Kinesiology business for which has had continued success changing people's life.

    Yasmin's work is now dedicated to helping people and companies engage in mindset and wellness activities that are proven to increase overall wellbeing and productivity.

    Kinesiology and wellness sessions have empowered hundreds of men and women to grow and achieve their goals. She's been able to help
them move forward from that stuck stagnated feeling, allowing them to have the strength and inspiration to achieve anything they truly desire.

    We chat about:

    • What Kinesiology is all about
    • How it can assist with stress and burnout
    • Her workplace wellness approach
    • The importance of filling your own cup first

    This is an interesting chat and one that you will enjoy.


    Yasmin Darwish

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    Leadership Lessons from the Bushfire Crisis - Julie Hyde

    Leadership Lessons from the Bushfire Crisis - Julie Hyde

    Firstly, Happy New Year! Welcome back to Series 2 of Making It Count.

    For many in Australia, the year certainly hasn't started well. It's been heartbreaking to see our Great Southern Land burning with the Vic and NSW fires consuming lives, property, wildlife and livelihoods in it's path. It's devastating and my heart goes out to all affected. I just can't fathom what these people have been going through and witnessing at this time.

    On a positive note, in tough times, the true Australian spirit shines through the darkness and I am in awe of the courage and dedication shown by our fire fighters and the many volunteers who are helping at this time and beyond.

    As with any crisis situation, there are lessons that we can take out of this dreadful situation as leaders. That is what this podcast is focused on. There is one man I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of right now and that's our Prime Minister! I'm not about to make judgments or play the blame game here, there's plenty of that going on. However, I have used this first podcast of season 2 to talk about the three biggest lessons I have learnt as a leader from this situation.

    The message from people both directly and indirectly impacted is very loud and clear and these voices provide a clear indication of what people are looking for from their leader in tough times. These are:

    • Presence
    • Empathy
    • Support


    If you would like to assist the wonderful organisations that are assisting the victims, both human and wildlife, during this time, here are some that you can consider:

    Bendigo Bank (Vic Govt endorsed and donated)

    Kangaroo Island Mayor Appeal

    CFA - Country Fire Association (Vic)

    RFS - Rural Fire Service (NSW)

    Salvation Army


    Zoos Vic has set up an emergency fund

    Wildlife Rescue - WIRES

    • 16 min
    Ep32: Julie Hyde - Top 10 Leadership Themes of 2019

    Ep32: Julie Hyde - Top 10 Leadership Themes of 2019

    This year, I've had 24 guests on the Making It Count podcast. The guests are from a diverse range of industry and profession, have been incredibly generous and shared so much value to our listeners. I am very grateful to them all.

    It was interesting to reflect back on them because what I realised is even though their experience is diverse and different and they are at very different stages of business or career there were some key leadership themes that really shone through which are very powerful.

    So given we are facing into not only a new year but a new decade, I thought I'd share these with you so you can also take these into account when thinking about how you are going to choose to be as a leader in the new year and throughout your 20's! Yes, some of us get to live these again, much wiser!

    Thank you so much for your support this year and I truly hope you have enjoyed the podcasts and the insights shared. As always, if there are any topics you would like to hear about or if you have any guest suggestions please let me know.

    Looking forward to chatting with you back here in 2020!

    • 20 min
    Ep 31: Paula Glynn - It's All About the Conversion

    Ep 31: Paula Glynn - It's All About the Conversion

    Paula Glynn is my guest on the podcast today.

    Paula is the Search Specialist at PixelStorm, a boutique digital agency in Richmond. For over a decade, Paula has helped businesses across Australia boost their bottom line with effective marketing campaigns and website strategies. While the web has changed dramatically over that time, the fundamentals of Paula's approach have remained the same: matching her client's objectives with the needs of an online audience.

    Paula is a regular speaker at industry events, offering actionable advice to businesses looking to grow with digital strategies. She specialises in CRO & Online Lead Generation using Google Ads, SEO and more.

    We chat about:

    • CRO - what it means and the benefits?
    • The biggest mistakes people are making in this space
    • The top 5 things that need to be considered when thinking about a digital strategy.

    Enjoy this chat with Paula


    • 34 min

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