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"my American friend" : English language blog and podcast.
Learning English by using it to explore the American and European cultures, habits and lifestyle.
The Italian singer/songwriter Marta Innocenti and her American friend Cindy are going to help you improve the language while taking you into a pleasant journey on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.



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my American friend Marta Innocenti

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"my American friend" : English language blog and podcast.
Learning English by using it to explore the American and European cultures, habits and lifestyle.
The Italian singer/songwriter Marta Innocenti and her American friend Cindy are going to help you improve the language while taking you into a pleasant journey on both sides of the Atlantic ocean.



twitter: mAf_podcast

youtube channel : myAmericanfriendblog

facebook page : my American friend - English language podcast

    53 WORK - my American friend

    53 WORK - my American friend

    MARTA : This episode is about WORK !
    CINDY : …really? Why don’t we talk about high-heeled shoes? or food? or music? Let’s have some fun! Are we really going to talk about work??
    M: well, I know some people who are currently looking for a job abroad, they might need our help! Let me say “Hi” to Letizia, Laura and Elda!
    C : Ciao Letizia! Ciao Laura! Ciao Elda! Good luck ladies! All right, let’s talk about work. Why don’t we start with a job interview, then?
    M : a JOB INTERVIEW. Ok, let’s imagine that I’ve applied for a job in a company that you own.
    C: OK, so, you’re looking for a job, you are the APPLICANT.
    M: Yes, I’m the applicant. I applied for the job because I’m UNEMPLOYED, I’m OUT OF WORK now.
    C: and I run a small business, I’m the EMPLOYER, I’m looking for someone to EMPLOY, to HIRE. I called you for a job interview because I received your RESUME or I could also say your CV.
    M : yes, CV, from the Latin “Curriculum Vitae”.
    C : All right, are you ready Marta?
    M : Yes, I’m a little nervous ☺

    C : (Sound of a door opening) Ms. Innocenti?
    M : Yes, that’s me. Good morning!
    C : Good morning, I’m The Boss Lady, the owner of this company. It’s nice to meet you.
    M : Nice to meet you too.
    C : Please come this way (footsteps). Have a seat please.
    M : Thank you.
    C : According to your resume, you’ve worked in the Sales Department of a large company for quite a long time.
    M : Yes, I have many years of experience.
    C : Good. Our company’s goal is to expand our sales in the European and American markets, the new employee will have to help our Sales Manager take care of our customers in Europe and in the US. The position requires you to travel once a month. Would that be an issue for you?
    M : No, of course not. So, is this a full-time job?
    C : Absolutely. You will be required to work OVERTIME as well, for example, when we take part in international exhibitions.
    M : I realize exhibitions are a very important part of this job. That’s when you get to meet many potential customers. It’s worth working overtime.
    C : Good. I can see that you speak English quite fluently, can you speak any other languages?
    M : I’ve studied Spanish, French and some German too.
    C : Excellent. I’ll get in contact with you again next week and we’ll set up a second interview. If you’re chosen for this job, you’ll be paid the going rate plus benefits.
    M : May I ask which BENEFITS you provide?
    C : You will be granted full health insurance and a pension plan.
    M : That’s good.
    C : I’ll get in contact with you next week. Thank you for coming, Ms Innocenti.
    M : Thank you very much. I look forward to hearing from you.
    C : Have a nice day!

    C : well, Marta, I might have decided to hire you…too bad you’re so busy doing music right now!
    M : yeah, I’m sorry, I don’t think I can take care of your customers now, I’m working on my new record and planning my next trip to Nashville, Tennessee!
    C : I know, it’s a pity you’re busy, I will have to find another person to hire, to PROMOTE, to give a BONUS to, to shower in money…
    M : hey, hang on a sec… you’re talking about giving a PROMOTION, giving a BONUS? Well…maybe I could consider working for you in the end…
    C : ☺ even if you have to work overtime? Work DOUBLE SHIFTS? Work the GRAVEYARD SHIFT?
    M : the graveyard shift??!
    C : yes, that’s an informal way to say the “night shift”
    M : graveyard shift… mmm… no, sorry, I’m going back to writing songs and playing concerts in Nashville, I’m afraid. ☺
    C : I haven’t even hired you yet and you’re already complaining because you want some TIME OFF ? you’re not a WORKAHOLIC, are you?
    M : ugh! Com’on, you haven’t even hired me yet and you’re already asking me to work d

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    52 to Catch

    52 to Catch

    Marta: Today we’re talking about to catch.
    Marta: Cindy, hurry up! Get in here! We haven’t recorded in a long time and we’ve got a lot to catch up on!
    Cindy: True. It’s been a while. We have a lot to catch up on. That means we have a lot to talk about, to become up-to-date on current events.
    Marta: or for example: to catch up on work projects…
    Cindy: …and to catch up on gossip! (laughs)
    Marta: Exactly! (laughs)
    Cindy: BUT there will be no catching up without a cup of coffee first!
    Marta: Good idea.
    Cindy: I’ll get the coffee and I’ll be right back…(footsteps)
    Marta: (humming a song)
    Cindy: Here’s your coffee. Hey, what’s that song you’re humming? Is that from your new album? I love it! It’s really catchy!
    Marta: Yeah, it’s called “Back in the Saddle” and yes, it will be on the new album. What do you mean by ‘’really catchy’’?
    Cindy: That means it’s instantly likeable! It makes me want to sing along with you! It’s a catchy tune.
    Marta: Well, thank you. I’m very excited about this album. Just please don’t start singing Cindy, because you’ll break the microphone & we still have an entire podcast to record!
    Cindy: It’s absolutely true. So, let’s catch up. What’s new in your life?
    Marta: Well, I’ve been to “Music City” USA… Nashville, Tennessee baby!!
    Cindy: That must have been amazing! Did you catch some great performances? That means ‘’did you see some great performances?’’
    Marta: Actually, we didn’t catch anyone because we were so busy PLAYING (music)!
    Cindy: I’m glad you had the chance to play Nashville. You deserve it. I bet you can’t wait to catch the next plane back to Tennessee?
    Marta: And I’m happy to say that this April I will be on the next plane back to Tennessee!
    Cindy: That’s wonderful! Oh, and that reminds me I want to catch the 5 o’clock train back to Bologna tonight.
    Marta: Are you going to catch up with your husband after work?
    Cindy: First, I want to do a little Christmas shopping. I’ll catch up with my husband for dinner later on.
    Marta: It’s very cold & rainy tonight. Dress warmly or you’ll catch a terrible cold!
    Cindy: Oh I know! I caught a cold last week. It was awful!
    Marta: Uh Cindy, take your microphone and go stand over there. I don’t want to catch your germs.
    (sound of disinfectant spraying)
    Cindy: Wait! What are you doing? I’m not sick anymore! Stop spraying me with disinfectant!
    Marta: Keep your germs on that side of the room!
    Cindy: Don’t worry, it’s not catchy. My cold is long gone and I’m no longer contagious. You’re safe! (laughs)
    Marta: Ok, but one single cough and you can catch the early train back to Bologna! (sprays disinfectant)
    Cindy: Stop it! Oh, look outside! The weather is getting worse! (sound of rain) I may have to catch the early train if I want to get some shopping done tonight. (thunder & lightning)
    Marta: Why do you need to go shopping tonight? (thunder) Go tomorrow, maybe it will be sunny?
    Cindy: No, I REALLY need to catch that 5 o’clock tonight.
    Marta: Are you buying more shoes?
    Cindy: (silence)
    Marta: I knew it.
    Cindy: Ok, Ok, listen to me! Huge clearance sale. Leather boots. Name brands. Everything in the store- 75% off the original price.
    Marta: We need to catch that early train!
    Cindy: Thanks for listening everybody! Catch up with us later on our Facebook Page or come visit our blog at www.myamericanfriendblog.com. Previous episodes of ‘’my American friend Podcast’’ are available for download on Podomatic & iTunes.
    Marta: Come follow us on Twitter and browse our videos on Youtube.
    Cindy: Marta & I want to wish all of you a happy & healthy holiday season. Thank you for all your support & kind words. Best wishes from our families to yours. Thank you for listening everyone.
    Marta & Cindy: bye bye

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    51 MONEY - my American friend

    51 MONEY - my American friend

    M : This episode is about MONEY !
    M : First of all : Money is UNCOUNTABLE.
    C : Exactly- because I have none. I can’t count what I don’t have!
    M: That’s not what I meant!
    C: Alright, MONEY is UNCOUNTABLE. We can’t say one money, two moneys…, we can count Dollars, one Dollar, two Dollars…or Euros: one Euro, two Euros… but money is an abstract notion and it’s an uncountable noun. That’s why we say: money IS, not money are.
    M : Now let’s talk about CASH money, for example, here’s my wallet.
    C: You have money in your wallet??
    M: A bit.
    C: I have spider webs in mine. Ok, Marta, that’s paper money. BILLS. We call them bills. For example: a 10 dollar bill or a 20 Euro bill. Ok. That’s metal currency instead. We call those small metal pieces COINS.
    M : Ok, bills and coins. The one dollar bill can be called a BUCK, right?
    C : yes, that’s why we can say “bucks” whenever we mean dollars. It’s informal but for example.. “Marta, I’m running out of cash, could you lend me 10 bucks please?”
    M : Sure! 10 bucks for you Cindy, here you are.
    C : Can you lend me a BENJAMIN ?
    M : …a Benjamin?
    C : that’s a nickname for the $100 bill, because Benjamin Franklin is pictured on the bill.
    M : ok, so if you mention “Benjamins” you are referring to hundred dollar bills. And the answer to your question is: no, I’m not giving you a Benjamin, sorry.
    C : alright, I was just kidding. Now let’s talk about coins. They have nicknames too. A 1 cent coin is a PENNY. A 5 cent coin is a NICKEL, a 10 cent coin is a DIME and a 25 cent coin is a QUARTER.
    M : Right. 1 cent Penny, 5 cent Nickel, 10 cent Dime, 25 cent Quarter.
    C : For example, imagine I’m a poor person approaching you at the station. I would say: “Madam, can you spare a dime please?”
    M : ….a dime… 10 cents. Yes, sure!
    C : Madam can you spare a Benjamin please? ☺
    M : yes,…hmmm…wait a minute….a Benjamin is a hundred dollar bill… I’m afraid that’s a little too much ! Nice try, though! ☺
    C : I tried! Talking about coins, sometimes we toss a coin to make a decision in a neutral way. That’s what happens in sports, for example, the referee tosses a coin at the beginning of a match to see which team is going to start first.
    M : Ok, let’s toss a coin to decide who is going to talk about idioms regarding money.
    C : Heads or tails, Marta? That means the face, the head, of the coin or the other side of the coin? Heads or tails?
    M : hmmm…heads.
    C : Ok, tails for me. Let’s see. Tails.
    M : Ok, you won. So go ahead, give us an idiom about money.
    C : All right. I know 3 idioms about money mentioning body parts. TO COST AN ARM AND A LEG. That means to cost a lot! For example: My new laptop computer cost me an arm & a leg.
    M : To cost an arm and a leg. Ok.
    C : Another one is: TO HAVE AN ITCHY PALM. That means to ask for tips. For example: That valet has an itchy palm. His hand is always out, asking for money.
    M : To have an itchy palm, got it.
    C : Third one: TO HAVE STICKY FINGERS, to be a thief. For example: The new shop assistant has sticky fingers and many items in the store have disappeared. They’ve stolen many items from the shop. The shop assistant has “sticky fingers”.
    M : to have sticky fingers… hmmm…
    C : Marta? … hey… a penny for your thoughts.
    M : …oh, yes, the Rolling Stones, that’s where I heard Sticky Fingers before. Now I remember.
    C : yes, you’re right.
    M : by the way, what did you mean when you told me “A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS” ?
    C : that’s another idiom. It’s a nice way of asking someone what they are thinking. Penny for your thoughts, what are you thinking about?
    M : a penny for your thoughts. Nice one. I like it.
    C : ok, Marta, let’s move on, we have to hurry up.

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    50 Thanksgiving

    50 Thanksgiving

    Marta: This episode is about THANKSGIVING.
    Marta: Hey everybody, I’m so sorry but I have a cold! So, I have no voice- at all today. I think I’d better leave you with Cindy this time, right?

    Cindy: Hey everyone! I’m here today with my friend Christine who’s an American artist living & working in Bologna, Italy. Hey Christine, thanks for being with us here today to talk about THANKSGIVING.
    Christine: Hi Cindy, thanks for having me.
    Cindy: Christine, what is THANKSGIVING?
    Christine: American Thanksgiving, it’s a national holiday celebrated in November to commemorate the arrival of the Pilgrims to North America. They celebrated, with the Native Americans, the harvest.
    Cindy: And when did it become a national holiday?
    Christine: It first became a national holiday under Abraham Lincoln.
    Cindy: Ok, let’s get to the good stuff- what was on that first menu?
    Christine: That first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Plymouth Colony, which is now Massachusetts, and they had wild turkey, venison…
    Cindy: …now, ‘’venison’’ is deer?
    Christine: deer, yes….Indian corn, fowl…
    Cindy: …and by ‘’fowl’’ you mean wild birds?
    Christine: Wild birds.
    Cindy: So, a pretty simple menu?
    Christine: Yes, what they had at the time.
    Cindy: Does any of that remain today, on the American menu?
    Christine: Well, the most important part of the menu remains the turkey. So today we have the turkey and then the side dishes which are sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy and for dessert: pumpkin pie.
    Cindy: Alright, let’s explain ‘’stuffing’’ a little bit better. What is stuffing?
    Christine: Stuffing, it’s seasoned, cubed bread and some people put it in the turkey, others leave it on the side.
    Cindy: Is it mixed with any vegetables?
    Christine: Yes, carrots, onions, celery.
    Cindy: And I know in some parts of America they even put oysters into the stuffing.
    Christine: Yes, let’s say depending on your family the recipe changes from family to family.
    Cindy: Now, I know that Thanksgiving is very important to you and your family. How did you celebrate Thanksgiving when you were growing up?
    Christine: It was very important, and it still is, to my family. But I would say that all Americans celebrate and that’s what makes it important because it’s not religious, it’s centered around food and being thankful. It has a set menu and whether you’re with family or friends- everyone celebrates.
    Cindy: It’s not religious. It’s not a religious holiday.
    Christine: No.
    Cindy: I’ve spent a lot of beautiful Thanksgivings with my neighbors and friends. Now, how will you be celebrating Thanksgiving here in Italy this year?
    Christine: This year, I’m going to have Thanksgiving dinner with Italian friends. So now I’m trying to gather all the authentic ingredients so I can make the meal.
    Cindy: Is it easy? Have you been able to find everything you need?
    Christine: Well, in fact, the turkey is a problem because they’re quite large birds and I’m afraid it might not fit in the Italian ovens.
    Cindy: You may have to cut it up! (laughs)
    Christine: I think so! (laughs)
    Cindy: (laughs) That’s good. And what other things will you have besides the turkey?
    Christine: Sweet potatoes, I’ve found sweet potatoes. I’m looking now for cranberry sauce but I think I might have to use a substitute.
    Cindy: There are some good substitutes out there. And what else? Are…will you have stuffing?
    Christine: I’ll have stuffing. That’s easy to make. Also, pumpkin pie. I can find pumpkins here and I’ll roast it and make my own pie.
    Cindy: Yum! Will you invite me? (laughs)
    Christine: (laughs) Sure! Everyone’s invited, it’s Thanksgiving!
    Cindy: Happy Thanksgiving, Christine.
    Christine: Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
    Cindy: Thanks for being with us here today.
    Cindy: Ok listeners, that’s all fo

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    49 DEATH - the HALLOWEEN Episode

    49 DEATH - the HALLOWEEN Episode

    Marta: Today we’re talking about DEATH: The HALLOWEEN Episode!
    Marta: Hi Cindy! Happy Halloween!
    Cindy: Happy Halloween Everyone! (muffled)
    Marta: What?
    Cindy: (muffled) Happy Halloween Everyone! (spits out fake Dracula teeth) I said, Happy Halloween Everyone!
    Marta: What in the world are you wearing on your teeth?!
    Cindy: These are my Dracula teeth! (Cindy puts teeth back in) For Halloween!
    Marta: Take those out! I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD WITH YOU looking like that! They’re horrible!
    Cindy: All right, all right! I’ll take them out.
    Marta: Where did you buy those, at the 99 Cent Store? Do not wear those outside of this studio because…
    Cindy: I know, I know “…because you wouldn’t be caught dead with me wearing them.” That means she’s embarrassed to be seen with me.
    Marta: Yes!
    Cindy: Ok, but hang on a second. Now I need to go brush my teeth. My mouth tastes like plastic. Watch my pet Scorpion while I’m gone. (sound of scorpion falling on desk)
    Marta: (screams)
    Cindy: Come on! just watch my pet Scorpion while I’m gone.
    Marta : Are you trying to SCARE ME TO DEATH!? You know that bugs scare me to death!
    Cindy: Happy Halloween! I need to go brush my teeth. Relax, it’s not a real Scorpion…look!...he’s only rubber! Touch it! Touch it!
    Marta: Is there anything left at the 99 Cent Store? Or did you buy every last disgusting thing in there?
    Cindy: Happy Halloween (sound of footsteps walking away)
    Marta: That girl is going to scare me to death! Yuck! Scorpions!
    Cindy: (footsteps return) Ok, I’m back. Are you okay?
    Marta: Empty your pockets! Do you have any other disgusting things with you?
    Cindy: No, nothing. My pockets are empty. I swear.
    Marta: You promise?
    Cindy: Promise.
    Marta: Good!
    Cindy: Y’know, I just didn’t want you to be BORED TO DEATH!
    Marta: BORED to death?
    Cindy: Yeah, you’re here in the recording studio, day in and day out. I was worried you might be tired of it, bored to death? Mr. Giant Scorpion is here to keep you company!
    Marta: Boredom is not the problem!
    Cindy: Check out our Facebook page later everyone and I’ll post a picture of Mr. Giant Scorpion.
    Marta: ….and then Mr. Scorpion is going to disappear for a very long time.
    Cindy: You’re a bug hater. Hey Marta! I do have one more thing in my bag and it’s not disgusting!
    Marta: Oh, thank goodness!
    Cindy: In fact, it’s pretty awesome! I have in my hands your new album 12n (Twelve Notes) “Country Made in Italy”. It’s a fantastic album! Congratulations you did a great job! I love it.
    Marta: Well, thank you! I’m so excited about this new album. We’re shooting the videoclip right now. It’ll be out in a month. I think everybody’s going to enjoy it.
    Cindy: And how can we view the video when it’s ready?
    Marta: on our youtube channel. It’s 12ntv. 1 2 n t v. go check it out, there’s the making of of the CD, we had such a great time in the recording studio.
    Cindy: And I love the cover photo and the mini-poster inside. You look hot!
    Marta: Thanks, we had a lot of fun doing that photo shoot.
    Cindy: The photo is beautiful. YOU LOOK DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!
    Marta: Drop-dead gorgeous.
    Cindy: We say ‘’drop-dead gorgeous’’ to say that somebody is really beautiful, stunning, drop-dead gorgeous!
    Marta: For example?
    Cindy: For example…Marta looks drop-dead gorgeous on her new album cover! (laughs)
    Marta: And what about my husband? I think he looks so handsome in his cowboy hat & boots.
    Cindy: Bellissimo! Very handsome! It’s amazing because when he wears that cowboy hat, he is a DEAD RINGER for Tim McGraw the American country singer.
    Marta: A dead ringer for Tim McGraw. That’s good right?
    Cindy: Yes it is! That means he looks just like Tim McGraw. He could be Tim’s stunt double! He’s a dead ringer!
    Marta: He’ll be happy to hear that!
    Cindy: And when he does his impression of Johnny Cash si

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    VIP 3 - Carrie Rodriguez @ my American friend

    VIP 3 - Carrie Rodriguez @ my American friend

    Carrie Rodriguez is a talented and successful singer, songwriter and musician from Texas.

    Thank you so much Carrie for being our guest at "my American friend" !

    • 1m

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