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This is a collection of resources to help improve your focus, memory, learning, and creativity.

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This is a collection of resources to help improve your focus, memory, learning, and creativity.

    Reliable IQ Test

    Reliable IQ Test

     Test Your IQ with a Reliable IQ Test

    An accurate IQ test with the full interpretation of your IQ score? That's almost impossible to get on the internet!

    But relax...

    It is true that most IQ tests are available online and free. But if you quickly search Google for 'IQ test' right now, you will discover tons of them are merely designed to be fun quizzes.
    Why would you depend on some IQ tests that were designed with much intent to make fun of you and waste your time?
    Did you ever think about getting a unique, reliable IQ test which must be accurate, relevant, and explanatory enough to the point that you will have nothing to worry about?

    By now, you should already be asking yourself "where can I get this unique IQ test?" Relax, IQ Test for All is the solution.
    IQ Test for All was professionally designed as a psychometrically accurate and reliable IQ test to outperform online IQ tests. This unique system guarantees to help you discover your level of intelligence without compromising relevance.

    IQ Test for All consists of twenty-five 3X3 Matrices. You will have to choose the tile that best completes the matrix, given the options A to H. The material contains scoring instruction, interpretation and psychometric validation.

    It is also possible that you would not like to get bored with an IQ test of over 200 questions. Why? Humans tend to avoid any venture that inflicts stress and pain.

    To solve this problem, the IQ Test for All has only 25 questions carefully designed to test your IQ and creativity without wasting your time. Time is precious.

    Apart from the IQ test, important details have been included to explain human intelligence, flaws, theories, controversies, cultural fairness, and bias in IQ tests.

    Most IQ tests are costly as $125 dollars, really huge price. Who wants to go broke for merely testing their IQ? Won't you rather save your hundreds of dollars, anyway?

    Generously, with IQ Test for All, you won't have to waste money and that's okay!

    Psychometric Properties

    Reliability: 0.87 Cronbach's α
    Validity: 0.91 construct validity

    Length: 39 pages overall.
    Administration: suitable for global usage.
    Format: Downloadable .pdf eBook.
    Payment methods: PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards. BTC and Payoneer (on request). 
    One-time fee: $93  $57
    You will also get free instant access to the Ultimate Brain Game and the Genius Realm.

    For inquiries, contact: 


    Skype: bukunmiadewumi

    Printed paper version is now available in Amazon Bookstore. 

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    Sponsored Post Opportunities for Mental Health

    Sponsored Post Opportunities for Mental Health

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    Techno-Memory: Are We Really the Master of Our Memory?

    Techno-Memory: Are We Really the Master of Our Memory?

    Is our memory compromised by technological progress? While many recent studies suggest that our span of attention and memory processes have been drastically challenged due to new technological developments in our everyday surrounding, should we accept this challenge?

    More at:  https://www.neuroscientia.com/2019/03/technology-and-human-memory.html

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    What! Free IQ Test with Instant Results?

    What! Free IQ Test with Instant Results?

    As you may know, The Intelligence Quotient is one of the psychological inventions which have incredibly related with our learning potential and thinking abilities.

    The individuals who have the highest IQ have the tendency to learn faster and memorize speedily. What about logic and maths problem? Arguably, since most IQ tests are designed to test this, we can say people with a high score can do well in maths and logical puzzles.

    Test your IQ at: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/free-iq-test-with-instant/fdbihkhbmlognkmadnohjmpicdjbppci?hl=en

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    How to Raise Smart Kids

    How to Raise Smart Kids

    Are you worried about making a smart baby? Worry no more as you are about to get it done the right way now.

    More at: https://www.neuroscientia.com/2018/05/what-science-says-about-raising-smart-kids.html

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    How to Support Special Needs Students

    How to Support Special Needs Students

    Students with special need to excel in their educational curriculum have to be given necessary support. Here are some key tips you can start leveraging to ensure this is done appropriately.

    More: https://www.neuroscientia.com/2018/08/how-to-deal-with-special-needs-student.html

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