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Three Motivated Women Discuss Living the Motivated life.

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Three Motivated Women Discuss Living the Motivated life.

    Motivated Women #45 Don’t Give Up…Look for the challenge

    Motivated Women #45 Don’t Give Up…Look for the challenge

    A quick episode today to get back in the saddle, so to speak. I'm struggling with getting back to a routine and have gained weight. I know that not all the weight is bad. Some of the added weight is muscle, but it's hard to get out of the mind set of increased weight is bad. The fit test from earlier this year is a help and a reference point for me as I move forward.

    No one can stay on the same path all the time. We all take detours. Detours are not necessarily bad. We should take the time to learn from them and see what other perspective is opened for us.

    The blog I referenced is Loving The Bike: www.lovingthebike.com Great blog related to the cycling community with many other links to related topics.

    Other blogs I've been reading: www.grouchosports.com

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    Motivated Women Podcast #44 The Fitness Evaluation

    Motivated Women Podcast #44 The Fitness Evaluation

    Thanks for sticking with me during the last 2 1/2 unproductive months. This episode I talk about the fitness evaluation, the winter shut down and (probable start of) menopause.

    Spinnervals www.spinnervals.com
    1. 23.0 Time Saver 1
    Short on time? 3 30 minute workouts. A focuses on technique, B focuses on tempo and C focuses on power/sprint
    2. 16.0 Aero Base Builder 1
    80 minute interval session to develop aerobic base and edurance
    3. 30.0 Muscular Endurance Plus
    2 hour and 20 minute workout to build endurance for long cycling events

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    Motivated Women #43 Exercise DVDs

    Motivated Women #43 Exercise DVDs

    I found many people telling me I should try P90X or some similar exercise DVD. Looking up information on the P90X I found it really is a decent program. Provided that you follow their diet and can keep up with the 90 day 1+ hour committment to the exercises. My biggest reason for not doing the plan is cost and personal committment. I need to get out and be around others.

    In looking for a different program I found that I'm guiltly of the Over-Training Syndrome. http://sportsmedicine.about.com/cs/overtraining/a/aa062499a.htm

    I will now be making an appointment to see a Personal Trainer and get a Fit Test done. I will report back in January with this information and what I did with it. For now slowing it down and reevaluating.


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    Motivated Women #42 It’s Never the End….Happy Holidays

    Motivated Women #42 It’s Never the End….Happy Holidays

    Final day of NaPodPoMo!

    I did it! I have done 30 podcasts in a row. Now I'm primed to be in the once a month saddle. Plan is to have a Motivated Women Podcast out by the end of the 2nd week of the month.

    I need ideas, please call or email in your suggestions. The BadgerCast line is 262-649-8550 or email me at MWPJulie@gmail.com

    Enjoy the Holidays. Remember take a walk, try something new.... just get out and do something!

    Intro song was Mary, Did You Know by Kenny Rogers and Wynonna Judd of the It's Christmas Time Album

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    Motivated Women #41 What About Alcohol

    Motivated Women #41 What About Alcohol

    Day 29 of NaPodPoMo

    A chat I had with Shelly on alcohol and diets is in the feed today. In general a 5 ounce glass of wine = 100 calories and 1 ounce of liquor = 75 calories.



    Shelly is a podcaster: Shelly's Podcast www.shellyspodcast.com
    App Store Pundit www.appstorepundit.com

    Joy of Mixology by Gary Reagan

    Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Cradick

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    Motivated Women #40 Music: It’s a Motivator

    Motivated Women #40 Music: It’s a Motivator

    Day 40 of NaPodPoMo

    Here are a few of the songs I use to keep me motivated while exercising

    1. All Shook Up: Billy Joel, Honeymoon in Vegas Soundtrack
    2. Burning Love: Travis Tritt, Honeymoon in Vegas Soundtrack
    3. Complicated: Bon Jovi, Highway Rock Album
    4. Idaho: BoDeans: Joe Dirt Car Disc 1 Album
    5. New Orleans: The Louisana Gator Boys and the Blues Brothers Band, Blues Brothers 2000 Album

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