This is Nonprofit Lowdown where I review and recommend the best ideas, resources, tools, tricks and tips to run your nonprofit like a pro! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/nonprofitlowdown/support

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This is Nonprofit Lowdown where I review and recommend the best ideas, resources, tools, tricks and tips to run your nonprofit like a pro! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/nonprofitlowdown/support

    #264 - The Business of an NPO with Robert Fukui

    #264 - The Business of an NPO with Robert Fukui

    In love with your mission but not getting warm fuzzies from the fundraising? You’ve got to start thinking of your NPO as a business! Wait, what? 

    Robert is the founder of Power Couples by Design and co-author of the book Tandem: The Married Entrepreneurs’ Guide For Greater Work-Life Balance.

    As a former Fortune 500 exec helping nonprofits grow and thrive (and keep romance alive!), Robert brings the real talk about how and why healthy nonprofits make a PROFIT (legally and ethically). 💰We also talk about: 

    💥Why you should focus on being productive vs. busy

    💥Time and money - managing your most precious resources

    💥Growing your organization the right way

    💥Who should be fundraising (hint - it’s you!)

    💥Surrounding yourself with the right board

    Robert Fukui helps purpose-driven leaders build thriving organizations while finding balance. Whether you lead a fledgling startup or established nonprofit, his business principles are gold! 

    “The money's not the goal, but it's the essential part of building the organization. And if you're not intentional about developing relationships with your donors, with new ones and also existing ones, you're just going to struggle.” - Robert Fukui

    There’s so much more BIZ strategy packed into this episode. Let Robert school ya on sustainable nonprofit success. 🎓 

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    #263 - Rich White Men with Garrett Neiman

    #263 - Rich White Men with Garrett Neiman

    Ever feel like no matter how hard you shake the money tree, the fruit only falls for certain folks? 💰🌳

    On the latest episode of Nonprofit Lowdown, Garrett Neiman riffs on how subtle (and not so subtle) biases in philanthropy make it dramatically easier for privileged people to fundraise.

    Garrett knows this song by heart. As a former nonprofit founder and author of Rich White Men he's on a mission to help level the playing field.

    He reflects on his journey from a conservative upbringing to recognizing the systemic barriers and biases faced by marginalized communities. Garrett realized the need for a power analysis in social change work - one that calls on white men to stand up for equity and justice.

    The conversation touches on topics like the War on Wokeness, fundraising disparities, and the importance of understanding privilege.

    Garrett's prescription? Get more people with power - especially rich white dudes - talking openly about equity. 🗣️ He encourages privileged folks to determine their unique position, commit to lifelong learning, and take daily action to promote justice.

    Ready for frank convo on race, class and cash? Garrett brings nuance and heart. Get your headphones and an open mind.

    Important Links:

    Book: Rich White Men: What It Takes to Uproot the Old Boys' Club and Transform America  - https://a.co/d/f8OQdcoLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garrettneiman/


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    #262 - Marketing on a Shoestring Budget with Krystal Covington

    #262 - Marketing on a Shoestring Budget with Krystal Covington

    Confused about all the options for nonprofit marketing? 🤔 Don't let analysis paralysis stop your impact! 🛑

    Krystal Covington, marketing pro turned nonprofit consultant, shares bite-sized tips to level up your marketing—even with limited time and budget. 💡 Krystal is a Marketing Consultant with GO Lead, LLC and the Community Outreach Coordinator at a Denver-based nonprofit called Hands of the Carpenter.

    Her main takeaway: start small and stay consistent. Little steps like sending a social media post or pitching local media add up over time to stronger community, trust, and visibility. She advises getting your core team aligned on one clear mission statement first, then facilitating collaboration across marketing and development efforts. And keep growing that email list! It helps sustain precious relationships with supporters. 

    “I'm passionate about helping anything and anyone with a cause and with a purpose that matters. They need to have … really great marketing and really great marketers that support the things that matter in the world.” - Krystal Covington

    Tune into the full episode for more on how to prioritize marketing, even on a shoestring budget. Krystal's pragmatic advice will help you overcome analysis paralysis.

    Important Links:

    DIY PR Podcast Episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/167-diy-pr-with-rebekah-epstein/id1436858854?i=1000547416777

    Email: krystal@goleadconsulting.comLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krystalncovington/


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    #261 - Servant Leadership + Fundraising with Evan Wildstein

    #261 - Servant Leadership + Fundraising with Evan Wildstein

    🎤 Why be a hero when you can be a guide? 🧭

    On this episode of Nonprofit Lowdown, we’re chatting with author/fundraiser Evan Wildstein as he dishes on servant leadership - how embracing empathy, community, and self-growth can transform nonprofit fundraising. 🙌

    Servant leadership isn't about being a martyr (hard pass). It's about mindset shifts from "me" to "we."

    Evan shares out-of-the-box tips like recording yourself to improve listening skills. 🎧 He explores healthy boundaries and psychological safety so teams can have real talks on topics like equitable hiring.

    Tune in to find out why mindset and training matter when it comes to connecting your mission and money. Discover feel-good fundraising that's about people, not just dollars. 💸

     “Thorough servant leadership translates to dollars.” - Evan Wildstein

    Important Links: 

    The Nonprofiteers Fundraising Field Guide: https://www.amazon.com/Nonprofiteers-Fundraising-Field-Guide-Servant-Leadership/dp/1666767514

    LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evan-a-wildstein


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    #260 - Diversifying Your Board with Andy Rathmann-Noonan and Mayowa Awe

    #260 - Diversifying Your Board with Andy Rathmann-Noonan and Mayowa Awe

    Diversifying your board - yup, it's time for that awkward convo! But it's so key for representing your community, getting new perspectives, and just making decisions with more empathy and cultural awareness. Am I right?In this episode, I chat with Andy and Mayowa from the National Science and Technology Medals Foundation about how they transitioned their board from pale and male 👴👴 to a diverse dream team! 🙌

    Here are some nuggets of wisdom gleaned from our discussion: :

    To effectively diversify, you have to look beyond surface diversity to passion and abilities.

    Relationship building is clutch! Take time to connect with potential recruits before they join. Steward each member intentionally even after they've joined.

    Give diverse members multiple ways to add value, not just cutting checks. Offer options like volunteering, social media, and building networks.

    Lend recruiting support by doing prep work like LinkedIn searches and email templates. Meet them where they're at!

    Foster connections between members through fun social events outside meetings. Personal bonds help teams work together.

    “Set the aspirational goal of what you want the board to look like in

    terms of representation … diversity … skill set… [G]o for that. It's going to get frustrating but it's a worthy exercise.” - Andy Rathmann-Noonan

    “Some people really do not come from a place where there's generational wealth, but they have something to offer “ -Mayowa Awe

    It may get uncomfortable, and it will definitely take time and patience; but, diversifying your board will uplevel the impact and effectiveness of your org! Check out the episode for more practical insights on how you can diversify your board and have capacity while achieving the mission and vision of your NPO. 

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    #259 - Hard Asks Made Easy with Laura Fredricks

    #259 - Hard Asks Made Easy with Laura Fredricks

    Ask and you shall receive! Making big fundraising asks doesn't have to feel scary or daunting. My brilliant guest Laura Fredricks shares her golden rules for powering through the fear of asking and inspiring donors to take action.

    Laura is a best-selling author and fundraising guru who helps organizations bring in the big bucks. As CEO and founder of The Ask, she's worked with over 100 nonprofits and raised over $100 million. Her new book Hard Asks Made Easy offers a practical guide to conquering your fear of “the ask.”

    In our conversation, Laura breaks down the art and science behind making compelling asks. Her 5P framework - incorporating purpose, pride, persistence, practice and pause - provides the perfect recipe for fundraising success. Laura's tips on shaping the ask, from identifying potential donors to crafting the pitch, are invaluable for nonprofits seeking to level up their fundraising strategy.

    The key is matching the ask to the individual while leading with authenticity. As Laura says, "The warmth in your tone, the presence of your style will invite the person to want to do what you're gonna ask." Her advice has taken the fear out of fundraising for organizations worldwide. Now it's your turn - listen up and start asking!

    Laura’s books helped me understand my personal asking style and the psychology of making the ask so that I could be confident and fearless in fundraising. 

    Important Links: Get Laura’s Book - Hard Asks Made Easy: https://www.amazon.com/Hard-Asks-Made-Easy-Exactly/dp/1642257079

    Contact Laura: https://laurafredricks.com/


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