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A weekly wrap-up of Highsnobiety's most notable headlines and new releases

    The Dropcast #105: Roller Coaster Buckles on Everything with Matthew Williams

    The Dropcast #105: Roller Coaster Buckles on Everything with Matthew Williams

    Matthew Williams has over a decade of experience as a music and art creative as well as the founder and creative director of 1017 ALYX 9SM, and he’s continuing strong even in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. On this episode of ‘The Dropcast,’ hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas chat with the designer, who is still virtually working with his global teams and finding time in between for online yoga all while living out of his suitcase since returning to New York from Milan after the outbreak.
    Palace x Evisu start off the quick hits with their MC Skibadee collab paying homage to the latter brand’s role in the London club scene (6:35). One of Matthew’s first jobs in retail was selling denim, and he remains particular about the material to this day when researching and creating pieces for ALYX.
    Matthew’s also intrigued by the air camouflage seen on Virgil Abloh’s custom jet for Drake, dubbed “Air Drake,” which took inspiration from work created by both creatives: Drake’s Nothing Was The Same cover art, and the set from Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Week show earlier this year (9:53). le.
    ‘Tiger King’ has been the latest show to blow up during this quarantine period, making people just as unified in agreement about Joe Exotic’s next-level fashion style as they are divided over freeing the incarcerated star (14:01). If you’re looking to graduate from watching the docuseries, tune in to free art and fashion lectures offered by Alexander McQueen’s Sarabande Foundation (17:32). The series launched this past week and will continue to broadcast talks by speakers like Thom Browne, Tim Walker, Molly Goddard, and Samuel Ross until April 9.
    Nike and Ben & Jerry’s have served their newest creation called the “Chunky Dunky,” a sweet treat for Dunk and ice cream fans (19:00). The talk brings out Matthew’s sweet tooth for mint chip and his weak spot for Kith Treats.
    Matthew is ready to bring the same undeterred spirit to fashion shows despite cancelations of the London and Paris Fashion Weeks (22:56). Although it’s difficult to predict the specific creative response that this will lead to, Matthew sees potential in the evolution of shows, and speaks to their importance for his brand in creating an ALYX universe that integrates real people.
    The Question of the Week (QOTW) had Dropcast listeners asking Matthew anything and everything, from motivations for staying creative at home, finding a place in the fashion industry with an unconventional background, to requests for pairs of ALYX Nikes (29:30). It’s no surprise that Matthew’s a fan of mules, seeing how this episode’s Mule of the Week is the ALYX black leather clogs (37:47). Foamposite and Merrell mules all the way around.
    Make sure to check out ‘Vibe Check,’ a Highsnobiety podcast featuring guests like Brendon and Estelle, the cofounders of Noah, who shared the importance of supporting independent brands, and Mission Chinese Food’s Danny Bowien who discussed anti-Asian xenophobia and dropped a recipe for quarantine soup. Groceries have been a staple for the cast in “What’d You Cop,” and Matthew has stayed top of his workout game with new Nike training gear (39:57).
    After you catch next episode’s QOTW which will be posted on Highsnobiety’s Instagram, make sure to leave a voicemail on The Dropcast hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) for a chance to be featured in a future episode.
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    The Dropcast #104: The Dropcast Pitchfest #2 with Bruce Pask and Dertbag's Phil Post

    The Dropcast #104: The Dropcast Pitchfest #2 with Bruce Pask and Dertbag's Phil Post

    Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas start off this week’s very special Dropcast episode from their respective home offices. The hosts are joined by Philip Post, the founder of Dertbag, and Bruce Pask, the Men's Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, who give advice and feedback to upcoming designers. Make sure to stick to the end as we announce the winner of our “New Shoe, Who Dis?” giveaway.

    Philip and Bruce perform a quick Vibe Check by sharing their work from home situations before moving into the quick hits, Covid-19 edition. With luxury houses including Balenciaga and Saint Laurent producing surgical masks in their French workshops in order to fulfill escalating demands, the cast speaks on the industry’s cooperative attitude and how situations such as this serve as important reminders of fashion’s sense of community (4:30).

    Up-and-coming designers definitely came through by sharing their brands on the Dropcast hotline for this episode’s Question of the Week (QOTW), and the pitchathon sees the top three featured in no particular order (15:37). First up is Tombogo with a mission to construct character through the design process. Tombogo’s designer sees the brand as a reflection of himself as well as the world, an experiential learning outlet for him to think outside the box. Jian’s drawn to Tombogo’s originality and clear identity, which Philip believes will allow the brand to explore new grounds whether it be streetwear or potential collaborations with unconventional partners such as NASA.
    Up next is Crescente Patricio, an upcycled denim brand based in Dallas, Texas (21:43). By adopting the approach of an indie rapper, Crescente Patricio’s designer began making “clothing mixtapes” to get his name out. His designs are centered around this concept, with each “mixtape” and piece having their own titles and stories, resulting in narrative-driven clothing. The cast is all for Crescente Patricio’s strong silhouettes, contrasting details, and overall presentation. Bruce makes a note on the importance of sustainability, which is reflected in both brands so far, leading to agreement that sustainability is sure to become an intrinsic component of design.
    Flyson is a brand fusing elegance with sporty elements with an overall focus on providing complete looks rather than individual pieces to convey its idea of a modern uniform (28:08). The brand draws inspiration from both the tangible and intangible, including extreme sportswear, aerospace suiting, and architectural references to popular culture. Noah and Jian are impressed with Flyson’s debut pieces, which Bruce believes are diverse yet cohesive. Flyson’s uniform concept is one of its strong suits, quite literally, as the cast comments on the importance of establishing a clear identity and fashion universe for consumers to dive into.
    A Dropcast episode isn’t complete without a segment of “What’d You Cop?” (44:30). Philip’s practical cops include protection for his kicks, and they double as inspiration for his next collection when the world is up in flames. Bruce picked up an Officine Generale chore jacket from his plug in preparation for the spring and summer, and Jian was gifted this episode’s “Mule of the Week,” the Neighborhood UGGs, a pair of cozy shearling-lined slippers perfect for the quarantine life.
    On that note, Jian announces the winner of our “New Shoe, Who Dis?” giveaway, which asked readers of HIGHStyle, Highsnobiety’s new magazine, to guess the sole of what’s been revealed to be a pair of Balenciaga sneakers (47:07).
    If you’re looking to add routine to your WFH situation, keep your eyes on Highsnobiety’s Instagram where next episode’s QOTW will be posted. Leave a voicemail on The Dropcast hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) for a chance to be featured in a future episode.
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    The Dropcast #103: 'Vibe Check' with Sandrine Charles

    The Dropcast #103: 'Vibe Check' with Sandrine Charles

    It’s Friday, we’re a week into working from home, but some obligations have yet to settle into our routines. Fortunately, one of the things that have remained regular is our podcast lineup. Host Jian DeLeon is back this episode to introduce ‘Vibe Check’ to our Dropcast listeners. This week’s guest is Sandrine Charles, a consultant, publicist, and all-around communications expert who has worked with names like Noah, Aime Leon Dore, Kith, and Daily Paper. Sandrine shares some insight for maintaining steady productivity before an unpredictable future and the ever-present influence of e-commerce and retail therapy.
    Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for ‘The Dropcast’ which will be back on regular programming next week with a special pitchfest. In the meantime, make sure to catch up on the latest episodes of ‘Vibe Check’ where Jian checks in with guests from the Highsnobiety world to provide glimpses into their lives and how they’re adapting to the global coronavirus pandemic.
    For Sandrine, shopping doesn’t end with clothing — she’s setting aside time and money ($100 at Whole Foods) for fruits and vegetables and getting extra uses out of her Vitamix (7:26). Sandrine is aiming for comfort inside and out by eating healthy, waking up at five o’clock in alignment with her body clock, and dressing herself in presentable but cozy sweatpants. In between work and seven o’clock Zoom calls, she’s checking off her watch list and catching up on shows (9:51).
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    The Dropcast #102: Channelling Our Inner Auntie with Sandy Liang

    The Dropcast #102: Channelling Our Inner Auntie with Sandy Liang

    Sandy Liang drops into ‘The Dropcast’ studio to talk her latest Vans collaboration and of course, the hottest drops of the week. 
    Hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas shower the fleece queen with all the titles she deserves: Queen of the LES, One Who Goes Ham on the Lamb, Best Fleece in the East, you name it. To start off, the quick hits take the cast into a new upcycling initiative for bedding and sleepwear brought to you by Our Legacy (3:41). 
    At this time, Our Legacy’s new products aren’t the only reason to stay in bed. The NBA reportedly advised teams to plan for playing games in empty arenas due to coronavirus concerns, but LeBron James isn’t having it (4:54).
    On a lighter note, the launch of a website generating handwashing infographics based on your favorite song lyrics has been popping off (6:05). 
    Even in light of the coronavirus outbreak, fashion proves that nothing can really slow it down (7:44). The 2020 LVMH Prize Finalists have also been announced. As a past CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, Sandy views fashion awards as a great way for emerging designers to network and really zero down on what makes their brands unique (9:05).
    Highsnobiety’s own identity has been reiterated through our new magazine, HIGHStyle, which is out now on newsstands (10:48). Virgil’s upcoming work with Nigo also proved to be good timing for him to clear up his “Streetwear is gonna die” comment, and the hosts give their takes on the update (13:06). 
    Sandy talks about her developing interest in fashion during that time along with her go to stores as a New York native, which included Vans. Now, she’s a collaborator with the brand, releasing her own limited edition collection of Classic apparel and footwear (15:41). If you’re in NYC, be sure to stop by the pop-up taking place until the end of this weekend at The General by Vans store in Williamsburg. As a self-identifying Chinatown grandpa in dress and behavior, Jian is curious to hear Sandy’s inspiration for the collection (16:35).
    Earlier this week, we asked listeners (now officially known as Dropouts) the Question of the Week (QOTW): “What is the hardest collab of the year so far?” (20:15). The cast (on completely objective terms) agree that Sandy’s Vans collab has been the best yet — along with the Mule Boyz x Diemme release. No promises, but maybe keep your eyes out for a Sandy Liang x Mule Boyz collab down the line.
    The title of “Mule of the Week” is given to a pair by TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist. (24:30). 
    A second guest makes his appearance to weigh in on the QOTW, and he hands it to the KITH x Air Force collab (26:43). He also steps in right in time for “What’d You Cop?” with his first drop being this Dropcast promo (28:47). 
    Next episode’s QOTW will be a special treat so be sure to keep your eyes on Highsnobiety’s Instagram. As per usual, make sure to leave a voicemail on The Dropcast hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) for a chance to be featured in a future episode.

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    The Dropcast #101: WHAT’S THE BUDGET?! feat. Josh Kissi

    The Dropcast #101: WHAT’S THE BUDGET?! feat. Josh Kissi

    Joshua Kissi is the creative director and photographer who picked up a camera at the age of seventeen. He’s the co-founder of Street Etiquette, known for their documentation of men’s style with a focus on black men. He joins The Dropcast this week to talk about his ongoing mission of empowering creatives through his latest ventures including TONL.
    Joshua joins hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas in a moment of appreciation for the new Air Max 95 “De Lo Mío.” The quick hits continue with Aimé Leon Dore’s color-blocked New Balance 827s which will have Jian dressing up as both a Chinatown grandma and an ALD model. While these are the sneakers that will get people scrambling, Supreme’s Nike Air Force 1s will be as accessible as sneakers can get. The shoes will essentially be their version of the CDG Play Converses — relatively affordable sneakers where the supply meets demand (3:49). 
    Paris Fashion Week saw the debut of Virgil’s Arc’teryx collection along with new off white-colored Off-White Air Jordan 4s (6:52). In other news, many people don’t quite realize that Virgil’s brand is another name for crack (9:26). Speaking about layers of meaning, Balenciaga’s FW20 show brought a new end-of-the-world aesthetic to the runway by addressing climate change and rising sea levels (9:36). 
    Last Friday, YEEZY Season 8’s surprise PFW presentation showcased polarizing but nonetheless Noah-verified shoes (10:55). Unfortunately, Tokyo Fashion Week which was next on the lineup has been hit with a precautionary coronavirus cancellation. While Milan Fashion Week reached an early conclusion due to an outbreak, fashion weeks in Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul have all been either postponed or canceled (13:53). The cast notes the essential need to stay hygienic and be aware of unwarranted racism particularly in diverse regions like Jackson Heights where Joshua calls home.
    With International Women’s Day coming up, the hosts give shout outs to the women in their lives including those at Highsnob (16:25). Their appreciation and best wishes are extended to Megan Thee Stallion who’s going through trouble with her music label 1501 Ent. after Roc Nation encouraged her to renegotiate her contract.
    This episode’s Question of the Week (QOTW) asked “How do you grow to have a lucrative career as a photographer?” (18:11). The Dropcast listeners called in with a series of inquiries that asked Joshua to reflect back on his own career by making the important distinction between celebrity photographers and photographers who photograph celebrities and commenting on smiling with your eyes.
    The next QOTW which will be posted on Highsnobiety’s Instagram so make sure to leave a voicemail on The Dropcast hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) for a chance to be featured in a future episode.

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    The Dropcast #100: Wrapping Up Black History Month with Jinx

    The Dropcast #100: Wrapping Up Black History Month with Jinx

    You might have seen this week’s Dropcast guest Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins on the late-night talk show State of the Culture where he serves as a co-host, speaking to your favorite celebrities on Conference Room H, or hosting Mogul, a hip hop podcast. He’s also accomplished in writing, photographing, and DJing, hailing from a career as a multimedia creative and journalist during his time at Complex. For The Dropcast’s 100th episode, Jinx shares thoughtful reflections on the state of culture from streetwear to Black History Month, and of course, this week’s hottest drops.
    After a quick but heavy roasting of Philipp Plein’s show which was accused of monetizing on the passing of Kobe Bryant, the quick hits take us into more Milan Fashion Week news. During a top secret press conference earlier this week, Raf Simons was officially confirmed as Co-Creative Director of Prada after a lengthy period of public speculation (3:58). On the topic of things that people will really want, Denim Tears has teamed up with Procell once again on a special T-shirt for the annual honoring of his mother’s passing, and all proceeds go towards the Every Mother Counts charity (5:14). Equally worth the anticipation is the red velvet pecan cake made from a recipe by Tremaine Emory’s late mother. This time, the cake is extra special, coming out in a box designed by Tom Sachs.
    Another new collab that’s telling a story is the Palace x adidas golf collection, which marks the former’s move into performance wear (9:26). Jian notes how there’s a cross-section between guys who chase the hype and hard core golfers while Jinx comments on the saturation of fashion into all the corners of life and culture. This takes the cast into an animated discussion about the intersection of sports, fashion, and what it takes to introduce style to the court and field. AWAKE alumni John Lopez has stepped into the playing field with his first drop of Ineverheardofyou, an independent venture featuring provocative customized Jordan 1s and a text-heavy trucker hat (14:20). Jinx taps into the ingenuity behind such a collection and its value for an up-and-coming brand.
    As February wraps up, Jinx reflects on the most memorable Black History Month moments including Matthew A. Cherry’s Best Animated Short film Oscar win, Calmatic taking home a Best Music Video Grammy for Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” and Tyler, the Creator’s many notable moments (29:55).
    You know the drill: look out for the next QOTW which will be posted on Highsnobiety’s Instagram, and make sure to leave a voicemail on The Dropcast hotline at 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766) for a chance to be featured in a future episode.
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