The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast provides weekly tips from acclaimed fly fishing author and lifelong fly fishing enthusiast, Tom Rosenbauer. Get the most from your time on the water!

The Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast Tom Rosenbauer, The Orvis Company

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The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast provides weekly tips from acclaimed fly fishing author and lifelong fly fishing enthusiast, Tom Rosenbauer. Get the most from your time on the water!

    All about the mono rig, with Dom Swentosky

    All about the mono rig, with Dom Swentosky

    This week, my guest is Dom Swentosky of the Troutbitten blog [33:16], podcast, and guide service. If you have not seen his stuff it's definitely one of the most informative and thoughtful fly-fishing blogs out there. Dom devotes a lot of his blog to the mono rig, which is sorta like Euro-nymphing in that it uses a long leader and no fly line, but it's more of a method for everyday anglers than pure Euro nymphing, which is based on competitive rules that prohibit things like split shot. Dom goes through why it is such an effective method, how he builds his leaders, and how he presents his flies this way. It's just one more thing to try if you're interested in new ways of using a fly rod. 
    In the Fly Box this week, we have some helpful tips from listeners and an assortment of questions from rigging to watercraft to fly tying, including:
    If I am using a drop-shot rig with a single nymph, can I just tie the weight on a long tag from the clinch knot I use to tie on my fly?
    What is your opinion of traditional Catskill-style dry flies?
    Could spawning affect a trout's diet?
    In your canoe and kayak podcast, you didn't say enough about canoes. If I want to use my canoe for fly fishing, what considerations should I have? And should I put a trolling motor on my canoe?
     I have a stream nearby that has nice gravel, cold water, deep pools, and nice riffles. I have not caught any trout there. How can I find out if trout even live there?
    A great tip from a listener for finding tiny leaks in waders
    Do trout use shelf ice as cover?
    A listener suggests the float tube as a great option in the inflatable category, which I did not mention in my recent podcast on inflatables.
    A great tip from a listener on how to cover up items in a boat that could snag your fly line.
    When do you switch from a floating to a sinking line in streams?
    A great tip from a listener on using forceps to hold tiny flies when tying them on.
    I am looking at monofilament thread. What is the difference between 6/0 and G size, and where did the G designation come from? And is there any application in tying freshwater flies with monofilament thread?

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    All about inflatable watercraft, with Mike Dolmage from NRS

    All about inflatable watercraft, with Mike Dolmage from NRS

    This week, we delve into the confusing world of inflatable watercraft. There are so many styles to choose from, including SUPs, kayaks, and rafts. Which are best for fly fishing? What are some tips on how to fish from one? How do you handle anchoring and paddling while being ready to make a cast? Regardless of which type you choose, they are lightweight and packable (except for the larger rafts) and they'll get you into places where drift boats and motorboats can't go. Mike Dolmage is a fly fishing fanatic and is in charge of marketing fishing craft for NRS so his knowledge will help you make an informed decision and give you some tips on fishing from your inflatable.
    In the Fly Box this week, I try to answer some easy and difficult questions. Some of the questions include:
    Would you recommend a Power Taper or Bank Shot fly line for fishing for largemouth bass form shore?
    How can I catch striped bass on the Hudson River?
    I have a 6- and an 8-weight rod and I want to streamer fish in Montana. Do I need a 7-weight?
    How can I get permission to fish private land when bluelining?
    I am catching big trout on nymphs and want to get a rod longer than 9 feet. Can I fish Euro-style and still land big trout on a 10-foot 3-weight, or should I look at a 10-foot 4-weight or 5-weight?
     How long do you think is too long to play a trout?
    Can I use a sinking Polyleader with an intermediate line?
    How do you fish attractor flies?
    Do I just throw one out there or should I pay more attention to hatches?
     What line should I get for tarpon fishing with my 11-weight rod?
    Do brown and rainbow trout have different feeding strategies?
    Is there a sinking fly line I can use with both streamers and nymphs?

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    Fly fishing from canoes and kayaks with Ryan Lilly of Old Town Canoe

    Fly fishing from canoes and kayaks with Ryan Lilly of Old Town Canoe

    Learn how to decide between a canoe and a kayak, what kind to get, and how to maneuver and cast using these hard-sided watercraft (next week I'll be doing a podcast on inflatables). Ryan Lilly [47:30]  is a fly fisher and Old Town's expert on fishing from these craft, and has many great suggestions for how to make the most out of your canoe or kayak experience.
    In the Fly Box this week, we have some interesting questions that I'm sure will be of interest to many of you, as well as some thoughtful tips from other listeners, including:
    What do bead-head nymphs imitate?
    Aren't flies tied without beads more natural in the water?
    Isn't it more natural to use a nymph without any added weight?
    How do you fish wet flies?
    Do you use a single one or more than one? And do you ever use weighted wet flies?
    I recently saw a bunch of large carp in a pond in Florida. Why didn't I see any smaller ones?
    I had trouble getting a good drift against the slow water on the far bank of a river. Every time I tried to mend my line the small dry fly sank. What else could I have done?
    Can I fish two dry flies at once?
    A suggestion from a listener on why upgrading from an entry level fly line is a wise investment.
    Are there any performance differences between a 6-piece rod and a 4-piece rod?
    How can I get an extra tip for my Orvis rod?
    A great tip from a listener on how to make a device to hold scrap pieces of tippet using two pieces of Velcro.
    I am going to a place where they have stocked golden rainbows. Do these fish behave any differently from normal rainbows?
    Can I use a Poly Leader for tarpon?
    Is there any difference between up-eye and down-eye hooks?
    A tip from a listener on how to change thread colors with a permanent marker.
    A tip from a listener on how to keep a partially used tube of Aquaseal stay fresh.
    Why do people hold bass by the jaw? I have heard that this can dislocate their jaw.
    I am taking my first guided trip. Should I do a float trip or a walk/wade trip?

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    A life in fly fishing, with Tom McGuane.

    A life in fly fishing, with Tom McGuane.

    Back in 2008 when I first began this podcast I had two dreams—that I would have my two literary heros, John McPhee and Thomas McGuane as guests (they are both passionate fly fishers). I was lucky enough to record a podcast with John in August of 2021 and this week's podcast is with Tom McGuane [44:36], author of 20 highly regarded novels, screenplays, collections of short stories, and what is in my opinion the finest book of fly-fishing essays ever written, The Longest Silence. Most people who interview Tom want to talk about his crazy days in Key West in the 1970s, , fishing for tarpon with Jim Harrison, Guy de la Valdene, Jimmy Buffet, and other notable characters. However, in the podcast we talk about what he is doing now—his fascination with small-stream trout fishing, why he would rather wade than fish from a boat, his opinion on guides who yell at their clients, and how to grow old gracefully and still continue to fish with a fly rod. It was a real honor to chat with him and I know you'll enjoy this very special podcast.
    In the Fly Box this week, we have some wonderful and thought-provoking questions and tips form listeners, including:
    What is that white rod that Pete Kutzer uses in your casting videos?
    Is there a written history of Orvis?
    What is the best reel lubricant, and how should I maintain my cork drag surface?
    Can dumbbell eyes damage fly rods? If so, what should I do to keep flies tied with them from hitting my rod?
    Do trout eat those little black and brown stoneflies that hatch during the winter and early spring?
     Can you explain when I would use weighted flies vs. split shot vs. poly leaders when fishing nymphs?
    Can you compare the relative advantages of the 10 1/2-foot 3-weight and the 11-foot 3-weight Blackout rod?
    I saw people catching fish on nymphs. I tried exactly the same patterns and didn't catch anything. Why?
    I have a reel that takes a 9-weight line. Can I get an extra spool and put it on my 7-weight rod?
    Why am I not catching anything when fishing nymphs in the winter?
    Great tips from a world traveler on taking your vaccination records with you, and warnings about carrying gear when traveling to Mexico or New Zealand.
    What environmental cues will tell you when specific flies are hatching?
    Is it true that emerger patterns are more effective when they look messy?
    How do you explain when trout take smaller insects and ignore bigger ones?

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    The life cycle of caddisflies, with Thomas Ames

    The life cycle of caddisflies, with Thomas Ames

    This week, we go into great detail about the life cycle of caddisflies and the various species found in the eastern United States. Tom Ames [33:05], author of the book Caddisflies is my guest and although we go into great detail on the various types of caddisflies, don't let it overwhelm you, as imitating these insects is merely a matter of observing what stage of their life cycle is present and what the trout are eating. It's not something you can predict in advance—you need to arrive at the river and then figure out the puzzle by your powers of observation. But this podcast does get geeky so be prepared!
    Our Fly Box questions this week are much more basic, a good counterbalance to our discussion of caddisflies. Questions and tips include:
    I want to go beyond my typical attractor patterns and match some hatches. What basic flies do you recommend?
    A great tip from a listener on fixing rough fingertips for fly tying
    Tom's thoughts on the Murdich Minnow fly
    What three lines should I get for fishing lakes?
    Why don't more people wear PFDs?
    What color of Clouser Minnows should I get for smallmouth bass?
    Can I tie my second Euro nymph fly onto the bend of the other fly, or can I leave a tag end long on the knot to the first fly and use that?
    Several rod selection questions
    Can I double haul with my bamboo fly rod?
    Is it a good idea to pinch the line against the cork to put added pressure on a running fish?
    Tips from a listener on wearing felt boots on a trail and drying out wading boots.
    What rod is best for practicing my casting skills?

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    Traveling with fly-fishing gear, with Seth Berger

    Traveling with fly-fishing gear, with Seth Berger

    This week is my guest Seth Berger [1:00:18], Fly Fishing Travel Specialist with Orvis Adventures. In his job, Seth visits Orvis-endorsed operations around the world and always packs his fishing gear, so he's a great resource for advising us how to travel with rods, waders, and flies—how to pack them, what to carry on, and pitfalls you should avoid. Seth also talks about what to pack, and items that are often forgotten or ignored by traveling anglers. Anyone who gets on a plane, whether it's a short hop or an international flight, will benefit from his knowledge.
    In the Fly Box this week, we have some great questions and comment that run the gamut of the fly-fishing experience, including:
    A listener who recommends the mono rig method, which is different from the standard Euro nymphing setup. And tries to tell me 20lb. mono casts just as easily as fly line (I'm not buying it)
    Why not put a tippet ring on the end of a poly leader? I've used straight monofilament for a leader for bass and bream.
    Why do I need a tapered leader, and do I need tippet?
    When you fish two dry flies, what should the distance between them be?
    Do I need to learn entomology to pick flies?
    Is there any difference between picking flies for small streams vs. bigger rivers?
    What do you look for to help you choose a fly?
    Can I fish steelhead with my 9-foot 5-weight rod?
    Is it true that lighter lines cast better in the wind because they have less air resistance?
    Have you ever fished with just a bead on a hook?
    Some great suggestions from a listener on how to keep fly tying materials away from young children.
    I am coming from Korea to the US. Will I have problems brining flies and fly tying materials into the country?
    Have you ever tried wiggle nymphs?
    Why do Euro nymphers stand in the water and make short upstream casts while people with conventional lines try to fish as far away as possible?
    Why don't we see a lot of blue streamers?
    How deep can I effectively fish with a fly rod?
    How can I tie patterns with partridge feathers smaller than size 16?

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