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    英语新闻丨Xi: Enhance political loyalty in military

    英语新闻丨Xi: Enhance political loyalty in military

    President Xi Jinping has underscored the importance of enhancing political loyalty in the military in the new era and providing a firm political guarantee for building a strong military.
    Xi, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, said that the world, the nation, the Party and the Chinese military have been undergoing deep and sophisticated changes, and the country's armed forces are facing a range of complex challenges.
    Under such circumstances, the military must continue to make all-out efforts to strengthen its political building, uphold political loyalty and purity, and stick to its missions, he said.
    The military also must strive to hone its troops' combat capabilities, maintain its solidarity and fighting spirit, train more skillful professionals, and ensure strong discipline in order to keep intensifying its political strength in the new era, according to Xi.
    He made the remarks on Monday when addressing senior commanders at a military political work conference in Yan'an, Shaanxi province, an important cradle of the Chinese revolution led by the CPC.
    During the speech, Xi expounded his views on deep-rooted issues that must be solved to make way for political building inside the armed forces, stressing that the origin of such issues lies in the deterioration of some service members' spirit and morals.
    He said officers, especially those in high positions, should carry out self-reflection and correct any problems.
    The commander in chief urged the armed forces to enhance their political education, improve Party organizations' management and their overall capabilities, and strengthen the selection, training and management of officers. He also called for eradicating hotbeds of corruption and promoting comprehensive disciplinary supervision, cracking down on red tape and excessive bureaucracy and meeting the actual needs of troops, and restoring and upholding time-honored political traditions, such as senior officers setting an example by observing rules and fulfilling duties.
    Xi said that it is a duty of all members in the military to promote political building, adding that related departments under the Central Military Commission and units of the armed forces must work together to push forward such work.
    By doing so, the military, under the Party's guidance, will become stronger and will march toward its centenary in 2027 with new achievements, according to Xi.
    Before addressing the conference, Xi and a group of top commanders had a guided tour of Wangjiaping, a historical site in Yan'an, which was home to the Central Military Commission from 1937 to 1947.
    After the tour, the president asked that all senior officers should keep in mind their initial aspirations and missions, become role models for their troops, and shoulder their responsibilities to lead their units in the fight for realizing the military's centenary goals.
    Hundreds of high-ranking officers took part in the three-day meeting, which was organized by the Central Military Commission. Attendees listened to Xi's instructions, held panel discussions and shared their thoughts during the event, which concluded on Wednesday.
    The last time such a meeting was held was in 2014, with senior officers convening in Gutian, Fujian province. That was the first time the military arranged a top-level political work conference since Xi became general secretary in late 2012.
    Reporter: Zhao Lei

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    英语新闻丨Earlier summer travel surge expected this year

    英语新闻丨Earlier summer travel surge expected this year

    Chinese tourism agencies are gearing up for an earlier-than-usual summer travel surge, fueled by pent-up demand.
    Traditionally, the peak travel season runs from July to August. However, platforms like Tuniu predict the first wave this year will hit as early as late June due to people's growing desire to travel and optimized visa processes.
    Long-distance family vacations are the trend, with destinations like the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and overseas locations attracting significant interest. Border regions offer cooler climates and unique cultural experiences, making them popular choices.
    Data from Trip.com Group highlights this shift, with summer trip bookings to domestic destinations already significantly exceeding last year's numbers, and overseas bookings nearly doubling. Half the bookings are for family trips.
    The drama To the Wonder, showcasing the breathtaking scenery of Xinjiang's Altay region, has given it a boost as a top summer pick. The region's cooler temperatures and exotic cultures make it a welcome escape from scorching heat.
    Yang Nan, a human resources professional in the nation's capital, has planned a seven-day family trip to Xinjiang in late July.
    International sporting events such as the Paris Olympics and the Euro 2024 soccer tournament in Germany are also expected to drive outbound tourism growth.
    Other popular overseas destinations include Japan, Thailand and Singapore, with bookings to longer-haul locations in Europe, Central Asia and Africa also on the rise.
    Trip.com Group reports a significant increase in visa applications for long-distance destinations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Half of its customers who plan to travel in summer have applied for visas to such destinations so far this year, compared with less than a third last year.
    Qunar, another online travel agency, said Euro 2024 is a major draw for European travel.
    Bookings for Berlin have surged 400 percent year-on-year, and those for Munich are up 300 percent. Meanwhile, summer travel bookings to Italy, France, Spain and the UK have doubled or tripled.
    The tourism industry anticipates a rise in inbound tourism as well, given China's welcoming attitude and relaxed entry policies for international travelers. The recent announcement of a unilateral 15-

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    Xi urges all-out response to floods, drought

    Xi urges all-out response to floods, drought

    President Xi Jinping has urged an all-out response to the recent floods and drought conditions that have hit different regions across the country, saying that utmost efforts must be made in the search for and rescue of missing and trapped individuals and the resettlement of affected residents.
    Xi, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, highlighted in an instruction published on Tuesday the importance of maintaining normal production and daily routines and minimizing disaster losses to the greatest extent possible.
    He noted that heavy rainfall has recently hit many regions in southern China, triggering floods and geological disasters in provinces including Guangdong and Fujian and leading to casualties and property damage.
    Meanwhile, drought conditions in parts of North China have become more severe, he said.
    As China is set to face more challenges in flood control with the start of the main flood season, Xi urged authorities at all levels to strengthen their risk awareness, think about worst-case scenarios and ensure that their responsibilities are fulfilled and make solid work in disaster relief.
    He also stressed the need to strengthen disaster monitoring and early warning, identify and eliminate potential risks, stock up on equipment and supplies, improve contingency plans, and effectively respond to various emergencies to ensure the safety of people and their property.
    The nation has ramped up its flood control and disaster relief measures as floods triggered by rainstorms wreaked havoc in southern China. Meanwhile, scorching heat is baking central and northern China, with many national weather stations registering record-breaking daily high temperatures.
    On Monday, the national commission for disaster prevention, reduction and relief responded to the severe rainstorm and flood disasters in Fujian and Guangdong provinces by initiating a Level 4 emergency response, the lowest in a four-tier system. Task forces were deployed to the disaster-affected regions to assist relief efforts and ensure that the basic living needs of residents are met.
    Five people died and 15 others were missing after heavy rainfall hit multiple areas in Meizhou, Guangdong province, starting on Sunday, and led to power outages, internet disruptions and waterlogging.
    Rainstorms have also resulted in four deaths and two people missing in Wuping county, Fujian province, as of Monday. In the province's Shanghang county, rain-triggered floods killed four people as of Tuesday.

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    Spanish businessman Jesus Perez Aguilar arrived in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, in late January for an 11-day business trip, a journey that also took him to Shenzhen and Changsha, Hunan province.
    2024年于1月下旬,西班牙企业家耶稣·佩雷斯·阿吉拉尔(Jesus Perez Aguilar)(音译)抵达广州。此次出差他同样前往了深圳和长沙。
    Aguilar's frequent trips to China have been propelled by a 2018 agreement, signed during President Xi Jinping's visit to Spain, that allowed the European country to export bone-in ham to China.
    Over the years, Aguilar has become a familiar face in China promoting Iberian ham. In 2023 alone, he visited China four times, staying more than 90 days in the country.
    The January trip, however, stood out due to a new and convenient measure: a unilateral 15-day visa-free entry policy granted to ordinary passport holders from several European countries, including Spain, as well as Malaysia. This policy, on a trial basis and initially set to expire at the end of the year, has been extended to the end of 2025. It now applies to 14 countries, with Australia and New Zealand recently included.
    "These kinds of small conveniences help a lot in promoting commercial exchanges between countries," said Aguilar, who works for the Interprofessional Iberian Pork Association, which is headquartered in Zafra in southern Spain.
    In a written speech delivered at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in San Francisco in November, Xi reiterated Beijing's commitment to make it easier for foreign expatriates to live and work in China.
    "We will also take more 'heartwarming' measures, such as improving the policies on entry and stay of foreign nationals in China and removing for them choke points in financial, medical, e-payment and other services," he told the global business community.
    习近平总书记在11月在旧金山举行的亚太经合组织CEO峰会上发表书面讲话:“我们将采取更多‘暖心’措施,如完善外籍人士来华签证和入境政策,为他们消除金融、医疗、电子支付及其他方面的瓶颈,” 突出了中国的免签政策能够让外籍人士更容易在中国生活和工作。
    During the Central Economic Work Conference in December, China's top leadership decided to remove more barriers to facilitate business, study and travel in China for foreigners. Since then, central as well as local governments have introduced a series of measures to meet the diverse needs of foreign visitors and expatriates.
    Broader agenda
    As China has pursued a more proactive strategy of opening-up since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, observers said these measures exemplify China's efforts to advance a broader agenda of opening-up across more areas and in greater depth.

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    英语新闻丨Vocational student makes it to global math contest finals

    英语新闻丨Vocational student makes it to global math contest finals

    A 17-year-old student recently amazed millions of people worldwide by ranking 12th in the preliminary round of a global math competition, despite being up against formidable rivals from top universities, her own mentor and even artificial intelligence.
    Jiang Ping, who is majoring in fashion design at Lianshui Secondary Vocational School in Huai'an, Jiangsu province, taught herself advanced mathematics for about two years, and then made it to the finals of the 2024 Alibaba Global Mathematics Competition with a high score of 93 out of 120.
    She became the first vocational school student to reach the finals and the only girl among the top 30 contestants. Most of the finalists, totaling around 800, are from prestigious institutions such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, MIT and Princeton University. 
    Vocational schools like the one Jiang attends usually focus on providing students with practical knowledge and training related to specific professions. 
    Jiang's story, which has touched and inspired countless internet users, clearly demonstrates that one's potential does not necessarily depend on one's educational background, and that dreams do come true if one is diligent and persistent.
    Jiang's keen understanding of numbers began in junior high school, when she was easily able to solve complex math problems. Most students in China learn advanced math in college.
    "I lean toward subjects such as advanced math, as they spark my desire to explore," she said. "I enjoy the step-by-step process of mathematical deductions, and reaching the desired result brings me great joy." 
    Jiang said she believes that regardless of which subject she is studying, fashion design or advanced mathematics, interest and effort are both crucial.
    The teen, who spends most of her spare time solving math problems, keeps an English dictionary handy, so that language doesn't become a barrier when she's learning from Lawrence C. Evans' book Partial Differential Equations. 
    All of Jiang's books are full of notes, as she hopes to attend college someday and further explore her interest in math.
    Wang Runqiu, a teacher at the vocational school, recognized Jiang's talent in mathematics and recommended books to her on the subject. He offered her personal guidance and encouraged her to give the Alibaba competition a shot.
    Wang, who himself ranked 125th in the preliminary round of the contest, said, "I want to

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    Britain put on a display of birthday pageantry Saturday for King Charles III, a military parade that marked the Princess of Wales ' first appearance at a public event since her cancer diagnosis early this year.
    The annual event was also a show of stability by the monarchy after a testing few months in which both the king and Kate, wife of heir to the throne Prince William, have been sidelined by cancer treatment.
    In a symbolic display of unity, Charles, Queen Camilla, William, Kate and their children were joined by other members of the royal family on a Buckingham Palace balcony at the end of the King's Birthday Parade. The family waved to the gathered crowd as they watched a flyby of military aircraft to cap (added“off” after“cap”) ceremonies marking the monarch's official birthday.
    It was Kate's first appearance at a public event since December. She disclosed in March that she was undergoing chemotherapy for an unspecified form of cancer. 
    "I am making good progress, but as anyone going through chemotherapy will know, there are good days and bad days," Kate said in a statement released Friday, adding that she faces "a few more months" of treatment.
    Kate said she is "not out of the woods yet" and officials stress that Saturday's engagement doesn't herald a full return to public life.
    Huge crowds turn out each June to watch the birthday parade, also known as Trooping the Color, which begins with a procession involving horses, musicians and hundreds of soldiers in ceremonial uniform from Buckingham Palace.
    每年六月,大批群众前往英国白金汉宫观看游行(“Trooping the Color”),包括骑兵卫队游行、音乐家演奏及数百名身穿白金汉宫制服的士兵接受检阅。
    The 42-year-old princess traveled in a horse-drawn carriage from the palace down the grand avenue known as the Mall with her children George, 10, Charlotte, 9, and 6-year-old Louis. Bystanders cheered as they caught a glimpse of Kate, dressed in a white dress by designer Jenny Packham and wide-brimmed Philip Treacy (misread“Treacy” as“Treaky”) hat.
    这位 42 岁的凯特王妃与乔治王子(10岁)、夏洛特公主(9岁)和路易王子(6岁)一同乘坐马车完成由白金汉宫为起点,穿过骑兵卫队的阅兵场,最后回到白金汉宫的圈式游行。不少群众在在亲眼见到凯特王妃回归大众视野时欢呼雀跃。当天,凯特王妃身穿詹妮·帕克汉(Jen ny Packham)设计的白色连衣裙,戴着菲利普·崔西(Philip Treacy)所设计的宽边帽。
    She watched the ceremony with the children from the window of a building overlooking Horse Guards Parade, a ceremonial parade ground in central London. Louis yawned broadly at one point in proceedings, but mostly watched intently, even dancing along to the military music.

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