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오늘도 잊혀져가는 내 영어, 편하게 되살리는 가장 쉬운 방법.

    0120. Stop the vicious cycle! (악순환을 끊을 시간)

    0120. Stop the vicious cycle! (악순환을 끊을 시간)

    A: I’ve been so forgetful these days. I write memos on my phone not to forget things, but then I forget the fact that I wrote them. I feel so dumb!
    B: That happens. I sometimes blank out when I think about what I ate yesterday.
    A: So do you? Man, we’re aging.
    B: But you can improve your memory by stimulating your brain. I heard a good way is to do something you’ve never done before.
    A: I wanna take a pottery class, but I’m not sure if I can make time for that.
    B: Then, let me tell you a simple thing you can do right now: draw a rectangle with your right hand while drawing a triangle with your left hand.
    A: Oh, it’s tougher than it sounds. Anything else I can try to boost my brain?
    B: Yea. This article listed some basic exercises: “Get your Zs, make time for friends, keep stress in check, have a laugh, and eat healthy fats like omega-3s.”
    A: It's not surprising why I have a bad memory. The funny thing is, the reason that I sleep less and rarely hang out with my friends is to save time and work better.
    B: But then you feel tired, stressed out, and become less productive. It's time to stop this vicious cycle for yourself!

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    0119. Jini wants to remain single. (비혼인게 어때서?)

    0119. Jini wants to remain single. (비혼인게 어때서?)

    A: Did you hear Miyong is getting married next month?
    B: Yea, I got her invitation. I guess her best friend Jini will catch the bouquet. Or, did Jini already get married?
    A: No. Jini wants to remain single, but she’s having a hard time because her parents keep pressuring her to tie the knot.
    B: Why? What’s wrong with being unmarried?
    A: The conventional stereotypes are to blame: People think you need to marry someone at an appropriate age, and a married couple should have babies to carry on a family blood line.
    B: But those clichés about marriage don’t guarantee one’s happiness.
    A: Right. Some people think we’re living in a society where marriage isn’t necessary anymore. That’s why we see fewer marriages year after year.
    B: Even after getting married, having a baby is one’s option, not a must. You can’t measure one’s happiness based on whether one has a child.
    A: True. I think you have the right to choose your own answer about marriage as long as you take proper responsibility for your choice.

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    • 27 min
    0118. Growing fresh air (신선한 공기 키우기)

    0118. Growing fresh air (신선한 공기 키우기)

    A: That’s a cute little cactus! Isn’t that good for reducing monitor radiation?
    B: With this single tiny cactus? That’s overambitious. As far as I know, the cactus should be at least 4 times as big as your monitor to have an effect.
    A: Really? That’s disappointing. But still, it’s a good decoration.
    B: It’s more than a decoration. Just looking at it helps me relieve stress, and it’s really exciting to see the plant growing.
    A: Isn’t it a lot of work, though?
    B: I guess it depends on the type of plants. For example, I water and wipe leaves of my Areca palm tree once a week.
    A: That’s not too bad if you can make the most out of the tree. Do you think it’s beneficial?
    B: I heard the Areca makes fresh air by removing carbon dioxide, and it keeps humidity. But again, one tree is not enough to have dramatic effects.
    A: Okay. I’ll grow several trees.
    B: Good luck! I’m sure your time and money will be worth it.

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    0117. Rejection Therapy (왜 싫다고 말을 못 해!)

    0117. Rejection Therapy (왜 싫다고 말을 못 해!)

    A: Hey, do you think you can ask for a burger refill at a restaurant?
    B: What? Is that possible?
    A: No, that's why I'm asking. I just watched this guy named Jia Jiang on YouTube,
    and he asked for a burger refill.
    B: So? did he get it?
    A: Of course not, which actually was the point: getting rejected.
    He made many other requests to strangers and mostly got turned down.
    B: Why is he trying to get rejected?
    A: Jiang said his goal was to desensitize himself to the pain and shame of rejection and overcome his fear.
    B: Oh, I can understand him to some extent. I used to be afraid of saying “no” to others,
    but got over it after realizing nothing terrible happens when I reject a request.
    A: I think both rejecting and being rejected are just parts of everyday life.
    You might need to train yourself, though, like Jiang.
    B: I wanna train myself by doing this: sleeping at a mattress store.

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    0116. I want Sonny on my team(팀플레이어 손흥민)

    0116. I want Sonny on my team(팀플레이어 손흥민)

    A: Did you watch Sonny’s game last night?
    B: Of course, that’s why I’m half asleep now.
    A: Me too. I couldn’t take my eyes off Sonny. He’s such a gifted player.
    B: Yea, I think he can definitely be a role model for youth players.
    A: He seems very sociable, too. It was interesting to see him shaking hands with all of his teammates in a different way.
    B: That’s another skill he has. I don’t think I could mingle well with foreign teammates if I were the only Korean on my team.
    A: That reminds me of my team. Our teamwork sucks.
    B: Hey, be positive and try to bond with your teammates. I think Sonny’s handshake skills can help.
    A: I wish my company had an open-minded atmosphere like Sonny’s team.

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    0115. Nuisance in library (도서관 안의 민폐)

    0115. Nuisance in library (도서관 안의 민폐)

    A: Hey, is my breathing too loud?
    B: Huh? Who cares about your breathing?
    A: Somebody in the library put a sticky note on my desk. “Please breathe softer.”
    B: Oh, you were in the library. People can be very sensitive in such a quiet place.
    A: I didn’t think I was being a nuisance, though.
    I was trying my best not to get on others’ nerves, but complainers DO exist.
    B: Well, you might get a romantic note sometime soon.
    A: In that heartless place? No.
    B: Maybe you’ll get a note on a canned coffee, saying “I see you’re not feeling very well. Why don’t you get a long, long rest AT HOME? XOXO”
    A: Oh, don’t be sarcastic.

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