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A nostalgic musical trip through time from the 50s to the 80s

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A nostalgic musical trip through time from the 50s to the 80s

    Rainbow Colours

    Rainbow Colours

    Against the backdrop of the LGBTIQ flag, (red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for harmony), this week’s songs feature colours that are either depicted in nature’s rainbows or in the gay pride banner. Billy Thorpe is dreaming beyond a rainbow, Rus Hamilton is wanting to buy a rainbow while others use colours to refer to a red car (Prince), green grass (Petula Clark), an indigo mood (Ella Fitzgerald), a yellow road (Elton John) and orange juice (Peter Sarstedt).


    * Devil With a Blue Dress – Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels

    * Deep Purple – Nino Tempo & April Stevens

    * Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Billy Thorpe

    * Mellow Yellow – Donovan

    * The Other Man’s Grass Is Always Greener – Petula Clark

    * Mood Indigo – Ella Fitzgerald

    * Little Red Corvette – Prince

    * Frozen Orange Juice – Peter Sarstedt

    * Yellow Brick Road – Elton John

    * Rainbow – Rus Hamilton

    * Orange Coloured Sky – Natalie Cole

    * And Her Name Is Scarlett – De Kroo Bros

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    Going Going Gone

    Going Going Gone

    This week’s theme is ‘Going Going Gone’. It features the prodigious talent of Lainie Kazan (My Man’s Gone Now) and a legend, Peggy Lee (The Thrill Is Gone). Popular sixties group, The Supremes pop up with yet another of their number one hits (Where Did Our Love Go?) while the darling of JOY, Dusty Springfield, sings a lovely ballad (Going Back). The Aussie contingent this week is Melbourne group, Spectrum with their biggest hit (I’ll Be Gone) and the strong voice of Lynne Randell (Going Out Of My Head) together with the warm tones of Kamahl (Sounds Of Goodbye).


    * I’ll Be Gone – Spectrum

    * Going To The Chapel – Dixie Cups

    * My Man’s Gone Now – Lainie Kazan

    * Where Did Our Love Go? – Supremes

    * The Thrill Is Gone – Peggy Lee

    * Sounds Of Goodbye – Kamahl

    * Going Back – Dusty Springfield

    * After The Love Has Gone – Earth Wind & Fire

    * I Know Where I’m Goin’ – George Hamilton IV

    * Going Out Of My Head – Lynne Randell

    * Point Of No Return – Gene McDaniels

    * Everyone’s Gone To The Moon – Jonathan King

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    Home and Away

    Home and Away

    Over the decades Australia has produced a host of wonderful solo singers as well as many noted groups. This week in Home and Away we showcase some of the artists who won national and international kudos through their songs and performances. While some headed to the UK and Europe namely Sherbet, The Seekers, ACDC and Jason Donovan others sought and found fame in the USA including Olivia Newton-John, Peter Allen, Billy Thorpe, The Little River Band and Grammy award winners Men at Work.


    * TNT – AC/DC

    * Being Green – Kerrie Biddell

    * Help Is On It’s Way – LRB

    * Down Under – Men At Work

    * Howzat – Sherbet

    * Shout – Johnny O’Keefe

    * Xanadu – Olivia Newton-John

    * Wind Beneath My Wings – Colleen Hewett

    * Twilight Time – Billy Thorpe

    * I’ll Never Find Another You – The Seekers

    * I Go To Rio – Peter Allen

    * Sealed With a Kiss – Jason Donovan

    • 52 min
    Songs We Dislike

    Songs We Dislike

    This week’s theme is Songs We Dislike. Hear why Rob is offended by the lyrics of the Turtles’ big hit ‘Elenore’ and why Mossy thinks the lyrics of ‘Yummy Yummy’ (Ohio Express) are ‘juvenile’. Pat Boone offends twice in this program with the ‘appalling’ lyrics of the song ‘Technique’ and his ‘antiseptic’ rendition of ‘Ain’t That A Shame’. Mossy is unimpressed by Olivia Newton-John‘s song ‘Have You Never Been Mellow?’ calling it ‘wimpish’ while Rob is irritated by the ‘puerile’ boredom of ‘Mashed Potato’ (Billy Thorpe). However, Rob and Mossy disagree about Kate Bush‘s epic ‘Wuthering Heights’. Mossy describes Kate Bush‘s voice as ‘like Tiny Tim’s’ while Rob calls it one of his favourite songs of all time. Rob agrees with the poll that voted Charlene‘s ‘I’ve Never Been To Me’ as ‘The Worst Song Of The Seventies’. Despite all that many of the most disliked songs were very popular.


    * Elenore – The Turtles

    * Have You Never Been Mellow? – Olivia Newton-John

    * Mashed Potato – Billy Thorpe

    * Ring My Bell – Anita Ward

    * I’ve Never Been To Me – Charlene

    * Yummy Yummy – Ohio Express

    * Technique – Pat Boone

    * Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush

    * Ain’t That A Shame – Pat Boone

    * If I Were A Carpenter – Bobby Darin

    * Young Love – Tab Hunter

    * They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha – Napoleon XIV

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    Dance and Dancing

    Dance and Dancing

    As we enter the 4th week of our Melbourne lockdown we thought it might be timely to lighten up the mood by asking you to put on your dancing shoes and bop away to some great tunes and iconic artists. Some of the line up in this week’s playlist include Australian singers from the 60’s, Little Pattie and Grantley Dee, disco queen Donna Summer, disco kings the Bee Gees and the great UK  instrumentalists, The Shadows.


    * Last Dance – Donna Summer

    * Dance On – The Shadows

    * You Should Be Dancing – Bee Gees

    * Let’s Dance – David Bowie

    * Dancing Queen – ABBA

    * I Want To Dance With Somebody -Whitney Houston

    * Go Out Dancing – Rod Stewart

    * You Make Me Feel Like Dancing – Leo Sayer

    * Dance With Me – Orleans

    * Your Mama Don’t Dance – Bootleg Family

    * Dance Puppet Dance – Little Pattie

    * Let The Little Girl Dance – Grantley Dee

    • 51 min


    These days will be remembered as COVID19 days – or the days of the virus. So this week we aim to cheer you up with some better days. Optimistic songs like ‘It’s A Good Day’ (Peggy Lee), ‘Those Were The Days’ (Mary Hopkin) and ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers will sprinkle through your day. There are also favourites such as the Bee Gees (Loney Days), the Kinks (All Day And All Of The Night) and of course, the Beatles with ‘Day Tripper’. An interesting inclusion is Lou Reed‘s ambiguous ‘Perfect Day’. Aussie songs are represented by Linda George (Our Day Will Come) and ex-Aztecs singer, Tony Barber (Someday).


    * It’s A Good Day – Peggy Lee

    * More Today Than Yesterday – Spiral Staircase

    * Those Were The Days – Mary Hopkin

    * Our Day Will Come – Linda George

    * Perfect Day – Lou Reed

    * Lonely Days – Bee Gees

    * Lovely Day – Bill Withers

    * Someday We’ll Be Together – The Supremes

    * All Day And All Of The Night – The Kinks

    * Day Tripper – Beatles

    * Someday – Tony Barber

    * That’ll Be The Day – The Crickets

    • 52 min

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