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Personal, Professional and Financial Growth one conversation at a time. On the Pursuit of Learning, we talk to authors and subject matter experts across a variety of domains: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. The premise is that each person we meet knows things we don't and its those nuggets of wisdom that help each of us grow.

The Pursuit of Learning Clint Robert Murphy

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Personal, Professional and Financial Growth one conversation at a time. On the Pursuit of Learning, we talk to authors and subject matter experts across a variety of domains: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. The premise is that each person we meet knows things we don't and its those nuggets of wisdom that help each of us grow.

    A Taste of Opportunity with Renee Guilbault

    A Taste of Opportunity with Renee Guilbault

    My guest today believes that the food industry is a place where anyone can earn their way into a leadership role, regardless of formal education. She emphasizes that the food industry offers many opportunities for growth and learning and that the skills and relationships gained in the food world can be transferred to other career paths and industries.
    Renee Guilbault, a veteran food-industry consultant with expertise in large-scale, global, multi-unit food and beverage operations, joins this episode of the pursuit of learning podcast to share her experience and insightful perspectives. Renee is the principal of Essayer Food Consulting and she played a pivotal role in creating and implementing high-volume operational strategies and ground-breaking food programming at Pret A Manger, Bon Appetit Management Company at Google, Compass Group, and Le Pain Quotidien before starting Essayer Food Consulting. She is the author of the book "A Taste of Opportunity," designed to help anyone seeking a rewarding career in the food industry, whether they are just starting in the workforce or have their sights set on the highest levels of management.
    Today, Renee discusses her career progress and the many lessons she has learned along the way.  Renee stresses the significance of self-improvement, deliberate action, and emotional awareness. She elaborates on the areas where she believes young leaders have the most potential for improvement during their transition into leadership and the areas where they tend to miss the mark. We also talk about the idea of the resilience muscle, having a Personal Board of Directors, and the process of writing a leadership obituary. 
    [00:19] Introduction – Renee discusses her career in the food industry, sharing several lessons she has learned about advancing in one's profession, networking, and developing a personal board. 
    [19:19] Get Your Dream Job - You must stand up for yourself, especially in the tough times, and keep going forward by using your goals and dreams as a compass. 
    [32:41] Helpful Tips – Importance of continuous growth, the concept of intentionality, and emotional intelligence for young listeners
    [48:59] Renee's View – Renee discusses the leadership obituary and its process, her definition of resilience, and the value of JFDI as a tool.
    [01:01:09] Big 5 - What are the Big 5, and how can we make the most of them?
    [01:08:02] Amazing Concepts -  Renee provides helpful insight on the concepts of "always hire your replacement and make yourself obsolete," "if not us, then who? and “If not now, then when".

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/renee-guilbault-2208b55a/
    Website: essayerfoodconsulting.com/
    Book by Renee:
    A Taste of Opportunity: An Insider's Guide to Boosting Your Career, Making Your Mark, and Changing the Food Industry from Within: essayerfoodconsulting.com/a-taste-of-opportunity
    Mentioned in the Podcast:
    Reframe Your Story: Real Talk for Women Who Want to Let Go, Do Less and Be More—Together: goodreads.com/book/show/59363531-reframe-your-story?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=cWbddK8oHH&rank=1

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    Unlock Your Potential Through Personal Adversity with Brad Ritter

    Unlock Your Potential Through Personal Adversity with Brad Ritter

    Are you a hard worker or a mediocre person who spends your life settling in one phase? It's time to think about how motivated you are to achieve your goals. Because the harder you work, the greater you will become. This week's episode features Brad Ritter. Brad is one of the world's leading experts on performance and author of the best selling book, 'School of Grit: Unlock Your Potential Through Purposeful Adversity,' Join us as we discuss morning routines, box breathing, visualization, monthly milestone challenges, leadership vs. following, accepting failures, and more. 
    [03.08] The school of grit – Brad shares the origin story of his book 'The school of grit.' 
    [13.04] The crucible moment - Brad shares his experience at Kokoro SEALFIT camp and his crucible moment.  
    [21.42] Morning routine – Morning routines are essential. Brad dives into how to take a little time to yourself in the morning and see what you gain from it. 
    [30.44] The big four – the four elements of mental toughness; positive self-talk, visualizations, mental imagery, and goal setting. 
    [33.50] Box breathing – the box breathing process and how to do tactical breathing in stressful situations. 
    [39.20] Visualization – Brad explains the visualization and why it is crucial. 
    [46.02] Milestone Challenges – Brad explains his favorite milestone challenge, ' The long walk.' 
    [53.19] Breath, think & execute –  responding to situations by going through breath, think, and execute. 
    [01.05.10] The IDEAL day – Brad breaks down what the acronym IDEAL stands for. 
    [01.14.22] Comfortable being uncomfortable – how growth happens when people put themselves into uncomfortable situations  
    [01.24.30] Accepting failures – The need to accept failures in life to succeed.
    Connect with Brad
    LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/brad-ritter-63427317/ 
    Website - schoolofgrit.org/ 
    Instagram - instagram.com/schoolofgrit_bradritter/?hl=en 
    YouTube - youtube.com/@schoolofgrit 

    Book by Brad – 
    School of Grit: Unlock Your Potential Through Purposeful Adversity 

    Book by Angela Duckworth – 
    Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

    Book by James Nestor – 
    Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

    Book by Mark Divine – 
    Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level

    Book by Seth Godin – 
    Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

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    A Simple Path to Healing, Hope and Peace with Seth Gillihan

    A Simple Path to Healing, Hope and Peace with Seth Gillihan

    To alleviate symptoms such as anxiety and depression, mental health professionals have access to a variety of scientifically-based methods. However, these reductionist approaches rarely produce the lasting peace we seek. My guest for today, Dr. Seth Gillihan, a practicing psychologist and one of the leading popularizers of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), believes that to become healthy and whole, we must do more than alleviate our symptoms. He believes that to achieve lasting health and happiness, we must incorporate spirituality into our healing.
    Seth is a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and podcaster. He is an expert in mindful cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  Seth was a full-time faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania from 2008 to 2012 and taught in the Psychology Department at Haverford College from 2012-2015. He has been in private practice since 2012. He is also the author of multiple books on mindfulness and CBT, Therapy Advisor with the self-therapy app Bloom, a medical reviewer for Everyday Health, and hosts the Think Act Be podcast.
    Seth begins the conversation by discussing how he has applied lessons from his book throughout his journey thus far. In this extended excerpt, Seth discusses the "Big Three," which he defines as sufficient sleep, a healthy diet, and regular physical activity. Seth also explains how to leverage ourselves and the process of working backward. In addition, he mentions the steps he took to re-center himself in the present moment after deciding to practice mindfulness and the central tenets of mindfulness, such as openness, alignment with reality, and decentering. We also talk about "negative thought auditing," "technology fasting," "priming our environment," the difference between "must have" and "nice to have" items, "outsourcing happiness," "purpose and work," and more. 
    [00:18] Seth's Background – Sharing his journey, Seth discusses the material of his book and his realization that he, too, can benefit from it. 
    [19:06]The “Big Three” – Seth elaborates on the idea of the "Big Three," which consists of getting enough rest, eating right, and exercising. 
    [35:47] Mindfulness – Seth talks about how he brought himself to the present moment when he started focusing on mindfulness, and mindfulness concepts like being open, aligned with reality, and decentering.
    [38:30] Meditation – To help with mindfulness, Seth details what he considers to be the essentials of daily meditation practice for novices.
    [53:14] Key Concepts - Seth discusses concepts, including negative thought auditing, technology-fast, priming our environment, outsourcing happiness, and the idea of purpose and work. Also, he further explains how  listeners can incorporate these concepts into their life.
    Connect with Seth:
    Website: sethgillihan.com/
    Blog: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/think-act-be
    Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/think-act-be-podcast/id1419082632
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sethgillihanphd/
    Books by Seth Gillihan:
    Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Simple Path to Healing, Hope, and Peace: goodreads.com/en/book/show/60606331-mindful-cognitive-behavioral-therapy
    Mentioned in the Podcast:
    Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior: goodreads.com/book/show/336248.Shambhala

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    The Psychology of Great Teaching with Pedro De Bruyckere

    The Psychology of Great Teaching with Pedro De Bruyckere

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    Being a teacher is both a privilege and a responsibility. This week's Pursuit of Learning podcast episode features Pedro De Bruyckere. He is an Educational Scientist at Arteveldehogeschool & Utrecht University and the author of the book 'The Psychology of Great Teaching'. He joined us today to talk about what teachers should know about the psychology of teaching. 
    Throughout the conversation, we discuss replication, growth mindset & fixed mindset, Correlation & causation, nurturing nature, self-determination, cognitive load theory, typologies vs. dimensions, and more. 
    [01:38] Replication- Starting the conversation, Pedro defines replication in his book and how past experiments have failed to replicate. 
    [06.47] Growth mindset – Pedro dives into Carol Dweck's theory of growth mindset and the present idea about it. 
    [13.21] Correlation and causation – Pedro defines Correlation, causation, and Correlation caused by distorting factors. 
    [17.09] Nature vs. nurture argument – Pedro walks us through the nature versus nurture argument and explains the role environment plays in achieving good grades. 
    [23.20] Nurturing nature – Every child needs a little push to be good at something. Pedro dives into the importance of nurturing the nature of a child. Finding something that they are good at and helping them to expand it. 
    [30.19] Self-determination – Pedro defines the three elements of self-determination and what happens if a person themselves can't see their growth. 
    [34.47] Cognitive load theory – Pedro defines John Sweller's cognitive load theory and the importance of having prior knowledge of your environment. 
    [39.20] Effective study methods – Pedro shares the least and most effective study methods, according to a study in 2013. 
    [47.39] Duolingo – An American educational technology company that provides learning apps and language certification. 
    [50.47] Typologies vs. dimensions – Pedro explains the reason for not having much psychological evidence for typology and having more evidence supporting dimensions. 
    [57.57] Development – Pedro dives into the reason for having a bigger influence on nature when people get older. 
    [01.03.04] Creativity – Pedro shares some practices to foster creativity in people.  
    [01.12.14] Errors in reasoning – Making mistakes is inevitable for anyone. Pedro shares some elements people can use to avoid making common mistakes.
    Connect with Pedro
    LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/pedrodebruyckere/ 
    Website -  theeconomyofmeaning.com/ 
    Mastodon - https://mastodon.social/@thebandb
    Twitter - twitter.com/thebandb 
    Amazon - www.amazon.com/stores/Pedro-de-Bruyckere/author/B00PITS9LK

    Books by Pedro De Bruyckere – 
    The Psychology of Great Teaching: Everything Teachers Ought to Know

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Build a Business for a Lifetime Using Direct Response Marketing with Brian Kurtz

    Build a Business for a Lifetime Using Direct Response Marketing with Brian Kurtz

    Marketing is essential for all types of businesses, whether you are a novice entrepreneur or a seasoned marketer. Brian Kurtz, my guest today, distills the knowledge he's gathered after nearly four decades in the direct marketing field to develop a business that lasts a lifetime using direct response fundamentals.
    For nearly four decades, Brian has adhered to a specific set of direct marketing principles that have enabled him to build an iconic $160 million company. Also, these same principles are currently enabling him to apply everything he has learned and accomplished to the current state in marketing. In addition, he is unwaveringly dedicated to teaching these timeless foundations to the next generation of exceptional direct-response marketers. Brian is the author of the book, Overdeliver. Brian illustrates how to discover our audience and sell successfully in his book without losing sight of the people we are selling to and without sacrificing the respect and attention they deserve.
    Brian shares how to track what is effective in marketing to our target demographic and how to diversify our marketing. Brian also defines overdelivering and how to achieve it. Brian shares his perspective on abundance while elaborating on why there is no ceiling when you live abundantly.  Brian imparts his expertise in tracking the metrics that matter, constructing a responsive database (list building), and personalizing the list. In addition, we also explore some of the seven traits of world-class copywriters, multichannel marketing, and much more!

    [00:15] Brian's Journey – Brian shares his journey so far, mentioning how he was introduced to direct marketing.
    [06:49] Over Delivery - When you exceed your prospects', customers', and partners' expectations, you weave integrity, loyalty, and growth throughout your life and business.
    [13:20] Abundance – Brian shares his view on abundance and why there is no ceiling when you live abundantly.
    [18:27] Selling – What is the timeline? What are the touches? What's the value before you say, "Hey, I'm going to try to sell a product."
    [39:47] Core Principles -  We explain what a swipe file is, the rationale behind specific copywriting approaches, and original source principles, which Brian believes are essential for any young direct marketer or copywriter who wants to level the field. 
    [01:02:05] 41-39-20 Rule – Brian elaborates on the 41-39-20 rule, and he covers going a mile deep instead of broad, ensuring that our specialization aligns with our superpower by emphasizing the concept of repurposing assets as opposed to constantly trying to develop new ones. 
    [01:25:05] Great Copywriters - A successful copywriter possesses seven qualities. Brian shares a few that listeners should focus on.
    [01:32:07] Three Questions - What is missing that really ought to be there? Precisely what makes you worthy of attention? And why should someone buy your products? 
    [01:38:40] Multiple Channels - Brian outlines the value of having our own domain and being present on numerous platforms.
    [01:45:13] Compound Interest-Enriched Relationship Capital – Brian shows how we can contribute to connection, what compound interest-enhanced relationship capital entails, and how the audience can grow this relationship capital.
    Connect with Brian:
    Website: briankurtz.net/
    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/brian-kurtz-a1934/
    Overdeliver: overdeliverbook.com/
    Breakthrough Advertising: https://breakthroughadvertisingbook.com/

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    Principles for clear thinking and confident writing with Ben Putano

    Principles for clear thinking and confident writing with Ben Putano

    Everyone has a writer inside them. Everyone has stories inside them. They have to find a way to unravel it. In this week's episode of the Pursuit of Learning podcast, we are joined by Ben Putano, founder of Damn Gravity Media, and author of the book, Great Founders Write:  Principles for Clear Thinking, Confident Thinking and Startup Success.  Throughout the conversation, we cover Ben's journey to becoming an author, writing with a purpose, the ABC123 copywriting framework, writing with empathy, the power of persuasion, and more. 

    Connect with Ben
    LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/ben-putano/ 
    Twitter - twitter.com/BenjaminPutano 
    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/benputano
    Website - damngravity.com/books/greatfounderswrite 

    Book by Ben – 
    Great Founders Write: Principles for Clear Thinking, Confident Writing, and Startup Success

    Books mentioned in Podcast - 
    Book by Suneel Gupta – 
    Backable: The Surprising Truth Behind What Makes People Take a Chance on You
    Book by Jay A. Conger – 
    The Necessary Art of Persuasion
    Book by Timothy Ferriss – 
    The 4-Hour Workweek
    Book by James Clear – 
    Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
    Book by Ryan Holiday -
    The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph
    Book by David Epstein
    Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World
    Book by Bo Burlingham - 
    Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big
    Book by Arlan Hamilton – 
    It's About Damn Time: How to Turn Being Underestimated Into Your Greatest Advantage

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