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    Daniel Throssell on How He Dominated Drop Dead Copy’s Black Friday 2021 Bundle Promotion

    Daniel Throssell on How He Dominated Drop Dead Copy’s Black Friday 2021 Bundle Promotion

    In November 2021, I ran a special Black Friday promotion on Drop Dead Copy.

    16 world-class copywriters contributed 2 products each.

    One for the front-end offer.

    One for the upsell.

    Since we tracked everything and commissions increased as you ranked higher, each copywriter competed for the top spot.

    The more you sold, the more you made.

    Plus, if you won… you got the bragging rights. You could say you beat everyone else.

    That’s where Daniel Throssell comes in.

    This skinny kid from Perth was the underdog.

    He’d been writing copy for less time than most of the other copywriters in the promotion.

    And yet, despite his newbie status, he sold more than every single other copywriter combined, making it damn near impossible for anyone else to win.

    Plus, he did it in 4 days while everyone else used the full 10 days.

    I remember looking at my computer screen as the sales rolled in wondering what the hell was going on.

    It was insane.

    So, like anyone interested in improving performance, I starting thinking:

    How the hell did he do it?

    How the hell does a skinny kid from Perth, a relative newcomer to the copywriting industry, dominate a competition with some of the top copywriters in the world?

    How does he think about copywriting and marketing?

    Why does he ruffle feathers, court controversy and stir up “high school drama” any chance he can get?

    How does he think about storytelling?

    That’s what today’s podcast is about.

    If there’s ONE podcast you listen to this year, make it this one.

    But before you do, a warning:

    Daniel isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He likes to… how do I say it… ruffle feathers. He actively courts controversy as a marketing strategy and he’s amazing at it.

    As for the haters, instead of letting them bother him, Daniel sees them as unpaid marketing consultants.

    They run around the internet complaining about him, driving more people to check Daniel out, and they don’t even get paid for it.

    So keep that in mind as you listen.

    Stay open. Stay flexible. And learn everything you can from this cheeky, creative dude from Perth.


    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * How Daniel created his “offer to end all offers” for Black Friday 2022 (and how he used it to make as many sales as every other partner combined)

    * How he secured a jaw dropping 100% upsell rate instead of the “typical but boring by comparison” 20-30% rate that most copywriters and marketers get

    * How to leverage deep-seated psychological biases in human beings to dramatically increase your reach and drive more people to your offers

    * The ideal length for promotions: 4 days vs 10 days (and why the answer is not what you’d probably expect)

    * How to use controversy to drive sales (plus, Daniel’s surprising advice to his many haters)

    * How Daniel manufactures “high school drama” to keep things interesting, entertaining and fun for his subscribers (and why he believes this is a critical part of marketing in 2022 and beyond)

    And much more!


    * Daniel Throssell

    * Campaign Conqueror (Daniel’s paid course on how he created his Black Friday 2022 promotion)

    * Ian Stanley

    * a href="https://copylegends.

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    Carline Anglade-Cole on Why Your Copy Sucks But You Don’t

    Carline Anglade-Cole on Why Your Copy Sucks But You Don’t

    She’s one of the TOP copywriters in the world right now.

    She won AWAI’s prestigious “Copywriter of the Year” award…

    …got featured on Dr Oz…

    …wrote a promo for Oprah…

    …and now she’s here to give you 60 Kick-Butt Lessons on Copywriting… Business… and Life! from her new book Your Copy Sucks – You Don’t!.

    Let’s get into it…

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * How Carline kicks imposter syndrome to the curb with a simple, short statement about you and your copy (Lesson 34)

    * How to make people better off in ways they desire and are willing to pay for (Lesson 53)

    * How to keep calm and carry on even when you’re having a HORRIBLE day (Lesson 27)

    * 3 simple words you should use to end EVERY email, letter or note (Lesson 33)

    * How to explain copywriting to a bunch of 10-year-olds with short attention spans (not a lesson – just for fun!)


    * Your Copy Sucks – You Don’t!: 60 Kick-Butt Lessons on Copywriting… Business… and Life!

    * My Life as a 50+ Year-Old White Male: How a Mixed-Race Woman Stumbled Into Direct-Response Copywriting and Succeeded!

    * Carline’s website (join her ezine!)

    * Carline’s YouTube Channel

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    Rob Marsh on How To Earn Double What Most Copywriters Earn

    Rob Marsh on How To Earn Double What Most Copywriters Earn

    Rob Marsh from The Copywriter Club says he’s a simple guy.

    Just a dad who writes words for a living.

    But he’s much more than that.

    In this episode, Rob lifts the curtain on a recent salary survey he did with his business partner Kira Hug at The Copywriter Club.

    They asked thousands of copywriters to spill the beans on their income, experience, niche and more.

    The weirdest thing they discovered?

    Experience doesn’t matter.

    What do you think makes the biggest difference in what copywriters charge?

    Is it their age, gender, niche, education level, country of origin, where they live now or the language they speak?

    It’s their niche.

    Turns out, if you focus on ONE niche (and one niche only), you’ll make 96% more than copywriters who don’t have a niche.

    Interesting, hey?

    To get the full story, grab a coffee, tea or a shot of tequila and hit the play button below…

    In this episode of the podcast with Rob Marsh from The Copywriter Club, you’ll discover:

    * The weirdest insight from Rob and Kira’s “Copywriter Salary Survey” (ignore this and you could spend 10 years spinning your wheels)

    * What factor makes the single biggest difference when it comes to pricing your projects? (if you want to earn double what most copywriters earn, this tip’s for you)

    * The hottest and most profitable niches for copywriters to focus on (no, it’s just the standard “health, wealth and relationship” niches)

    * The surprisingly simple reason why most women earn less than men when it comes to copywriting (plus, how both sexes can use this simple insight to double or triple what they currently earn)

    * The 4 things that drive your price and income (if you want to earn more as a copywriter, fix these 4 things first)

    Mentioned in this episode of the Email Marketing Podcast:

    * The Copywriter Club (Rob’s website)

    * The Copywriter Club Facebook Group

    * The Copywriter Club Podcast

    * Women Don’t Ask by Linda Babcock

    * Copy Chief

    * Copyhackers

    * Kira Hug (Rob’s business partner)

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    Daniel Throssell on How To Break All The Copywriting Rules And STILL Win Big (Warning: Not For The Faint Of Heart 😱)

    Daniel Throssell on How To Break All The Copywriting Rules And STILL Win Big (Warning: Not For The Faint Of Heart 😱)

    His client calls him “Australia’s best copywriter”.

    He’s one of the most innovative copywriters in the game at the moment (just wait until you hear me read his welcome email out on the podcast – it reads like a horror movie, alongside scary music on the podcast).

    He’s also one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve met – great attitude, endless passion and tons of fun to talk to.

    If you want to have some fun (and maybe get a few unconventional tips too), you’ll love this podcast with Daniel Throssell, one of the “best copywriters in Australia”.

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * How Daniel beat far more experienced copywriters at their own game when he won Ramit Sethi’s Sales Letter Competition – despite being a complete beginner with no experience and no clients (hint: it has something to do with how he convinced his wife to let him buy a $200 book)* How Daniel started with ZERO experience and NO credentials on Upwork, won paid copywriting work in his very first week and raised his rates to $200/hr within his first nine months* How Daniel gets insane engagement rates on his welcome series by treating it like it’s a “choose your own adventure” horror movie (I read it out LIVE on the podcast with some scary music in the background – NOT for the faint of heart 😱)* Why you need to STOP using the same tired, worn-out copywriting formulas that all the “copywriting hamsters” use (and what you need to do instead if you want to stand out in today’s market)* How robots once invaded Daniel’s copywriting lab hoping to steal his spoils of war but Daniel beat them off with the stick of P___O___I__


    * The Persuasive Page (Daniel’s website)* Ramit Sethi* The Robert Collier Letter Book* Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think* The Age of Propaganda: The Everyday Use and Abuse of Persuasion

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    Kim Krause Schwalm on Dangerous Numbers, Personality Defects and The Coming AI Revolution

    Kim Krause Schwalm on Dangerous Numbers, Personality Defects and The Coming AI Revolution

    Kim Krause Schwalm is a hell of a copywriter.

    She beat the late, great Jim Rutz in a head-to-head battle.

    Impressive stuff.

    Brian Kurtz called Jim Rutz “the copywriter closest to God”.

    If that’s true and Kim beat Jim, what does that make Kim?

    In any case, Kim’s back on the podcast today to discuss some fascinating topics… such as what to name your upcoming mice supplement product (among other things).

    Check it out if you dare.

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * What is the most dangerous number in business? And what can you do about it so it doesn’t leave you dead in the water?* How to prepare yourself as a copywriter for the “AI Revolution” (plus, find out which copywriting jobs Kim thinks robots will NEVER be able to do)* When to work for a direct-response company and when to work for yourself (Kim’s answer will surprise you)* The personality defect that gets even seasoned copywriters into BIG trouble (This one’s extremely common but rarely talked about)* Simple, easy tricks to manage your money as a copywriter (so you don’t end up with a boatload of debt that acts as a prison)


    * http://copyinsiders.com/ (Kim’s mailing list w/ free resources)* https://www.kimschwalm.com/ (Kim’s website)

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    This Is How The Coronavirus ACTUALLY Unfolded In China

    This Is How The Coronavirus ACTUALLY Unfolded In China

    Worried about the coronavirus?

    Don’t know if you can trust what the media says about it?

    Want to find out how it actually unfolded in China – from someone who’s lived there for the last 10 years?

    This podcast episode is for you.

    Brian Miller is an American entrepreneur running a company called Easy China Warehouse.

    He lives and works in China full-time so he has a unique “up close” perspective on how the coronavirus crisis actually unfolded.

    Find out what happened in this juicy episode…

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    * how the coronavirus actually unfolded in China (from an American living in China at the time of the outbreak)* how the coronavirus will affect the Chinese and U.S. economy differently (and how it will probably take much LONGER for the U.S. to recover)* why China (and Asia) have dealt with the coronavirus so well compared with Western countries* how to survive and thrive the coming months and years (and what to expect in terms of marketplace conditions and recessions)* how to avoid getting fooled by all the B.S. coronavirus conspiracy theories floating around the web (save time and stop putting energy into stuff that doesn’t matter)


    * Brian’s company Easy China Warehouse* Brian’s LinkedIn profile* Emily Writes: Down the rabbit hole with the Covid-19 conspiracy theorists

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