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    Outspoken - Grace Fisher

    Outspoken - Grace Fisher

    S2 E02 - In this episode of Outspoken shares the story of Grace Fisher, 100 mile trail running champion, mother, and Operations Research Analyst for the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

    Grace rediscovered running while testing equipment for the Army, blowing off steam with late night runs around the base. Running served as a sort of saving grace in her life, helping her heal from addiction and divorce. Yet even more so, Grace serves as a saving grace for sport itself. When asked about her own running, Grace lauds the grit and kindness of her competitors. And as the first openly transgender ultrarunner to podium at major races, she’s inadvertently helping to build a more inclusive and supportive running world (and beyond).

    Follow Grace's journey @gracerunsfar

    Outspoken is a thereabouts production. Produced and edited by Abigail Levene, & Angus Morton. Sound design and mix by Ben Cranell. Executive producers Isaac Karsen & Angus Morton. Music by the enigmatic Builders Tea.

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    Outspoken - Tyler Landman

    Outspoken - Tyler Landman

    S2 EP01 - This story begins as all great stories do in the age of social media, with a stranger sliding into your DM's. Back In early 2019 I received a message on instagram. The account was private and had no profile picture. The message said they’d heard I had started climbing and that if I needed a climbing instructor, they’d be willing to help. The only other information they gave, was that they'd been for a ride a while back with my brother Lachlan. A little curious, I responded and so began getting to know the unique story of Tyler Landman.

    In sport we often find allegories for life, stories of overcoming, of perseverance of dedication but rarely do we find a literal representation of life's complexities in the sports in which we participate and spectate.

    In this episode of Outspoken, we take a look at how one man’s approach to climbing has lead his search for answers to the problems we all face at one point or another, that of finding balance, perspective and commitment.

    Outspoken is a thereabouts production. Produced and edited by Abigail Levene, & Angus Morton. Sound design and mix by Ben Cranell. Executive producers Isaac Karsen & Angus Morton. Music by the enigmatic Builders Tea

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    You can follow Tyler @tlandman

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    Outspoken: Season two

    Outspoken: Season two

    We have some big announcements for season two of the Thereabouts: Outspoken podcast. First up, we have a new co-host. Introducing professional trail runner and writer Abby Levene. Abby brings a curious perspective to sport and the stories and meaning we derive from it. She will be producing and hosting her own episodes alongside Gus on a vast range of topics. Welcome to the team Abby.

    Second up we have a new format for the series. Which you'll just have to wait for episode one to hear. Stay tuned.

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    Outspoken is a thereabouts production. Produced and edited by Abigail Levene, & Angus Morton. Sound design and mix by Ben Cranell. Executive producers Isaac Karsen & Angus Morton. Music by the enigmatic Builders Tea

    You can find our podcast on Itunes, and Spotify. You can get in touch with us on instagram @aplevene, for Abby, @thatisgus for Gus or @hereorthereabouts thank you so much for listening

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    Outspoken - CRUST Bikes

    Outspoken - CRUST Bikes

    S1 E11 - The protagonist for today’s story, is an unlikely one. Cut from the same cloth as convicts, and cast from the salty shores of Australia to the land of opportunity, It has all the hallmarks of a classic underdog novel.

    A plumber by trade and avid BMX’r it wasn’t until a hacked bank account whilst on a surf trip in Mexico that Matt even rode a big bike for the first time. And even then on that long ride from Mexico City to Austin Texas CRUST was still but a twinkle in Matt’s eye.

    Enter an Ipod touch, yes an Ipod touch, Cheech and the rest is history. Knowing basically none of this, we sat down with Cheech and Matt who until very recently were literally the duo behind the burgeoning bike brand Crust that does things its own way, to hell with everybody else, to dig a little deeper into the story of a couple of folks just tryin’ to make a crust.

    In episode 11 of Thereabouts: Outspoken we catch up with founder of CRUST bikes Matt, and his business partner and wife Cheech to find out how the brand came to be, bringing surfboard design to cycling, bike orgasms, running a small business, and the joys of touring.

    For our Film Sometime Thereafter: https://roammedia.com/sometime-thereafter/
    More on Crust over at: https://www.crustbikes.com/
    More of our films: https://www.thereabouts.co

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    Outspoken - Team Amani

    Outspoken - Team Amani

    S1 EP10 - The idea behind the AMANI project is simple - they try to create cycling opportunities for talented rides from East Africa. At least, that was the plan, till COVID-19. The travel restrictions have forced them to reconsider their model and search for ways to achieve their goals of greater inclusivity in the sport in an environment where no races are taking place and international travel is restricted.

    That’s when they decided to take a closer look at the e-racing.

    Why e-racing?

    Following many conversations with partners and a few trial runs, they came to see e-racing as a potential game-changer, a leveller, an opportunity for much greater inclusivity.

    How? Namely, through e-racing they can showcase the talent of many of our riders to the world without incurring the costs associated with travel and stay in Europe.

    Less costs means more opportunities for up and coming riders. In addition, they see it as a brilliant development tool for talent scouting with hard data and standardised testing methods now suddenly accessible at the village level.

    That brings us to the The #RideOnline Campaign. The Objective: to get as many African cycling clubs and teams racing together online as soon as possible. The Plan: First, together with their partner Team Africa Rising, they are going to start by outfitting our three sister team clubhouses in Iten (Kenya), Kigali (Rwanda) and Masaka (Uganda) with e-trainers so as to extend e-racing and e-training opportunities to all riders on those respective teams.

    Second, using their Team Amani X Africa Rising Intercontinental Series event on Zwift, they hope to link all of these riders together on a single platform so as to provide a venue for networking amongst the riders and a space to demonstrate their collective strength.

    Third, members from Team Amani (Europe) will support the best riders from each of the sister teams under the umbrella of a single (e)Team Amani and try and win as many races as possible to showcase the individual talents of those riders in the network.

    We sat down with Mikel Delagrange who is one of the creators to discuss all of the above and much much more

    Link to the Zwift event:


    Team Amani:

    www.teamamani.com @teamamani on Insta

    The Migration (Gravel event):

    @ride_migration on Insta (website coming soon)

    Lola Bikes and Coffee (team clubhouse, etc.)

    www.lolabikesandcoffee.nl @lolabikesandcoffee on Insta

    Links to Sister Clubs/Teams

    Rwanda: Team Africa Rising @africarisingcycling


    Kenya: Kenya Riders @kenya_riders


    Uganda: Masaka Cycling Club @masakacyclingclub


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    Outspoken - Sometime Thereafter: Nico

    Outspoken - Sometime Thereafter: Nico

    S1 EP09 - Sometime Thereafter is released by ROAM Media. To watch the film for free head over to: https://roammedia.com/sometime-thereafter/

    'How do we remember an experience? What do we glean from a journey?

    Personal growth is at the heart of adventure, but the lessons we learn and the memories we make differ between each individual.
    Sometime Thereafter is a phone conversation about a journey into the Canadian wilderness, the way we process experience and remember our past.

    Thereabouts has been interested in exploring the various ways sport, and adventure impact those who participate in them. In September 2018 myself and three friends embarked on a self supported journey through Canada with the purpose of getting to know the people of the place we were travelling through and learning what we could from them about living.

    The trip was an extension of the ride that became Outskirts: The Big Land and was a trip that has had a lasting impact on myself for innumerable reasons, not the least of which the shared experience with my three counterparts.

    As anyone who has done any sort of self-powered journey with friends will attest, what the experience is for each individual is vastly different. We all confront our own demons, we all have our own motivations, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

    With that in mind we sat on the footage for over a year before calling up those still willing to hear what the trip was to them, and how their lives had been impacted so many months later.

    Let me tell you, a lot can happen in a year.

    In the first installment of the Sometime Thereafter podcast special, I interview Nico via phone to hear about the power of journey sometime thereafter.

    Link to film:

    For more films, stories, and photos visit: thereabouts.co

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