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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

    337: Mystical Users

    337: Mystical Users

    We make an appeal to keep Linux powerful and avoid the Macification of the desktop, and review the latest developer-focused XPS 13.

    Plus some community news that's getting missed, picks, and more.
    Special Guests: Alex Kretzschmar and Brent Gervais.
    PinePhone started shipping January 17th
    Fedora CoreOS out of preview - Fedora Magazine
    Flatcar Container Linux | Linux for containers
    Doing Things That Scale – Space and Meaning
    We Ditched Mac Pro for THIS…
    New Ubuntu Theme in Development for 20.04
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    Use your Terminal like a Desktop now on YouTube
    Terminal like a desktop LUP article
    Home Assistant Podcast with Alex
    Brent sits down with Jim Salter of TechSNAP in the latest episode of Brunch with Brent
    Dell XPS 13 7390 Review: The Best Laptop For Desktop Linux Users - Linux.com
    Phoronix Test Suite Results
    Kernel panic when booting with EFISTUB - Arch Linux Forums
    Kakashiiiiy/EFISTUB: passes kernel-commandline to the kernel if the UEFI does not support it
    Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 Launches With Linux Support In Tow - Phoronix
    Linux* Support for Intel® Wireless Adapters
    glow: Render markdown on the CLI, with pizzazz!

    • 58 min
    336: Linus' Filesystem Fluster

    336: Linus' Filesystem Fluster

    Linus Torvalds says don't use ZFS, but we think he got a few of the facts wrong. Jim Salter joins us to help us explain what Linus got right, and what he got wrong.

    Plus some really handy Linux picks, some community news, and a live broadcast from Seattle's Snowpocalypse!
    Special Guest: Jim Salter.
    Windows 7 support ended on January 14, 2020
    Chris Snowed in
    WSDOT Traffic on Twitter: "Five cars and a semi on this collision SB I-5 north of SR 530. Back up with only one lane going through.
    Automotive Grade Linux Has Large Presence At CES 2020
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    LFNW CFP closes Wednesday 1/15!
    Texas Linux Fest CFP closes Saturday 1/18!
    Home Assistant Podcast
    Linus Torvalds says “Don’t use ZFS”—but doesn’t seem to understand it | Ars Technica
    Linus Torvalds on ZFS
    A Quick Look At EXT4 vs. ZFS Performance On Ubuntu 19.10 With An NVMe SSD
    ZFS Isn’t the Only Option
    XFS Copy-On-Write
    New tricks for XFS
    Contributors to zfsonlinux/zfs
    OpenZFS leadership meetings and other videos
    OpenZFS 2.0 Out In 2020 With Unified Linux/FreeBSD Support, OpenZFS 3.0 With macOS - Phoronix
    bandwhich: Terminal bandwidth utilization tool (formerly known as “what”)
    Nethogs: a small ‘net top’ tool.
    iftop: display bandwidth usage on an interface
    s-tui: Terminal-based CPU stress and monitoring utility
    Firefox Send CLI
    age: A simple, modern and secure encryption tool with small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability.

    • 53 min
    335: Practically Perfect Predictions

    335: Practically Perfect Predictions

    Find out what's happening in 2020 before it happens. Our crew returns from the future with predictions so perfect you could bet some Dogecoin on it.
    Special Guests: Alex Kretzschmar and Brent Gervais.
    Why you should replace Windows 7 with Linux | Vivaldi Browser
    Pacman Candy Easter Egg
    Cheap DIY LED Light Strip | Self-Hosted Live Hack - YouTube
    Boston Dynamics Parkour Robot

    • 55 min
    334: Particularly Poor Predictions

    334: Particularly Poor Predictions

    We review our predictions and own up to what we got wrong, and what we got right in 2019.
    Special Guests: Alex Kretzschmar and Brent Gervais.
    Q&A with Sam K - Acquisition Announcement Follow Up
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    My recent Plasma Basic to Brilliant video is out
    Mac Pro case clone
    No More Secrets - This project provides a command line tool called nms that recreates the famous data decryption effect seen on screen in the 1992 hacker movie Sneakers.
    hollywood - launch Byobu, open a random number of splits with random sizes, in each split run a noisy text app
    cool-retro-term: A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display

    • 48 min
    333: Linux Wayback Machine

    333: Linux Wayback Machine

    Open source won the last decade, but what if it hadn’t? We look back at some major milestones and reflect on a world where they never existed.
    Special Guests: Alex Kretzschmar and Brent Gervais.
    Introducing netboot.xyz Docker Network Boot Server Image (PXE)
    Tails - Celebrating 10 years of Tails!
    Ten Years Past GNOME’s 10x10 Goal, The Linux Desktop Is Still Far From Having A 10% Marketshare - Phoronix
    Linux Headlines
    Jupiter Extras - NOW ON YouTube
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    Container History in an Image
    Shuttleworth’s grand vision for Ubuntu on phones, tablets, TV’s and smart screens everywhere in October 2011
    Ubuntu Touch 1.0 in October 2013
    BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition in April 2015
    Ubuntu phone killed in April 2017
    UBports released first stable OTA in June 2017
    Librem 5 crowdfunder in August 2017
    Librem 5 starts shipping in December 2019
    PinePhone announced at FOSDEM 2019
    PinePhone Braveheart edition opens for pre-orders November 2019
    Xdg-app becomes Flatpak in May 2016
    Launched in December 2014
    Skype snapped in February 2018
    Chrome OS announced in July 2009
    First widely available Chromebooks arrive June 2011
    Chromebook Pixel in February 2013
    Android apps arrive in September 2014
    Network file share support arrives in September 2018
    Linux apps beta arrives in stable channel in October 2018
    In May 2019 it was announced that all new Chromebooks would support Linux apps
    In Q4 of 2018, Chromebooks made up 21% of all notebooks sold in the US
    Feedback: Aaarghhhhh!! (Chris’ Pronunciation)

    • 1 hr 12 min
    332: The WSL Secrets

    332: The WSL Secrets

    Big things are coming to Microsoft's WSL so we get the inside scoop on what's just around the corner.

    Plus a few new GNOME features, some Arch server follow up, and more!
    Special Guests: Alex Kretzschmar, Brent Gervais, and Hayden Barnes.
    New Gnome Extensions Tool
    GNOME 3.36 Bringing Better Multi-GPU Handling With Switcheroo-Control, NVIDIA Support
    Jonathon F in Launchpad
    Pocket Popcorn Computer
    Old Pocket C.H.I.P.
    Better Together: A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy Join Forces – Linux Academy
    Brunch w/Jason PT1
    Linux Headlines
    Jupiter Extras - NOW ON YouTube
    Leadership Transition at Whitewater Foundry
    Canonical co-sponsors Windows Subsystem for Linux conference
    Hayden Barnes on Twitter: “Fixes inbound in a few days for @nim_lang snaps (stable, LTS & nightly) that will allow access to system libraries and non-gcc compilers. Also added bash completion for nim & nimble. Made w/ #UbuntuWSL & @ubuntu Hyper-V & @code, built on @github Actions & pushed to @snapcraftio.”
    Canonical makes Ubuntu for Windows SubSystem for Linux a priority
    WSLconf 1 - a community-initiated event on all things Windows Subsystem for Linux and WSL-related.
    grub-btrfs advice
    Bad Idea!
    Wikit - A command line tool for searching wikipedia
    Linux Spotlight w/ChrisLinux Spotlight w/Chris audio version

    • 1 hr 1 min

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