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Music News and the Bible discusses all genres of music, artists and their performances, from a Biblical perspective. Our goal is to help Christians think rightly about their music choices and the artist they love and listen to.

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Music News and the Bible discusses all genres of music, artists and their performances, from a Biblical perspective. Our goal is to help Christians think rightly about their music choices and the artist they love and listen to.

    What can we learn from the life of Nipsey Hussle?

    What can we learn from the life of Nipsey Hussle?

    Nipsey Hussle, a Grammy-nominated rapper was killed Sunday afternoon, shot in broad daylight outside his store in South Los Angeles in a burst of gunfire that left two other people wounded, police said.
    Hussle, who was known as much for his work in the community as for his music, was hit multiple times about 3:20 p.m. in front of his store, the Marathon Clothing, at 3420 W. Slauson Ave., police said. He was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He was 33.
    Details remain scant, but a law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation said Hussle was shot by a young man who opened fire at close range and then ran to a waiting getaway car. Based on initial information, the shooter is probably associated with a gang, the source said. Others said that while the suspect likely was in a gang, the dispute appeared to more personal in nature.
    On Tuesday, LAPD officials said the suspect, Eric Holder, 29, had a personal dispute with the rapper.
    In this episode Troy discusses the three lessons we can learn from Nipsey hussle's short life number one the vanity of life number two the violence of life three the verdict of our lives .

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    The Success Secrets And Sadism Of R. Kelly PT 1

    The Success Secrets And Sadism Of R. Kelly PT 1

    It’s been 25 years since R. Kelly first had to answer for sexual abuse allegations. Two and a half decades of new reports, new witnesses, new testimonies, new windows into an age-old story of powerful men seizing the chance to play God while trampling countless women — girls — into the dirt. And yet, as a devastating new docuseries lays out in damning detail, Kelly has nonetheless found a way to evade the charges and any real consequences almost every time.
    In six hour-long chapters, Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” is perhaps the most comprehensive dive into the terrible, tangled history of allegations against the singer yet. The first two episodes dig into his childhood, in which he both was recognized as a musical prodigy and sexually abused himself and his unstoppable rise to stardom, and his relationship to Aaliyah, whom he met when she was just 12 years old. The third and fourth episodes detail the circumstances of the so-called “pee tape,” which allegedly showed Kelly having sex with and urinating on a 14 year-old girl, and the subsequent child pornography case that ended in a surprise acquittal. The final two episodes highlight the reports from the last several years that Kelly has isolated and groomed women and girls into a sex cult for his own pleasure.

    In Part One of this special series on R. Kelly, Troy will begin discussing R. Kelly’s success and his rise to fame, his secrets-- the things that were hidden from his fans--, and his sadism-- the abuse and sexual practices he did with underage girls. If you haven't seen the six-hour docu-series, Surviving R. Kelly, Troy will do his best to recap the series and also share what God's Word has to say on these issues.

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    My review of David and tamela mann's new album.

    My review of David and tamela mann's new album.

    Grammy Award-winning gospel artist and actress Tamela Mann teamed up with her husband, NAACP Image Award-winning actor and comedian David Mann to release an album for believers who want to enjoy intimacy without tasteless lyrics.
    Titled Us Against the World, the album is a departure from Tamela’s staple gospel sound and celebrates their 30-year union using R&B grooves.
    "It was different for me, it was really different, even though I was happy to think about the man that I love [while singing],” Tamela told The Christian Post. “It made me even look at him differently, and in all honesty, we tested it out and it really worked."
    Produced by the couple and their son, David Mann, Jr., Tamela said her 30-year-old son pegged the album, "back in the day" music. They were so happy to be able to provide a project like this for the body of Christ.
    "Even though you knew we were talking about love, it wasn't nasty love music,” Tamela explained.
    Their first single, “Good Love,” highlights the couple's soulful harmonies and kicks off the 10-song musical collaboration. “Us Against the World” candidly chronicles the defining moments of David and Tamela’s long relationship.
    With the divorce rate being the same in the church as it is in the world, it is always encouraging when you see a couple that is seeking to stay together for the rest of their lives no matter what challenges they face. In this episode Troy looks at the lyrics of the 10 songs on David and Tamela s album Titled Us Against the World, I'm sure what he shares will be a blessing to you. . If you are married you don't want to Miss this episode. This is also special for Troy because today is his wedding anniversary with his lovely wife Adrienne.

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    Why is Lauren Daigle not sure about homosexuality?

    Why is Lauren Daigle not sure about homosexuality?

    Recently, Lauren Daigle was interviewed on the Dominick Nati Show on iHeart radio. Eight minutes into the interview, after talking about criticism she's got for what she wears while singing worship songs, interviewer Dominick Nati said: "I hate to do this to you Lauren but I usually ask tough questions so is that alright if I ask just a couple of ones that are tougher and you can let me know if you wanna answer them?
    She replied: "Ok, cool."
    "Well, just 'cos we were talking about Ellen [DeGeneres] ...do you feel that homosexuality is a sin?"
    After a pause, she responded: "You know I can't honestly answer on that...I have too many people that I love that, they are homosexual, I don't know. I actually had a conversation with someone last night about it and I was like 'I can't say one way or the other, I'm not God'. So, when people ask questions like that that's what my go to is. I just say read the Bible and find out for yourself and when you find out let me know 'cos I'm learning too."
    With many celebrity Christians being confronted with the question of homosexuality and being afraid to give a Biblical answer for this question. in this episode Troy will deal with the compassion we should share with homosexuals the compromise we should avoid with homosexuals and the commission we've been given to reach homosexuals.. Every Christian should be prepared to answer this question You don't want to miss it

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    Darlene Zschech discuss her battle with cancer in her new book

    Darlene Zschech discuss her battle with cancer in her new book

    Darlene Zschech, who's written over 100 Christian worship songs including the popular contemporary hymn “Shout to The Lord,” details in a new book how she's made it through the hardest seasons in her life.
    In the book, The Golden Thread: Experiencing God’s Presence in Every Season of Life, Zschech talks about God's faithfulness as she and her family coped with the shocking reality of her cancer diagnosis after they left Hillsong Church to establish a church plant.
    The Australian singer and songwriter started her music career with Hillsong Church but left after a successful 25 years to pastor a ministry with her husband, Mark, in New South Wales called Hope Unlimited Church.
    Before Zschech was told by her doctor that she had cancer, her family was already processing what the journey ahead would be like for her grandson who had been diagnosed with autism.
    Zschech chronicles all the hurdles she faced in a chapter titled "The Wilderness," which she described as being the most difficult part of the book to write.
    “I think we all have wilderness [moments]," she said, reflecting on the year (2013) she first learned she had cancer. "We all have winters and they're actually necessary. Winter is necessary in the scope of seasons. A lot happens in a winter that can’t happen in a summer. Digging into the beauty of the wilderness — that was a hard chapter,” she added.
    We all face Wilderness experiences in this life .And cancer is probably one of the most difficult things in this life to deal with. Troy looks at the dreaded disease of cancer as he uses the bible and his knowledge of health and nutrition to talk about the curse of cancer the causes of cancer and the cure for cancer. If you know someone that is dealing with cancer , you should make sure they hear this broadcast.

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    Kanye West says love is the strongest force in the universe TMZ PT 2

    Kanye West says love is the strongest force in the universe TMZ PT 2

    A portion of West’s TMZ interview that has not been highlighted much by the media was when he talked to Levin about his belief in God and the notion that love can conquer all. “Free love, it's the spirit," West explained to Levin when asked what is the root of everything the "Jesus Walk" emcee is trying to express. "If I say I love Dr. Jan Adams that performed my mother's final surgery, people don't accept forgiveness and love."
    West's mother died after having cosmetic surgery in 2007, which was performed by Adams.
    Levin admittedly said he doesn't believes people can love everyone. To which West looked at Levin and asked, "But does God want you to love everyone? Do you believe in God?"
    "If you start thinking about love and start feeling love and thinking about forgiveness, then you can overcome things," West said. "I think love conquers all. I know from the bottom of my soul, of my gut, of my spirit and my subconscious that love is the strongest force in the universe and right now we need love."
    In this episode we deal with the four kinds of Love mentioned in the Bible. Physical love, family love, friendship love, and Flawless love, you don't want to miss it.

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