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Hey mate. I'm Pete from Tokyo. I will share my thoughts in broken English. Cheers.

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Hey mate. I'm Pete from Tokyo. I will share my thoughts in broken English. Cheers.

    Japan's boarder re-open to mid to long-term stay

    Japan's boarder re-open to mid to long-term stay


    Japan’s relatively small number of testing.
    A rumour around flexible quarantine policy
    A learning tip: Meaning of Kento(検討) in Japan’s news
    Discussion: Should Japan open boarder?

    Last weekend, Health Minister Norihisa Tamura visited both Narita and Haneda airports, and he will take an action on doubling the airport testing to 20,000 on daily basis nation-widely.

    Yesterday, Japan Times published an article that Japan is set to exempt business travellers and returnees from the 14 day quarantine. This news is not confirmed by authorities publicly by far, but government sources says.

    NHK, the national broadcaster confirmed that “the government” will plan to decide the exemption. For the record the news was reported yesterday mid-day on their website.

    The news use a word Kento which means thinking about or considering something. For that reason, it may not happen, so do not say this is news, but rumour. It’s kind of scary that NHK publish government’s statements like this and we don’t know who is responsible for this decision if no one announce in public.

    I’m very very concerned. The big part of this news is that including journalists and those political elites are “Kento shiteiru” of everything. Be precise, please.

    According to the officials, nearly 8,500 people arrived Narita airport during the 10 days-long summer holiday in August. And only about 4,000 people arrived Haneda airport.

    Hold on Pete, why you picked up numbers from last August? That is only available and reliable source by the both airports’ immigration department.

    Earlier Tokyo and Japan has recorded above 200 and 600 cases respectively while the nation has lifted boarder restriction to mid to long term residents like international students and technical intern trainees.

    Prior to the games of Tokyo Olympics, next April Japan might allow tourists to stay without the hotel quarantine and tourists must provide their temperatures through apps.

    Should Japan open boarder?

    Countries are planning to re-open boarders to other countries, some of the states in Australia will be able to visit New Zealand as early as December.

    First of all, I can’t wait to take a plane. How many of you saw planes in sky, imagining the sensation of going to new countries? I did, a lot of times. Ignoring the fact that you are not going anywhere.

    The challenge of international travel is that we know what happens to society if we do that without a great policy.

    Counting local transmission and returned travellers are differentiated for a reason that the mapping transmissions in community.

    What I think is the most important thing is to track and contain the local transmission of the coronavirus in early stage. Like we saw the health experts tracked a super spreader of the Chadstone shopping centre’s case. A butcher could pass on virus to loads of people within a few days.

    To wrap up this self-driving argument surrounding the border issue, we need clear policy to track and contain outbreaks in case the local transmission happens by returned travellers.



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    Japanese PM Suga tells UN Tokyo is ready to host Olympics

    Japanese PM Suga tells UN Tokyo is ready to host Olympics

    At the United Nations General Assembly, Japanese PM Suga has reinforced the safety of the Olympic Games, and he said the event wiil be a proof of humanity has defeated the pandemic.

    "I will continue to spare no effort in order to welcome you to Games that are safe and secure." said Suga.

    First of all, some of you may wonder why Abe, the previous PM resigned. Fair enough! I give you the background quickly. He became the longest serving PM in Japan’s history after the war. The news hit the ground around the world. Soon, he quit. NHK reports that he has a chronic illness called “ulcerative colitis.”

    In the New York Times article, a political scientist Koichi Nakano says Mr Abe failed to provide accountable information for his scandals like money fraud, Moritomo and Kake Gakuen. The resignation is controversial.

    It’s like his chronicle condition showed up just in time! I used that trick when I was in primary school. My stomach suddenly hurt on the day of the exam. He maybe avoided troubles.

    I am thrilled to see Suga’s leadership in the time of emergency and instability. This may include the postponed Olympic in coming year, which was the hope of economical recovery from the Tohoku earthquake in 2011.

    There is a rumour for a snap election for the reaffirmation of Suga’s presidency in the party. Despite the high approval rate of his cabinet, he has not yet committed to the snap election. Mr Suga insist the handling of coronavirus pandemic comes first. Mr Suga calls for the election or take over Abe’s term for next 12 months. I generally support that idea. It is certainly not the best time for people in muddle to think about the politics.

    Recently, International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach emphasised that Tokyo organisers are prepared to carry out games in post-corona world. In the statement it says over 50 measures have been designed to maximise cost savings and increase efficiencies in Games delivery.

    Earlier, considering the further damage on its economy, Japan announced the easing restriction for all non tourist from October. This allows international students, foreign residents and athletes to enter Japan on condition of 14-day quarantine period upon arrival.

    The challenge of holding the Olympic is following the safety measure. While IOC says the Olympic will go ahead with or without the vaccine, it is highly testing for Mr Suga.

    Shinzo Abe Is Quitting, and Leaving a Trail of Scandals Behind


    Prime Minister Abe's illness




    Japan to allow entry for all nontourist new visa applicants from October


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    Joe Biden's ambitious Climate Plan and Trump blames US wildfires on forest management

    Joe Biden's ambitious Climate Plan and Trump blames US wildfires on forest management

    California governor Gavin Newsom calls the state’s record breaking fire caused by “climate change”, while the president Trump describes the west coast fire mishandled by “forest management”.

    California has been experiencing wildfires last few years. 31 people was killed by the fire and the flame is spreading across the nation.

    Earlier, Los Angels mayor Eric Garcetti also said it’s “climate change.” Mr Garcetti reminded people in California of the president’s word as insult.

    According to SBS, Mr Trump plans to meet with the heads of California's emergency services on Monday.

    Joe Biden’s ambitious climate plan has the biggest investment and the hope with allies.

    Firstly, he will rejoin the Paris Agreement on the day 1 of his presidency, and Biden will go further.

    According to his proposal, the admission will “lead an effort to get every major country to ramp up the ambition of their domestic climate targets.”

    Australia and Japan has modest climate policy, will be targeted by Biden’s admission. Because, he wants America to become a leading clean-energy exporter with friends..

    There is one concern, China. In order to reduce the cost of energy in global markets, Biden needs to improve the relationship between countries and unions. Question is, will the tension between US and China decrease?

    Biden’s proposal include the biggest investment of climate change in the history. He believes $1.7 trillion of investment create “10 million new good-paying jobs.” He calls that “Clean Energy Revolution.”

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    Interview: Ery's first photo-book "run run runaway" and her music by Ooveen

    Interview: Ery's first photo-book "run run runaway" and her music by Ooveen

    Ery is the artist, composer and radio personality. I talked about her recent photo- book "run run runaway" and the current life style in Tokyo.

    She posts her illustration through her Twitter account.


    Ooveen's music 



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    Interview: Davina Narrainen on Wakashio Oil Spill in Mauritius

    Interview: Davina Narrainen on Wakashio Oil Spill in Mauritius

    IR & Policy Consultant, Davina Narrainen talked about the reaction to the Japanese-owned ship's oil spill and the connection to her country's beautiful nature. 

    Rezistans ek Alternativ

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    Hong Kong Political Purge

    Hong Kong Political Purge

    —What happened to the activists in Hong Kong?

    Yesterday, police arrested 10 people in Hong Kong under a new national security law. The purge has begun with the media owner of Apple Daily, Jimmy Lai. His company’s senior executive Mark Simon said in a tweet that "Jimmy Lai is being arrested for collusion with foreign powers at this time.” On that night, 23 year-old activist, Agnes Chow was detained by police. Later a statement was posted on her Facebook, says she was arrested over “clouding with foreign forces,” under the National Security Law. President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen showed a disappointment over the surge in Hong Kong, saying the arrests “further eroding Hong Kong’s freedom of the press, rule of the law, human rights and democracy.” This comment came after the meeting with a high-profile US figure visiting Taiwan.

    —When did this diplomatic relationship start between US and Taiwan?

    Since 2018, US has embolden the tie between Taiwan by introducing acts such as Taiwan Relations Act and Taiwan Travel Act. Plus, Taiwan is buying military equipments from US over the decade.

    Yesterday, US health secretary, Alex Azar, has met Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen for the meeting over the response to the COVID-19 crisis while Taiwanese airforce detected unknown fighter jets, allegedly from China, at the Taiwanese side of the border.

    BBC reported that Azar stated “three overarching themes” for the visit.

    “The first is to recognise Taiwan as an open and democratic society, executing a highly successful and transparent Covid-19 response,” he said.

    “The second is to reaffirm Taiwan as a long partner and friend of the United States.

    “The third is to note that Taiwan deserves to be recognised as a global health leader with an excellent track record of contributing to international health."

    Despite the successful handling on COVID-19, Taiwan is not a member of WHO. In response to the meeting, President Tsai posted on Twitter.

    “Working together, we can prove that democracy is the best system to overcome global challenges,” she said.

    —So, what Abe said, or did not say on Hong Kong?

    Last month, PM Shizo Abe and Australia PM Scott Morrison held a video meeting on Hong Kong’s security. Since then, no comments. Japan’s position over China is double standard. On one side, the economy is important when it comes to the tourism and other industries. On the other side, a nationalist population support Shinzo Abe on the security issue. Abe has been passive to China, he will be passive. Japan itself has no intention to involve in the humanitarian problem in Hong Kong. It is about the international politics, rather than the domestic politics.

    China carrying out political purge in Hong Kong -ABC


    US angers China with high-profile Taiwan visit - BBC


    Taiwan–United States relations


    Trade War Vox


    Chinese Consulate in Houston -PBS News Hour


    Agnes Chow Facebook


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