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Dr. Justin interviews other doctors, marketers and leaders to help grow your practice while also learning about new specialties and keeping a healthy family life. Listen to successes, overcoming trials, marketing, staff concerns and home life balance tips from viewpoints in and out of your own degree. You never know what piece of advice could turn your practice around and keep your personal life rock solid. It’s the least expensive coach you can hire; just implement what you learn so we can ascend the success ladder in work and life.. Let’s go behind the curtain with a doctor’s perspective.

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Dr. Justin interviews other doctors, marketers and leaders to help grow your practice while also learning about new specialties and keeping a healthy family life. Listen to successes, overcoming trials, marketing, staff concerns and home life balance tips from viewpoints in and out of your own degree. You never know what piece of advice could turn your practice around and keep your personal life rock solid. It’s the least expensive coach you can hire; just implement what you learn so we can ascend the success ladder in work and life.. Let’s go behind the curtain with a doctor’s perspective.

Visit Us at A Doctor's Perspective Podcast and download some of our free resources.

    M 68 Video Ad Rules

    M 68 Video Ad Rules

    Minisode 68 Video Ad Rules

    8 Key elements to script into your video ads for maximum results. Not just hooks, social proof and a good call to action.

    Welcome back to the episode. Sixty eight video ad rolls. Today's show is from capitalism with kevin anson. He apparently does a viral video ads with like click funnels in all those types of people. So he's made some really big videos made a big splash. People excited about it so he was interviewed on that podcast. And this is the summary for that.

    Before we jump in if you are a doctor or professional of some sort that needs a curriculum vitae. The cv reworked. And you don't wanna do it. Let me do it for you. Gotta do is go to adoctorsperspective.net/onesheet. And you can actually hire me to do that for you. I enjoy it as well as a one she s you know one page. Pdf where you can highlight topics that you wanna talk about and what you can provide to another business so they hire you for podcast hosts to invite you onto their show or even to get a second meeting or a room meeting with a medical doctor or other referral partner. That you've been warning.

    So let's jump in if you like what you hear but you want more information than you have to go and check out that actual podcast.

    Here's the summary super-duper summary need to have at least a pattern interrupt. Identify who you're gonna talk to what's gonna be your hook throw some social proof and then a call to action. That is your most basic video simply that you have to do.

    But so a pattern interrupt could be anything from throwing a book on the ground. Are lighten a book on fire. Just something that gets you to stop in. Look what are you doing. Could be moving your fingers in front of the camera just to catch people's attention something like that.

    Then you gotta identify who you talking to stay at home. Moms parents who are now teachers. Who aren't really into that chiropractors. That do spinal decompression etc and then the hook so going through all eight steps real quick the hook at your marketing.

    Hook it bridges. Who you talking to in why they'd actually want to listen and you at into the paint point and desires. So are you tired of having pain. He can't play with kids and stuff like that results.

    The promise What what can you do. Can you get or accomplish x by y because of z. So that's another step step for a thorny. You wanna talk about people you've worked with. Who's famous it'd earlier. This guy with click funnels so that's kind of a big thing you have some kind of certificate that other people don't have or somebody else thinks is important and they like you so you don't mention that somehow in the video you don't have to do all eight things in this video every time. It's kind of a lot. But like i said in the beginning those top four. Repeat at the end.

    Okay you to have a new opportunity is not so much you want to be different than somebody else like are yoga mat is point two millimeters thicker than the competition. Now you need to have something that differentiates you completely and that blue ocean theory. How was it. You know not just superior but it's like a new opportunity. Can you do that with what you're doing in chiropractic physical therapy named can you position a code laser like that Some special decompression table. You're the one that offers small group sessions that nobody else does.

    Then you had the value perception. Which would be like if you bought something else. It would cost you more time and more money but you just come to me and get better faster. You can go try yoga.

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    E 172 Nearing Retirement, Now What? Murs Tariq CFP

    E 172 Nearing Retirement, Now What? Murs Tariq CFP

    Murs Tariq, CFP talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

    We saved for 40 years now what and how do we plan to take out the money once we are in retirement. CFP Mars Turiq helps us understand the pitfalls and what to do now so we can be comfortable later.

    What are his views on the student loan forgiveness proposal?

    How do we manage a mortgage, student loans and retirement savings during this current virus situation?

    What type of goals setting does he find most important?

    Living within your means.

    A terrible sentence for some and the mantra of life for others.

    You can spend all your money on houses and cars etc but not amass affluence.

    CFP, Certified Financial Planner - Murs is a Fiduciary, but what does that mean for you?

    Fiduciary vs Suitability standards. He covers the differences.

    What is the ideal amount of money for retirement?

    How much does your expenses and standard of life dictate what is enough money to retire?

    If you are fully invested in the stock market, at what age is it a good idea to switch some to bonds, annuity’s, life insurance, real estate and more?

    Common pitfalls people make and could avoid when planning for retirement thats 10 years away or sooner.

    * what is your risk exposure to a fluctuating market* what is your plan for liquidate your retirement accounts so it lasts* social security benefits, pension withdrawals, 401k and Roth IRAs, real estate income, annuity income etc

    Is a 15% savings rate enough?

    Advantages of Roth vs traditional IRA retirement deal with pre or post tax savings. Mars sheds some light not just that taxes may go up in the future but what happens to the tax brackets could greatly affect your long term gain and tax burden.

    529 Funds for your kids education. What happens if you super fund it and they don’t use it all? What can we do with that extra money and the taxes and penalties involved?

    What lessons can we learn from a 1st generation American?

    With a 1 year old and his own business, he finds that being present in the few hours he has with his kid and then his wife is paramount to keep the family side of life healthy.

    Podcast: the Daily, Rory Vayden Influential Personal Brand, Secure Your Retirement show since September

    Murs Tariq 10 years as a Certified Financial Planner with Peace of Mind Wealth Management.

    www.pomwealth.net Raleigh, NC

    Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/172 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript

    Full Transcript of the Interview (it will have grammatical errors and mistakes). Just Click to expand. Thanks audioburst!

    Episode one hundred seventy two year retirement now. What host. Dr justin trust glaring. Today mars respect during twenty seventeen eighteen. Podcast awards nominated best selling off author on amazon as we get a behind the curtain. Look at all types of doctor. And get specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective now the second month of the year. Twenty twenty one. I hope you’re still at the gym. I still hope you’re trying to reach your goals.

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    E 171 Foot Strength and Shoe Sales Colin Dombroski PhD

    E 171 Foot Strength and Shoe Sales Colin Dombroski PhD

    Colin Dombroski, Phd talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

    One shoe to rule them all? I think not and Dr. Colin Dombroski will break down why that is not the case and discusses his books on foot aliments and prevention.

    Canadian Certified Pedorthists - design and manufacturer of foot orthotics and the rehabilitation around that. While they can’t prescribe the orthotics like a podiatrist can, they are the ones that literally make them.

    He holds a PhD with over 6 published papers that can be found on pubmed and will do the research using techniques like: bi-planer fluroscopy, Ct, 8 camera motion capture system, and 3D printing. His goal is to see what these devices are actually doing once in the shoe.

    He also owns a massive shoe store (it has a 92 year local footprint in his city) and athletic specialty shoe store.

    Casting Foam Box or Plaster Cast

    If you have a low arch the foam box is the better choice especially in relation to the medial longitudinal ligament.

    How much stress is put on assessing the patient to get the right orthotic versus just educating on how to get the most appropriate shoe for that individual.

    Taking into account

    * their level of activity* what type of activity* previous injuries* current biomechanics* failure of normal biomechanics* gait* loud walker* and so on

    Good price range for a great shoe is $130-150+.

    Differences between a Barefoot Shoe and a Minimalist Shoe

    Biomechanical Control: Cushioning, Stability and Motion Control - which shoe style is right for your patient?

    Make sure the shape of the foot matches the shape of the shoe, regardless of the biomechanical control goal or price of the shoe.

    Pregnancy can change a women’s shoe size from 0.5-1.5.

    Have you heard of Carbon Based Running Shoes?Asics metrolyte, Saucony endorphin pro, Hoka One carbon x, New Balance fuelcell

    Business Lessons from 20 years of Retail Shoe Sales

    How did they manage to survive during covid restrictions?Hire For Culture of Company FIT. He explains what that means.Hire for Fit and train for skill.

    What are the business leader influences and programs he has taken?

    He explains his view on the advice, Get Clear on Your Why - why did you pick this major, career, practice style etc.

    What are some good KPI’s to measure performance?When should you fire someone?

    Look at Leading Metrics that the business will be doing in the near future not the trailing past metrics that you can’t fix or redo.

    Growth. What is the purpose of your growth?

    Many people grow for the sake of growing and then actually take home less money. When is enough, enough?Find Your Point of Scale.

    Fun fact: he also makes watches


    Books by Dr. Colin- Canadian Certified Pedorthists The Plantar Fasciitis Plan, Foot Strength Plan: The Truth About Orthotics And More, Sole Selection for picking athletic shoes, Kid book on thanks and gratitude called A Special...

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    E 170 Actionable Insight into Lifestyle Development with Shape and Foster

    E 170 Actionable Insight into Lifestyle Development with Shape and Foster

    Calum McGuigan of Shape and Foster talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

    4k to 4M in one business, Calum McGuigan now focuses on video and community based lifestyle development focused on 6 aspects of health. He does this with a site and app called Shape and Foster.

    Scottish man, Calum McGuigan, moved to Canada to play Rugby, loved it so much he stayed, then started Fervent Events with $4000, hit Canada’s top 500 fastest growing companies, fast forward a decade it sold for 4 million, and now started Shape and Foster.

    We spend some time talking about his event company. Really it is an In-store sampling, demonstrations for consumer electronics (phones) and food, pop-up shops and even food sampling in Costcos’. They would do all the logistics for set up, finding locations, staffing the events and more. After 9 years he started getting burned out and really questioning his WHY?

    Why am I in this, do I want to keep creating events and promos for things that can make us sick like burger and fry restaurants?

    How do you sell an event company in the middle of covid 2020 when everything is shutdown? Did it hurt the selling price to the point of backing out?

    What can we learn from unicorn business acquisitions for companies that really haven’t even turned a profit, think Uber or companies bought out by Facebook.

    Disclaimer: Yes, this episode’s interview is a paid sponsorship.

    Shape & Foster

    A 12 month journey to revamp your life from all angels. They have 6 experts delivering information and exercises (homework) in less than 20 minute videos each month. You have to finish the first month before consuming the next months information.

    Actionable Insight

    It’s a Lifestyle Development website and app covering mental health, fitness, nutrition, financial planning and life coaching plus live yoga classes. You should be able to watch these lessons and make changes, even small ones, into your life and over the course of a year see a better you.

    Why is so much of Lifestyle Development so Retroactive?

    As in, we start a gym when we are out of shape, we learn about mortgages and interest rates during the process of buying our first home. It’s kind of backwards so what happens if we can plan ahead and finally be proactive about our physical and mental health.

    When promoting a paid membership app, how far out do you set goals and what do the goals look like?

    There are no up-sells once you join the Shape and Foster app and the experts are not luring you off the program to sell you their stuff neither.

    Calum does recommend and encourage signing up and paying for Shape and Foster via the website and to help out he is offering a 14 day Free Trial exclusive for web sign-ups (also the app store is more expensive than the web purchase).

    We go over the details of how new months and material are unlocked. www.shapeandfoster.com

    4 Part Marketing

    be a podcast guest, digital social media, PR agency, and Lift Off (running ads on other apps that relate to your target audience)

    Podcasts: Pat Flynn’s Podcast, Membership Guys and How I Built This

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    M 67 Market to The Prospects Pain Point

    M 67 Market to The Prospects Pain Point

    Be a customer again and write down the good and bad experiences. Tailor your marketing to those findings and appeal to prospects as a fix for their problem.

    If you wanted to learn about working abroad as an expat or writing books and ranking first on amazon, then visit asHeardon All the past book recommendations from guests covering everything from marketing, headspace, self help, relationships and more can be found on my amazon store here booklist Finally if you want to see the top 10 lists, past profession based series' - visit all links

    In a voyage to off shots tape. He sold sixty seven. This is from story matters with andrei chaperone. Effective mail copy. This will be the last episode of twenty twenty. I do hope you enjoyed our cluster of minnesota releases at the end of the year. The last couple you could use for goal setting. this was going to be a little bit about more marketing.

    Before we jump in doctor perspective dot net slash book list again is for all the books that all the past guests have recommended all in one place on amazon. So you can just go through and see what has impacted other doctors lives and you can get the book yourself is an affiliate of course and if you want to go to dot net slash all links that gives you everything about me.

    The books written consulting when she creation for your help. You book your next speaking gig past episodes that i've actually been on as guest. I'll have two or three actually coming out in the first quarter of twenty twenty one one about talking about your why i was in a eight percent of the people are clarify in this guy's system of classifying people.

    Really cool just talking to end up being almost like a like a counseling and a business coaching type of session while he was exploring might type of personality. Because there's not as there's not that many of so it was a really good oh becomes out sooner versus later. I like to listen to it again. He has some good information. And of course turn about china and amazon bestsellers and things like that are are on that links list as well so of interested in hearing the reversal of someone. Asking me questions. Because it's definitely a different experience. The talk that much typically but whenever asking you questions all of a sudden it's like whoa wait a second second. It's good to practice okay.

    So email copy jumping in. You wanna treat every prospect the same as your customer. What does that mean. That means the customers already now. You got to keep that relationship. The prospect needs to pick you but the courtship the email copy the that that gets them to that point of pulling the trigger and giving you money still be the same you need to see the world through there is not really yours. Remix very easy. It's what's their problem.

    What are they experiencing that. They can't solve on their own. They need your help for. Make sure you tell your story on. How the patient life improved got results. Remember there the hero. You're the guide.

    Now we can find inspiration for this outside of normal marketing. Don't have to buy the youtube ad front of your video with a guy with a big labor giddy. Gonna be at house. I'm on an airplane. You don't own any of that stuff. In that pet peeve.

    I'm a coach to coaches about a program a repackaged it boom nam selling to somebody else yay so frustrating that the such a market right now of people just no business experienc...

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    M 66 Questions for Each Decade of Life

    M 66 Questions for Each Decade of Life

    Introspective questions we ask ourselves during each decade of life. Evaluate yourself now so you don’t have regrets in the future.

    Learn 16 ways to hold chopsticks from the PDF found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/chopsticks Every important A Doctor's Perspective and Justin link can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/alllinks It has the specific doctor series' over the years, books from guests, my books and swag, and top 10 download lists.

    In a village to off shots tape a mini sold sixty six. I think you're going to enjoy this one. That's going to be a little more introspective based on your decade of life but really it should hit home for the twenty twenty one. We've had kobe for a year.

    Now maybe another five or six months when you make decisions the travel vaccine or not and still wearing a mask but trying to get business back in order so these will be a good question. Asking yourself are still on break and trying to figure out what to do before we jump in. If you've ever been curious about how to use chopsticks bloom. I got guide for you. Sixteen different ways. You can hold them awesome at the next time. Buffet are sushi restaurant so doctors perspective dot net slash chopsticks with an s. at the end. Of course that correlates with the doing business in china or weddings in china book.

    So you're interested in different cultures. That could be a fun book for you to read. It's a quick read is not very expensive at all. But it's jam packed with information that you to be more culturally diverse and gain face and

    last self promo doctors perspective dot net slash all links. This is everything you can imagine. All all the doctor series is i've done in the past the top ten list of each year. The book links the coloring book. One sheets free chapters anything. Everything that you would want to know is on all links okay.

    Today is gordon macdonald. I guess he was a pastor for a long time and he's famous for riding questions we ask at each decade and

    so let's just jump in teenagers. Most of us have kids what they're asking. Who am i. And who am i becoming

    when you're in your twenties. What am i going to do with my life and with whom so. This is a school or not with my career going to be. Should i get married. The person who wants to the rest of my life with the thirties now that i have all these responsibilities and obligations. How do i manage all these priorities. Right probably got kids a mortgage. Maybe bought a new car and boat. Maybe not financially responsible. Maybe you are but what do you do with all these. How do you manage that. Still be like i have time for me. I still think that. I wanna do oregon shape. I want to do this. I want to do that all that together.

    Not once you hit your forties. You've been doing things for a while. You got fifteen to twenty years experience in your career. You're asking yourself. Am i a success or a failure. Now that's an interesting because you can get your personal life or your business life. One of our past guests. He had a forty million dollar business but he is looking back like main. My marriage was almost on the rocks. I didn't treat my kids like i needed to all of that. Money and twenty wasn't instances. You was successful. But another instance. He was failing. So which priorities.

    And they're you know case when you're in your fifties you're moving the second half of life. Who is his younger generation. That wants me out of the way. And how do i cope with the disappointments in my life. Who as interesting.

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