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Positive and empowering stories selected by our podcast team

    Legislating young Transgender people, Gay Lesbian Then and Now, Marriage Equality the numbers

    Legislating young Transgender people, Gay Lesbian Then and Now, Marriage Equality the numbers

    The Informer: Legislation surrounding hormone treatment for young people

    The Transition process for children is 2 fold. After a child has undergone extensive medical and psychological assessment they can be prescribed hormone blockers to suppress the onset of puberty.

    The Second stage of transition is to start Hormone Therapy, either Testosterone or Estrange, to facilitate physical transition. But the family must get permission from a Family Court Judge to begin Hormone Therapy. Delaying the child’s physical development.

    Naomi and Isabella join Shannon, Stephany and Emma to discuss the long and drawn out legal process. At a time where other children are developing into adults, Transgender children have their puberty suppressed for many years, increasing both social and mental stress for the child.

    The number of children transitioning has risen exponentially over the past few years. The Royal Children’s Hospital is expecting at least 250 new referral’s this year alone. Further increasing pressure and access to appropriate services.

    B.R.O.A.D: Gay Lesbian Then and Now

    Sonja is joined by Shirleene Robinson co-author of Gay Lesbian Then and Now.

    Over seventy years, Australia has quietly undergone one of the biggest social revolutions in history. Once viewed as criminals, sinners or just sick, Gay men and Lesbians are increasingly accepted as equal, and the majority of Australians support same-sex marriage. This rapid transformation in social attitudes has widened the space lesbians and gays to live ordinary and visible lives in a ways that were once barely imaginable.

    Gay Lesbian Then and Now, reveals the legacies of homophobia, the personal struggles and triumphs involved in coming out, the inconsistent state of social progress, and the many different ways of being gay or lesbian in Australia then and now.

    Saturday Magazine: Tienan Brady from Marriage Equality Australia

    Tienan Brady from Marriage Equality Australia, joins Macca and Tass to discuss marriage equality in relation to the 2016 Federal election and what it means for the LGBTIQ community.

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    Masturbation, Saving Whales, Queer Country,QNN-News

    Masturbation, Saving Whales, Queer Country,QNN-News

    QNN  Q-mmunity News”

    News and Information for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Intersex communities of Australia and the world.

    Wet Spot, “Masturbation Let your fingers do the walking”

    Sammi is joined by the fabulous Mis Lisa Skye, to discus all things masturbation:

    The hows, the whys and should we do it more?

    C + C drive Factory “More Kayne!, Saving Whales!”

    The boys discuss important things like what did the celebs really ask for before they went into the jungle?’ They explain how your porn addiction is now good for the world and what do you do when a cow comes crashing through your roof late at night.

    Q Country “True North, The Stetson Family

    Nadine Budge, lead singer of The Stetson Family, describes the development of the album True North, and of the group in live conversation with Chris. ‘True North’ is a gorgeous album, from the finely honed pen of the band down to the Dylan cover.

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    Masturbation pleasures, Genitals do not equal gender!

    Masturbation pleasures, Genitals do not equal gender!

    Hide and Seak, “Masturbation Month”

    May is Masturbation Month, so Dean and James thought they’d explore all the ‘jerking’s’ off, of this tong in cheek,  wondrous pleasure.

    What’s is the history of wanking? Did the Romans do it? Surely the Ancient Greeks did?! The boys are joined by comedians Wes Snelling and Nath Valvo, as they too ponder on one of life’s greatest… pleasures.

    Wet-Spot, “Genitals do not equal gender”

    Sammi is very excited to have an amazing international guest, Hollie Howitt. Hollie goes by the pronouns Them, They and Their.

    Hollie Howitt “They”, discuss the topic of non-binary gender: “Their” thoughts on how genitals do not equal gender, and escaping the binary! Hollie Howitt. They is a bold, hilarious and a deeply connected being. Their approach to sexuality and Their passion for educating people on gender is incredible as They shift the planets consciousness on gender diversity. Hollie Howitt  shares with us Their most famous talk about gender and genitals, smashing the Gender Binary concepts.

    The Woods, “Piercing Nightmares”

    Mark, Matt and Dean are joined by Mistress  Bella and partner Paulus to bring up piercing and its effects. In particular a brief history of the Prince Albert and the reverse PA, sailing into Sammi’s Day and Matt’s live piercing! Hmm.

    Les-Link, Lesbian Couples Bondage Session”

    Basia is joined by Ginni, they have an in-depth chat about the Lesbian couple whose bondage session that ended up in a fire station. Ginni also talks about her own embarrassing moments. Some practical tips from Basia, and hard lessons learnt.



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    Pets-A-Loud, Lunchbox, Jax & Greta and Second Breakfast

    Pets-A-Loud, Lunchbox, Jax & Greta and Second Breakfast

    Life-saving animals, major music awards, neighbourly relations and major feminist icons are all featured on this week’s show.  If you’d like to cry, laugh out loud, reflect, or be irritated at Justin Bieber, there’s something here for everyone.

    From Pets-A-Loud: Heroic Animals

    Often we see stories of animals being rescued by compassionate humans, however, from time to time we see stories where it is actually our animals who do the rescuing. On this edition of Pets-A-Loud the team celebrates the heroic acts of our companion animals.

    From Lunchbox: Justin Bieber and the ARIAs

    Each week, hear some of the best bits of JOY’s breakfast and drive teams on the Lunchbox. If you listen to Little Pod of JOY, you’ll enjoy the Lunchbox with Bas and BJ on Wednesdays 12PM!

    From Jax and Greta: The Update

    Greta gives directions while on a journey to becoming mayor of Melbourne or at least somewhere, Jax talks about her weekend pastime of attending weddings, and they discuss the update we’ve all been waiting for. What has been going on with Jax’s neighbour’s stripper pole?

    From Second Breakfast: Helen Pankhurst

    Sonja has the great honour to interview Dr Helen Pankhurst, a direct descendant of Emmeline Pankhurst, the steely Edwardian matriarch famously photographed being hoisted away from a protest at the gates of Buckingham Palace by a policeman. Emmeline was Helen’s great-grandmother.  Dr Helen Pankhurst is senior advisor for the Water Team of CARE USA and ambassador for CARE International. She is in Australia to travel with the very first screening previews of Suffragette, the new movie based on the suffragette feminist movement in the UK from the early 20th century.

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    Cheap Seats, Word for Word, Her Voice and SciFi & Squeam

    Cheap Seats, Word for Word, Her Voice and SciFi & Squeam

    YouTube stars, world-class scientists, local musicians and Scream Queens are all gathered together in this week’s show!

    From Cheap Seats: LGBTIQ on YouTube

    Summer in the City is the UK’s largest YouTube convention.  Each year it brings together YouTube creators and fans in a celebration of online video and the community that surrounds it. Dean is in the Cheap Seats for a panel discussion from the 2014 event about LGBTQ community representation on YouTube.

    From Word for Word: The Doherty Institute

    Dean puts the spotlight on two of Australia’s greatest scientists, Laureate Professor Peter Doherty and Professor Sharon Lewin, and focuses on the work conducted at the Doherty Institute which hosted the World AIDS Day 2015 activities and events in Melbourne on December 1.

    From Her Voice: Jay Power

    AnneLoise and Barbara were joined in the studio by Adelaide musician Jay Power who released her fourth studio album The Missing this year. We chatted to the Soul and RnB singer about her career and how she changed directions to get back to do the music she really wants to play.

    From SciFi & Squeam: Bianca Bradey

    Sonja “The Squeamer” Hammer talks to actress Bianca Bradey, whose breakout role was Brooke from WYRMWOOD and who stars in Australian cult lesbian webseries STARTING FROM…NOW, about being a special guest at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival opening Thursday the 26th of November in Sydney.

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    Human Rights for All: World AIDS Day and more

    Human Rights for All: World AIDS Day and more

    Today we unite worldwide in the fight against HIV, show our support for people living with HIV and commemorate those who have died. Real talk time on the show this week as we hear from Max Niggl from Living Positive Victoria, Joel Murray about HIV and the media, Samantha Betts about her experience working in the detention centre in Nauru that caused her to become a whistle-blower, and Sarah Ferguson about recognising domestic violence.

    From Driving You Mad: Hitting Home

    David and Sue speak with Sarah Ferguson about her new doco that aired on the ABC, Hitting Home. Sarah talks about knowing the warning signs of domestic violence; little creepy bits of controlling behaviour come first.

    From Well Well Well: World AIDS Day

    In this second part of a World AIDS Day series Jack and Adam continue with some important events for World AIDS Day 2015 in a discussion with Max Niggl from Living Positive Victoria.

    From Is Nothing Sacred: All of My People

    Tonight’s show is all about human rights with Jim and Steph talking to Samantha Betts who worked in the detention center in Nauru and became a whistle-blower and advocate, speaking publicly about what she saw there. Also the meaning of My People by The Presets (covered by the Basement Boys) is revealed.

    From Hide and Seek: The Media and HIV

    Following the announcement by Charlie Sheen that he is HIV positive, Dean and Andrew chat with Joel Murray, a self-described libertarian writer who is HIV+, about the mainstream media’s coverage of HIV, safer sex, and the broader impacts that HIV impacts individuals.

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