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Join The Pleasure Mechanics for explicit, honest & soulful conversations about every facet of human sexuality. Chris and Charlotte are your guides into the complex terrain of sexuality, and each episode equips you with erotic knowledge and know-how so you can experience more pleasure, joy and connection.

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Join The Pleasure Mechanics for explicit, honest & soulful conversations about every facet of human sexuality. Chris and Charlotte are your guides into the complex terrain of sexuality, and each episode equips you with erotic knowledge and know-how so you can experience more pleasure, joy and connection.

    Erotic Game Play : Rules, Roles and Goals

    Erotic Game Play : Rules, Roles and Goals

    In this encore episode (first shared back in 2013!) we share our framework of Erotic Game Play and invite you to start creating playful baby steps towards the kinds of erotic experiences you crave.

    Humans love playing games. From puzzles and word games to ball sports and races, humans love the thrill, challenge and emotional highs of games. The rules, roles and goals of any one specific game is how we shape the experience of play – you know you won’t be tackled during a chess match, and you can expect to get wet playing water polo.

    What happens when we apply the framework of game play onto the thrilling, stimulating and risky ways we humans like to play when naked and alone with our trusted lovers? What freedom and extraordinary experience can come from the formal structure of rules, roles and goals?

    ★ Ready to step into your next erotic adventure? Join us and we’ll guide you, step by step, into the thrilling terrain of kink!

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    Sex & Power In Marriage

    Sex & Power In Marriage

    How do power dynamics play out in your marriage? What are the hidden power struggles getting in the way of your happiness and fulfillment within your marriage? How can we reclaim marriage from it’s history as a system of ownership and transform it into a container to create the kinship, belonging and security we all crave?

    In this episode, we explore sex and power within marriages, and how you can come into a more consensual Power-With relationship with your spouse.

    We talk about:

    * the history of marriage as an institution of Power-Over* what a Power-With relationship might look and feel like* decision-making in marriages* aligning your marriage to support your life goals and values* how domestic labor and caretaking reflect power dynamics* how withholding sex can be a unspoken power grab* visions for equitable, consensual power dynamics within marriages

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    Sex, Power and Creating Change

    Sex, Power and Creating Change

    Sexual Empowerment is a term that gets used a lot, but what does it really mean? In this episode, we explore empowerment, Power Over vs. Power With, and more!

    This episode kicks of a mini series of podcast episodes exploring sexuality and power. We’ll be covering how power dynamics show up in your intimate relationships, erotic power play, consensual power exchange and more! If you want to be part of shaping this series and our community discussions, join our inner circle, The Pleasure Pod!

    Here is a great introduction to how power operates in society:

    • 37 min
    Finding Just Right

    Finding Just Right

    How can we create deeply satisfying, fulfilling erotic experiences when what the body wants is so changeable and context-dependent? In this episode we explore how to find “just right” over and over again by paying exquisite attention to yourself AND your partner, creating a positive feedback loop of verbal and non-verbal communication so you can be deeply satisfied, feel totally met and taken care of, and respect one another’s needs and boundaries.

    Ready to master the art of erotic touch, head to toe, so you can start finding “just right” with more skill and confidence? Click here to save big on our Erotic Touch Mastery online course bundle!

    Speaking Of Sex Episodes Mentioned:

    * Discovering Erotic Interoception* Sex Out Of Obligation

    • 40 min
    Ten Ways To Become A Better Lover

    Ten Ways To Become A Better Lover

    In this encore episode we share the ten ways learning massage can make you a better lover. From learning how to use your hands to touch your lover’s most sensitive parts to communicating specific requests, learning massage together will not only bring the luxury of massage home, it will also transform the way you make love!

    When you are ready to master the art of erotic touch with us, enroll in our Couples Massage Online Course!

    This episode originally aired as episode 061 in 2014.

    • 27 min
    Feeling Myself : Discovering Erotic Interoception

    Feeling Myself : Discovering Erotic Interoception

    Interoception is known as the “eighth sensory nervous system” of humans – and is perhaps the most important sense that you’ve never heard of!

    Interoception is our human ability to feel the insides of our own bodies, thanks to the vast network of internal nerve receptors found throughout our internal body but especially concentrated around our heart and lungs, guts and pelvis. These internal nerve endings communicate vital information to us all day long.

    How do you know when you have to use the bathroom? How do you know when you are hungry? Interoception!

    But interoception is ALSO responsible for telling us how we FEEL. How do you know when you are angry? How do you know when you WANT something? Interoception!

    In this episode we introduce you this incredible super power you already possess and share why interoception is a key erotic skill to develop.

    We’ll be sharing #PleasurePractices to develop the skill of interoception in our membership community, The Pleasure Pod. Join us for guided solo & partnered explorations to help you develop your capacity for erotic pleasure!

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    Transcript for Speaking of Sex Podcast Episode #375 : Feeling Myself : Discovering Erotic Interoception

    Chris Maxwell Rose (00:00):Welcome to Speaking of Sex with the Pleasure Mechanics. I’m Chris.

    Charlotte Mia Rose (00:05):I’m Charlotte.

    Chris Maxwell Rose (00:06):We are the Pleasure Mechanics and on this podcast, we have honest, explicit, soulful conversations about sex, love, relationship, pleasure and joy. Come on over to pleasuremechanics.com where you find all of our resources that have been developing for you since 2006. We’ve been creating online resources to support you in experiencing more pleasure, joy, connection and love in your life. Come on over to pleasuremechanics.com, you’ll find it all. And when you’re ready to dive deeper with us, go to pleasuremechanics.com/love.

    Chris Maxwell Rose (00:46):Many of you have been with us for years, listening to this podcast and taking in bits and pieces and maybe you sense that you are ready for more. Whenever that feeling arises for you, come on over to pleasuremechanics.com/love because we have so much to offer you. You’ll find it all there. On today’s episode, we’re continuing our miniseries on the master language of love, touch. Touch. We’re exploring touch over the next many episodes, diving deep into all of the ways we can touch and stimulate and arouse and thrill one another.

    Chris Maxwell Rose (01:30):But first, we wanted to drop in a second because so often when we talk about sensation and pleasure and touch, the first thing we think about is things coming from the outside in. Your lover stimulates you. You see a beautiful sight. You taste a rip peach and you respond to that external stimulus with pleasure. This is all super important and valid and we’re going to talk about all sorts of ways to stimulate one another, but there’s a whole realm of skills in receiving tough and experiencing pleasure that so often go overlooked.

    Chris Maxwell Rose (02:12):From our experiences as erotic masseurs, as professional somatic sex educators, we’ve witnessed all sorts of people receive touch. The skills of receiving touch really deserve their own study and practice. And today, we want to talk about the internal experience of sensation,

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