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Hi, it‘s Ted Stryker (formerly of KROQ). Welcome to your new favorite podcast! Each episode, I‘ll be chatting/interviewing all of our favorite musical artists and entertainers for a deep dive on their career, life, current projects, and just an overall fun and relaxed hang.

Tuna on Toast with Stryker Ted Stryker

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Hi, it‘s Ted Stryker (formerly of KROQ). Welcome to your new favorite podcast! Each episode, I‘ll be chatting/interviewing all of our favorite musical artists and entertainers for a deep dive on their career, life, current projects, and just an overall fun and relaxed hang.

    Tuna on Toast with Lars Frederiksen

    Tuna on Toast with Lars Frederiksen

    In this episode Ted Stryker welcomes punk rock legend Lars Frederiksen to the show. Stryker and Lars discuss Rancid, Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards, U.K. Subs, and of course his new solo project "To Victory" and a whole lot more!

    Lars talks about his last two non music jobs he had before he joined Rancid full time, and the day when Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman came to his work to ask how much money he needed to leave his current job. Lars discusses his childhood which includes how his Mom would take in punk rockers....she would let disenfranchised youths stay at their place and feed them..including Social Distortion way back in 1982. 

    Stryker and Lars discuss his brand new project called "To Victory". Lars goes into detail on why he chose these songs for the EP and why he covered the KISS track called "Coming Home". Lars also reveals there will be 4 more EP's that will include original Lars Frederiksen music!

    Lars and Stryker talk about Brett Gurewitz and what he has meant to Rancid and to Lars both professionally and personally. Lars discusses achieving a few bucket list items including playing the Oakland Coliseum, Saturday Night Live, and playing Madison Square Garden.

    Lars also lists his top 5 wrestlers of all time, he answers the question.."do you watch Squid Game?" and has a great take on the TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm. Overall, this is a music education mixed with a great story of achievement and how sticking to your guns is always the way to go! Lars is smart, thoughtful, and super talented, sit back and enjoy another episode of Tuna on Toast with Stryker

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    Tuna on Toast with Palaye Royale

    Tuna on Toast with Palaye Royale

    In this episode, Stryker welcomes Palaye Royale to the Tuna on Toast studio.  Emerson, Sebastian and Remington discuss all things past, present and future including revealing for the first time, the name of their upcoming 4th album, Fever Dream .

    In this interview with Stryker, Palaye Royale talk about fighting amongst themselves, what lead to it, and how they have resolved the tension. 

    The guys talk about playing early shows with Stone Sour and touring non stop city to city for very little money with no team behind them helping.  

    Producer Chris Greatti has been extremely important in all ways.

    The band also talks about what a tough decision it was to cancel their huge European tour, and instead tour with Yungblud.  Palaye Royale tell a great story about meeting Yungblud for the first time on Warped Tour and how he as a frontman influenced them.  

    Remington tells the story of Dave Grohl approaching him after a performance and how much that meant to him. 

    Stryker and Palaye Royale chat about how great and important their fans are.  And...how influential bands like Jet, Panic! At the Disco, Hanson, and INXS have been for them.  Palaye Royale also discuss their time under the Disney umbrella and what they learned all those years ago.

    Palaye Royale have done an amazing job building their career on blood, sweat and tears, one show at a time and one new fan at a time. Also, huge kudos to their wonderful Mom Stephanie.  

    There is so much to take in!  Sit back and enjoy, thanks for listening and supporting Tuna on Toast with Stryker. 

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    Tuna on Toast with Dave Gahan

    Tuna on Toast with Dave Gahan

    Ted Stryker welcomes to Tuna on Toast, one of the greatest frontman and songwriters of all time, Dave Gahan.

    The episodes begins with Stryker telling the story of how this interview almost never happened as a result of Stryker not having his glasses on and misreading an email.

    When Dave joins the episode, he reveals to Stryker that he loves Seinfeld and watched and watches quite often when he's not on the road (Depeche Mode or Soulsavers).

    Dave reveals why he chose the 12 songs on the Imposter album to cover and the pressure to do the original artists justice.  Dave talks about Mark Lanegan's reaction in particular. 

    Dave and Stryker talk about the process of recording these songs in Malibu at Rick Rubin's beautiful Shangri-La Studios, Dave tells Stryker it's the first time that the Soulsavers have ever recorded an album in the same room.

    Stryker asks Dave about potentially performing these 12 songs live, "yes" is what Dave says, live shows are coming our way! 

    Dave talks about his enthusiasm for recording and singing these songs as well as is overall excitement mixed with a couple nerves to release them all to the public.   He tell Stryker that this process to record Imposter started before the pandemic.

    Stryker asks Dave if he watches the Netflix hit show Squid Game :)

    This quick but fun chat ends with Stryker congratulating Dave on Depeche Modes induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

    Dave Gahan is better than ever, he's smart, charming and overall just an electric dude! 

    Good vibes all around! 


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    Tuna on Toast with M. Shadows

    Tuna on Toast with M. Shadows

    M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold joins Ted Stryker for another episode of Tuna on Toast.  It starts with M. calling Stryker on his way to the house to let him know that he's 5 minutes away.  In this interview, M. Shadows discusses the early days of Avenged Sevenfold, including playing the Warped Tour and creating the very famous Deathbat logo.  M. talks about how much an influence Southern California was on their music.

    M. Shadows also shares the great story of meeting their manager many many years ago at The Rainbow in Hollywood and how early on, Avenged didn't want a manager. 

    The guys do a deep dive on the brand new just announced Death Bats Club and what that means for the band and fans around the globe.   

    Stryker asks M. Shadows about new Avenged Sevenfold music and when we could possibly hear it, AND, when will there be Avenged Sevenfold shows!?

    Stryker asks about the City of Evil album and how the band went next level.  M. shares a story of how Good Charlotte helped the band..it's a wild story! 

    Stryker and M. Shadows also have a really nice moment talking about the late great Jimmy Sullivan aka The Rev. 

    This pod flies by, M. Shadows is a kind, selfless and cool dude who is also a super duper rock star! Thanks for listening! 



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    Tuna on Toast with Brett Gurewitz

    Tuna on Toast with Brett Gurewitz

    This episode is an amazing education on the history of Bad Religion, Epitaph Records, the punk rock scene and the man himself Brett Gurewitz. 

    Before Brett joins the show, it starts off with Stryker explaining why he thinks he's going off the deep end (mostly because of his old dog and old pillows)

    When Brett Gurewitz joins Stryker, they talk about the forming of Bad Religion in high school and how Brett, Jay Bentley and Greg Graffin met.  Brett discusses everything from how they got their first radio spin on KROQ with Rodney on the Roq, to their first tours, to creating the record label Epitaph Records. Brett also tell Stryker about when Fletcher from Pennywise told to him to sign a then new band called Blink 182.

    Brett discusses with Stryker the thought process of testing the major label waters, and why for a time Bad Religion did sign to a major.  Brett also shares the strategy and benefits to giving the music away for free to people like Kelly Slater and Tony Hawk (surf videos and video games).

    Brett shares the story of how as the owner of Epitaph, he "effed up" with The Vandals, he talks about the lesson he learned and how he made it right with the band.  Brett talks honestly about his sobriety and the events in his life that lead him to living a sober life.

    In this interview, Stryker and Brett also discuss the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame (not in yet) and being on the cover of Rolling Stone (it almost happened).

    This episode is full of great stories, music education, and lots of inspiration.  Hope you enjoy!  

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    Tuna on Toast with Upsahl

    Tuna on Toast with Upsahl

    Before Upsahl arrives, Stryker answers the most popular Instagram questions he's received lately...Do the artists arrive alone or have a big group with them, and, do all the guests arrive on time?  Stryker gets very excited about the snack selection he has for his guests just before Upsahl walks in.

    The interview starts with Upsahl talking about growing up in Phoenix and being the daughter of a punk rocker! Upsahl talks about all the different bands that would stay at her house and crash on the floor when she was very young. This leads to her knowing that she wanted to be a musical artist.

    Upsahl tells Stryker about writing songs and releasing them in high school and the story of how her manager found her! It was all because of a Mx Frost cover song she did.

    Upsahl details her journey to Los Angeles and the tough road it was in the beginning.  They also discuss her new album titled Lady Jesus and the inspiration behind the collection of songs.  Upsahl and Stryker discuss her dream collaboration and the bands she loved to listen to growing up.

    It's a very fun hang and a great chance for you to get to know the very talented Upsahl. 

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