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Active Shooter, Executive Protection, terrorism, physical violence, threats, storms, and whatever. We live in a crazy world, and we want you to be ready for whatever happens to you. Whether you work in a hospital, coffee shop or car wash and you are married with a family, single mom, or facing the world alone, we have solid help for you!

When Everything Goes Wrong Rick Seigmund

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Active Shooter, Executive Protection, terrorism, physical violence, threats, storms, and whatever. We live in a crazy world, and we want you to be ready for whatever happens to you. Whether you work in a hospital, coffee shop or car wash and you are married with a family, single mom, or facing the world alone, we have solid help for you!

    Economic Downturn, Recession, Job Loss and You

    Economic Downturn, Recession, Job Loss and You

    Economic downturn, fears of recession and huge amounts of people out of work are causing serious problems. What can you do about it? And has it already affected you?

    I say, you can do much, and yes. It has already affected you.

    Coronavirus is still a thing. As a result, we are seeing real economic downturn in the U.S. and the World right now. It has already taken its toll on people out of work with those numbers looking like 40 million right now. Economists are saying we are already in the beginning of a recession.

    Have you been effected personally? If you haven’t, I bet you know someone who has. And this economic downturn is not finished. Fears of a full blown recession are rumbling.

    In this episode we talk about the cascading effects of this recession.

    What can you and others do? Do you have options available to you? Can you do anything before job loss hits you?

    Also, the Seattle City Council has taken away Police Officers less than lethal options during the protests. I did a video yesterday that you can watch by clicking here.

    Related to this is the defunding and threat of abolishing police departments. How can this effect other areas of life during the economic downturn and recession? How about the truck drivers threatening to not deliver to cities and towns that have defunded their police? We play the if this___ then___ game! It is a handy dandy practice that you can adopt.

    With all this going on, we end on a high note. We look at Mr. Hutchison, the Black Lives Matter(BLM) protester in London England. He say another man (white man opposing side) get hit and knocked down. Mr. Hutchison’s actions surely saved this mans life as well as diffused worse violence.

    An active shooter was also avoided. Sargent Major Royer did what he says anyone would have done. He saw a man shooting other people. Sargent Major Royer hit him with his truck! Listen in for this story and all the rest! We want you to survive. I hope you learn something from this. Thank you for listening!

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    Manipulation Sucks (for you)

    Manipulation Sucks (for you)

    Manipulation  really  does  suck…

    For you, for me, and right now for us all. As a nation, we are being divided and controlled by politics and the media. I really do not care which side of the spectrum you are on, this is true. Honestly, this should just piss you off.

    In this episode:

    * Does being manipulated make you mad?

    * What are you being led to think?

    * What is really going on around you?

    * Are there question you should ask yourself?

    * What can you do?

    Get away from the noise, and learn to disconnect from the manipulation. Find out where the noise is coming from, what is the primary agenda behind it? What are the possibilities that you could see coming?

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    Welcome to this Crazy World!

    Welcome to this Crazy World!

    Welcome back, Yes, I know we've been gone a really long time... A year and a half I believe. Apologies, but, life happens. Let's consider this a brand new beginning for this podcast. So, jumping right in! As the title says, welcome to this crazy world! Wow, how things have changed in three months, [...]

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    Movement Equals Life

    Movement Equals Life

     Movement Equals Life

    This episode is probably not for you. But it could be.

    So, who is it for then?

    For the person, the man or woman who has sat on the sidelines, for too long.

    For the one who feels in their bones that life has more to offer than you have experienced so far.

    The one who doesn’t want regret to creep up on you like a thief at the end of your life, pointy that hard, cold finger and asking you why? Why didn’t you do more? Why weren’t you ready for what life gave you? Why did you let yourself and others down?

    Is that you? If so, listen on..

    First, a question, what do you want?

    What do people want?


    According to HuffPo












    Most people expect good things to happen

    And rightly so, no one expects or looks forward to hardship or discomfort

    So, why are the things on the list above seemingly unachievable for most people?

    And, since they are seemingly unachievable, what does this do to you as a person? To your outlook and mindset?

    Here is the difficulty. Life happens. A certain level of discomfort is necessary to be able to handle certain issues that life throws us. Whether we like it or not.

    * You can stumble and fall.

    * Get in an argument.

    * Lose your keys.

    * Break a nail.

    * Get a cold.

    * Forget your lunch.

    * Rip your pants.

    * Be lied about.

    * Have something of yours taken or stolen.

    * Spill a drink.

    * Get in a car wreck.

    * Need to take a test.

    * Get a ticket.

    * Dog ate your homework.

    * Experience the death of someone you are close to.

    * Need someone to believe you.

    * Get sick.

    * Run out of money

    * Get a migraine.

    * Lose a friendship.

    * Have to weather a storm (real or proverbial)

    * May have to run for your life.

    * Could be faced with defending someone.

    * Be in a real no win situation.

    As you can already tell, this list could go on forever. In no way is it exhaustive. Some of these things are common. Some are not as common. The thing that ties them all together is that all are possible. So, looking at these things, some of these you are ready for dealing with immediately.

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    One Year Later – Survivor and Warrior Woman

    One Year Later – Survivor and Warrior Woman

    Kelly Herron, Survivor and Warrior Woman

    Kelly Herron was attacked by Gary Steiner on March 5, 2017. Kelly was on a training run and entered a restroom in a park. Steiner intended to rape and hurt Kelly. Kelly fought, screamed “Not Today Mother Fucker!” at her attacker and she survived.

    We are glad tp have Kelly back on this show to tell us about her journey through this past year and about her experience of seeing her assailant locked up behind bars.

    If you didn’t get to listen to Kelly’s first interview on When Everything Goes Wrong, you can listen by clicking here. It is par three in our series on Predation, and a very powerful story of survival and perseverance.

    Todays interview is a year removed from that event. We have had the privilege of staying in touch with Kelly during that time. She has had quite the personal journey, filled with triumphs, struggles, ups and downs. Through it all, Kelly has shown the same tenacity and fight that she showed the day of her attack.

    Not Today Mother Fucker!

    Kelly joins us fresh from her court date where she was a witness against her attacker and had a direct hand in putting him behind bars. We get to catch up with her about what she has had to deal with since the attack.

    * Physical and emotional struggles and healing

    * Finding her place in her life

    * Her message to other women who have been victims of attack

    * Warrior/survivor mindset

    * What she is looking to do going forward

    Kelly is the best example we can think of when surviving a potentially terrible situation comes to mind. This is why we were happy to have her back on this show for a follow up interview. Listen in to hear her story in her own words.


    How to find Kelly

    As promised, here are the links to the different places to connect with Kelly:

    Here are my links:

    website: www.NotTodayMF.com

    Facebook @NTMFofficial

    Instagram: run_kiwi_run

    twitter: run_kiwi_run

    Not Today podcast: stay tuned! 

    We are Full Circle Systems Security & Defense

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here. Also, you can call us toll free at 1-877-474-6050. Don’t let another day go by without a good plan in place and trained people. We are here to serve you.

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    Pain of Predation Thoughts and Wrap Up

    Pain of Predation Thoughts and Wrap Up

    The Pain of Predation Is Too Much For Us

    This series has not been easy. Or really even that fun. No one like to think about the subject and victims.

    Neither do I.

    That said, one of my biggest takeaways is that this is possibly the most untold story that exists. Regularly brushed under the table. While I suppose I understand the reasons why, it is a real failure on our part as a whole. The consequences that the victims carry and pass on are laid at our collective feet.

    What do I mean? Just this, one is too many. I am a dad, so I carry a very specific burden of perspective on these types of crimes. Even the terminology gets under my skin. Tragedy – crime – whatever we choose to describe this is not sufficient. It does not hurt us enough. At least not enough to spurn us to unified action, does it?

    I was all ready to record this with a few more recent news stories, but this turned in to the most important part of the conversation. What can we really take away from this series? It is not about what we learn, but what we decide to do.

    Are You Responsible for this Pain of Predation

    That is the crux of this conversation. These stories and interviews show us the all too regular commonalities that take place. Summing it up in one word?


    Secretive manipulation. Control and fear. They all are summed up in the deception. If the entire goal is to get away with these heinous and evil deeds, who is it against? The victims is the obvious answer, but what about you and I? Do you enjoy the notion of being lied to, manipulated, controlled, deceived? I know that I don’t.

    Ok, some push back, right? I can hear it know. But, I didn’t know them! Wait, they weren’t my kids.. It was just a stranger.

    Even me saying it, these sound weaker by the second, right? If not, let’s assume a little bit of self preservation thick headedness… These are people, not matter what. Just like the ones in your life who are important to you.

    Even the strangers deserve a life unmolested.

    They deserve better. If it were someone that I know, I surely hope that I could pay enough attention to the signs and situation to prevent or stop it. And if it were a stranger, like you or someone that is important to you, same thing. Right?

    Preventing this Pain of Predation

    What do do then?

    Before you think I am on this high horse and arrogantly thinking that all can be saved, please don’t. I know better. That is the power of deception. No one of us is immune to it. Not you or me. No one. Some of these individuals have perfected their craft to the point that they are the perfect appearance of whatever they want the world to see them as.

    What to do then, chain the doors and bar the windows? That goes against everything this show is about, and you know it. We never want anyone to live in fear or allow fear to control their life. Not even you.

    Decide. Decide to do something, if at all you can. Look, pay attention, allow your mind to go to the places that you would rather not think about. Consider that those dark things could exist. Look for them. Watch behavior. Ask questions when you can. Become an advocate for those who need it most.

    Also, count the cost. It is no small thing to put yourself out for another human being. Whether it is a loved one, or not, there can be consequences. You could become a target yourself. Possibly you could be involved legally, or with a child’s school or family. Social blowback is a real risk.

    At the end of the day though, you can save a life.

    We are Full Circle Systems Security & Defense

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by a href="http://...

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