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This posdcast is all about mastering daily American English.

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This posdcast is all about mastering daily American English.

    by the book

    by the book

    by the book 完全按照规章制度办事,按照规定,照章办事
    go by the book 依章办事
    play by the book按规定来
    do something by the book按规定做某事
    run something by the book 按规定管理、运营

    The manager does everything by the book, hewon’t approve this exception.经理办事很死板,他不会破例批准的。

    He suggestedthat we go by the book and not accept the proposal. 他建议我们照章办事,不要接受这个提议。

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    A closed book

    A closed book

    a closed book完全不了解,搞不懂
    closed adj. 关闭的;合上的

    与an open book意思相反

    He issuch a closed book, he never talks about himself.他这人很封闭,从来不谈论他自己。

    I don’t know much about Economics,it is a closed book to me. 我不太懂经济学,对我来说就像天书一样。

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    An open book

    An open book

    An open book (某物)容易理解;(某人)坦诚,没有秘密
    open adj. 打开的

    My life is an open book.我的生活很简单。

    There’s no secret between us, she’s an open book to me.我们之间没有秘密,我对她是了如指掌。

    I wish these legal contracts were an open book.我真希望我能读懂这些法律合同。

    Adam says he's an open book, but I've seen him sneaking out of his house late at night. Adam说他没什么秘密,但是我看到过他大半夜偷偷溜出他的房间。

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    In the flesh

    In the flesh

    In the flesh 本人;亲自;(见到)真人
    flesh 肉;肉体

    You wouldn’t believe this, I met my idol Liu Dehua in the flesh the other day, he even hugged me.你肯定不会相信,前几天我见到了我的偶像刘德华本人了,他甚至还拥抱我了。

    I have heard a lot about you, I can’t believe now you’re standing in front of me in the flesh, I’m thrilled. 我听说过很多关于你的事,真不敢相信你现在就站在我面前,我好激动。

    Inperson 本人,亲自,当面

    I’ve heard that Liu Dehua is coming here in person, is that true? 我听说刘德华本人要来这,是真的吗?

    I wanna talk to him in person.我想跟他当面谈。

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    A third / fifth wheel

    A third / fifth wheel

    A third wheel/ a fifth wheel 多余;电灯泡

    third 第三个
    fifth 第五个
    wheel 车轮

    I don’t think I’ll join you this time. Whenever I go out with you guys, I just feel like a third wheel.我这次就不跟你一块了,每次跟你们一块出去,我都感觉我像个电灯泡。

    I just wanted to feel like part of the team instead of a fifth wheel.我只是想让自己感觉是这个团队的一员,而不是多余的。

    I didn't realize that the party was for couples only, so when I showed up alone, I felt like a fifth wheel.我不知道这个聚会是只针对情侣的,所以当我一个人出现在那的时候,我感觉自己很多余。

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    Why the long face?

    Why the long face?

    Why the long face? 干嘛拉着个脸啊?怎么闷闷不乐的?
    long face 长脸;闷闷不乐;不悦的脸色

    What’s wrong? Why the long face? 怎么了?怎么闷闷不乐的?

    Hey, Jack, why the long face? Is something bothering you?Jack,干嘛拉着个脸啊?有什么烦心事吗?

    He came to me with a very long face and said that he had failed the exam.他拉长个脸来找我,说他考试没及格。

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