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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches. Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen. This Podcast will help you get the best out of yourself and your clients.

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Do you want to boost your brain - win your game? I'm Karl Morris one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches. Whether it's sport, business or pleasure, the real key to success is to go from thought to ACTION and MAKE the changes happen. This Podcast will help you get the best out of yourself and your clients.

    Alan Muckle – What you SEE is what you DO

    Alan Muckle – What you SEE is what you DO

    Today we get the chance to spend time with Alan Muckle and find out more about the importance of your eyes in sport.
    It sounds so obvious
    Yet the eyes are such an overlooked area yet a simple opportunity to improve
    As Alan says 80% of input into your brain is through the eyes.
    The quality of your output will to a large degree be influenced by this input
    The best athletes in the world use their eyes in ways that are very different than the rest
    We look into some really interesting areas and topics of discussion
    The importance of eye dominance
    Finding out how you can better utilise eye dominance could have a major impact on your performance
    ‘Smooth Persuits’’ how you need to be able to control the way your eyes look at the target especially on the greens
    How the way you use your eyes affects your state of mind and in turn the way you think about your game
    What you can do about training your eyes
    What the future COULD look like
    After studying Exercise and Health at Bristol University Alan then qualified in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. Further courses attended include Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques in Muscle Energy, Neuromuscular and Positional Release Techniques. Anatomy Trains Myofacial Release, Core Facial Release, Manual Therapy for Orthopaedic Conditions, Articulations and Mobilisations, Proproceptive Medicine, Neurological Testing.
    Alan has been involved in sport for over 30 years and is an ex Royal Marine Commando Physical Training Instructor. His knowledge of sports is extensive, holding National Coaching/Refereeing qualifications in Rugby Union, Swimming, Boxing, Olympic Power Lifting, Weight Training and Judo.
    Alan has worked at International level with Olympic Athletes, Professional Golfers, Rugby players, Footballers, Cricketers, Horse Riders, Triathletes, Formula 1, World Champion Rally Drivers
    To find out more about Alan go to www.alanmuckle.co.uk
    To book on our Training for Golf weekend 22nd-23rd February go to
    Today’s episode is brought to you by Pall Mall Medical specialists in stem cell therapy. Improve your mobility and ease joint pain to get the enjoyment back in your sport.

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    Get Healthy, Get Strong – Phil Richards #106

    Get Healthy, Get Strong – Phil Richards #106

    It is fantastic to have with us again on the Brain Booster Phil Richards.
    Phil recently presented on the Mind Factor course certification course in the UK
    His latest research on strength conditioning and nutrition went down an absolute treat.
    It is great to announce that we will be running a ‘Training for Golf’ weekend retreat in February at the Athlete Factory, Chester UK
    This weekend WILL have a major impact on the way you play the game this year.
    Perhaps more importantly it will have a major impact on your LIFE in general
    The dates for the weekend are 22nd-23rd February
    To book click the link
    In today’s podcast we get the chance with Phil to discuss some really key themes around HEALTH and STRENGTH
    We invest so much money in equipment, technology and coaching yet unless we are HEALTHY nothing else matters
    Is this the year you are going to take ACTION and get HEALTHY?
    Are you going to invest in YOURSELF?
    Phil has worked at the highest levels of sport for over 20 years
    Premiership Rugby
    Premiership Football
    International Athletes
    World title winning boxers
    He has had success at ALL levels
    Are you Past 40? Falling off the ‘cliff edge’
    We talk about the vital importance when you are past 40 years of age (or any age) to build MUSCLE
    It is such a vital component on your overall health and the ability to play your sport at an OPTIMAL level
    We look into:
    How excess IRON causes a lot of muscle wastage
    The chronic TESTOSTERONE deficiency in most people
    Both Men and WOMEN!!
    Why your ‘diet’ could actually be making you feel very ill
    Why so many people are insulin resistant which inhibits the ability to make muscle
    What Vitamin D can do for you
    You WILL be amazed and chances are YOU are Vitamin D deficient
    How individual blood testing will give you a clear picture of your unique make up as an individual
    You can then take SPECIFIC action
    The amazing results you can get when you take specific personalised action
    The big mistakes we make in training
    How ‘mimicking the action’ can be detrimental
    Phil’s research from the Russians and East Germans regarding throwing
    How strength is THE key to throw further
    The carry over to ALL sports
    The key exercises that make THE biggest difference
    When you understand the key exercises you can create infinite variations in your program
    The more elite the more varied your program should be
    The need for intensity and severity of load and stress
    What a REALLY good training week looks like
    How to plan YOUR week
    The importance of SMART rest and recuperation
    The amazing effects of a sauna and what it can do for you
    How 90% of people DO NOT get a response in the gym
    How YOU can be different
    Some real ground shaking information in today’s podcast
    Information you can take action on RIGHT now
    To contact Phil about your blood chemistry analysis go to
    To join us on this ground breaking weekend in the UK
    Training for Golf
    22nd-23rd February
    Athlete Factory
    go to

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    John Bargh - What makes us unhappy in life – and more importantly what to do about it#105

    John Bargh - What makes us unhappy in life – and more importantly what to do about it#105

    John is one of the world’s most highly regarded social psychologists
    He is a professor at Yale University
    Author of over 200 research papers
    His experiments in social psychology are legendary
    This podcast will really get you to think
    The way you interact with your OWN world
    How the way you process your world is either making you happy or sad
    The choices you are making
    The skill of directing your attention
    The importance of others
    How we can set our world up to be more productive and in turn far happier
    It is the perfect time to welcome back John Bargh one of the world’s most eminent social psychologists.
    John wrote a wonderful book
    ‘Before you know it’ – The unconscious reasons we do what we do
    it really is a must read book exploring all of the ways our unconscious mind runs our world
    in today’s show we cover some really important ground that will have a multitude of effects in various parts of YOUR life
    The fascinating effects of PRIMING
    How we are constantly being triggered to behave in certain ways by our environment and the people within that environment
    We are being primed all of the time
    The big question is can we ‘self prime’?
    Can we PRIME ourselves?
    John really drills down into the pro’s and cons of self priming
    Look around your everyday world
    Look around your environment
    What is your world telling you to do?
    We might be trying to consciously change ourselves but if our environment doesn’t support it we are giving ourselves less that our best chance
    How other people will REALLY impact our productivity in the world
    Ignore this at your peril
    John is such an engaging guest
    Generous with his time and his spirit
    Every time I speak to him I learn something REALLY important
    I am sure you will do the same
    Enjoy the show
    To get John’s book
    ‘Before you know it’ – The unconscious reasons we do what we do:
    To Join us on the Training for Golf weekend with Phil Richards
    Go to

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    The Lost Art of Playing Golf – Authors overview with Karl Morris, Gary Nicol and Markus Westerberg #104

    The Lost Art of Playing Golf – Authors overview with Karl Morris, Gary Nicol and Markus Westerberg #104

    Seasons greetings to you all
    Thank you so much for your support in the last 12 months
    It is very much appreciated
    On the Brain Booster we thought we would end the year with a ‘fireside chat” about the Lost Art of Golf book with co author Gary Nicol and co contributor Markus Westerberg
    We get the chance to discuss some of the key concepts in the book
    In particular we look at perhaps THE most important question
    ‘Why do you play golf?’
    We explore how you can fall into the trap of playing the game for ‘other people’
    How your ego can be distracted by the attention the game can give us
    What if we had a simple goal of……..
    How good can I get?
    How this question creates a SAFE PLACE to play the game from
    How this mindset puts you in a place where you LOOK for challenges instead of seeking the safety of ego satisfaction
    The beauty of being challenged by the game itself
    Can I shape the ball?
    Can I affect the trajectory of the ball?
    The importance of QUALITY questions
    How effective questions can really change your perception of the game
    Graeme McDowell once said ‘Questions are indeed the answer’
    How good questions can help you to get the best out of your game TODAY
    A simple question:
    What can I do on this hole TODAY?
    The ability to be able to deal with whatever you have today
    The skill of ADAPTABILTY
    How watching golf on TV can be so misleading and how we can be misled into believing that all bad shots are because our golf swing has changed
    Perception and reality
    How we can look to TRAIN better for the game
    How we can think differently about our own game as a PERSONAL quest to get better
    It was wonderful to catch up with Gary and Markus and discuss the concepts in the Lost Art of Golf
    Both of these coaches have an absolute WEALTH of knowledge in the game.
    Spending time with them is always beneficial
    They both get you to THINK
    They both get you to look at the game DIFFERENTLY
    To find out more about Gary Nicol go to
    To find out more about Markus Westerberg
    Go to www.markuswesterberg.com
    To get YOUR copy of The Lost Art of Golf go to
    To find out about the Mind Factor
    Go to www.themindfactor.com

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    Mike Clayton – Inside the mind of the course architect #103

    Mike Clayton – Inside the mind of the course architect #103

    Today we have with us one of the world’s leading golf course architects Mike Clayton
    Mike was kind enough to write a wonderful chapter in our book ‘The Lost Art of Playing Golf’
    In his chapter he really set the scene of how you can think more productively about the golf course in a way to help you become a better player.
    The secret to success in ANY field is to be able to direct your attention in to USEFUL places.
    Most of the time we have our attention anywhere but a useful place.
    In all areas of our life.
    The SKILL of attention is paramount.
    To get inside the head of the course architect when you play the game is a great way to direct your attention to get the best from your game
    To be really tuned in to the QUESTIONS the golf course is asking of you
    On today’s show we get some wonderful insights from Mike
    Mike Clayton had a very successful amateur career which included the 1978 Australian Amateur and the Victorian Amateur in 1977 and 1981. He turned professional in 1981, the same year he joined the Australian Tour. He won his first tour event one year later and would win six more times between then and 1994.
    Clayton played on the European Tour from 1982 to 2000, winning the 1984 Timex Open. He also won the 1984 Korean Open. His best finish on the Australian Order of Merit was 4th in 1994. He would never lose his playing status until he became eligible for the Australian Senior's Tour.
    We talk at great length about ways to think differently about your game.
    To gain a better perspective of what a course architect is trying to do to influence your game both good and bad.
    We talk about some of the legends of the game most notably a wonderful story from Mike about the legendary Peter Thompson who won the Open five times in the 1950’s and ‘60s
    The whole purpose of the Brain Booster is to get you to think differently and look at the game of golf and the game of life from a different perspective.
    I am sure once you have listened to Mike some of your ideas about golf and scoring will change.
    Enjoy your time with Mike
    I certainly did
    To find out more about Mike and his course design work go to
    To get YOUR copy of the Lost Art of Playing Golf go to
    or go to Amazon

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    Michael Hebron – Creating Optimal Learning Environments #102

    Michael Hebron – Creating Optimal Learning Environments #102

    Today on the Brain Booster we have a great friend of the podcast and world renowned coach Michael Hebron.
    Mike is one of the most respected and well researched coaches in any sport.
    He has dedicated his life to the quest of finding out what is the best way for individuals to LEARN to get better.
    His passion is creating great learning environments
    All of his concepts and ideas are backed by solid science.
    In our time together we discuss multiple topics all with the aim of making a difference to your game.
    Michael talks about his evolution as a coach
    How he went from gaining numerous awards and accolades teaching in way that he knew was not the most productive for the student
    Mike had the great courage to question himself and then to CHANGE
    He took a path which had at the heart of it the student and not the ego of the coach or the latest ‘must do’ swing technique.
    Michael has travelled the world giving seminars and workshops to most of the PGA’s of the world.
    We get the chance to discuss such topics as
    How the brain doesn’t tend to work well with too much detail
    When you have ‘in the ball park’ concepts the brain can create movement
    How everything happens in the brain first
    How concepts change movement not ‘positions’
    How rhythm and timing are SO important to the golfing puzzle
    How the golf course will always ask you key questions IF you are listening
    Why we need to be adaptable not consistent
    How you can develop a better relationship to failure and why this is so vitally important
    Mike makes some great suggestions as to how you can improve both as a player and as a coach
    As ever Michael was so generous with his time and above all his spirit.
    You can only gain beneficial knowledge by spending time in his company
    Enjoy the experience
    To find out more about Michael Hebron go to
    To get your copy of the Lost Art of Playing Golf go to
    To find out more about becoming a Mind Factor coach or hosting a Mind Factor workshop go to

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