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Your dose of all things Health + Hustle + Happiness

    18. Vicki Clothier // Build Your Empire + Attract Dream Clients + Banish Self-Limiting Beliefs

    18. Vicki Clothier // Build Your Empire + Attract Dream Clients + Banish Self-Limiting Beliefs

    In this episode I caught up with the Amazing Vicki Clothier. Vicki truly is the embodiment of every thing a 'Super Woman' is, she is the founder and owner of two successful businesses; Clothier Careers as well as Resume Writers Australia. She is also a brilliant business mentor and coach as well as being beautiful wife and mother of four totally gorgeous little people. 

    In this episode she share with us her secret of how she  'Does it all', balancing running a successful business as well as being an amazing mother and wife. She shares with us how she build her two business from the ground up and what hurdles she struggles she encountered along the way and how she overcame them. Vicki delivers her wisdom and messages in such a beautifully down to earth way through out this episode, I know there is something for everyone in this episode. 

    If You've ever thought about creating a small side hustle to accompany your full time / part time work or thought about creating a successful fulltime business from home , then YOU NEED TO GET THIS EPISODE INTO YOUR EARS!


    + How Vicki built her TWO businesses from the ground up!

    + What challenges she faced when first starting her business journey

    + Vicki Shares with us her tips for balancing work and family life

    + We discuss how we can over come "blocks" surrounding our self worth in our business and how to become ENERGETICALLY ALIGNED with your price tag

    + Vicki drops some tips on how to find the perfect business coach and mentor

    and as always there so much more we cover and explore... 


    https://www.instagram.com/clothiercareers.au/  (Clothier Careers on Instagram)

    https://www.clothiercareers.com/  (Clothier Careers Official Webpage)

    https://www.instagram.com/resumewritersau/ (Resume Writers Australia Instagram)

    https://resumewritersaustralia.com.au/  (Resume Writers Australia Official Webpage)

    https://www.instagram.com/pink_medicine_pod/ (Pink Medicine Podcast Instagram )

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    17. Nikki Heuskes // Kinesiology: Healing The Mind + Body + Spirit

    17. Nikki Heuskes // Kinesiology: Healing The Mind + Body + Spirit

    In this episode I catch up with the beautiful Nikki Heuskes, from Ask The Body Kinesiology. Nikki is trained and skilled in a variety of modalities including the Line Line Technique, she's skilled in anatomy and physiology, she's certified in heart healing and chakra Kinesiology just to name a few.  

    If you are like me (who up until a few months ago didn't even know what kinesiology was) then this episode is for YOU, as we dive deep in to many aspects of this healing practice and explore its profound benefits it has for our mind + body and soul. 

    In this episode we discuss:

    + What is Kinesiology?

    + We explore how muscle and reflex testing assists in tapping into our subconscious mind

    + Nikki explains the connection between the chakras and meridians of the body are linked to Kinesiology practice

    +  We explore how the coloured glasses work in a therapy session

    + Nikki explains how Kinesiology transmutes and transforms emotional wounds and trauma held energetically within the body

    +  We explore the connection to TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine

    and as always so much more!


    www.askthebodykinesiology.com.au (Official Website)

    https://www.instagram.com/askthebodykinesiology/?hl=en  (Ask The Body Instagram Page)

    https://www.instagram.com/pink_medicine_pod/?hl=en (The Pink Medicine Podcast Instagram) 

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    16. Amy Lee Mutton // Drop Into Your Heart Space With Mama Cacao

    16. Amy Lee Mutton // Drop Into Your Heart Space With Mama Cacao

    In this episode I caught up with the absolute goddess , Amy Lee Mutton. Amy describes her self as a "nature junkie', give this girls a sunset or a forest and she feels like the most connected girl alive. Amy is the creator and owner of the business Your Essential Being and she is a facilitator for sacred Cacao ceremonies here in Adelaide, Australia. 

    This episode is a very special one because myself and Amy recorded it from the sacred Indigenous lands of Peramangk Country , we know to be the Adelaide Hills.  We sat upon the magnificent Apu Lofty (Mount Lofty Ranges) and sipped our ceremonial Cacao together and as you will hear in this episode the birds joined us. I would like to acknowledge the elders of Peramangk Country both past and present and give gratitude for the gifts we received in the form of both plant and animal medicine whilst we recorded this episode. 

    In this episode we discuss:

    + Amy's personal connection to this wonderful plant teacher and how it helped her heal her heart

    + We explore what is ceremonial Cacao and how it is different from other mainstream cocoa / chocolate products found on supermarket shelves

    + Amy talks us through how she creates a sacred Cacao Ceremony

    + We explore the process of initiation training to become a Sacred Cacao facilitator as well as its ancient South American Lineage

    + We explore what to expect on one of Amy's sacred retreats

    + We discuss the importance of women supporting women 

    and so much more

    Links to Check out:

    @amyleemutton (official Instagram Account)

    @youressenitalbeing (official Instagram Account)

    https://www.youressentialbeing.com.au (Website/ online store)

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/311911546789991 (Amy Lee Mutton Cacao Trilogy Facebook Group)

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    15. Lauren Plunkett // Self Hypnosis + Learning the Drop-Down-Through Technique

    15. Lauren Plunkett // Self Hypnosis + Learning the Drop-Down-Through Technique

    In this episode, I share with you one of the handy tools and techniques I've learnt through my recent Hypnotherapy certification. 

    In this episode I will you guide you through little technique I've learnt called the "drop-down-through technique." This technique assists you in gaining a better quality of perspective. it aims to ease your mind into a gentle and relaxing trance state of mind, bringing your mind into Alpha state of being so that you can access your subconscious thoughts. 

    This technique you can easily learn to recite for yourself through self hypnosis, or come back to this episode and re-listen whenever you feel you need to. 

    **please do not listen to this episode whilst driving**

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    14. Kasia Bourke // Past Life Healing + Unveiling Your Soul Gifts

    14. Kasia Bourke // Past Life Healing + Unveiling Your Soul Gifts

    In this episode I caught up with the amazing Kasia Bourke. 

    Kasia is a gifted intuitive who provides 1:1 spiritual guidance through her Downloads On Demand Program. She also provides people with direction and clarity through her Life Path readings in which she dives into our previous lifetimes to uncover clues that reveal what our souls purpose is in this current lifetime. 

    This episode goes deep and we cover so many different aspects of past life healing as well as explore reincarnation. 

    In This Episode We discuss:

    +  Why healing the past can bring us so much peace in the present

    + We explore ancestral and generational healing and past life wounds

    + We discuss past life karma and how it can affect us in our current lifetimes

    + We explore what are Soul Gifts? and what our life lessons are ?

    + We talk about Soul Groups and why they choose to reincarnate together

    + We explore ideas about Soul Mates & Twin Flames

    and so so much more!


    https://www.instagram.com/kasiabourke/ (Kasia Bourke Official Instgram Account)

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/SoulBizLounge/?ref=share (Soul Led, Spirit Driven - Soul Biz Facebook Group)

    https://www.kasiabourke.com/  (Official Website)

    The Instruction written by Ainslie Macleod - https://www.amazon.com/Instruction-Ainslie-MacLeod/dp/1591797209 

    https://www.instagram.com/pink_medicine_pod/ (Official Instagram Pink Medicine Podcast) 

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    13. Hannah Willsmore // Hypnobirthing + Supporting The Mother Postpartum

    13. Hannah Willsmore // Hypnobirthing + Supporting The Mother Postpartum

    In this episode I had the privilege of catching up with the beautiful Hannah Willsmore. 
    Hannah is a certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner and midwife who works privately here in Adelaide. She's also the official Midwife of the Pregnancy, Babies and Children's Epxo and has been featured in Muse Magazine. 
    In This Episode We Discuss: 
    +  How we can better support mothers during the postnatal period
    +  What is Hypnobirthing?
    + How can our partners get involved in Hypnobirthing?
    + How to practice Hypnobirthing even if you have a Cesarean
    + How to take care of your pelvis and care for SPD and pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy
    and much more!
    Links Mentioned in episode:
    https://www.instagram.com/hannahwillsmoremidwife/ (offiical instagram of Midwife Hannah Willsmore)
    https://www.instagram.com/hypnobirthingaustralia/ (Official Instagram of Hypnobirthing Australia)
    https://www.instagram.com/thegoldenmonth/ ( Official Instagram of the Golden Month - postnatal care packages for Mothers discussed)

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