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A show about life, Linux, the universe, and everything in between.

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A show about life, Linux, the universe, and everything in between.

    Episode 88: Well, Actually

    Episode 88: Well, Actually

    The details that make a great distro, things that make us wince, smug people online, great photos, imposter syndrome, and more.

    00:00:27 Do you ever get imposter syndrome?
    00:08:16 What's your unusual "fingernails on chalkboard" equivalent?
    00:12:26 What gives a Linux distro that feeling of polish?
    00:23:16 What's your favorite photograph?
    00:28:12 How do you feel when someone chimes in online with "well, actually…"?

    • 36 min
    Episode 87: AksError

    Episode 87: AksError

    Apps that make us feel old, emotional songs, using actual paper, evolution of language, IRC channels we never look at, and more.

    00:00:35 Do any songs trigger you to cry?
    00:05:40 How many communication channels is it possible to keep up with?
    00:11:25 Do you own a 2d printer? What was the last thing you printed out?
    00:17:22 In an ever-shrinking world, should we drop tradition and use the easiest and most logical spellings and pronunciations?
    00:25:52 Which hugely popular apps or websites do you just not get?

    • 36 min
    Episode 86: \o/

    Episode 86: \o/

    Whether open source needs to be a complete experience, a deep need for conflict, preferred social media, and our favorite emoji.

    00:00:30 Why do you prefer Twitter over Facebook?
    00:07:57 Can Linux on the desktop ever succeed without a full ecosystem?
    00:18:32 Hoodies: zip or no zip?
    00:22:26 Do people really want all the drama to calm down?
    00:29:40 What's your most commonly used emoji?

    • 37 min
    Episode 85: Name Your Shoes

    Episode 85: Name Your Shoes

    Open source at work, learning languages, naming cars, and innovations that haven't appropriately delivered.

    Plus permission vs apologies, who has the most shoes, and more.

    00:01:33 Does your car have a name?
    00:06:56 How do I convince my employer to adopt open source software?
    00:14:00 Is it better to ask permission or beg forgiveness?
    00:18:40 How many pairs of shoes do you own?
    00:25:00 If you were to learn a foreign language, which one would it be and why?
    00:28:52 What innovation should have changed the world, but didn't?

    • 39 min
    Episode 84: Useless Dreams

    Episode 84: Useless Dreams

    Whether we'd use Windows if it was FOSS, pointless tech, bathing habits, useless jobs, annoying popey with dream stories, and more.

    00:00:45 What desirable tech does everyone else want, but you don't see the point of?
    00:06:17 What’s the most useless job that you’d still be willing to do?
    00:10:34 If Windows was released as open source, would you start using it?
    00:18:34 Bath or shower?
    00:24:58 Is there any software which is feature complete that you use on a regular basis?
    00:31:54 When describing a dream, how many sentences are too many?

    • 37 min
    Episode 83: No, But

    Episode 83: No, But

    Context switching, improving Linux conferences, a positive approach to life, what makes us cringe, and more.

    #ErrorAsk: What's the dumbest idea for an app that you can come up with?

    00:03:24 Have you ever met your own doppelganger?
    00:06:55 Can you just jump right in to each type of task, or do you have a ritual before?
    00:13:12 What’s missing from Linux and open source conferences?
    00:23:53 Should you “yes, and” life?
    00:33:37 What makes you cringe?
    The Art of Slide Design - Melinda Seckington

    • 40 min

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